MARTINEZ: Eka and Erika avoid watching the 24/7 television coverage of the war in Ukraine. The authoritative record of NPRs programming is the audio record. E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Through interpreter) I certainly would love for him to stay, but I cannot force him to do what he cannot do. So far, though, only about 500 have navigated the long journey and the paperwork and arrived in America. MARTINEZ: They all hustled to pack their car and drove hundreds of miles to the Hungarian border. What are the arrangements for refugees to return to the UK if they leave the country briefly during the stay with the host?Ukrainians on the Homes for Ukraine scheme are able to leave the UK temporarily and return. You were surprised. jewish spouse president npr ceo chair 21st century paul MARTINEZ: That's her daughter Erika. E KOLIUBAIEVA: Ukrainian cake (laughter). I just want to add that if they were doing that to dogs, I don't even want to think about what they have been doing to humans. UNIDENTIFIED INTERPRETER: Then just comes in and says, I'm Artem. Do you feel relief that you're here or any guilt that you're away from maybe family and friends that are dealing with this? However the government advises against doing so until a BRP has been issued and collected. How do refugees access social benefits and healthcare?Details on how to claim financial support are on page 12 of the UK government welcome guide. . But it's something he must do, so MARTINEZ: Considering that Russia is still Ukraine's neighbor, right next door - that life could ever, ever go back to what it used to be. MARTINEZ: On a sunny Saturday afternoon, their American hosts, Susan Thompson-Gaines and her husband, David, are serving pastries in their backyard in Alexandria, Va. What expenses are hosts expected to cover when providing a home for guests? She also liked the American Kyiv cake. And then we say, just, oh, no. I was in Kyiv, and everyone that I spoke to was not concerned, it seemed, about Russia. A lot of people with weapon - all the people with weapon. Why weren't you afraid of what was going on with Russia at the border? E KOLIUBAIEVA: It's too difficult for me now. Most have fled the fighting to neighboring European countries. Our first desire was to stay, not to go. Owners may be able to collect their animal sooner than four months if they are deemed healthy before then. We trying to save our country. Is there a fixed period for Ukrainians to stay as guests in UK homes and if so, what happens when it ends?Host families are asked to provide a home for their Ukrainian guests for at least six months. MARTINEZ: Why? No, it's not for me. And you hear these stories about what's going on in the place that you live. And I stared back. I understand you are trying to sort of pull some emotions out of me. Eka, Erika and Amira arrived in the U.S. in March and found their American hosts through social media. Our furniture was shaking. UNIDENTIFIED INTERPRETER: They couldn't figure out who it was. They could do with themselves. Can refugees use their Ukrainian driving licences to drive or rent vehicles in the UK?Yes. MARTINEZ: As we sat in the host family's quiet backyard, Artem held his youngest daughter, Amira, in his arms and kissed her forehead. Why weren't you worried? A KOLIUBAIEV: I think that everything will be a memory one day, and we need to live in the moment. President Biden has pledged the U.S. will welcome a hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees. But the next day, there were explosions all around, and our windows were shaking. E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Laughter) Then (non-English language spoken). But her favorite American food is hamburgers. And I understand there is no return to the way it was before the invasion. So I have, like, four or five generations from Kyiv. Once a host registers their interest on the government website, they share their offer on websites run by charities such as Opora, where refugees also go to search for accommodation. You're here in the United States. Owners need to wait 30 days for a blood test to certify the animal has developed antibodies against rabies. The family is in the U.S. on a tourist visa, which means they can stay until September. Some of the stories are gruesome. , , . unhcr facilitated resumed voluntary

Do hosts need to tell their home insurer if they take in refugees?The Association of BritishInsurers says hosts do not need to inform their insurer if they want to temporarily house refugees who have been displaced from the conflict in Ukraine as non-paying guests. Nobody knows. Over the weekend, I met a Ukrainian family that made the trek. It's just cream and some - I don't know how to say that. When they arrived, they were behind a long line of cars attempting to get through a checkpoint. But the worst thing, when the peace will come out, the fear is not come out. A KOLIUBAIEV: You know, when I go sleep now in Ukraine, I'm hearing alarms. Get alerts on FT charity appeal when a new story is published, How to navigate finances, benefits, employment rules and avoid sticky situations, FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, Q&A: A guide for Ukrainian refugees and their UK hosts.

The answer is no, Personal branding: we may cringe, but it works, Positive feedback: the science of criticism that actually works, Abortion and women in America: what the data tells us, Bhutans bold plan to introduce the worlds highest tourist levy, Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, registering with a general practitioner (GP). E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Non-English language spoken). If these requirements are not met, refugees will have to place their pet in quarantine for four months and the UK government will meet thecosts. It was late night. That was impossible to accept. MARTINEZ: Is it not even a question for you that you are going to go back? And I understand there's no way to stay in Ukraine for the girls. And so A KOLIUBAIEV: How you say this about your name? Is - would you rather him stay? THOMPSON-GAINES: David made burgers one night and brought them down, and Erika was excited. The Ukrainian government requires men under 60 to stay and fight, and the family knew they would have to split up. MARTINEZ: Erika, what about you? But honestly speaking, at that moment, I was still in that shocked state and did not have any feelings at all. Would like your dad to stay? The UK government recommends registering with a general practitioner (GP) a local doctor on arrival. 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ERIKA KOLIUBAIEVA: Is no chocolate. And I like my city. You have to understand that after all these experiences, I sort of pulled myself together. A previous version of this story reported incorrect dates for when A Martnez was in Kyiv. And a neighbor brought one saying, I have a Kyiv cake. E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Through interpreter) It was unthinkable to imagine that in the 21st century, somebody would come and bomb a European city. To make the necessary quarantine arrangements, email the Animal and Plant Health Agency at or call +44 3000 200 301 and select option 2. When they were two cars away from crossing the border, they realized that Artem would have to stay behind. All rights reserved. And how can a refugee guard against traffickers and other criminals if they find sponsors via social media?Before a visa is granted, sponsors and guests must undergo security checks. But Artem is leaving the U.S. to begin the journey back to Ukraine, not just because he has to, but out of a sense of duty to his country. Donate to the Financial Literacy & Inclusion Campaign here. They didn't expect anyone to come. And I said, this is the only way. Employers must check that refugees are allowed to work in the UK before employing them. Guests who feel they are being asked to contribute an unreasonable amount should raise the matter with the local council, which also inspects hosts homes before refugees arrival. E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Through interpreter) There wasn't much time for parting and leave-taking. What can the Rolling Stones teach us about financial literacy? Artem Koliubaiev is 34 years old. There are cinnamon buns and a cake from a local bakery. Refugees may also take steps to set themselves up as self-employed while receiving state benefits. This has to be added to the pets passport and owners need to goto an EU-registered vet and ask for a certificate approving travel to the UK. MARTINEZ: Eka, what about for you? MARTINEZ: The surprise guest was Eka's husband and the girls' father. ERIKA: Yeah, sure. And with war, of course, I can't imagine myself there now. So they leave their life here, and then I just, like, appears. You can't spell America without Erika. Do hosts get a reduction on council tax for housing a refugee? ERIKA: Yeah.

The whole family speaks English, but for this part of their story, they needed the help of our translator. Artem told them about reports of Russian soldiers eating neighborhood dogs because the soldiers had run out of food. She stares down at her phone. She just turned 16. Will guests able to continue their old jobs by homeworking be eligible for any additional support to reflect the higher cost of living in the UK?There is no specific state support available, but benefits such as universal credit are available to people of working age on low income, whether self-employed, part- or full-time employed. He was able to use his filmmaker's visa to leave Ukraine temporarily to come to America to celebrate Erika's 16th birthday. And then we go sleep, and we just woke up because our friends was calling us because they was close to where was the first bombs. Money Clinic Podcast: How can we stop arguing about money? Instead, they keep up through social media and what they hear from family and friends back home. Universal credit payments are reduced at a steady rate once you earn more than 344 a month if you are also getting help with housing costs, or 573 if not. This may also include working for a host, but under the usual rules of employment, including observing the minimum wage, which ranges from 9.50 an hour for those over the age of 23 to 4.81 for apprentices. But now it's not my city. And while the cake looked a little odd, she said it tasted better than the Kyiv cake she grew up with. I know that they are (non-English language spoken). MARTINEZ: So is that worth staying in Ukraine once this is all over?

A KOLIUBAIEV: They are strong. It's better because in Kyiv, the cake (non-English language spoken). Money Clinic podcast: Should I save for a property or a pension? MARTINEZ: Do you see yourself going back? MARTINEZ: Erika, what about for you? He's a filmmaker. Healthcare is free for Ukrainian refugees.

MARTINEZ: Erika plans on going to college in America. E KOLIUBAIEVA: Here, is chocolate. [POST-BROADCAST CORRECTION: A previous version of this story reported incorrect dates for when A Martnez was in Kyiv. Her hair covers her face. MARTINEZ: While his family was safe in America, Artem has been working back home with volunteers from the Ukrainian film industry. After that, the new arrivals will be expected to find a new host or accommodation of their own unless hosts extend their hospitality. Every guest will be entitled to an initial payment of200 from the local council to help with the costs of settling in and meeting their immediate needs. ], (SOUNDBITE OF PALOMO WENDEL'S "NO SHADOW WALK"). You know, a lot of checkpoints all around the Kyiv. Ukrainians can drive in the UK for 12 months before they need to exchange their Ukrainian permits for a UK licence. We trying to stand for Ukraine. As you see, nobody wants to fight with Putin except Ukraine. The parents of my parents was born in Kyiv. It was totally unexpected. She's not sure what to make of our microphones. Copyright 2022 NPR. I don't know what will be tomorrow. E KOLIUBAIEVA: (Through interpreter) I said everything I could, and that's how it is. A KOLIUBAIEV: It's - no, it never come back what it used to be. Can a host take in someone on the basis that he or she will work for them by agreement as, say, a nanny, cleaner or in an on-site farm shop?Ukrainian guests have an immediate right to work wherever they choose. Susan was told it was a traditional Ukrainian dessert. This was a column (ph) of cars going through the borderline checkpoint. What I do feel is just despair. Organisations including Employ Ukraine match Ukrainians with employers before they arrivein the UK. So everything was very quick, and that's how it was. Hosts are entitled to an optional payment of 350 a month for up to a year, though they are free to refuse the money if they dont need it.