John Woods is the founder of All Things Dogs, member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, graduate in Animal Behavior & Welfare and recognized author by the Dog Writers Association of America. Raising your Jack Chi pup is likely going to be a bit of an adventure. Thanks so much for your question. Do you have a Jack Chi? Otherwise, he is sweet and loving to me and my hubby. To monitor his weight, keep in contact with your veterinarian and attend regular weigh-ins. Likewise, with their appearance, you never know which traits your pup will inherit. Our JackChi was a stray that we picked up after my wife said it would not leave her office. I love this dog. The resulting litter will have between three to five first generation Jack Chis. She even works to cheer us up when we are sad. My JackChi (Luke) is 14yrs old and still has a high level of energy. It is hilarious to watch the ShitZhu chase the JackChi especially the dive under the furniture. They are a size variant of the famous Pomeranian and are perfect for apartment living. Jack Chi dogs are a Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix breed, also known as the Jack Chihuahua and Jackhuahua. I can watch them for hoursmy best friends loyal and loving Speaking of their intelligent mind, the Jack Russell and Chihuahua Mix is trainable, but, they can be stubborn if they have retained more of the Chi personality; this is common in other Chihuahua Mixes. She loves to play with my 4 year old granddaughter. He loves to play with toys and plays fetch, just doesnt want to give the toys back to me and wants me to give chase. Her sorry face earns her a kiss, so probably my fault. think il get her another soon. Very territorial and jealous but so loveable with all. Brian is my Jack Chi and I call him my 4-legged son. Early socialization is key to eliminate any signs of aggression and to ensure your furry friend will play nice with other dogs and humans alike. A character full of devotion, energy and charm, this hybrid dog has won the hearts of many.

I just adopted my Jack Chi last night! Still trying to decide if a Jack Chi is the best dog for you? And dont forget to dress your Jack Chi in colder weather. You may have one that looks more Chihuahua than Jack Russell or Russell than Chi! These feisty little pups have lots of personality and love to offer.

Therefore, dog clothing for cold weather may be necessary for outdoor exercise. That is what is so sweet about them. Great watchdog. chihuahua russell jack mix terrier milo allmutt Later she can be found nestled on our laps under a blanket. For this reason it is essential to research reputable breeders and check the health of your puppy before purchasing. They will need plenty of play time in addition to going on long walks a couple of times a day. She is originally from Puerto Rico. Like all other dogs in the animal kingdom, they respond best to positive reinforcement and reward based training. Their hindquarters are strong and muscular, yet the shorter leg length and long, curled tail resemble the Chihuahua. Now soon to be 2 years old, he never had issues with my kids (then ages 9 and 6). On the other hand, keep in mind that the Chihuahua side of your mix may not handle the cold well. I hope this gives you an insight of our everyday lives and his personality of a great dog. Thanks to their short coat, they come in relatively low on grooming requirements. He needed a tireless, intelligent and athletic dog. Remember when you are looking at the Jack Russell Chihuahua price tag, you are paying for a designer dog. Dont worry about having a big voice just help him make the right choice. jack terrier chihuahua mix russell chi dogs puppies dog fox want settled temperament toy animals russel chihuahuas cute hubpages desde I need to paper train him- can I have your personal experiences? Fortunately, both the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell are quite long living breeds. Im being firm, yet loving with as all of the dogs. Keep training short and varied without too much repetition. I have had my Charley for 8 years now! How to Care for a Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix. Because of these two reasons you can never be entirely certain on the appearance of your pup. mix jack russell dachshund terrier allmutt mutt She gets very nervous around loud quick movements and small children. Hes highly intelligent and extremely observant! However, we laid him over and was so calm and relaxed to have his ears cleaned almost as if it were a relief to him. Does shed a little and absolutely hates a bath, but with a brush he doesnt gget smelly. Another common health issue in small breeds is where the kneecap becomes dislocated. She has become a best friend and lets us know how much she appreciates us. Praise once puppy has finished doing his business, not during. Its not easy raising a dog there is so much conflicting advice out there, but I think its beneficial to mention a study that has been carried out which highlights the removal of food/dish during mealtimes is actually associated with an increase in resource guarding behavior. He very athletic and agile, as he jumps super high- Im 5-8 and he could reach my chest area from a four-point stand with a hard thrust jump (not needing to run and get leverage). He has never had chicken before. He loves treats and is so underweight, I have exactly what he wants lots of food. but warms up to people quickly- She loves to cuddle, burrow under the blankets and I love the way she super man flies off the bed! If you are seeking a dog to curl up with at the end of the day, but you also like a bit of character to keep you entertained, then the Jack Russell Chihuahua is a perfect match. I agree with everything except the shedding.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is most definitely a fun, feisty, and devoted lap dog. My ShitZhu Bobby and Champ get along very well.

They do love to play and cuddle with all the family, including children. After that I knew that that was the perfect dog for me, so I found a person breeding and selling them. Not the wire crates. She does have a very thin Most of the health concerns associated with Chihuahuas stem from their diminutive size. I will pray for Cooper Anita and hope he will be okay. The Chihuahua came to America in the mid-1800s.

Shes now 8mths. She washes its face, he washes hers. Just taught him how to stay half an hour ago for his chicken dinner. Thats him! I cant imagine life w/o him. She snarls like a bear but her bark is bigger than her bite. He understands the word toy, play, have a drink of water now. My little one is a girl now about 8 years old. If you are worried, he may become unpredictable with visitors you can ask him to go to his crate. Expect to walk them for between 30 and 60 minutes per day with plenty of playtime thrown in. He has bitten me and broken the skin twice. So hes knows not to go in our rooms and sits in the hallway and waits. Thank you for this article! I am so glad God gave her to us. In short, the Goldendoodle is a result of mating a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. Very loyal so affectionate Id have 10 these reviews are lovely to read shes such a joy. He needs to be emotionally stable if you are to consider helping his adapt to the outside world. The only thing I have found with her is she thinks she is a huge dog and not small,it is so funny. Their ears can be erect and pointy (like their Chihuahua parent) or soft and floppy (like their Jack Russell parent). Ive had him since he was 10 weeks old. Their coat can be bicolored as well. Very smart, easy to train and her personality is very hard to not love. I turn my back to him and ignore, however, havent been able to solve that challenge. Reinforce and reward behaviors you want to see, and theyll be delighted to work with you. I love him with all of my heart anything more. Sad to think that once they get rid of their animal that they no longer desire to have, they just go out and get another one. They are intelligent dogs and can become bored quickly. We found out last year that she has cushings disease (small tumor on the brain) so the vet put her on Vetoryl and she gets along fine with it. He will drop it! If I tell him to in a big voice. Its so cruel to buy a dog, not train it and then get sick of it when it doesnt do what you want. Im ready to give him away free of charge! Stay calm, never punish if he defecates or urinates in the house. he was a rescue dog and had been in as many as 4 homes before I got him. The Chihuahuas lifespan is about 14 to 16 years and the Jack Russell Terriers lifespan ranges from about 13 to 16 years. The Jack Russells side naturally wants to be the leader of the pack and paired with the Chihuahuas stubbornness this breed is not the easiest to train using traditional methods. Golden Shepherd 14 Must Read Facts About This Mix, Adults (not children) and families with older children, 8 to 18 pounds (normally males are heavier), Black, white, brown, chocolate, cream, fawn, bi-color and tricolor, Playful, devoted, lively, energetic, feisty and loving, Dental overcrowding, Patella Luxation and Glaucoma. She wants to go out with us every time we get up and often looks at us with her sad eyes if we leave her in her pen at home. Caring for this mix will require lots of attention and love. Originating in England, the Russell Terrier was then further developed in Australia. After, I reprimanded her and put her in the kennel. should i get her fixed?? Training your Jack Chi will take patience and perseverance. She is very smart, too, so its fun and a challenge all at the same time. Can you tell me what is going on? I can see why. He doesnt mind and that solved the problem. My husband brought him home and this little dog was absolutely wild. Hope you dont mind me jumping in here, but people like that angers me a little. So sad at first, she would hide under the house and our bed with her toy and cry.Sadly she got sick and passed away at the young age of about seven. Named Hannah. They even share a kennel at night. My jackchi leaves fur all over me an all over my house. The Chihuahua has trouble warming themselves up effectively once they are cold. His athleticism means he will be suited to rural living, being more than happy hiking through the woods or up mountains. So the intelligence, athleticism and energy of a terrier, mixed in with the spirit, character and devotion of the Chi, this small dog is certainly an addition which will keep you entertained. I would recommend anyone looking for a small dog or wanting to adopt a JackChi to do so. If i catch him he goes in his kennel for time out jack chi russell chihuahua mix terrier puppy puppies 101dogbreeds dog temperament dogs fawkes info