High Council


However, despite her best attempts, she was eventually killed by the assassin but not before ensuring that her host would survive. At Daniel's "request", Jack asked Jacob to stop, and Daniel instead ascended. They succeeded. This would be a traumatic time to the movement whose loss of their queen would impede on their organization. Tanith was merely pretending to be an ally, but was truly a Goa'uld spy attempting to infiltrate them. Jacob was able to give his intelligence about Sokar's vast fleet and plans and the Tok'ra dispatched Aldwin in a Tel'tak with Teal'c to kill Sokar by destroying Netu while Sokar's Ha'tak was in orbit. In addition, Tau'ri technology was relatively primitive and very distinctive, making it unsuitable for the Tok'ra use. However, they still shared intelligence (9.16 "Off the Grid"). Selmak blended into the host body of Jacob Carter cementing an alliance between the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri. She had come to conclude that the Goa'uld Empire was too morally objectionable to continue, and mothered the Tok'ra with her mental imprint of compassion, and a belief that they should only take willing hosts. SG-1 was used as a courier for intelligence by allowing themselves to be captured by Khonsu's Jaffa (6.08 "The Other Guys"). The Tok'ra evacuated through the Stargate, with Selmak/Jacob staying with SG-1 and the ha'tak to enact this plan. Although not revealing it to their Earth allies even after Shaun'auc's death, the Tok'ra soon realized their suspicions were correct.

The Tok'ra synthesized the chemical into a ring (5.15 "Summit Part 1"). The Tok'ra were able to use technology to reveal some brainwashed SGC personnel, but it was only through quick thinking and a ruse that SG-1 were able to stop a brainwashed Martouf from assassinating the President. In spite of these victories, the Tok'ra were concerned that the humans were too reckless and independent to mesh with the Tok'ra's methods. Luckily, the eldest brood of Egeria led their kind into hiding where they managed to survive.

The Tok'ra have developed several technologies, many of which are based off Goa'uld design, and others that have been created in conjunction with the Tau'ri. A Tok'ra operative named Jolinar of Malkshur was hiding from the Goa'uld and used a Nasyan man named Quinta as its disguise. They performed an autopsy on a dead warrior, realizing it was a genetically created Goa'uld, specifically bred to be a warrior with limited cognitive function.

He would be captured, releasing the symbiote poison when he was taken to the Stargate--killing the Jaffa and Goa'uld in the area and making the way home safe for the others. She used tunnels to get word to the Tok'ra that Hathor had captured SG-1 and was trying to gain intelligence from them.

Each side was distrustful of the other, but they continued to talk. The Tok'ra eventually responded and scanned the planet, finding no life signs. One of the Reetou, "Mother", created a human clone "Charlie" to communicate with the humans. He and Jacob decided to forestall releasing the poison and use this mission to gather intelligence. SG-1 was hoping they would share intelligence and technology.

They evaded the Jaffa, trying to keep the symbiote poison formula out of enemy hands (5.16 "Last Stand Part 2").

Although the alien carrier was able to cure almost all of them, she died before she could heal Jack O'Neill. The Tok'ra also fought in the Battle of P3Y-229.

The Tok'ra and Sam Carter came up with a plan to blow up Vorash's sun to destroy Apophis when he arrived at the base by having the Stargate dialed to P3W-451, the planet with a black hole and send the Stargate into Vorash's sun.

The Carters and O'Neill returned to find pandemonium.

In his last words, Ba'al threatened this would not be the end, but he didn't realize the original Ba'al's plan to change history had been thwarted by SG-1 in an alternate timeline, so the rest of the ceremony continued without incident. (SG1: "Chimera"), Eventually, relations with the Tau'ri broke down when Anubis discovered the Tau'ri Alpha Site and sent his newly developed Kull warriors to the settlement. The Tok'ra were immediately suspected, and Teal'c and M'zel set out for a location where they knew a Tok'ra was undercover as a Goa'uld lord. Tok'ra homeworld The Tok'ra were able to monitor the Goa'uld fleet, and a concerned Jacob/Selmak went against the wishes of the Tok'ra High Council and arrived to Earth with this intelligence, including stealing the monitoring technology.

They were trapped with their friends.

(SG1: "Divide and Conquer", "Jolinar's Memories", "The Devil You Know"). (SG1: "In the Line of Duty"), Through those memories, she managed to locate the Tok'ra encampment on P34-353J and initiated first contact between the two races. Once again, the Tok'ra were called to assist when one of SG-1 became ill. SG-1 and a scientific expedition became infected with a plague (6.04 "Frozen"). In exchange for SG-1's help, the Tok'ra agreed to give the SGC "flying lessons" for the ha'tak, although Jacob recommended they leave the ship with the Tok'ra instead.

The two groups had a lot of bad blood between them from old history and were distrustful of each other.

They made use of filtered misinformation given to the Goa'uld spy in their ranks to bring Apophis' fleet to the Vorash system where they dropped a Stargate dialed to a planet with a black hole into the planetary star. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1"), The dismal discussion of alliance was halted by news that Cronus' Ha'taks were converging on the planet, but after SG-1 helped reveal that Cordesh was a traitor, they accepted the Tau'ri aid.

Khonsu was really an undercover Tok'ra, operating as one of Anubis's underlings.

Once, SG-1 was captured by a bounty hunter named Aris Boch (3.07 "Deadman Switch").

Apophis, at least, learned of the SGC's alliance with the Tok'ra (2.17 "Serpent's Song").

He and Jacob returned to Revanna, but their cargo ship was shot down. When Selmak was captured while undercover on Sokar's headquarters of Delmak, the Tok'ra approached SG-1 for help (3.11 "Jolinar's Memories"). Teal'c was able to escape and alert the Tok'ra to the failed mission.

During the course of the investigation, the Tau'ri demanded that the Tok'ra reveal where their agents were placed.

Jacob Carter arrived and although warning the damage was severe tried to use the healing device. Form of government

SG-1 was an uneasy mediator while they searched for the trutheventually revealed to be a cloaked ashrak in their midst.

Once there, they say the relevant words about the recently deceased after which the Stargate was activated, causing an unstable vortex, which destroys the remains to prevent their capture and revival by the Goa'uld.

The Tok'ra enter new hosts through the mouth, as Tok'ra find the entry mark to be unsightly.

Unfortunately, this left Apophis in position to take over from Sokar, which he did. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1", "The Tok'ra, Part 2"). He was able to corrupt the memory device to his own purposes, hoping any information he gleaned would get him back to Sokar, where he could kill the system lord and take over his domain. Believed at first to be a Goa'uld, Jolinar eventually explained she was part of a Goa'uld resistance movement called the Tok'ra. When they worked, the Tok'ra sent word of a vital mission the "superteam"'s skills could be utilized. They agreed they were for the same thingdefeat of Ra and other Goa'uld, and were impressed the Tau'ri were the ones who defeated Ra.

The host may survive the extraction.

Unfortunately, Sam had to kill Martouf during the attempt. What neither the Tok'ra nor the SGC was aware of was that a new Goa'uld was already wreaking havoc among the system lords. When the last of the Ba'al clones was finally captured, the Tok'ra invited SG-1, including General O'Neill, to attend the extraction ceremony to witness the execution of the last system lord (Stargate: Continuum). Unknown to the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra, the real Ba'al died at the hands of an alternate Colonel Cameron Mitchell after traveling back to 1939, completely eliminating him as a threat. Carter learned that Lantash was extracted from Martouf and kept alive in stasis, but Martouf himself died from his injuries.

Species When the Goa'uld attacked Nasya, Quinta was killed, but Jolinar was able to survive by blending with Captain Samantha Carter when she was giving Quinta mouth-to-mouth. The Tok'ra saying farewell to their dead. She expressed her pride at her progeny, and revealed the defective gene she had created to try and stop the Pangaran experiment.

However, it appears that usually the symbiote is the dominant one, or the situations they are encountered in more suits the voice and opinion of the symbiote, in the relationship.

Revanna was attacked. Occasionally, the Tok'ra would be in a position to remove Goa'ulds from their hosts, freeing the humans from this existence, as they did with Skaara, Vala Mal Doran, and presumably Sarah Gardner (3.15 "Pretense", 8.12 "Prometheus Unbound", 7.15 "Chimera").

They also hid in their bases in underground caves built by crystals (5.11 "Summit Part 1"). After the Replicators flew the ship to Delmak, SG-1 caused it to crash into the planet, killing Apophis once and for all. They approached the SGC with a daring plan for Daniel Jackson to infiltrate a Goa'uld system lord summit as Lord Yu's lo'taur. The eldest of which are few in number after succumbing to old age and natural deaths. The only way he could be saved would be to take a Tok'ra symbiote. After Cronus's death, SG-1 ended up with one of his ha'taks. Furthermore, the respected Tok'ra Selmak was given a willing host in the form of Jacob Carter, Sam's father; the successful blending heralded an official alliance between the two races. When SG-1 discovered the people of Pangar were using the offspring of a Goa'uld queen to make a miracle drug called tretonin, they contacted the Tok'ra (6.10 "The Cure").

Furthermore, the lack of a queen sympathetic to their cause means that the Tok'ra suffer from zero to negative population growth and the loss of any one of their number is a staggering blow.

With this intelligence, Jacob/Selmak wore the supersoldier armor to infiltrate Tartarus and help his daughter and Teal'c enter the base (7.12 "Evolution Part 2"). Ra would later contact the Ashrak with hunting the rogue queen down which they managed to accomplish. (SG1: "Summit"), Many Tok'ra fled to the SGC's Alpha Site where they took shelter with members of the Rebel Jaffa. Sam was eventually found alive, and the kull warrior weapon worked, but the rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra as groups decided to part ways from each other and wage separate wars against the Goa'uld. Serpentine shape, perfect health, genetic memory (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 2"), The Tok'ra eventually sent Jacob Carter/Selmak to Delmak to investigate Sokar's plans, but after he was captured and imprisoned on Netu, the Tok'ra turned to the Tau'ri for help, needing Samantha Carter's memories from Jolinar to figure out how to rescue him. SG-1 went on a mission to the location to see if they could meet these potential allies. He also had discovered the Tok'ra base on Revanna and sent Zipacna to destroy it.

The Tok'ra Ta'Seem and his aides assisted to the operation, but it failed because the symbiote released a deadly neurotoxin, forcing Adria to ascend. The Tok'ra were appalled that SG-1 found the idea of blending with them abhorrent (2.12 "The Tok'ra Part 2"). The base self-destruct was activated. All three were dying at the SGC when Jacob Carter/Selmak arrived at the SGC with a possible answer.