Why its important to share your relationship with God with others, Moving your relationship with God from only at church to everywhere you go, What are the first books or passages in the Bible I should read, Memorizing Scripture verse living Scripture. Who is the most genuine person you know and why? In whose presence are you the most comfortable? (identity topic or choices topic), Is it ok to celebrate Halloween? Now that you have these questions at your disposal, getting to know the individuals who make up your group will be that much more meaningful. Why? Lots of teenagers drink alcohol. If you could live anywhere on this planetand take everything and everyone that you love with you, where would you choose to live? Do animals have souls and go to heaven? (This could be taught by youth leader and/or youth themselves as a sharing night). Did God set everything into motion and forget about it? What service or mission is God calling you to? What to do if you have a friend that is in trouble? You want to have relevant youth sermons for your students, but feel like youre scraping the barrel to come up with what direction to go next! A great lesson on this real issue teens face would begin by examining why people pretend to be someone else online and asking the students if theyve ever encountered this problem (they almost certainly have) and why they think students do that. What is the true definition of love shown in 1 Corinthians 13? Who are trusted people to go to with questions about the Bible? Should you give something up for Lent? As I argued in a previous commentary, people too often today choose churches based on aesthetic or feel-good factors and fail to account for differences in theology. Don't let Hollywood's image of the ideal woman make you feel inadequate. 2. Students are often confused as to what purpose, if any, the Bible should play in their day to day life. Who is the nation of Israel and where did they come from? Ask Jesus for wisdom, patience and a gentle spirit as teens learn to respectfully engage in controversial issues.

Would you like to be famous? 25 Ways to Equip Your Church to Study the Bible. What spiritual gift do you earnestly desire (1 Corinthians 14:1)? Does God hear prayers before you are saved? What about heaven are you most excited for? Story of Gods Covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. 7. What is a good friend? What is a prophecy in the Bible and how should you think about it? ), Legal drug use (self-care, depression, etc. Youth Ministry Goals and Objectives: Whats Your Main Purpose? When a parent complains that their child doesnt feel connected to the youth group, one of the first questions to ask is, How often is your child there? One former youth minister compared teenagers to electrical plugs and churches to electrical outlets: You dont get the power if you dont plug in.. Have an event where the youth can share all of the things they are thankful for and hold a big youth group family dinner. We would love to have you sign up and its of course free! Is faith in Jesus the only one way to heaven? Why did God allow humans to be tempted by sin? Old Testament Specific Bible Story Ideas Youth Sermons. If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play? Churches that have the luxury of serving a homogenous community still gain a distinct advantage in acculturation and retention.

Exploring what long-lasting love really looks like. (The quality of your relationships). Dating, porn, life goals and more we've got solid truths Christian guys need to hear. You might then share a real-life story found online about the detrimental effects of impersonating others, and help the teens to see that this can lead to real problems. Natural revelation (seeing God in nature), Specific revelation (leaning about God through Scripture and life of Christ). What is something new you tried recently and loved? Being alone on Valentines day, its not such a bad thing. Helping students understand how to read and Acts and the Epistles is a great way to equip them for understanding theology, what the church is, and what day-to-day Christian life should look like. As they do so, teens will be sharing Jesus with other people who need him too. Who is the most creative and exciting person you know? Is everything in the Bible important to me? Is racism systemic? How are you going to use your time off? This market segmentation creates havoc for families who have kids with different temperaments and needs, and for families with kids who disagree with their parents about what church is best. What purpose does the Bible serve in our theology? Theology doesnt seem to matter. What should society and lawmakers do to end homelessness and poverty? Make sure that what you teach is accurate! First steps to take after accepting Jesus as Lord of your life. A look into the spiritual discipline of fasting or the Fruit of the Spirit self-control. Time is short. If you have kids one day, would you want to raise them like your parents raised you? We want to teach them.. Is homosexuality a sin? See what we mean? Romantic love isnt just passion. Wonderful tool for organizing church functions. Sometimes the problem is with your kid. What can you do now that you couldnt do a year ago? Most importantly, when using debate topics for youth at church, turn to Scripture. She loves the Word and words, is a binge reader and grammar nut, and is fanatic (as her family can attest) about Jeopardy! What is something youre passionate about and want to spend more time doing? Simple to set up and easy for invitees to use. But should Christians be joining them? Importance of reading the Bible in context of surrounding passages. Is the New Testament more important then the Old Testament? God wants you to be different to everyone else here's why. When everyone else is downing the drinks, how should you act?

There are potentially thousands of stories you could derive from the Old Testament, and this list is intended to help jump start your thinking about teaching from the Old Testament and represents many of the most well-known stories from its pages. Coming up with ideas for youth sermons can be tough! parents, friends, church, etc. Ask if anything a teen heard during the conversations changed his or her opinions at all, and why. What is your ambition for high school (for middle school students)? Theres an expectation of entertainment. Can you get to heaven by being good?). She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director. Get The Free Youth Group Planning Cheat Sheet. Next time you see one of them, thank them for what they do and perhaps engage them in a meaningful conversation about any of the points outlined above. Time management either could focus on underachieving or overachieving and the negatives of both of these, What you consume, consumes you (i.e. The persecution and conversion of Saul/Paul, What did the disciples do after Jesus ascension, Paul is reconciled with the first disciples and James, Paul is persecuted and imprisoned by officials. Were seeing this happen now as early as fifth grade.

17. What is our churchs view on who can be a leader or pastor? Whats something most people dont know about you? While attention to every childs needs is important, the entire structure of a youth program cannot be upended to suit the unique needs of one child. Sermons and lessons on these issues are a great way to help students think about current issues and expand their thinking beyond their own personal experience. If you have siblings, what is something you love about each of them? Preach on the importance of gratitude. Why is God so mean in the Old Testament?

2022 Baptist News Global. What is your favorite part about Christmas? Amid all these competing schedules, it is easy for teenagers (and their parents) not to show up at church often. Put together a small group potluck with a sign up! What is an epistle and how were they written? Stephanie Martin, a freelance writer and editor in Denver, has spent her entire 30-year journalism career in Christian publishing. Helping students think about sexual harassment/abuse, Environmental issues/stewardship of planet, Global child labor/working conditions/fair trade, Oppressed populations locally and globally, Helping students think about LGBTQ issues, Lessons from historical problems/social progress. These are great topics for introducing more Bible study to a group, or helping students who have a fragmented understanding of Jesus ministry and what it means. Every topic on this list, in one way or another, can be brought back to the cornerstone truth of our Gospel that Jesus Christ lives, wants a relationship with us, and wants to change our lives now and eternal. Why did Jesus have to become a human being? What would you do if you were not afraid? All? Youve got to show up. The reason, instead, is ever-increasing demands placed on churches and pastors for what youth ministry should look like and feel like. Perception is reality. Is euthanasia ever okay? Why was Jesus born as a baby and what does that mean? How has the use of the Bible spread throughout the world? We hope we gave you at least an idea or two .

SignUpGenius makes church organizing easy. what you watch, who you hang out with, what you listen to all shape you), Alcohol use (self-care, depression, etc. If you could be another person for a day, who would you be? New Testament Acts and Epistles Youth Sermons. Possibly coupled after a mission/service outing. Also set aside plenty of debriefing time after a debate. What is justification and sanctification? Should same-sex marriage be legal? 18.

Thats why we came up with this list of 450 topics for youth sermons to jump-start your thinking and help you figure out what to talk about in your next youth sermon, series, or lesson.

Few churches today are neighborhood churches the way they were in the old days. What do you think would be your first impression of yourself? Copyright 2022 Fervr | Terms of Service, A Christian Teens Guide to God and Mental Health, Three things every Christian guy should know, Eating Disorders: What my experience taught me. How To Use The Bible In Your Life Youth Sermons, Lessons in how to read and understand the Bible, Understanding the Bible as a complete overall story, What kind of Bible translation/version should you use, What to think when talking with someone who interprets the Bible differently, Building a personal reading plan that fits your life, Picking a life verse a verse that really connects with you, My favorite Scripture(s) and why. Charlotte: QC Family Tree with Greg and Helms Jarrell, Lost Boys of Sudan: St. Johns Baptist Charlotte, Awakening to Immigrant Justice: Myers Park Baptist Church, Hospitality on the corner: Gaston Christian Center, Jake Hall: Gospel Gothic, Music and Radio, Hymns for a Lifetime: Ken Wilson and Knollwood Baptist Church. Peer groups hold the greatest sway. As television choices have grown from three networks to hundreds of options via cable and satellite, so have choices in virtually every other area of life expanded. 16. They mainly were happy that their kids were being entertained in a safe environment. What are three things you believe about God? Let's lift the stigma on mental health and take a look at what Christians can do when depression and anxiety arrive. OPINION: Views expressed in Baptist News Global columns and commentaries are solely those of the authors. If you could relive any day of your life so far, what day would you choose and why? So as you read through this list, please think in terms of how you can relate these topics directly to the truth of who God is and what God is doing through the ministry of Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives. Creating a safe environment in your youth ministry is a way to handle those questions in an appropriate place and build up faith. Choosing individual topics about self-issues for sermons and lessons is great way to engage youth personally and get them to think about the everyday decisions that they make. Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. 14. We have another AWESOME, AMAZING free resource, 50 no prep youth group games. What to do if you have a family member that is in trouble? Want to share a story? Is premarital sex okay if youre in love? Which biblical person do you relate to the most? What happened between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Are all gods the same? What is your favorite room in your house and why. 5. What to think if most of your friends are not Christian. Seriously, every youth sermon can relate directly to Jesus. Salvation/Evangelistic/Making Commitment To Jesus Youth Sermons, What to think if you think youve already made a commitment to Jesus but you arent sure. Few teenagers have an organized life of discipleship, and thats why it is important to help them understand the rhythms and routines of Christian faith. In many ways, teenage life is defined by their relationships with other people. The relationship/competition between Jesus and the Pharisees, Jesus as a person born into an oppressed and conquered society. What is something that makes you feel sad? Theres nothing new in the fact that teenagers want to be around their friends. One of the dangers here is not helping teenagers learn to make friends where they are or learn to adapt to the environments in which they are placed with their families.

Many of these debate topics for youth at church are called hot-button topics for a reason: They push peoples buttons! Browse these 80 questions organized by age to help to get to know your group members and share Gods love. Should you be instantly changed when you become a Christian? Summary/Quick Survey of the Old Testament events. We hope this list helps spur your thoughts and wed love to hear about any great youth sermons or ideas that you are able to piece together from ideas on this list! Perhaps at no other point in life are relationships and friendships thought about so much as during the teenage years. ), What is unique about your denomination (if you are in a denomination or if not, what thats unique), Contemporary worship vs. Why not show love every day, not just on February 14th? Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you 10 years from now? (Youth sermon idea is, Looking towards the New Year a youth sermon on how to make lasting change. A review of the past year, helping youth process the decisions they made that led them to this very point. Sermons and lessons focused specifically on this topic can encourage students to have a stronger relationship with the Bible and demystify its role in the Christian life. If you could become invisible, what would you like to do and where would you like to go? Tackling being a different person around changing audiences, i.e.

Who should I pray to God The Father? Students today have less discretionary time than ever, meaning they and their parents have to make choices. Why did God decide to give us the Bible, instead of some other form of communication? And there is no solace in telling them someone else has a differing perspective. What emotion do you have the most trouble expressing? ), Getting ready for college (senior high youth), Getting ready for High School (middle/junior high youth).

Sermons and lessons about the health of your youth group are a great way to foster a welcoming and loving environment for your teens and address issues before they become a problem. 5. Should you feel different inside when youre saved? How should doctors decide who gets life-saving organs or medical care? What I speak of here is not just the experience weve had at our church in Dallas but what has been confirmed through informal conversation as the experience of many other pastors and churches in many other places. 19. Whats great about this list is that we provide instructions for each game. What is the biggest disappointment youve experienced? If you could be the sidekick of any cartoon or movie character, which character would you choose and why? What to do if you dont understand something in the Bible? Do we need reparations for slavery?

3. There are many great stories from the Old Testament that teach us about who God is and what Gods vision and values for us are like. 20. If you are not as comfortable with theological topics as other issues, be sure to find reputable resources to help you prepare your lessons. If we are not able to help them develop a mature understanding of faith, then who will? Should a child or teen be allowed to transition to another gender? What does forgiveness from God look like? What were the peoples expectation of the Messiah? As part of our duty to shape youth into critically-thinking adults, we need to address theological issues with teens. Go check it out and see if you find some games your group has never played before! What two animals would you combine into one new animal? Where is your favorite place in the world? SAMPLE, Decide who brings dessert to choir rehearsal with a sign up! While perhaps not essential to salvation, these differences are real and have consequences for the future. The churchs obligations to the community, Lessons on church membership (or why your church doesnt have membership), Qualifications for being a church leader (use your churchs theology/doctrine/rules in shaping your lesson). Many teens are confused by the Bible, or only have a rudimentary understanding of it. How did it affect you? Four reasons gossip damages people and why you need to think before you speak. Do cities need to abolish or modify their police forces? Not just because the schedule of activities can be grueling or the work can be physically demanding. Many of these topics synthesize broad and core elements of our faith. How many friends should you have? Your teenagers have probably already encountered challenging questions about the faith. Does God treat you differently when you become a Christian? Our faith has much to speak into the lives of youth, and our job is to help foster an identity rooted in Christ.

How many of your friendships have lasted more than 10 years? How was the world of the New Testament like ours and how was it different? If you could add a 13th month to the year, where would you put it and what would you call it? And end each session together in prayer. Do you have any pets? The Old Testament is almost certainly less understood among Christians in general than the New Testament, and helping youth to develop their concept of the Old Testament will provide a foundation for answering major questions as they get older and encounter many different perspectives on the Bible and faith. In todays secular culture, they also must be able to defend their faith against challenges. Check out thesesmall group questions for youth group that will get your students really talking. Lying why is it important to be honest. There may be seasons and times when youll want to challenge students even more directly than usual to make commitments to Jesus. Playing in club sports teams competes head-to-head with Sunday morning church, and a plethora of summer options competes head-to-head with summer church camps, choir tours and service projects. Examination of individual disciples background.

Sometimes you feel like youve talked about everything with your group and just cant figure out what to do next! Usually, church gets the short end of that stick. How have people used the Bible throughout history? If you could have an endless supply of any food, what food would you pick? Discuss the Incarnation and Gods grace in becoming human. As a youth leader, you already know that teenagers love to talk. She loves social justice advocacy, naps and pretending she can sing like Ariana Grande. What is the book of Revelation and how should we understand it?

What are Proverbs and how can you use them? The Jewish relationship with the Torah and Old Testament.

Welcoming Youth Ministry: Invite Kids to Come and See, Why Youth Ministry Is Stressful and How to Avoid Burnout, Innovative Youth Ministry: Why Your Program Must Adapt to Survive, Missional Youth Ministry: Making an Impact in Public Schools, 10 Commandments for Teens: How Young People Can Live for God, What We All Need: A New Kind of Biblical Hero. by Alexis Waid | Aug 4, 2018 | Ministry Resources, Youth Ministry | 0 comments. 8. and pro football. Share a personal example of an answered prayer. Jesus? What to think if youre the only person in your family who is a Christian. In what way? The oddest variation on this occurs when an awkward teenager finds immediate community and acceptance in the youth group and other more average kids swear to their parents no one talks to them and they cant make friends in the same youth group. The days of the one-size-fits-all, yall come youth ministry I knew as a teenager in the 1970s are long gone, especially in urban areas where youth and their families have lots of choices in learning styles, leadership, worship styles, fun factor and access to peer groups. This is simply an overview of best-known stories from the Gospels that you might turn to when teaching specifically about Jesus ministry. So why not harness all that vocal energy by using debate topics for youth at church? Religious liberty has a long and messy history and there is a reason Americans feel strongly about it, GOP Candidate: Hypothetical 14-Year-Old Incest Victim Is Perfect Example For Abortion Ban, Full Gender Parity Worldwide 132 Years Away, House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage in effort to counter Supreme Court. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life (other than the Bible), what would it be? The problem: Few churches have the capacity be all things to all youth. What is the bravest thing youve ever done? Adaptation is an important life skill. 2. Holy Spirit? Also, if you are looking for some great no prep youth group games, you can check out our 50 no prep youth group games, perfect for tiny youth groups and a big youth ministries. What are you going to do after high school? As mentors and leaders of youth, its important to spend time addressing the real issues they face everyday, and often matter to them the most. Even within the same family, sometimes children have opposite experiences, with a younger sibling fitting right in while an older sibling feels disconnected. The importance of understanding Israelite and Jewish beliefs for reading the New Testament. Free daily devotions and articles on teen life topics for teens, youth, youth groups, and youth ministry. Have Christians done terrible things throughout history? Plan a youth group beach trip with a sign up!

Impersonating someone else online is an identity issue, and the catfish are often people who are very insecure in their identities and dont value their worth. Tough questions are a way to build faith, and sermons and lessons focused on apologetic questions show that youre open to discussion and critical thought. This is hard to say and no doubt hard to hear, but few parents are capable of imagining that the problem with the church youth group might be their child more than the rest of the youth. To prove it to you, were going to take one of the most random topics on this list which is under the category of Self-Issues A youth sermon about catfishing/pretending to be someone else online.

Find out! Do you go directly to heaven when you die? Urban churches, and even many suburban churches, must deal with students from multiple schools. 3. One young woman shares what she has learned about God during her struggle with anxiety. One of the Fruit of the Spirit is love, did you know love is a gift from God? Can God do things in ways that arent outlined in the Bible? There are many ways you can approach holidays, and we encourage you to examine the meaning of these particular seasons for your group and think about how you can best minister to them through seasonal ministry. In-depth conversations and lively debates get teens thinking while sharpening their faith and evangelism skills. Decide who brings dessert to choir rehearsal with a sign up! What color do you think of when you think of joy?

13. How is Jesus both fully human and fully God? Instead, churches have to make choices about what kind of youth ministry theyre willing and able to offer. Weve been there! Here are some of the key factors Ive witnessed or have gleaned from other church leaders that would be worth additional conversation among church leaders and youth parents: 1. One friend reported on a conversation with parents at his suburban church, asking them why they had chosen that church. What is the Bible and what is its significance? Are there other books in the Bible that arent included or were banned? 11:28, John 15, etc), interface with the issue of catfishing contrasted with finding a rooted identity in Christ. What is a bad friend? Three things to consider if you want to start training for gains. Being hard on yourself or pressuring yourself, Real life versus online persona (does who you are online match who you are in the real world), How to discern Gods calling in your life. What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? 12. Explain the meaning behind the holiday, what St. Patricks ministry was and what we can learn from it today.

Thats a conversation they are uniquely prepared to address. (loyalty vs. grace), Handling drama in relationships and friendships.