Probably a relector would be better than a hot tent. If you want a hot tent, please checkPomoly hot tent catalog. I'll have to give that a watch and see what's what. Bring a Co detector, just in case. Just tried to watch the video, but it is now set to private. I love love the elementalness of the ENO housefly design which is common with most hammock winter tarps. Velcro strips or I have even seen a tarp zipper sold. While there is also a risk of Co poisoning with a wood fire in a tent stove most Co tragedies occur with charcoal or as wood embers begin to smolder. Don't want it sealed up air tight lol.

He has posted a couple videos. Why bother with the hammock? So? /r/Bushcraft defines Bushcraft as the usage and practice of skills, acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in the natural environment. >>>I've seen them grab stills from random YouTube videos (not even that good) and use those as their product photos on Amazon!<<<. Copyright 2022 Ubuy Co. All rights reserved. Several winter trips now, no fire, I was warm and toasty all night but freezing when changing clothes for sleep or in the morning. Our sleeping bag keeps us toasty. You could make charcoal before hand. I'd never heard of the guy before but clearly they took him for a ride. I sleep so much better in a hammock vs on the ground.

We don't need a fire in the middle of the night. I get 4 hour burns out of my stove so I set my alarm for every three hours to ensure I can just pop in some logs without having to worry abkut rekindling the fire. My equipment keeps me warm in the middle of the night, not my fire. Because of this, you'll end up sleeping in the ambient temperature for most of the night unless you have one or more buddies to take turns with watching the fire. Looks like a good design. It works great, has sustained 50mph wind, just looking for something more packable. Id look at setting up a heat reflector rather than a hot tent so you can use a long fire while you sleep. If you're using an open flame, you can probably just set up the tarp above and behind your hammock to help trap some of the heat in a sort of speedy version of a super shelter, Onetigris do a hammock hot tent, and I'm pretty certain they aren't the only one though. It's to big and to bulky for personal use. To read more about how we use cookies read our Privacy Policy, Customers who viewed this item also viewed, Hammock tarp Tent with Stove Jack Camping hot shelter, GDPR Terms & conditions, Cookie Statement. I need bundles of sticks to put in a little rocket stove. Hot tenting is fun and safe.

Luckily for me I never got as involved as lone wolf but I still will continue to buy onetigris gear if they are making quality products the backwoods bungalow is still my favorite tent. Got lucky inmy first stove purchase. For dealers with stores, let's work together! I suspect he doesnt understand well that contract.

My setup today is radically different than the one I used four years ago. Seems to me he was compensated. I've watched Luke's videos for a long time.

He let Company A use his photos. If you need a fire in the middle of the night to stay warm, you don't have enough sleeping bag. The OP is looking to bring a stove into a tent -- that can also accommodate a hammock. If you want a tent stove, please checkPomoly tent stove catalog. JavaScript is disabled. I was going to out the stove at the end but it definitely would be better parrallel the hammock with the door facing to the head end of the hammock where I can easily reach it without getting lut of the hammock. This cheap and one-time setup will be an experiment. I see both sides of it, but seems he could have covered his own arse better? But I've been stumped by cold weather hammocking.

I understand it's frustrating when you then see Company B, C, D etc. I watched 90% of that and had to hit pause to give him *some advice*.

UK. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Tents, Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- You may also like, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. This elemental and tarp approach to a shelter gives it extreme versatility. Press J to jump to the feed. This is an experiment. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but this is wrong. But a month or so back on one of his videos he said something about a BCUSA member being butt hurt or something like that and it kinda threw me off is to why he would do that. He liked it sold it endorsed it. You can set it higher and wider, even porch mode or bring it down close to the ground for storm mode with the end flaps fully enclosing it and acting like doors. A crappy deal all around. I was going to make mine similar to my ENO housefly tarp but MUCH wider. If you need a Pomoly tent stove, please checkPomoly tent stove catalog. So if it gets warm you can still use your stove to cook on without overheating your tent. Get Updates,Discounts,Special Offers And Big Prizes! I do a couple of winter overnites each year. I did receive some gear on discount and was gave a promotion code to give out. item 1 YGY Waterproof Camping Tarp Hammock Rain Fly ,Tent Tarp (10.5ft x 9.2ft) UV P item 2 Lone Wolf 10.5' x 10' Lightweight Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp Survival Tarp Water, item 3 10' x 10ft Tent Tarp Hammock Rain Fly Lightweight UV Protection Camping Outdoor, item 4 YGY Waterproof Camping Tarp Hammock Rain Fly ,Tent Tarp (10.5ft x 9.2ft) UV Prot, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 product rating, 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 83 product ratings, 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 21 product ratings, 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 9 product ratings, 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 6 product ratings, 3.8 out of 5 stars based on 5 product ratings. I can stay warm all night, but transitioning from bag to day clothes and vice versa is tough. Best part is no structural seams. As anyone who has ever barbecued with charcoal can tell you, charcoal does not combust it smolders as it releases heat. Something went wrong. In this subreddit we discuss the development, and practise, of those skills and techniques, the use of appropriate tools, schools of thought and the historical context. Rig your rain fly so it's open towards the fire. I was in contact with onetigris at one point and sent them some ideas and a couple design ideas. A key point: I don't need a fire all night.

saw a video and these idiots got their stove too hot and melted holes in it, if you get the Onetigris stove make sure you make a spark arrestor for it. Take upto 15% OFF on your first purchase. Use a woodstove with dry wood and plenty of ventilation. Dont put your hammock directly above your fire, Get a friend to turn you occasionally, so you cook evenly. He says they weren't compensating him for his work, but then says he has a "ton" of OneTigris gear still new in the package?? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. One key thing I learned about hammock camping is to experiment. That was probably lone wolfs best videos. Charcoal in a tent is never a good idea and is definitely not safer than burning wood -- it is more dangerous. Ha, was just thinkinking about making one. The fickle world of You Tube promoters. A hot tent is only hot when there's a fire. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I need a fire when I am dressing and undressing, cooking, and just hanging out. While both wood and charcoal release Carbon Monoxide (Co), Co poisoning is caused by incomplete combustion. I've seen a couple companies put out hot tents intended for hammock campers. I brought my hammock out on a trip on my property and I wanted to see if I could put together a hot tent set up with a tarp to stay warmer during the winter. I live in Canada and winter camp and hammock camp regularly all year round, both with and without a stove, No matter how cold it got, I would never bring charcoal or a barbecue into a tent. But I might have just took it out of context. He admits in the video he only ever entered into one contract with One Tigris, and that was for the tent.

Working out a hot tent, even with a hardware store tarp and some duct tape, is a great way to get outside when the woods are really interesting. Look up lone wolf hot tent hammock. Whatever. using the same photo. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our policy. Is it still good, Hah! Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. That's only two stokes a night. I'll use a cheapo hardware store tarp, oversize, 12x16, to reach the ground from my ridgelinee I'll set things up lower than normal, maybe to keep the tent small. Also LPT, dont put your hammock directly above a fire.

Its a shame as he co-designed a Hammock Hot Tent w OneTigris which caught my attention the other night but I never did watch the vid -. It's in the morning we need to mely frozen drinking water, change into day clothes, dry out gear, or in the evening just hanging out and drinking hot tea. You must log in or register to reply here. So is it good gear or not. I have made previously a 15 foot high tyvek hexamid that sleeps 4 around the woodstove easy. Every time I say this people respond that I'll have to get up in the night to feed the fire. Maybe he should have gotten more, but I'd say not without a contract. Drape clear plastic sheeting from the edge of the fly, parallel to your hammock. Any tips? I'll fold the ends of the tarp in for doors, and do something to close the ends, even if it's duct tape and another tarp. I'm getting ready to experiment with this. I've only been a BCUSA member for almost a year but it feels like family so when someone calls out a member of the forum I felt a little offended.

I thought to share this as I know others follow his channel. Sadly I believe based on this video he isnt very business savvy and was giving his work away for freewell, to get free gearand now he is sore that One Tigris doesnt want to compensate him for past free work. We are using cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. You can't have a video bashing a company you are trying to extort money from. hammock tarp G2 table hussar HEX yarn manta t1 tent stove t1 mini Timber stove timber mini wolf TG grill T1 woodsnight Fort tent rhombus Pomoly Coupon, Copyright 2021 Pomoly All rights reserved, If you need a Pomoly tent stove, please check, If you want aPomolyhot tent, please check, FREE SHIPPING | FULL REFUND | SAFE PAYMENT | EMAIL SUPPORT, Wolfden UL Hammock Rain Fly Tarp Shelter 9ft x 12ft | Ultralight 20D 3000mm Silnylon Tarp | Lonewolf902 Signature | 2022 New Arrival, Rhombus Hammock Hot Tarp | Lonewolf902 Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping | Lonewolf902 Design 2022, Rhombus Bushcraft Shelter with Stove Jack | Canvas Wolf Den Tarp 2.0 | Lonewolf902 Signature, Rhombus TC Tarp | Canvas Wolf Den Tarp 1.0 for Solo Bushcraft | Lonewolf902 Signature, Rhombus Tarp 300D Oxford Wolf Den Tarp | Multifunctional Tarp Shelter | Solo Bushcraft and Camping | Lonewolf902 Signature. Build a small wall opposite side of the fire. Sling hammock and fly, then fly a reflective blanket opposite side your fire. I will be making mine out of white tyvek. You can simply open uo the ends or set a corner or two up high for full or partial porch mode if the weather is nice. But it would be great to melt drinking water, dry my gear, and dress in I warmer area. Instead of 8feet wide and ten foot long more like 14 feet wide or even 16 wide. Ive had a few hammocks rip and straps break and falling into a fire while stuck in a sleeping bag would be bad news. Sheetmetal work is one of my skills. He got his face out there, got free stuff and made a few bucks from utube. That is a stolen design from the YouTube content creator LoneWolf902. US

Kind of makes me chuckle at them sometimes. A lot safer than burning wood normally.

He said no way someone could use his photos and videos unless someone gave them. I would then put on full end flaps just like the housefly to use as versatile doors and insulation and a couple mid side pullouts on each side to make it a little bit more like a wall tent and accomidate for the stove on one side. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. They all seem like super sized versions of the tarps you'd use when just out with a hammock in warmer weather that can be zipped up or buttoned closed. The design means to many seams and a lot of gorrila tape.

I don't have a fire all night nor do I need one. View cart for details.

So, guy gets free gear from a company that he states over and over again he does not work for, gets bent about a tent, and decides he now wants money from a company he didn't work for. If you want aPomolyhot tent, please checkPomoly hot tent catalog. Get your texts/emails answered in your native language. I don't need to cut vast amounts of wood, or have a giant log banked for the morning. The end flaps will be taped on but the main body of the tarp will be seamless and hence super strong. Itll have a cheap walmart silicon pad as a stove jack, and a simple homemade tin stove. Hammock super shelter. I only recently started watching some of his videos.

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