Contes side were a bit conservative in the first half with a 5-4-1 midblock for most of the time. The FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method: Does it Still Work? Meanwhile, as Harrison generated more spaces for Struijk, the left-back became a short passing option for Cooper. This will allow the player to move out of position when needed to benefit the team further. But it is also true that 4-1-4-1 is used by Bielsa against the leading sides in the Premier League, none of whom play two up front. Leeds setup in a 4-1 shape in the construction phases of the attack, Forshaw is the holding midfielder to operate behind the first line.

This cut all short options for Leeds and their opponents went for long more often, where three Tottenham centre-backs were waiting for the duels and recover possession. The caveat is that the clubs who field two strikers up front are often among the weaker opponents. You could see more involvement of Tanganga through this image, the movement he made in the first phase was crucial to break the press. From Leeds perspective, it was disappointing to lose all three points away from home, especially given their strong performance during the first half, they could have achieved more if they grabbed more chances. Hjbjerg dropped diagonally to the last line, which pulled his marker (Forshaw) away from the centre a bit. Although Gelhardt on occasions appeared in that zone, his technique was not good enough to retain the ball. Also, when they attacked from the flanks, the number in the box was lacking, so they did not generate a goal threat in the penalty box either. This section will break down the changes made by Conte in their defensive phase, offensive organization, and the offensive transitions. This formation allows for a lot of ball possession and high pressure when off the ball without creating many gaps in the defense. Do they defend as well and attack as well? To replicate the responsibilities of both Leeds United wingers, set their defensive support to Come Back On Defense, chance creation to Cut Inside, support runs to Balanced Support, support on crosses Get Into The Box For Cross, and interceptions to Normal Interceptions. Their attacks are much faster and sharper, making the defensive efforts against the team from Leeds a huge challenge regardless of the opponent at hand. Here, you could see Tottenham using the front three to press asymmetrically.

The downside would be that there are only two defenders and the CDM to deal with any counterattacks that are created as a result of a lost ball. This would be great. He joins Kalvin Phillips, a player that could be on the way out with Manchester City calling, but has every Leeds fan praying that he will stay another year at the club.

There is no argument about the effectiveness of Bielsas 4-1-4-1. We expect Marsch to set up with his typical 4-2-2-2 formation, seeing attacking midfielders play very narrowly, as opposed to the width we saw under Bielsa. The above image shows the way Contes men were able to pull the opposition out and vacate spaces in midfield. Everton are the only team with genuine top-six aspirations who have forced Bielsa to bend from 4-1-4-1. Are his team as competent in a 3-3-1-3 system as they look playing 4-1-4-1? When it comes to defense, he provides a decent level of support but not as much as the wingers. Whenever he saw the team recover possession, the former Real Betis player would dash forward on the far right and run past the defence, which aimed to provide the width, stretch the channels, and push the last line deeper. Ten minutes later, Leeds were trapped by opposition markers again. Two up top for the opposition means three at the back for Leeds, the way it has been since the inception of Bielsas tenure. Then, Tottenham could play through the gaps of the defence and exploit them by runners, such as the Kane chance that hit the post. Before Hjbjerg put the ball past Meslier, the Lilywhites had the other four of the front five to attack the cross from Reguiln, including Royal going into the centre. While Stuart Dallas and Luke Ayling will have a major part to play next season, their surgeries mean they are going to be missing out at the start.

Against two strikers, he wants three. To replicate Leeds Uniteds offensive tactics, set your build up play to Fast Build Up, chance creation to Possession, width to 60, players in the box to 4 bars, corners to 3 bars, and free kicks to 3 bars. With Forshaw and Stuart Dallas in the midfield, Kalvin Phillips was moved to the backline to play as a central defender. But the former Southampton midfielder was not Tanguy Ndombl, he could not take on the opposition and carry the ball forward.

By blocking the passing lanes and leaving him out on a limb, Southampton repeatedly dug the same hole for Leeds. The same was often true in the Championship. Two are already confirmed through the door at Elland Road while more are expected soon. Leeds could not move the ball easily as they did in the first half, resulting in higher and more frequent transitions. The Leeds United keeper is seen to come out on crosses and either catch or punch the ball away on crosses be it crosses from set-pieces or crosses from the wing. Youll also want to adjust the tactics for small sections of the game to let players rest a little.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. While Cooper carries the responsibility of being the team captain (pretty useless in FIFA 22), Philips is responsible for left short free-kicks, long free kicks, and left corners.

On the right side, Leeds wanted to use the speed, 1v1, and energy of James, who would come out from the striker position to play in the wide spaces. Too often, Klich was cut off. In a 4-1-4-1, Leeds post a stronger expected goals (xG) per 90 minutes, produce more shots on target and concede fewer efforts to the opposition.

In terms of offense, Marcelo Bielsa has instilled a possession-based playstyle, similar to that of Pep Guardiolas Manchester City tactics with a fast build-up of play that involves a lot of sharp and quick passes in tight spaces.

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In the 3-3-1-3, though, Klichs movement leaves no one in the gap beyond him and Meslier goes for a distant punt towards Tyler Roberts, which is won by Southampton. The selection problems due to injury continued to be an issue of Bielsa, and if he had the likes of Patrick Bamford and Rodrigo Moreno, their attack would be even better. For example, you could see Mateusz Klichs heat map above (Cr. Hes the only player that stays up to hopefully make something happen from counterattacks. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Premier League 2021/22: Arsenal vs Manchester United data viz, stats and insights, UEFA Champions League 2021/22: How Man Citys pressing helped them dominate Real Madrid tactical analysis, FREE DOWNLOAD: Premier League GW35 analytics reports data viz, stats and insights, The Total Football Analysis Podcast: Jonas Eidevall My philosophy, The Total Football Analysis Podcast: Womens EURO 2022 preview with David Astill and Selim Ben Hmida, The Total Football Analysis Interview: Ben Jackson Alfred Schreuder, Vincent Kompany, and all things Belgian football, European League Domestic Cups Early Betting Odds, Premier League 2022/23 Player Accolades Early Odds Previews. As weve said, Kane was not good at turning or escaping from the marker in spaces behind the midfield, they needed another man to link. When defending, the wingers are instructed to come back in defense and help the rest of the team, which again, involves a lot of running thanks to the applied pressure all around.

This next sequence, below, came with Hasenhuttls side starting to get on top. Making up the rest of the back four, we expect Robin Koch to partner Liam Cooper after ending the season strongly in more than one position, while Junior Firpo slots in on the left. By implementing the 4-1-4-1 system back in 2018, he found new life in players such as Kalvin Phillips, Mateusz Klich and Liam Cooper.

The regularity with which Leeds go 4-1-4-1 is symptomatic of an era of football in which few managers favour a line-up with two centre-forwards (something Bielsa shies away from too). When Leeds United doesnt have possession of the ball, the players are instructed to constantly pressure the opponent until they get back possession of the ball. After two weeks of training, Antonio Contes Tottenham gave a mixed performance in their first win under the new head coach.

It also contains a table with average age, cumulative market value and average market value for each player position and overall. In the build-up, Tottenham used a 3-2 build-up shape with lower wing-backs to support on the flanks in the first half. Instead, the duo was occupying alternative horizontal zones now to create a more staggered shape.

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They celebrated that system in Chile too where Bielsa made a beast of a middling international team but in England and with Leeds United, 3-3-1-3 has been held in reserve. This allowed Tottenham to set pressing traps on the flanks. He did operate in the centre, such as being a striker to finish the cross when the attack was from the other side. However, even James wide positioning pulled the defender out, the players were instructed to not make runs into zone 18 (or blue zone).

For example, Hjbjerg dropped a bit towards Dier diagonally above, which pulled Forshaw away from the centre a bit. Its just not a good idea if you are someone that easily loses possession of the ball.

Theres no secret that Marcelo Bielsa has completely transformed Leeds United as we used to know them.

And this was how the Tottenham front three operated. DiamondLobby / FIFA 22 / How to Play Like Marcelo Bielsas Leeds United in FIFA 22. James heat map above matched our descriptions (Cr. But then he did not stay, instead, he moved forward into spaces behind the midfield to force his marker to follow. bobo balde However, despite all the strategies above, Tottenham failed to create opportunities in the first 45 as their final passes were missing.

From Hong Kong, also an opposition scout When off the ball, the wingers are instructed to rush into the box for a cross-in with the hope to score an easy goal by simply overpopulation the box and tapping, heading, or volleying the ball at the back of the net. They let the opposition dictate possession and played easily into their own half. This was a tactic against the man-oriented system of Leeds as they could use the deep midfielders to drag the opposition midfield up, and vacate spaces behind for the front three to receive (white zone).

Phillips exit would surely see a marquee replacement come in alongside Roca, should he be sold. The Leeds United players will virtually pressure until they get the ball, which is a very tiring practice indeed.

Wolves play with a single centre-forward and are unlikely to alter that system at Elland Road. Against an ever-present front two at St Marys, Leeds lacked the space to breathe. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Can u make a guide of mourinhos real madrid counter attack?

Raphinha is responsible for right corners and right short free kicks, while the striker, Bamford has been given the toughest job amongst them all, taking penalties under pressure. If they wanted to support James, they should drop back a bit to offer a backward passing option as Dallas did above.

It shows all personal information about the players, including age, nationality, contract duration and market value. Tottenham continued to play with the trademark back three of Conte, it was a 3-4-3 on paper and very similar the last game.

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From there, it was simple, with the movements of Hjbjerg to open a wider passing lane, the Lilywhites progressed from there. Going back to the start of Bielsas reign, there are definite distinctions between his 4-1-4-1 and 3-3-1-3.

The formula is there if they can find it again. As poor as Saturdays performance at Southampton was, the high press used by Ralph Hasenhuttl showed why a spare body can be needed to find a route through an active front two. Phil Hay confirms Leeds United interest in 34million forward, 3 Leeds United transfer sagas to keep an eye on in the final week of July, Report: Leeds United players 2023 exit planned out early. Similar to any football club out there, Leeds United have dedicated players for every set piece or post-fault event out there.

Intriguingly, their opponents, Leeds United, also put in a strong display to make Tottenham suffered, but the result let Marcelo Bielsa down.

The blue spaces were enlarged and given Tanganga and Ben Davies wide positionings to stretch the strikers, Dier could carry the ball forward in that space. Despite the high pressure and possession tactics, Leeds United players are rarely seen to populate the box in high numbers from set pieces such as free kicks and corners. Under the Argentine, the wingers at Leeds United have a very busy set of instructions. But Forshaw was not stupid, he knew to what extent should he follow his target, and in this case, he eventually abandoned Hjbjerg to close Dier. And what do the stats say about the comparison? During an attack, the CDM at Leeds United is often seen to stay back while attacking and fall between the two center backs forming a line of three while the full-backs join the attack. Hopefully, the likes of Kane and Son could be fitter soon to give the team more goals. Kane was on the other centre-back; Son was ready to press the right-back; Royal was high to press the left-back if Meslier lofted the ball to Junior Firpo. Meanwhile, in the construction of the attack, Tanganga was much better to get himself involved in the game. Elland Road37.890 Seats, Current transfer record: The former Boro player had great passion for the game but sometimes he made reckless decisions to step up. If you wish your CDM to play a more defensive role and stay down the middle rather than cover the wing, set his defensive position settings to Cover Centre. How to Complete The Whole Nine Yards SBC in FIFA 22, The 11 Best Clubs to Manage in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Hjbjerg initially dropped diagonally from the inside, which of course pulled Forshaw away. With a back five, the defenders had more courage to press earlier in the wide spaces, especially for the wing-backs, who should close these spaces. It is quite a risky practice but Meslier seems to have it spot on. Southampton corner Llorente, possession retreats to Meslier and this passage ends with Meslier, in the absence of good options, sending a high delivery into touch.

It was a 4-2-2-2 on paper with Daniel James and Joe Gelhardt as the strikers. Switching to a three-man defence involves sacrificing a central midfielder, even if the 3-3-1-3 system nominally allows for a midfield three. The following graphics are from the earliest minutes of the game, with Pascal Struijk on the ball outside his box.