Take a look at the video below for a side by side comparison of the two styles for the swing and snatch (featuring Lauren Brooks): Here are a few of the main differences between Kettlebell Sport and Hardstyle kettlebell lifting: - Pendulum swing - Anatomical breathing- Train for strength and endurance - High repetitions at low intensity - Long sets (sometimes 10-20 minutes without setting the kettlebell down) - Main goal is efficiency so more repetitions, heavier weight, and longer time can be completed with less effort - Technique is used for Kettlebell Sport competitions and has great carryover to martial arts and other endurance sports, Kettlebell Hardstyle: - Hinge swing - Biomechanical breathing - Train for speed and power - Low repetitions at high intensity - Complete repetitions or short timed sets (sets of 5-10, or timed sets of 60 seconds or less) - Main goal is to utilize maximum muscular tension and minimal rotation to optimize speed and power- Technique is used for fitness and sports that require sprint speed and power production. The Hardstyle version focuses on maximal tension and recruitment of the nervous and muscular system to promote maximal power output, regardless of the load. Achieve the raddest and strongest Get Up ever! Unlike the Girevoy sport swing, the hardstyle swing can help athletes learn to develop maximal tension and unleash total body pressure, strength, and power.

kettlebell Another modification by CrossFit is the snatch.

If it contains a squat it will be sacrilegious as a kettlebell swing can only be performed with a hip hinge in their world. My goal here is to give an overview of the different styles by pointing out the differences (though, there are also many similarities). To keep things basicalthough there is a whole lot more to itthe ankles bend and the arm stays connected longer for the Pendulum swing. At 2 minutes and 11 seconds, you can see a pause frame that shows how the ankles are bending which brings the knees forward. The bell handles were actually designed with one hand holding it in mind to facilitate insertion and proper connection of the hand to key contact points on the hand and forearm. All kettlebell swings are not created equal. To schedule a personal training session (for Hardstyle or Sport), email info@kbfitbritt.com.

Dont miss out on all our awesome kettlebell products in our shop here. I will then take it a step further and beg to differ that a Hardstyle swing is actually not a swing if you really analyze the definitions for a swing. Most events are ten minutes long and the participant is not allowed to put the kettlebell down.

Breaths are taken efficiently and they flow with the movement. Each trajectory works toward a different goal. (Wait, the sumo deadlift high pull is almost the same idea.).

Spoiler alert, the kettlebell squat swing targets the quadriceps more and the hip hinge swing targets the gluteals more.

When the comparison starts, you can immediately see that the pendulum swing takes long to complete than the hip hinge or squat swing. If youre interested in the Pendulum swing I can highly recommend our online Kettlebell Sport For Beginners course. Youll even find some that believe that there is nothing better than Sportstyle and thats all everyone should be doing, but there certainly arent as many that think like that as there are in the first group. The Hardstyle and Girevoy Sport styles both promote fitness in different ways. Every aspect of my kettlebell swing is explained and justified in the book The Quick And Concise Kettlebell Swing Guideand Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing, both also available on Amazon as a hardcopy. Im talking about the Hardstyle swing. Being able to continue to drive motivation and hope in to someones life by sharing my life. First let me say I did NOT want a C-section.

Perhaps most important to mention is that the two kettlebell styles have more commonalities than differences.

While middle distance and sprinting are both essentially the same body movement, the technique used for the two varies greatly. Despite what most fitness athletes and gym goers may think, there is more to the kettlebell swing argument than just American vs. Russian.

That is, the stomach is pressurized with air and the air is released in small amounts as the movement is conducted (almost as little grunts). A video posted by Revolution Strength (@revolution_strength) on Dec 8, 2016 at 8:24pm PST. There is no pressurized breathing that accompanies other styles of lifting (It is more like this than this.). Featured in 4 issues of the Iron Man magazine. I could go into the reason why here, but this article is already getting much longer than I wanted it to be. The full trajectory of each movement is shown at 2 minutes and 32 seconds. It all started 6 weeks after giving birth to my first baby. The thumb locks the index finger onto the kettlebell (almost like a hook grip), so that grip strength does not play as much of a role. Whether you favor hard style or soft style is truly a matter of personal preference. Let us know further below or on this Facebook post right here. I always remind beginner kettlebell liftersthatAny skill worth having takes time to learn. If training with kettlebells was easy, anyone could do it. Brittany wrote a beautiful description on the differences as well as demonstrates the KB Sport style with finesse and grace.

For those who are new and are just finding me. There is, of course, a lot more to talk about with each goal, but for the purpose of this article I have kept it short.

Fitness is only part of the puzzle to have the happy and healthy quality of life people strive for.

However, Pavel is considered the person who popularized them in America. Cavemantraining 28 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge, The REAL Reason You Should Squeeze Your Glutes, Free Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout Full-Length. The problem with this moderate approach is that the CrossFit standard describes being overhead as the end point of the movement.

Instead of burning calories and building muscle in short bursts, soft style allows the athlete to do more repetitions at the same weight. Pavels style tends to be about being very strong for short durations of time. For general fitness and performance, the hardstyle swing may be more bang for ones buck, however there is some merit for learning to perform the Girevoy sport version to diversify ones fitness, improve efficiency during kettlebell workouts, and learn to breathe while performing intense aerobic work. I have heard it compared to adding a shrug after a deadlift is completed. There were probably plenty of reasons for this split, but as of now both of these groups remain relatively similar in their style of teaching (there are minor differences in standards, but in general most of the teaching are Pavels and they remain the same).

To demonstrate my point, I have performed 4 minutes of unbroken hip hinge kettlebell swings that do not work on power and probably lack other qualities of the Hardstyle swing, but yet, it was 4 minutes well spent, whether for a warm-up, endurance, or other goals. According to Dave Chesser of Formosa Fitness, comparing the two kettlebell schools is a lot like comparing cars: Hard style gives you a stronger engine, soft style gives you more fuel efficiency. This style focuses on a balance between high tension and relaxation. The concept can be compared to sprinting, where the sprinter becomes tense and loose repeatedly throughout the sprint. This swing teaches maximal tension development, force application, and power production, all fundamental components of athletic performance. Taxing the cardiovascular system to induce an increasing ability to maintain a certain exercise at a certain pace.

However, watching competitors do this movement leads me to believe that much more discussion of kettlebell snatch technique could be used by the CrossFit community. Heavy weight and low reps. Low reps because you cant maintain power for a long period of time with a heavy weight. The first variation in the video, positioned to the left is the kettlebell (automatically assumed to be a single arm) Pendulum swing. Get in touch:Email us: info[at]breakingmuscle.com. Example: Hows my swing is not the same as How is my hip hinge swing?, or How is my squat swing?, or How is my pendulum swing?, etc. I truly enjoy helping everyone from all walks of life reach their dream fitness goals to enhance quality of life.

All LEVEL Kettlebell, MELT Method & Body Weight Workshop with an optional Kettlebell Fitness Instructor Section, 8 Week Glute Focused Kettlebell Fitness Program, Available to Download, Stream or get on DVD! Which style works best for you? If you enjoyed the information presented in the article, I can guarantee that youll find the same amount of awesome new information in the videos that can be unlocked above with a simple link share on social media. For example, someone doing an endurance event would use long, deep breaths to slow the heart rate.

The American Kettlebell Swingis any variation of the swing finished with a shoulder raise until the kettlebell is overhead or any swing variation with much more power and then finished with a press out. As Andrew Read elegantly pointed out, there are many problems with mobility and the safety of this American swing movement. Youre working toward a specific goal but the one youre performing does not work toward that goal. Breathing is one big difference between Hardstyle and Girevoy. Each runner will utilize strength, explosiveness, and muscle efficiency, but in different ways. Check out this article, American Kettlebell Alliance, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, and Orange Kettlebell Club. I had the honor of filming some awesome stuff with Brittany from, .

The first variation goes up, the second goes out and away, and the third is a hybrid between 1 and 2.

Sprinters who are tight do not run as well. Best suited for power. Best suited for endurance (high volume). The purpose of this blog was to share my journey of embarking as a new mother recovering from a C-section, lost strength, and fitness. The movements are the same: kettlebell swing, clean, press, push press, jerk, and kettlebell snatch. The Pendulum swing shows an extension of the knees while still in hip flexion. A punch is similar to a kettlebell swing as it is ballistic. Yes, I said it, although goals are super important, if you neglect enjoyment then things usually do not last and just become a chore. The Hardstyle swing was developed and popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline, chairman of StrongFirst.

Another point of view suggests that people start with the Hardstyle swing and eventually move to the CrossFit style of swing if mobility allows. This explains the different handle design of the two kettlebells in the above photo. This vertical movement might be more taxing (i.e., dangerous) on the shoulder.

In the below video, you can see how the athletes movement is fluid and how she is never out of breath over the allotted time period. It should be noted that the variation of the swing is always with double arms for the American Swing. Cardiovascular endurance with resistance has to be performed with a weight that is suitable for you to maintain a long duration of time while the heart rate rises and stays at a certain level. Juan Pellot, head coach and Co-Founder at Orion Strength Guild feels that nearly every functional fitness athlete can benefit from learning this style of swing to improve aerobic capacity and performance. Its very unfortunate that there is a select group of people that are very anal and closed-minded when it comes to the kettlebell swing. Competitions, Fitness, Kettlebell, Kettlebell Sport, Technique, Workout, comparison, Girevoy sport, hardstyle, sport, style, technique, type of kettlebell lifting, which is better, Blog, Fitness, Kettlebell Sport, Workshops, 2016 goals, coach, student, world championships. The extreme tension of the hard style swing burns calories, builds strength, and squeezes the muscles to create a uniquely intense workout. Thats nearly 12,000 characters of information on the difference between the main three kettlebell swing variations, a lot more is written in our books and courses.

How Many Calories Do You Burn with Kettlebell Swings? A photo posted by Dalibor Nikolic Trainer (@dntraining_vienna) on Dec 11, 2016 at 3:41am PST. Much of CrossFits use of the kettlebell comes from Hardstyle (Jeff Martone who leads CrossFits specialty training on kettlebells was one of Pavels first students). (By the way, she is using a 22kg (48.5lb) kettlebell.). In the early 2000s, Pavel created the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) with his then-publisher, Dragon Door. Lauren's secrets to Smart Training, Eating, and Living with real authentic stories of inspiration along the way. Hardstyle is a style popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline, who used this style to train Soviet and American military, police, and special forces. The Hardstyle swing was not invented as the first kettlebell swing, it was adapted and evolved from the kettlebell sport pendulum swing which existed way before kettlebells became popular. With the more hollow grip on the handle youre able to conserve energy and not experience hand fatigue before achieving the intended aerobic effect. This style can be summarized by high intensity and few repetitions. The shins stay vertical and two joints move, the knees and hips, and the movement is performed with power behind it.

If you have your preference of style, sure you can evangelize it to others, but before you do, you should know the ins and outs of the others and never put them down. Thus, the person is trying to conserve energy in the movements so that he or she can be efficient over time. Photo 4 by Filippo Fantolini (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. However there are other notable kettlebell sport associations, such as Steve Cotters International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation and many others outside of the U.S. In the early 2000s, Pavel created the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) with his then-publisher, Dragon Door, but then left in 2012 to form his current certification, StrongFirst. Depending on how heavy you go, this can mean that the bell does not come up to chest height but that does not take away the work on the muscles. This style has historically taken components from the martial arts, and it relies on being able to switch quickly from being tight to being loose. To work for this goal you use a heavy weight, remove power, and move the weight just fast enough to move it. Hardstyle should be friends with Softstyle, and Softstyle should be friends with Hardstyle, and of course, we should include that whole army of styles not covered by those two and share our common ground, the kettlebell. Some of the things people who are not familiar with other kettlebell swings will bring up are, but not limited to: That is just one example, but lets dig into the video I made to show the differences between the main three kettlebell swing variations. Have a question or comment? An analogy might be a 100-meter sprinter and an 800-meter runner. In soft style, the athlete breathes in on the upswing and breathes out on the downswing, taking pressure off the spine and reducing the tension on the muscles. I felt this was an easy and convenient way for friends and family that live all over the world, to see photos of my children and updates about our life.

However, there has not been a definitive research study showing this safety issue (and there might never be one). It can be done!!! Each rep should look just as powerful no matter if it is 12kg or 48kg. A video posted by Dalibor Nikolic Trainer (@dntraining_vienna) on Dec 8, 2016 at 2:20am PST.

Putting one variation down just because you dont understand it, never heard of it, or dont like it is not the right way to progress with any type of training. In the 1980s Pavel was aphysical-instructor for the elite Russian special forces units, also know as the Spetsnaz.

The Girevoy Sport Swing (Valery Fedorenko), A photo posted by Dalibor Nikolic Trainer (@dntraining_vienna), as the overhead swing can be quite controversial, A video posted by Revolution Strength (@revolution_strength), A video posted by Juan Pellot (@urstrength), A video posted by Dalibor Nikolic Trainer (@dntraining_vienna), Hunter Labrada Explains What Optimal Rest Periods Are, Brian Shaw and Bobby Thompson Train Legs Together to Prep for the 2022 Shaw Classic, John Haack (90KG) Bench Presses 272.5 Kilograms (600 Pounds) in Training, Chris Bumstead Believes Stem Cell Treatments Strengthen His Kidneys and Immune System, The Best Creatine Supplements for Bulking, Mixing, and More, Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, And More, Best Home Gyms For the Money, Bodybuilding, and More, The Best Barbells For CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Deadlifts, and More, Athletic Greens Review Price, Flavor and Nutrition Breakdown. Boy was I wrong! Want to learn more about Sport style kettlebell lifting? At 2 minutes and 24 seconds, you can see the difference between the movement patterns in the middle.

More info on that soon which will be coming to, However, while we were waiting for a loud truck to leave we decided to film this last minute.

Working on increasing the maximum amount of weight moved you can move in one repetition. I wanted to share my struggles and perseverance in getting back to my pre-pregnancy self all while enjoying my new road in to motherhood. We both agreed it would be, Kettlebell Videos - Classes - Fat loss and Strength Programs. Have a question or comment?

I'm the creator of the "Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells" series "Baby Bells" DVD, along with The Kettlebell Body, Lightning and Kettlebell Revelation. I never thought blogging my experiences would turn in to so much more. Moreover, any tool that helps with strength and quality of movement is incorporated.

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There is some dispute on whether Valery Federenko or Pavel Tsatsouline brought them to the U.S. (this dispute is one of the reasons for the contention between different styles). A video posted by Juan Pellot (@urstrength) on Aug 25, 2016 at 11:30am PDT. Power is not some generic thing, it applies to a muscle or muscle group that you train for it, in other words, if you train for power in the gluteals that wont transfer to the rest of the body. I'm a kettlebell fitness strength and conditioning coach who relies on her body to share, teach, educate, and I was under the impression that having to give birth via C-section would and could destroy my body and career. The Hardstyle swing is based on the hip hinge movement but without power or other Hardstyle requirements, it is still a hip hinge swing and then becomes best suited forenduranceand strength.

Now, it might sound like I dont like Hardstyle, on the contrary, I know that they have something great and effective, it just gets tiring to regularly have to deal with people that are following the RKC/StrongFirst/Hardstyle principles and tell you that youre doing it wrong, and worse, theyll tell you without even asking what your goals are or keeping an open mind, its just a straight-up NO ITS WRONG. Okay, now that youre familiar with some of the kettlebell swing goals, lets dive deeper. Since no one wants to claim or acknowledge what is outside of those two disciplines we will call them Cavemantraining Swings for now, just because they do not fall within Hardstyle nor Softstyle and the majority of the kettlebell world wont admit they even exist. You should know that the hip hinge swing is the same movement as the Hardstyle swing, AKA Russian swing, just with different power generation.

Editors note: This article is an op-ed. The views expressed on this site may come from individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the view of BarBend or any other organization. To simplify the difference, Hardstyle promotes explosive, intense, and short duration exercises, while Girevoy Sport promotes power endurance movements that are efficient. (Pictured left: Girevoy Sport Kettlebell; Right: Hardstyle kettlebell.). The Hardstyle kettlebell swing is performed with a hip hinge, but if you dont adhere to all the Hardstyle requirements, power, no thoracic rotation, and so on, then it simply is not a Hardstyle swing, and theyll tell you its incorrect. The views expressed herein are the authors and dont necessarily reflect the views of BarBend. In general there are probably more similarities than differences between all the styles.

How does this happen?

Both schools offer an excellent workout for the dedicated athlete, but the results youll find after a committed practice can differ. Breaking Muscle is the fitness worlds preeminent destination for timely, high-quality information on exercise, fitness, health, and nutrition. There is more value in a skill which took time to develop - the journey to proficiency is more exciting and the payoff more rewarding. Hardstyle swings are designed for power, the Hardstyle swing is rigid, there are certain things to adhere to when performing the Hardstyle swing and there is no deviation from that.

We seek to inform, educate and advocate for this community. Well take the squat swing and the hip hinge swing. However, there have been some major modifications of the lifts that have been quite controversial. Thus, from an anatomical discussion there might be safety issues with the CrossFit swing. Putting one variation on a pedestal just because thats the one youve been taught or prefer is also not the way to progress in training. (This division of power optimization versus power efficiency will be discussed further in an upcoming series of articles.). They believe that the only good teacher is a kettlebell teacher belonging to their cult. I focus on quality of movement, which has helped many people become pain free and strong! For example, in a kettlebell swing there is an explosive hip hinge and then relaxation as the kettlebell floats up. Like two different runners train for a marathon and prep for the hundred-yard dash, kettlebell aficionados have two contrasting schools of practice to choose from when they start their workout.

You should be able to explain why to choose one over the other at any given time. What am I talking about? What works best for overall fitness, sport-specific physical preparedness, or military and first responders are questions that have not been answered. Many people have asked and here is part of my experience. Most of my first exposure to his teachings were from popular bodybuilding magazines (e.g., the Smolov Squat routine). Our audience encompasses the entire spectrum of the fitness community: consumers, aficionados, fitness professionals, and business owners. , but then left in 2012 to form his current certification, StrongFirst. Depending on the intended goal(s) of the swing within a program and/or session, coaches and athletes can shift between styles to elicit greater results. Here is an overview of their differences (though, there are also many similarities). Valery Fedorenko is known for bringing the kettlebell sport style to the United States and is the founder of the World Kettlebell Club. One of the reasons for the new organization is that Pavels teachings have always extended past kettlebells. Next, you can look at efficiency but you should not neglect fun either.

But in the end, no matter what, the fact that whatever you do in training is/should be dictated by your goals or what you enjoy. Both kettlebell techniqueswill increase strength and cardiovascular fitness.

By allowing for a double knee bend in the swing, the legs can create greater vertical power and momentum, conserving greater amounts of energy. What an amazing experience it has been for me. A third book, Master The Kettlebell Swing is in production. Power optimization is the key rather than power conservation. Some of the goals you can achieve with different kettlebell swings are, but not limited to: Power equals speed and strength, in other words, moving a heavy weight as fast as possible. All kettlebell swings are not created equal. By generating intense tension in the muscles, hard style kettlebell athletes see impressive results in short periods of time. As such, I can see benefits of many different styles of kettlebell use. Kettlebells have been used for quite some time in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The best kettlebell swing variation is the one that works toward your goal at any given time. Email us: info[at]barbend.com. Maximal strength endeavors challenge a lifters ability to contract and promote maximal total body tension, and to unleash force. Just like any other goal, strength is increased over a period of time by progressively increasing the weight, or for the other goals, a mixture of weight and duration of time. Read her description below. In hard style practice, the athlete exhales on the upswing and inhales on the downswing.

The second variation in the video, positioned in the middle is the single-arm Hardstyle swing. When working for strength one would focus on 1RM and that is exactly that, a weight you can move for one repetition max, it works great for strength but on muscular endurance. This type of training fits with what he has done for military and police units as most likely they need explosive strength rather than longer term efficiency in movements. Both the Girevoy (pictured to the right) and Hardstyle movements are probably relatively safe to perform and there are intensive certifications and courses for learning the movements. Great variation for interval training as more muscles are recruited and thus quickly spike the heart rate. In late 2012, Pavel Tsatsouline left the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) to start a new endeavor, Strongfirst. The key feature of the sport style of kettlebell is that the focus is on power efficiency over a long period of time. In the 1980s Pavel was aphysical-instructor for the elite Russian special forces units, also know as the Spetsnaz. Because power production isat the foundation of Pavels training programs, these explosive swings were performed using heavier loads and lower repetitions with varying tension.

When an athlete and/or coach programs a kettlebell swing (for this article I will be referring to the traditional Russian style swing, The Hardstyle swing was developed and popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline, chairman of, . In this video and article, I will demonstrate the differences between several kettlebell swing variations and explain why neither of them is wrong.

In Hardstyle and Girevoy Sport style, the kettlebell is not placed on the ground during the snatch until the competitor is done.

The ankles bend a lot and the hips come down lower than in the other variations of the kettlebell swing. At Cavemantraining our experience and knowledge are developed by believing nothing (and so should you when reading this), testing, analyzing, and experimenting with everything for yourselfto then make up your own mind. Help out and get a gift by completing this, Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges Bundle, Kettlebell Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more, Online Kettlebell Courses and Certifications, Sportstyle AKA Girevoy, Pendulum, or Soft Style Kettlebell Swings, The Quick And Concise Kettlebell Swing Guide, online Kettlebell Sport For Beginners course, If Youre Squatting in Your Kettlebell Swing, Youre Doing It Wrong Says Mens Health, How To Burn Fat With Kettlebell Swings: Understanding Work To Rest Ratio, Avoid These Common Mistakes In Your Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing, Beginners: Its NOT The Kettlebell Swing or Hip Hinge You Should Learn First, Im so Dunn with discussing Kettlebells and Hypertrophy, The Best Warm-up For CrossFit/Kettlebells, How Gym Athletes Should Use Coffee: Benefits and Drawbacks from Coffee Intake, How Psychedelics Created an Unconventional Iron Lion. By having a deeper understanding of these two very distinct kettlebell swing variations, coaches and athletes can create the outcome the want effectively to fully maximize power and/or movement efficiency.