You dont need MF for Countess, but you can run Cow Level for both runes and items. Just wondering how farming for items like rares and uniques is with little to no magic find and if you can be successful finding good loot Im in act 5 nightmare but feel a little undergeared and dont have magic find gear but wanna try to farm Mephisto or Chaos runs finishing with Diablo to try to set myself up for hell. It would be the belt vs a helmet first, then the quality of the winner decided after, all the way down to available affixes on the item level when the loot was decided. iam quiet lucky runes wise though for some reasons , iam almost under the impression HR drop rates been upped significantlyalready found 3HR., well , you always have to start somewhere. 1 h 40, Or 9 pulses per hour without the Mara and 30 pulses per hour with. but there will still be more unique with 500% than with 200-350% (albeit not by much), that being said there is a sweet spot in that area for another reasons : after 300-ish the mf get less and less efficient. Im sporting topaz armor/helm. As well as the time, the value of the drops and free items! 300% ish is usually nice because it doesnt impede your dps much while also allowing you nice mf. The 200-350% though is something I agree with based on gut feeling and IDK why I just feel less lucky the harder I try. Did you roll high enough for an armor Now what slot Now what type Now what rarity.

This is a nice sweet spot for grinding gear.

you will see indeed a lot more blue drops, because there will be less white item. (because high mf usually means less dps), Magic find is mostly for solo (or duo / trio) in my opinion or to rush someone i guess. Thats why it always dropped so many unique/set items in there in 1.09, and still does.

its still doable of course , but mf makes it way more efficient as you can see. well , lets take the most common mephisto unique drop for nightmare mephisto : It has 1/245 chance to loot solo with 0% mf Can make Charsi in Act 1 imbue your boots. One thing I am constantly grateful for (especially since my gear isnt the best yet for MF) is that runes do not need MF to drop. 2018-2022 DM Gaming - All rights reserved - Legal notices, [Completed] Runs x100 bosses on Dm Gaming, Blessed Hand of Light scepter 150ed 1 Lem, three small charms and two major random charms, Difficulty: medium (need potion and mercenary who can die), average of 1 Mephisto per 1 min, i.e. You will get this MF by the time youre in NM and have acquired e.g. I guess what Im really trying to ask is if you farm Mephisto say 50 times with like 20 mf which is what I have opposed to 100+ what would be the difference, I never really put together a mf build in Lod so Im not too sure how important it is. Killing speed and survivability are most important. To tack on to this and from another post I made over the weekend MF basically useless? But I appreciate the clarification. Still wearing 24%/cold resist magic gloves. as you said there is a lot of difference between 0% and 100% , but less between 100 and 200 and so on. - #74 by Talby-1633. Has a very low chance, though, and is very costly. After that you will start to see a whole lot more blue drops, and its speculated that while the quality of what drops is better, those blue will ultimately lower your chances for stuff. High-end Uniques, Runewords and Set Items. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, MF basically useless? i personally like to go to 500% or more even if the difference isnt huge, but simply because in solo most things tends to die very quickly even with high mf number. There are two ways to get loot faster in this game: 1: Kill things faster. 2: Stack magic find. I dont know exactly how it works but considering that the drop tables for everything in this game are so incredibly massive its likely done in a way thats like. Can buy magic items from vendor. You can get around the need for high magic find (or stack up its benefits) by playing in 8 player games. Like a war belt wont upgrade itself to tal rashas belt. Already got an upped goldwrap. You might even look for these items in Nightmare, too. Why would you need mf for countess or cow level? Often grants run speed, which is good anyway. I have no hard proof of this, but between my friends and other people I have talked to about this all swear there is a sweet spot for MF residing somewhere between 200-350% MF. It has 1/208 chance to loot solo with 20% mf The items that drop do not change based on the quality, is the quality that changes the item. By now you almost strictly grind in Hell. By now, youve probably run Countess, Andariel and Mephisto a few times in Nightmare. one thing i do know as a fact, having 100% compared to zero MF is a MASSIVE upgrade and worth having it if you can gear it! still cant do enigma of course, but good god , i thought i would need 1 or 2 month to see my first HR and here i have 3 xD, edit : shenk just taunted me by dropped a blue shako + a yellow shako at oncebad shenk , bad xD. chance guards and goldwrap i do have though in my case , i got some extra of those if you want some, cg for travs though , ive yet to find it (did find pretty much anything needed for javazon and smither though xD ). Can gamble, as a last resort. Evaluation of the objects of the run with the Mara: Note that the Mara being ilvl 80, it cannot drop on Andariel. It is not necessary to wear these items in Normal, but it is necessary to store them in your stash until you get to Nightmare. ive done meph literally 500 times now hell rushes and still havent found Shako using 253% mf so far yeah, takes awhile still to find the good stuff got Stormshield on literally my 3rd drop though which is nice and HoZ recently with 4 bartucs, 4 Jalals, arreat, 2 thunderstroke and other goodies. Still wearing 24%/cold resist magic gloves. Mephisto Hell Enfer x100 500 mf: all the drops for this boss run of MF x 100! just pick up an armor with 4 socket or a helm with 3 socket , topaz them for the time being , try to pick up some gloves or boots with mf without damaging your dps too much , and farm those, i dont have either shako , tal armor or war traveler , which might take a while to find as self loot , look at my discount version of them. I am not the best at reading graphs and understanding scaling.

nice It has 1/143 chance to loot solo with 100% mf, of course the rarer the item , the more potent / effective the mf will be ,but in worst case scenario it looks like that. Doing Cow Level is basically equal to doing Mephisto when its propped full of players. Hell andy did drop some 39 travs for me though.

In terms of ratio without exceptional drop, Mephisto has about the same rate as Andariel.

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clan/friends/community runs (not that they happen often because nobody wants their loot stolen), of course , after all P8 gives by itself quiet the nice amount of loot.

And in P8, players with high mf are less likely to deliver the last hit anyway. What makes it its power of farm is its much higher ilvl allowing to drop very good expensive objects like the Mara! The drop rate in Cow Level is 1 - (1 - x)n, where x is the items probability and n is the number of cows, which averages about 500 per Cow Level. By now, youve probably run Andariel and Mephisto quite a lot, and probably even done Andariel and Mephisto in Hell a few times. but to be the most efficient in an all-around character for solo and multi , 300% is a nice number for that. Wealth runeword or a socketed armor full of Topaz. For many items, its even better than doing Mephisto. Do you like the Dm Gaming site and the quality of its content? May have to walk in and out of town until it spawns in the vendors list of items. Thanks for the offer, but Ill keep going self found for a while. i upped mine too Im sporting topaz armor/helm. Magic find diminishing returns: Self found is indeed the good way master jedi math hurts my tiny brain! Items occur more frequently in Act II vendor. Add magic find wherever you can without sacrificing killing speed/survivability. I heard 300 mf is the best spot to be at sometimes i get pretty good things sitting at 250% on swap though. (unless you can clear a room faster than any others sorc even with mf ). - #74 by Talby-1633. There wouldnt be any expected instances of a blue shield of whatever being rolled against a unique.