This tab exists so you can easily see if there have been any mods added or incompatible ones taken out. I thought it was supposed to be charcoal, not coal. If you need help with installation or you have mod suggestions for our future mod list updates, please join Ultimate Immersions Discord below. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Its a must have for some mods to work.Download: Current SE/AE build (be sure to download SE/AE version of SKSE), skse64 plugin to fix various issues with the Skyrim Special Edition engine.Download: (Part 1) SSE Engine Fixes for (Part 2) Engine Fixes skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib, Is required for a lot of mods to work and improves SKSE plugins.Download: All in one (Which version you have), A comprehensive bugfixing mod.Download: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, Elegant, PC-friendly interface mod with many advanced features.Download: SkyUI, Fixes the flashing savegame entries when trying to save or load a game in the in-game main menu (quest journal).Download: SkyUI SE Flashing Savegames Fix, Edits many 3D models to improve their appearance.Download: SMIM SE, A water modification that takes full advantage of advanced features offered by ENBSeries.Download: Water for ENB, High resolution landscape textures.Download: Skyrim 2020 8.4.2 1 of 3 Landscape Skyrim 2020 8.4.2 2 of 3 Architecture Skyrim 2020 8.4.2 3 of 3 Other Update (If there are any), Enhances the close distance and close-up detail of your textures on many objects.Download: Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-Tweaks), Complete, unique and cleanest All-in-One visual overhaul for Skyrim SE that comes with a dedicated weather Plugin.Download: NAT.ENB ESP PLUGIN v3.0.3, Overhauls Skyrims architecture textures with new ones.Download: A. Noble Skyrim FULL PACK 2K NSM SMIM Patch, Creates more natural looking mountains by retexturing.Download: Majestic Mountains Main File, Makes snow look more fluffy with a retexture.Download: Fluffy Snow 2K Fluffy Snow Blended Roads Patch Fluffy Snow for Majestic Mountains 2K (MM1.8 and newer) Fluffy Snow Windhelm Bridge and Street Fix, You will now make footprints in the snow.Download: Footprints Footprints ENB, Extension for HDT Physics Plugins and provides ingame customization features.Download: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended, Your all in 1 skyrim behavior framework.Download: Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine. Well, think about it. The "new" version so far includes Darkwater Crossing, Dawnstar, Kynesgrove, Riverwood and Rorikstead. Simple .esp Replacer for Archinatic's The Great Town of Ivarstead mod. Yeah I agree that it looks a bit too blue to be coal really. A lore-friendly Overhaul of The Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude. A lore-friendly Overhaul of Bits and Pieces general shop in Solitude. Consistent and complete rework of Skyrim interiors lighting. If you do any smithing in the game, you spend a lot of time around smelters, and combined with SMIM, Skyrim 2K, etc. FOMOD Instructions - Farmhouse Chimneys SE, Expands upon existing towns, villages, settlements, cities, etc. No ESP. Enable us to hire someone for more frequent website content updates. Meshes and plugin for a standalone Extravagant Blue Palace with Blue Palace Terrace supplemented. Unlimited shadowed light sources!Download: ENB Light 0.98 Alpha 2, The classic particle patch, now on Nexus with enhancements.Download: Particle Patch for ENB, An SKSE plugin adding several new scripts with native functions that provide various conveniences related to data storage and other misc functions to the scripter/modder.Download: PapyrusUtil AE Scripting Utility Functions, Collection of engine bug fixes and tweaks. Makes Shor's Stone the town it was always meant to be! A lore-friendly overhaul of the Bee and Barb in Riften. $472 of $3,000 raised Makes Morthal the city it always should have been. A lore friendly and script-free Inn overhaul of The Bannered Mare. rootsrat, June 26, 2013 in Skyrim LE Mods. It also implements anti-flicker on some of the meshes to maintain compatibility with other mesh-altering mods and carries over USSEP changes. Cleans up a little bit of junk and forwards USSEP changes. Server speed upgrades Replaces the boarded-up Riften city gate with a fully functional load door.

A lore-friendly overhaul of the Pawned Prawn shop in Riften. A mesh-only animated forge water replacer with refraction. A lore-friendly overhaul of the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. This mod takes advantage of the latest developments in enb, including enb light, and has for main objective to offer a gaming experience as realistic as it is dramatic.

Personal Info This mod is a high quality retexture of Road Signs with unique illustrations for all cities. Click Here To View Special Instructions Explanation. Check out our recommended systems below for each mod list and check out the video to hear more about our partnership with APEX. $10.00

A lore friendly shop overhaul of Arcadia's Cauldron. FOMOD Instructions - Rob's Bug Fixes - TGC Ivarstead. Expand website functionality A lore-friendly overhaul of the Temple of Mara in Riften. Simple .esp replacer for Archinatic's The Great City of Morthal mod. A lore-friendly overhaul of the Temple of Talos in Windhelm. ), FOMOD Instructions - Expanded Towns and Cities (SSE). This mod adds a books store in Solitude similar to previous Elder Scrolls games. Select Payment Method A lore friendly shop overhaul of Belethors General Goods.Download: JKs Belethors General Goods. Even if one compensates for the lighting used. What an odd thing to retexture, no? This mod expands Solitude docks adding a lively seaside neighbourhood, as befits what's supposed to be Skyrim's largest trading hub. Where in this Wasteland am I (by ShatteredSteel), Obsidian Mountain Fogs (by DrMegaloblast), Obsidian Mountain Fogs Tweaked (by Cathedral Team - Scott Clam). After years of using their products personally we have teamed up with APEX to bring you 3 custom PC builds which are fully customisable to fit both your modding and gaming needs. This mod changes a few of the worst-looking ground meshes in Windhelm that had very dark vertex colours and jagged edges that became especially visible when used with snowy Windhelm retextures. Just the main plugin, for now, may check out his patches and add them here if needed. Download: Particle Lights for ENB Spectral Warhound Eyes Weaker Intensity, This mod adds the ENB particle lights effect to the Staff Enchanter from Dragonborn DLC.Download: Particle Lights for ENB Staff Enchanter, ENB particle lights effect for the Standing Stones.Download: Particle Lights for ENB Standing Stones MORE INTENSITY, This mod adds the ENB particle lights effect to the Wisps that always appear near Wispmothers (it includes Soul Cairn Wisps).Download: Particle Lights for ENB Wisps Witchlight, Light on grass at night! Here's a preview of before/after (GIF), Once again great retexture, but please do not include pictures in the download folder, it takes up space on my SSD and I don't notice it if I use MO :(. Comes in 2k and 4k resolutions.Download: Vibrant weapons 1.6.353 update, Up to 4K ultra HD overhaul of Nordic Ruins textures.Download: Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins SE version 4K textures for the ruins chests urns and a wood Chests addon Pots addon SE version Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins SE Patch for Smoking Torches and Candles Ruin Levers addon SE version, Tweaked falling leaves and needles effects with a new HQ textures. Better female Khajiit fur and textures.Download: Feminine Grey Cat and Leopard (UNP) 4K, Better male Khajiit fur and textures. Not that that means it should be blue Maybe it's magic charcoal to melt ebony, moonstone, etc. Docks overhaul for Riften created by combining and tweaking several high-quality mods. This Mod add Horse statue near Dragonsreach. Makes Dragon Bridge the fortress it always should have been. I'm smelting in my pants right now if you get what I mean. Download: Cathedral 3D Pine Grass Full 3D Coverage, Replaces the ultra low quality vanilla mountain flowers with 3D flowers created from photographs.Download: Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers, Adds bushes and plants growing all over the forests of Skyrm.Download: Origins Of Forest 3D Forest Grass, Reduces the size of the plants.Download: Origins Of Forest 3D Forest Grass Smaller, This patch uses grasses from Veydosebrom Regions, Folkvangr, Cathedral 3D Pine Grass and Depths of Skyrim to overhaul the landscape of Skyrim.Download: QWs Grass Patch, Adds the ability to forge arrows, gain skill for smelting and mining, melt down unwanted armor and weapons, and more!Download: Ars Metallica Smithing Enhancement, This mod will change the appearance of marriable characters(Camilla, Ysolda, Sylgja, Temba, Taarie, Muiri, Senna, Grelka and Morwen).Download: Bijin Wives SE High-resolution skin textures for UNP, This mod will change the appearance of Vex, Sapphire, Irileth, Rikke, Hulda, Lisette, Carlotta, Karliah, Tonilia, Adrianne, Maven, Ingun, Gerdur and Idgrod the younger.Download: Bijin NPCs SE High-Res skin for UNP, This Mod changes the appearances of Lydia, Jordis, Iona, Aela, Mjoll, Uthgerd, Ria, Frea, Rayya, Njada, Annekke, Adelaisa, Jenassa, Illia, Delphine, Ingjard, Aranea, Eola, Borgakh, Brelyna, Beleval and Ugor.Download: Bijin Warmaidens SE High-resolution skin textures for UNP, A visual overhaul of 85 female NPCs.Download: PAN_NPCs, A visual overhaul of 60 male NPCs.Download: PAN_NPCs Males SE, Time to make Dawnguard NPCs less ugly.Download: Pandorables NPCs Dawnguard SE USSEP, Hold on to your hats, were going to Solstheim.Download: Pandorables NPCs Dragonborn SE, Populates Taverns with NPCsDownload: LIAT Lively Inns And Taverns, Creates a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lighting.Download: Lux, Lux Via is reworking main roads while still focusing on lighting, adding consistent light sources between towns and villages.Download: Lux Via, Official repository for all Lux interior lighting variants and optional patches such as lightweight patches that cant be automated in Lux main FOMOD.Download: Lux Variants, Lux Orbis is a complete rework of exterior artificial lighting, many patches and improvements for a lot of modded content.Download: Lux Orbis, Valentines day optional lighting overhaul of Riftens Temple of Mara for Lux mod.Download: Lux Temple of Mara Valentines day patch, All Statues of Skyrim remade in HD.Download: SSoS Installer Fix, Comprehensive overhaul of furniture and clutter throughout Tamriel.Download: Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul, Enhances the flat vanilla beds.Download: Ultimate Noble Beds, Skyrim is a windy place but there is no signs of any strong winds in Skyrim. Fortified Whiterun seeks to bring realistic and logical defences to our most beloved city. First Name * A lore-friendly Overhaul of Angeline's Aromatics Alchemy shop in Solitude. The Refinery offers realistic ingots, ores, & veins featuring brand new custom meshes for ingots paired with realistic 2k textures.Download: The Refinery Ingots. A lore friendly shop overhaul of Warmaiden's.

With 350 mods we will completely overhaul your game and make it look incredibly beautiful and renewed. This simple immersion mod enables all signs to react to the wind. Nice, but a recent version of SMIM does actually replace the smelter. Complete rework of Riften's Thieves Guild Cistern, new architecture, new rooms, new NPCs, dynamic clutters and lots of secrets. That's what I get for not updating my mods enough, haha. A lore-friendly overhaul of theNew Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm. This allows the player to buy clutter books and grow their home library. Powered by Invision Community. Cutting Room Floor).Download: RSC FOMOD Beta RS Children and USSEP Aventus fix, An enhanced cities and towns overhaul, all in one.Download: JKs Skyrim all in one JKs Skyrim No Lights Patch JKs Skyrim Arthmoors Patch Pack JKs Skyrim Snowy AF Windhelm patch, A lore friendly shop overhaul of Warmaidens.Download: JKs Warmaidens, An enhanced outpost overhaul.Download: JKs Septimus Signuss Outpost, An enhanced Temple overhaul.Download: JKs Sky Haven Temple, An enhanced Temple overhaul.Download: JKs Temple of the Divines, An enhanced shop overhaul.Download: JKs Arnleif and Sons Trading Company, An enhanced shop overhaul.Download: JKs Riverwood Trader, An enhanced Palace overhaul.Download: JKs Understone Keep, An enhanced Temple overhaul.Download: JKs Temple of Talos, An enhanced temple overhaul.Download: JKs Temple of Kynareth, An enhanced Temple overhaul.Download: JKs Temple of Dibella, An enhanced shop overhaul.Download: JKs The Hags Cure, An enhanced shop overhaul.Download: JKs The Pawned Prawn, An enhanced shop overhaul.Download: Jks Angelines Aromatics, A lore friendly shop overhaul of Arcadias Cauldron.Download: JKs Arcadias Cauldron.