The closest restrooms are located at either of the two dining halls. 3h 43m, West end sandy. Year around activities include fishing, camping, hiking, golf, mountain bikes and horseback riding. More than forty-five years later, Possum Kingdom Real Estate has grown to be the leading independent lake resort and land brokerage in the Possum Kingdom Lake market. Fee: $100/person (group of 6-12 riders). An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Please explain. Welcome to our Ranch, where we strive to provide quality equestrian experiences! Over the years, we have served thousands of individuals and families with the purchase or the sale of their lake homes, ranches, and recreational properties. There are no water fountains on the trail. This trail can reach temperatures of more than 100 during the summer. Lake Office: 940-779-1111, 20115 FM 1148 Rocky, hot, and lots of climbing! The trails are mostly wide and machine built, but there are some narrow, rocky sections that probably fall under the difficult rating (the rest probably falls between easy-intermediate). Please take care to dispose of trash in the proper containers. Duration: 3 Hours 9.5mi Please avoid possible injury by staying on the specified trail. Remember to dress appropriately for the current weather conditions. We are proud to say that we are accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association, and we work to provide the safest and best equestrian experience possible. Tons of fun, and looking forward to going again when it's cooler out! Being a jerk / offensive? Saddle up and enjoy a relaxing staff-led walking trail ride through the hills, grasslands and even shorelines of camp! 13.5mi, little buddy in bottoms but rideable To arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure maximum ride/handling time is gained. Please be advised that due to the composition of the trail surface, the trail may be impassable during and immediately after heavy rain due to mud and runoff. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you! Save searches and receive email alerts on new homes, price reductions, and status changes. It was rocky, sand pits. We are a favorite spot for inland scuba diving and all types of boating. Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and In the 1940s the river was dammed up to form a huge lake that was nestled within the dramatic North Texas Hill Country. cibolo

We have 35 horses and almost 400 acres of land to explore and ride on, including the beautiful shoreline of Possum Kingdom Lake. Punishing but fun rocks on the east side, lots of sand on the west. Ranches, Texas Real estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services This program is perfect for that trail rider who wants to experience a little more of what nature has to offer! For your pets' safety and the safety of our hikers and mountain bikers, we ask that you keep your pets on a leash. Get instant access to new inventory. Duration: 2 HoursFee: $30/person. Any persons above the age of 18 are required to wear an ASTM-SEI approved helmet while riding only. There are no pets allowed on CGS property. Sit back and relax while having a sack lunch or campfire lunch.

Our staff have extensive training in safety practices and techniques when working with horses, as well as trail etiquette and emergency procedures. Graford, Texas 76449 Horseback riding lessons are now being offered at CGS Ranch for beginner-intermediate riders! For your safety, please do not venture off the trail. There are no restroom facilities located at the barn. The trail winds through wooded areas, limestone canyons and the trails peak more than 350 feet above the lake.

Trash receptacles are provided at the trailhead and ARE NOT available on the trail. As in any outdoor situation, they may bite or attack and could carry disease. Guests will be provided with a horse of their very own and can gain confidence and skills while our staff go through the safety procedures and demonstrate how to control and communicate with your new horse. The animals you see on the trail are not domesticated. Learn how to groom, saddle and lead your new friend! Saddle up and join our team of experienced trail guides as they take you on either a 90 minute group ride or a 60 minute private ride where, regardless of your experience level, you can enjoy over 25 miles of trails winding through the Wildcatter Ranch with incredible views of the North Texas Hill Country. Our trail rides are a great option for someone who wants to explore some of the best views YMCA Camp Grady Spruce has to offer. CGS Ranch provides all helmets. A lot of people stay at this. We are honored by the trust our Clients have placed in our Brokerage, a direct result of our Professional Agents that are the experts in our market. 1677 Park Rd 36 Possum Kingdom Real Estate is the only North Texas-based lake resort and land broker associated with a globally recognized luxury real estate affiliation: status with Whos Who in Luxury Real Estate positions Possum Kingdom Real Estate, LP as the luxury leader for high-end lake resort and recreational land properties throughout North Texas. Campers will be paired with their own horse and will learn how to take care of and ride their horse! The Possum Kingdom Trail is a nature trail through a North Texas cedar and oak forest. Ages: 10+

Keep your pets on a leash at all times. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. Duration: 4 Hours They also hold certifications as CHA riding instructors and are First Aid/CPR certified. Please contact our Equestrian Director at 469-276-0119 or for scheduling and to set up a time that works best for you. Home Texas Dude Ranches Wildcatter Ranch. The turn-around point is at the crossing of Hamilton Road before a sandy section. Duration: 30 Minute Fee: $15/person Please remember the following rules when using the PK Hike and Bike Trail: Pack it in - Pack it out. Land Manager: The Brazos River Authority - Possum Kingdom Lake. Schedule a 30 minute phone call with Bob & Karen today! Just can't get enough of Possum Kingdom State Park - Spanish Oaks. Please be careful! End your session with the opportunity to learn how to ride in the arena with one of our instructors. Possum Kingdom Lake One-quarter mile nature trail at Westside Park (west side PK lake area). This is about an injury or accident Possum Kingdom Lake Duration: Overnight Duration: 1.5 Hours Fee: $35/person Something else? Current weather conditions at Possum Kingdom State Park - Spanish Oaks, Texas, Outdoors Recreation Near Mineral Wells, Texas, Kingdom State Park - Spanish Oaks; if you're trying to find a perfect place to go camping, this is a wonderful pick. Make sure to Hydrate very well the day before the ride and take plenty of water and maybe some light lunch. Group Discounts on 5 or more. Texas Real estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services, Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice. Stay on the trail. Plan for your trail trip. Ranch Camp is for ages 7-16, who want to learn horsemanship from the hooves up! Persons with heart, respiratory or other medical conditions that may hinder physical exertion and women who are pregnant, are cautioned to consult their physician before attempting to travel this trail. Trail, The Brazos River Authority - Possum Kingdom Lake. All rights reserved. Possum Kingdom Real Estate is the only North Texas-based resort and land Broker associated with a globally recognized luxury real estate Affiliation: status with Whos Who in Luxury Real Estate positions Possum Kingdom Real Estate, LP as the luxury leader for high-end lake resort and recreational land properties throughout North Texas. The natural views are absolutely spectacular! Come ready to ride. These hike and bike trails are free to the public and are available year-around (weather permitting). The Texas hill country serves as a backdrop to their relaxing infinity pool where visitors can relax after a full day on the ranch. A 16 mile hike and bike trail is located off LaVilla Road, Park Road 36 and Burma Road (east side lake area). We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our Clients and Customers. Possum Kingdom Real Estate was founded in 1971 to provide exceptional service in the sale or purchase of lake homes. 2011 - 2022 We offer different equestrian program for all age groups and ability levels. If youve always dreamed of visiting a dude ranch as a vacation, but overwhelmed by all the choices out there, weve got good news wed like to help. Visit our website, to learn more about lake resort or recreational real estate opportunities in North Texas. Graham, Texas 76450 Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce. This trail offers several trailheads with restrooms and public parking. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. The rolling hills that surround Possum Kingdom Lake are ideal terrain for both casual and serious hikers and bikers. Steep. For centuries, the raging Brazos River has cut its way through the Palo Pinto Mountains. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. Please report any unsafe trail conditions to: BRAZOS RIVER AUTHORITHY - (940) 779-2321. A unique escape from the city, Wildcatter Ranch is located in the heart of the beautiful North Texas Hill Country. Come and enjoy a long relaxing trail ride on one of our great friends, or, visit each week to saddle up and learn horsemanship skills with our riding lesson program. Very steep. Finish the day with a trail ride on your new friend through some of the prettiest trails camp has to offer! 2h 08m, Create Recommended Route or Learn how to saddle, groom and lead your horse, then enjoy a riding lesson in our arena. Fee: $45/person The recently completed Hike & Bike Trail is already a favorite. This sector of Texas is always a delight to take a look at throughout camping season.

This program is perfect for that family or group of friends that want to spend some time together doing something out of the norm. Finish off the ride with a shoreline and wood trail ride back to the barn. Ages: 8+ Return to the corral the next morning with a sunrise trail ride back along the shores or Possum Kingdom Lake. The trail system was designed to allow the habitat to remain untouched outside of the marked trail, so visitors will enjoy wilderness as it is native to the PK area. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail. 17mi, This was a great experience and challenge. to keep this 35 year Hell's Gate Fireworks Show tradition going! Doesnt get any better than this! Enjoy a relaxing trail ride out to our remote Hammock Village primitive camp site to relax and enjoy the wilderness, while our staff cooks up a delicious dinner over the fire! Young children may experience difficulty traveling the trail due to steep inclines and uneven surfaces. This is a 2-Hour program that is designed to give any Cowboy or Cowgirl the chance to work with and gain some hands-on experience with a horse of their own! The trail also provides access to the top of a 90' high peak that has an outstanding view of the lake. Featured Listings Possum Kingdom Lake WEATHER !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src='';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,'script','weatherwidget-io-js'); Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Reset | Sitemap | Search. It features an afternoon trail ride through some of Camp Grady Spruces nicest trails to our remote Hammock Village on the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake. Some of the climbs and descents are more extended than most North Texas trails and flow fairly well. Enjoying nature at its best can be found on the hiking trails at Possum Kingdom.

YMCA Camp Grady Spruce is ready to help you explore your love of horses and take your abilities to the next level! Overall rewarding but difficult on a hardtail. Do not approach or feed the animals. Learn from the ground up with lessons focusing on riding ability as well as a variety of disciplines. This is a 3-Hour program that will bring a smile to any horse lovers face! 1h 28m. It is highly recommended that visitors do not hike or bike alone. Did not see any other rider. Rode from the main start point, until Sandy Beach. Please be prepared with water and general hiking necessities before setting out. Located a quick 90 miles northwest of Dallas/Ft.Worth, Wildcatter Ranch is a perfect getaway for city folks looking for a romantic escape, or alternatively, and an exciting adventure experience. Ages: 8+ Ages: 8+ The Brazos River Authority asks that you help keep the trail a beautiful and safe area for everyone. LUX Estates With nature and history surrounding the ranch, experience a one of a kind stay with upscale western accommodations, guided activities with local Texas cowboys, and enjoy hand-cut mesquite grilled steaks at Wildcatter Steakhouse. Phenomenal trail! Cell phone service is unreliable in this area. Fee: $50/person (group of 6-12 riders). The PK trail winds through the natural habitat of numerous plants and animals native to North Texas. NOT OKAY! Our lake is only a short drive from Dallas, / Ft. Worth, Wichita Falls, Abilene and Midland / Odessa, Texas. Graham Country Club, and head out on the stunning water at Lakeshore Marina-rv Park. Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the clearest lakes in all of Texas and we have been the only USA stop for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series in the entire USA! Lake Neighborhoods Safety is always our number one priority here at YMCA Camp Grady Spruce and CGS Ranch. Possum Kingdom Real Estate is a registered trademark of Possum Kingdom Lake is famous for family reunions and the numerous Boy Scout and YMCA camps. Condos Feel free to photograph as you desire, but please do not approach or threaten the wildlife. Duration: 1 Hour Fee: $25/person We've partnered with dude ranch vets Bob & Karen Foster, and anointed them our dude ranch concierge consultants to help dissect and pinpoint a perfect ranch vacation for you. Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. Copyright 2022 YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, Closed toed shoes that completely encompass the foot (no crocs or sandals), Any health documents that may restrict riding ability. Ages: 12+ campground for the purpose of being in the neighborhood of Possum Kingdom State Park. 90 Minute Group Trail Ride or 60 Minute Private Trail Ride Riders for the group ride must be at least 10 years of age, 8 years of age on the private ride. Moderately steep. One-mile hiking trail along the Brazos River (below the dam). Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice, Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved | Texas Licensed Broker #0467642 Possum Kingdom Broker, LLC |. Numerous trails, shaded from the Texas sun by trees and large boulders, offer refreshing views of the lake. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation, conference or wedding venue, Wildcatter Ranch is an unforgettable destination.