(present simple). (In fact this sentence sounds quite strange, because to stay with a friend permanently is unusual.) TOEFL Prep When describing something you are in the process of doing. Remember we limited the structure by using the main verbs be and have. But how do we describe things that are happening right now, this very moment? These are changing situations. Check out the examples: I am living with my sister until I find an apartment. We often use time expressions like for the time being and this week in this kind of sentence. To make the tense negative add "not" before the verb + -ing. But sometimes like in this case we may also need information from the context (what we know about the situation) or from the words surrounding the example (called the cotext) in order to understand the more precise meaning. . With the exception of 'am not,' you can contract the other conjugated forms of 'be' (is, are) in the negative form. In this lesson, we will learn more about them. It means that it will change, but you are not sure when it changes. In the second example the speaker is annoyed at Bobs constant complaining. We highly encourage students to help each other out and respond to other students' comments if you can! (to make a question, the verb form "am" comes first then the subject "I"). TEFL Courses Now, saying these two sentences in the present simple also works, but again if we do this we are left with just plain facts we lose the information about how the speaker feels about the situation: Dynamic verbs describe an action or occurrence, and stative verbs describe a state of being. How Much Does the IELTS Cost? To make the present continuous tense in negative form, use this formula: [am, is, are] + not + present participle. Thanks! This means that the action is turning to another level or basis over time step by step. For 'wh questions,' we just put the question word at the front, then make the yes/no question. If a verb ends in "ie", change "ie to "y" then add "ing". Present continuous tense is used when an action is in progress. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. For negative sentences we put 'not' after the auxiliary verb 'to be.' Look at the examples: He is reading. And this tells us something important about meaning. Affirmative question: Am I coming? I use flashcards. For example: Here, we are referring to an action that keeps on happening all the time. For example. ISO 9001:2015. With a lot of repetition and a little prompting, students will get comfortable with this, at which point you can start to introduce negatives and eventually questions. We use the present continuous tense to describe an action or a trend that is new and contrasts with a previous state. 50 Wong Chuk Hang Road , Now, complete the practice to master using the present continuous tense on your own. Keith is the co-founder of Eslbase. In sport commentaries when the action is happening at the moment and it is in progress you can use the present continuous, however, it is usually followed by a present simple tense, or it follows a present simple tense.

Practise making the positive and the negative forms (exercise 2). Whenever there is a firm plan, or the decision has been made in advance, you can use the present continuous tense. Present continuousis used to talk about something that is happening at the time of speaking. . TOEFL Blog About Us They are sleeping. For this to be true these actions must have started at some point before the time of speaking (although we dont know exactly when maybe 10 seconds before, maybe one hour) and will finish at some point after the time of speaking (again we dont know exactly when.). And we are talking about it at the moment. Les Miserables is a very long novel and would take most people many hours to get through the entire book (Maybe even a few years seriously, its a long novel!). We can use the present continuous to talk about the past when summarizing a book, film, or play. (Inverting simply means we change the order of the subject and verb form:), Affirmative statement: I am coming.

LSAT Blog They can give us clues about which tense to expect or to use. When expressing irritation. Let's begin. Check out the examples for more clarification. For example: One day when Alice is talking to the mad hatter, she sees a strange animal in the forest. Becoming a surgeon takes years of education and practice, but we say it in the present continuous tense. He isn't reading. For example: In this example, we are referring to an action being done exactly at this moment. We form the present continuous with the auxiliary verb be and the present participle form of the main verb. Some verbs though can be both dynamic and stative, depending on how we use them. If instead he chooses to say Im staying with a friend in London he gives the impression that its only temporary hes staying with his friend now but expects to find his own place soon. GRE Prep However, do not double the consonant for verbs that end in w, x or y. Just like we made the question with 'be' in the present simple, here we also put 'am,' 'is,' or 'are' before the subject to make a 'yes/no question': Here, you can see how to change an affirmative sentence into a question. It is usually one of the first tenses you start to learn when you first start studying English. The present continuous tense is a basic tense. When you feel theyre ready, start using negative build-up: Are you brushing your teeth now? GRE Blog For example: The other day I'm just walking down the street when suddenly Sam calls me and asks me to come visit her. And thats because there is no action involved with these verbs. We are meeting them at six. There are also lots of examples to help make everything very clear. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); New to TEFL? Let's learn the forms of the present continuous including the affirmative, negative, question and short forms. We are meeting at six. I find a game that I played in drama class works REALLY well. You've also learned that present tense verbs describe things that are generally true. , Great job learning to use present continuous tense! Also, someone could be elsewhere doing other things and make this statement. Using Present Continuous to Talk about Ongoing Events. Some common signal words with present continuous are time words like now, at the moment, this week and for the time being and the words Look! and Listen!. The present continuous (also called the present progressive) is a grammatical tense used in modern English that indicates an action is happening now. Here are the different uses of the present continuous: The speaker chooses to use present continuous in both these sentences to tell us that these actions are in progress at the time of speaking. He is being the president of America for the next four years. Look at the examples: What sort of music are they listening to? Very often just the verb form itself (choosing present progressive rather than present simple, for example) gives us enough information about the meaning of what is said. The individual doesnt have to be studying at the same time, but they can still use this tense. Quick Reference Table: The Present Continuous Tense in All Forms. Note that the "be" verb always comes before the present participle. Thats because when were asking a question about the subject we dont yet know if the subject is in the first person, second person or third person. You can also use contractions with the negative form: Questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no" answers are formed by inverting the subject and correct form of the verb "be" (am / is / are). David Kedwards delivered a keynote address at the EducationInvestor Global Asia Summit 2019, outlining the value and future potential of adult ELT. She is swimming faster than the others and passes the end line. You can read his posts on the Magoosh blog and see his other work on his portfolio page at jakepool.net. Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Another student comes up to him and says, What are you doing? The student replies with a LIE, something that they are not doing. Download our free PDF grammar worksheets, games and activities to use in the classroom. Using present progressive gives us a better idea of its meaning the word progressive suggests that something is in progress or changing. With practice, youll be able to master the present continuous tense too! I play tennis once a week Be careful as there are also some spelling changes: For verbs that end with one -e, drop the -e and add -ing. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Dont use the present continuous tense with stative verbs (verbs that describe a state but no action). A temporary thing does not remain the same in the long term of time. Who are we meeting? We can also use contractions for the following wh- questions: who is =who's what is = what's where is =where's when is = when's, why is = why's how is = how's. To make a negative present continuous sentence, we use an auxiliary verb (which we already have) and not. Contact Us, Follow Magoosh For these verbs we use thepresent simple. It may not be happening in this precise moment, but its happening in this general period of time. 2022 Magoosh Blog IELTS Exam. Present continuousis used to talk about future arrangements. SAT & ACT Prep for High Schools Once theyre comfortable with this, interrupt a stronger student whos just said, for example, I brush my teeth and ask him Are you brushing your teeth now?. (present progressive), I stay with a friend in London. If you are a Premium Magoosh student and would like more personalized service from our instructors, you can use the Help tab on the Magoosh dashboard. For example: Here are examples of preference verbs that cannot be used in the present continuous tense: Here are some state verbs that are also not used in the present continuous: This rule also applies to the five senses: And with verbs that express an idea or belief: Other verbs that are only used in the present simple tense are: When youre in a country you dont know, you can get lost during the trip, even if you have a map. When theyre really comfortable, compare with present simple at the same time: How often do you play tennis? If we knew this, we wouldnt need to ask the question in the first place. Lets compare one of these sentences to the present simple: If the speaker chooses to say I stay with a friend in London he wants to give the impression that its fairly permanent he doesnt have any intention of finding a place of his own in the foreseeable future. In this lesson, you will learn to talk about the future in English using 'will.'. Negative sentences in the Present Continuous. With verbs ending withalong -e sound, add -ing as normal: If the verbhas one syllable and ends with CVC (a consonant + vowel + consonant), we double the final consonant before adding the -ing ending: Notice these verbs end in CVC (consonant vowel consonant). 2608, W50 Let's learn them! We normally use always before the main verb to show this irritation. Present continuous is used to talk about changing situations. For the auxiliary verb be we use its present forms am, are and is: The present participle form of all verbs ends in ing, and to make it we normally simply need to add ing to the base form of the verb. For example. IELTS Fees in 2022, The 10 Best IELTS Preparation Books of 2022, How to Register for the IELTS: Step-by-Step Guide. List your TEFL course Privacy Policy am/is/are + present participle (verb + ing). Here are some examples: We understand when we hear these sentences that as soon as Janes car is repaired she will stop driving her husbands, and that some time soon I will find a place of my own to live. To make affirmative sentences in the present continuous we use the subject followed by the appropriate form of theauxiliary verb to be and the main verb in the -ing form. The word progressive suggests something which is in progress or changing. This means that we can use the verb with its dynamic meaning in the present progressive form: Its also becoming more and more common to use verbs which were traditionally only stative verbs in continuous form. Used with always or constantly. WSE Hong Kong Ltd Remember: A present participle always ends in "ing". (e.g., believe, bake, take, love). For resources on all verb tenses, visit our page on the 12 English Verb Tenses. This means that the action has started some moments ago, it is still happening, and it probably continues happening some moments more.

But the sentences with the stative verbs dont sound quite right. Present continuousis used with words such as ALWAYSto talk about things that happen repeatedly (sometimes to say that something is irritating or annoying). Present perfect is a useful tense that talks about an action that happened in an indefinite time in the past. For example: Here, we are asking someone about their firm plans for the future.

*. YouTube. There are only three present tense "Be" verbs: The present participle is formed by adding "ing" to a base verb. The form is the same for each subject. If a verb ends in -ie change 'ie' to 'y' then add -ing. They are not sleeping. Present Continuous Tense: How and When to Use It, 1-Month General Training IELTS Study Schedule, 1-Week General Training IELTS Study Schedule, IELTS General Training Writing Practice Test, IELTS Reading Practice Tests and Resources, IELTS Writing Task 2: Academic & General Training, IELTS Listening Section One Tips and Practice. These are verbs that are not actions but describe states or preferences. Note thatthese verbs the-e sound at the end is silent. Remember, this sentence conveys a 'past tense.'. IELTS General Reading: Practice Tests and More. If we compare these sentences to the present simple we can see the difference in meaning: Now we simply have two facts. Due to the high volume of comments across all of our blogs, we cannot promise that all comments will receive responses from our instructors. The Present Continuous, which is used to describe actions in progress, is one of the most regularly used tenses in English. Some verbs are not normally used with present continuous because these verbs are not normally action verbs, for example: Most verbs ending in consonant + vowel + consonant, Verbs ending in consonant + vowel + consonant where the last consonant is w, x or y, Im staying with a friend in London. Magoosh blog comment policy: To create the best experience for our readers, we will only approve comments that are relevant to the article, general enough to be helpful to other students, concise, and well-written! You can follow him on LinkedIn! Rm. It means that the action is in progress at the moment, and we are in the middle of an activity. We also use present progressive to talk about situations which we think of as temporary. So we just learned that a present continuous tense verb has a 'be' verb like 'is', 'am', or 'are' followed by a present participle. Sally is always complaining about her job. (Click here if you'd prefer to learn how to USE this tense). TEFL Q&A To make questions in the present continuous you invert the subject and the auxiliary verb to be. Keep this going around the class and theyll soon begin to get the idea about the difference. In the second sentence though the emphasis is on the fact that John and Annas situation (having to play tennis) is a temporary one, which we expect to end just as soon as the gym reopens. Practise making 'wh' and 'yes / no' questions (exercise 2), Mixed Exercise 1 (includes positive, negative, and questions) Alex will, we imagine, stop growing at some point and house prices will probably fall at some point too. Listening | TED Talks |Speaking |Grammar |Vocabulary | Idioms |Blog, Copyright 2013-2022 OysterEnglish.com All rights reserved | Privacy policy, begin beginning (be / GIN = the last syllable is stressed), control controlling (con / TROL = the last syllable is stressed), benefit benefiting ( be / NE / fit = second syllable is stressed, happen happening (HAPP / en = first syllable is stressed. Create account If youre in the process, the present continuous can be used! Teaching blog, Login Now, if you look again at the playing tennis and Superman examples you might well be thinking that they too are temporary situations. The present continuous tense of a verb has two parts: Let's learn about each of those two parts. ACT Prep But with these sentences we have the added meaning that something (Alexs height, house prices) is changing. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); IELTS is a registered trademark of University of Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia. Click here if you'd like to learn how to USE the Present Continuous. Mixed Exercise 3 Remember, in this case, the speaker usually uses some adverbs such as 'always,' 'all the time,' etc. List your language school. A different student comes up and says, What are you doing? This student says another action, and the person who asked has to start doing that action. to refer to an ongoing long-term action. Present continuous is used to talk about: All the power is in the present moment. Language Schools, Classroom Resources Growth Potential of the Adult English Language Market. IELTS Prep Company Blog, Company The formula for writing in the present continuous is: be verb [am, is, are] + present participle. to talk about situations that happen frequently and are annoying, usually combined with the adverb always. Facebook Emphasize the now, and then accept just a No as an answer. So whats the difference? For example. But, if youre in the process of reading Les Miserables, then the present continuous tense is also correct to use. Just like we made the question with 'be' in the present simple, here we also put 'am', 'is', or 'are' before the subject to make a 'yes / no' question: For 'wh' questions, just put the question word at the front: Practise making 'wh' and 'yes / no' questions (exercise 1) You can also see how contraction is done in negative form. They aren't sleeping. If a verb's base form ends with a silent e, drop the e and add "ing". These verbs are normally used in the simple form because they refer to states, rather than actions or progress. Registered number: 2587136 Present Simple I half cover a card and ask students to try to guess what the person is doing.

So we think of these situations as temporary and expect them to end soon. [Note: Click here to learn how to use this tense.]. Hong Kong Are you eating an apple now? LSAT Prep . Look at the examples: He is passing Christian and shoots the ball. We do not normally use the continuous with stative verbs (also called non-continuous verbs). Here are the examples: Ellen cannot come to the phone since she is sleeping. We use the present continuous tense to talk about something which we think is temporary. You can use this tense even if youre not actually performing the action at that exact moment. I have read and agree to the Eslbase Privacy Policy We make world-class learning tools and resources so children of all learning abilities and backgrounds can develop to their greatest potential. And so on and so forth until all the students have had a turn. In this case, we are talking about something which is not the same as the previous types of its own family. **Note: There are verbs that can be both stative and dynamic, and you can use present continuous with the dynamic form of the verb. No, What are you doing now? Sometimes this repeated action causes us to be surprised or curious because of a change in the other persons normal behaviour, and sometimes it makes us irritated. Ready to chat to a member of the Wall Street English team? Welcome! SAT Prep The action is not finished. I'm working in London for the next two weeks. Copyright 2022 WSE Hong Kong Limited. It has to match the subject! GMAT Blog When asking a question in the present continuous tense, use the formula: [am, is, are] + subject + present participle. John and Anna are playing tennis this week because the swimming pool is closed. Affirmative sentences in the Present Continuous. The future continuous tense is used by native English speakers quite often and this is your chance to learn and understand this tense so you can start using it. Speaking activity after I have explained the present continuous, I play a movie and I stop it every now and then and ask students what is happening. Here are some examples of dynamic and stative verbs in present continuous: The two sentences with the dynamic verbs sound okay it looks like using these verbs in the progressive form works. Are we meeting at six? However, when the last syllable is not stressed, just add -ing as usual. SAT Blog Its called What are you doing? You start with one student who starts doing an action. We can use the present continuous tense to talk about an action or event in the future, which has already been planned. Jake records audio for his articles to help students with pronunciation and comprehension as he also works as a voice-over artist who has been featured in commercials and on audiobooks. If a base form ends with a consonant, vowel, consonant, double the final consonant then add "ing" to make it a present participle. Are you sleeping now? We can use the present continuous tense to talk about an action that is taking place around now but not at the exact moment of speech. Present continuous is used to talk about temporary situations. To form the present continuous, we use the am / is / are form of the verb "to be" plus the infinitive of the verbplus an-ing ending. When describing an action that is (or isnt) happening now or at this exact moment. To make negative sentences in the present continuous, we simply change the auxiliary verb to be from positive to negative. We didnt get this meaning with our other examples there was no change involved when we said Superman is flying and Shes driving her husbands car. Check out the examples: Here, we are referring to a rapid change that is being made. It could take a month, a year, a century, or even just a second, but the present continuous is used if youre in the middle of something. All rights reserved. Jake Pool worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade and left to pursue his career as a writer and ESL teacher. Well, lets write two different versions of the tennis example and find out: In the first sentence the action is in progress as we speak.

No, Im not playing tennis now. For example. Signal words are words or phrases which often go hand in hand with a particular tense. Then he sits down and the student who asked begins to do the action that the other student said. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. to talk about a planned event in the near future. Shes getting better and better at English because she practices a lot. Take a practice test, learn about scoring, download a study schedule, and more! We use present progressive to show that an action or occurrence happens repeatedly around the time of speaking. He has been a teacher and teacher trainer for over 20 years, in Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Poland, France and now in the UK. Im studying English.. We use the present continuous tense to talk about something which is changing, growing, or developing. We use present continuous tense with 'always, forever, constantly' to talk about something which happens, again and again, emphasizing a continuing series of repeated actions. Here are some examples: We can contract these negative present continuous sentences, like this: Now that weve seen how to make a present continuous sentence, lets have a look at why we use it its meaning. Heres how it works with yes/no questions: And here are some examples of object and adverb questions, adding a question word to the beginning of the questions: For present continuous subject questions, the question word just replaces the subject, like this: With subject questions, we always use is for the auxiliary verb. Are you playing tennis now?

Present continuous tense verbs describe what's happening right now. When verbs ending in ending in CVC (consonant vowel consonant) have two or more syllables,double the last consonant if the last syllable is stressed. He is not reading. Magoosh Home ACT Blog They may or may not be actually playing tennis at this particular moment. We often use it to talk about what happened before. Past simple tense is one of the most exciting and important tenses in English. The verbs "is running" and "are playing" describe things happening right now, as we speak. Tense and aspect, English grammar Comparative and superlative adjectives. Read the examples below to see what we mean. Heres an example: Present progressive is another name for present continuous and so they are exactly the same. Once again there is not necessarily a clear distinction between this and the other meanings weve already seen. Our Products As a result, we dont normally use stative verbs in the present continuous form. No Telling a story is the same as summarizing something. LanGeek is a language learning platform that helps you learn easier, faster and smarter. Think of the present continuous as the answer to this question: Just make sure to use the right 'be' word. The past continuous tense is used quite often in English, so lets understand exactly when to use it and how to use it. The present continuous is composed of two parts: the present simple of the verb 'to be' + the present participle of the main verb (verb + -ing). We can get a clue from the other name for present continuous: present progressive. In this lesson, you will learn all there is about the present simple tense. Its useful to know how to ask for directions in English. GMAT Prep Then, keep reading to see a more detailed explanation with examples! So lets look at how to use this important form in detail. We said earlier that the word progressive can suggest something which is changing, which brings us to the next reason to use present progressive. Praxis Blog to talk about actions and situations in progress at the moment of speaking. They are not sleeping. These verbs should remain in the simple present tense. MCAT Prep

Check back for exercises that will help you practice the present continuous tense in its different forms. You're constantly complaining about your mother-in-law! This means that we swap around the position of the auxiliary verb and the subject. Youve got the rules. You could be at a bar doing something else at that exact moment in time you said that sentence. Mixed Exercise 2 Partner With Us For example. If you want to learn more about spelling rules of adding -ing to the base form of verbs, see here.
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