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Former UConn star Tina Charles signs with WNBAs Seattle Storm. The trope only endures because of deep-rooted double standards for female athletes and mainstream sports medias unwillingness to challenge them in any substantive way. uconn cincinnati score basketball tops final huskies bearcats wbb The commitment of Qadence Samuels is UConns third in the Class of 2023, following top 10 prospects Ashlynn Shade and KK Arnold.

Evina Westbrooks transition to her third WNBA team in first Westbrook gets to reunite with former UConn teammate Christyn Williams now that shes in Washington. Former UConn guard Evina Westbrook finds herself on her third team in her first WNBA season after signing with the Washington Mystics. Former UConn center talks Olympics, life at home in New York, Former UConn guard Bria Hartley makes Connecticut Sun debut, Former UConn greats join to lead girls basketball AAU program, Washington signs former UConn guard for remainder of season, Connecticut Sun add former UConn guard Bria Hartley, WNBAs Indiana Fever waive former UConn guard Bria Hartley, The UConn women's historic run to 14 straight Final Fours, Heartbreak & Elation: The UConn women's Elite Eight win, Breanna Stewart is building a legacy on and off the court, Rapinoe, King urge freedom for Brittney Griner at The ESPYS, Moscow says US must respect Russian law in Griner case, Gamecocks' Aliyah Boston: Turned down late invite by ESPYS, Report: NCAA makes progress on gender inequality at tourneys, Chicago wins 5th straight to clinch WNBA playoff spot, Kayla McBride, Sylvia Fowles help Lynx beat Fever, 87-77, Griner lawyer: WNBA star had doctor's note for cannabis use, Becky Hammon thriving in 1st season as WNBA coach of Aces, WNBA's Griner gets support at trial from character witnesses, Sylvia Fowles Diary: Chicago delivers in final All-Star Game, UConn women to face Notre Dame in 2022 Jimmy V Womens Classic.

Since the Huskies became briefly unstoppable in the early aughts, people have offered, Watch more top videos, highlights, and B/R original content. If you grew up in the 50's, you'll remember some of these things from that era. If you actually invest an hour into watching, instead of just reacting to a score you see on SportsCenter, there's great stuff there, Lobo concludes. Amari DeBerry was a McDonalds All-American in high school, but she scored just 25 points in 16 games as UConn freshman.

The Huskies global players are teaching their teammates how to speak Croatian, Hungarian, French, and Spanish.

sportslogos It should tell you something about how strong the sport is when ratings and attendance rise in spite of these kinds of pieces., UConn is bad for the game is an argument that's made once a year, in the first or second round of the tournament, almost exclusively by people who don't cover or watch women's basketball, says Lobo. As more and more girls play, there will be more competitionas there is in this years tournament, where a slate of formidable teams (including two No. In the meantime, the best high school players will continue to gravitate to the best programslike UConn, or UCLA in the 60s and 70s. The men's doubleheader will take place Dec. 6 at Madison Square Garden, with Duke facing Iowa and Texas playing Illinois. A combination of ankle, leg and back injuries held Griffin out last year before she underwent a discectomy in January. It just means there's going to be no women's sports content., Instead of reporting, the vast majority of national womens college basketball coverage and discussion is based on generalizing individual opinions: I find womens basketball boring and uncompetitive becomes Womens basketball is boring and uncompetitive mostly because theres so little incentive for people talking about it to do research. Paige Bueckers became the first college athlete to sign with Gatorade last fall. UConns head coach is strongly against the idea of hosting the mens and womens Final Four site in the same city. During an at-times emotional press conference, Bird explained how she decided it was time to walk away. uconn followers UConn women announce nonconference schedule for 2022-23 season. uconn basketball sophmores names Three days after her contract divorce from the Phoenix Mercury, former Husky Tina Charles has found a new home in the WNBA.

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Paige Bueckers Film School w/ Maya Nnaji, OT (sort of) - Coolest UConn Themed Possession Owned, Paige to Appear on "We need to talk" with host Renee Montgomery.

2 scorer in the country with an average of 24.4 PPG.

If Juhsz can avoid nagging injuries and stay in shape, Geno Auriemma believes she could be one of the top players in the country.

If this annual dialogue has taught us anything, its that the people who insist, despite all evidence to the contrary, that UConn is bad for womens basketball are the ones actually hurting the sportnot the Huskies exceptional athletes and coaching staff.

If you go back 50 years, you've got the UCLA dynasty in men's basketball, and the UConn dynasty is somewhat comparable to that..

These articles are indicative of the cultural discomfort that we have with women's physical dominance, says Cooky. Best of UConn womens nonconference schedule: 5 games to watch. But instead, theres a total saturation of men's March Madness media coverage and informationand then for the women, you just get that one thing., Perversely, that reality is further proof of UConns importance to the womens game. 16 former Huskies made an opening day roster in the league.

The UConn Huskies huddle around coach Geno Auriemma.

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UConn womens basketball program gets Class of 2023 commitment. UConn womens basketball team: which team member would you want to be stuck with on an island?

One of the reasons the team repeatedly inspires this same conversation is it continues to buck the cliche that women are bad at sports.

Can someone beat Duke or Alabama or the Golden State Warriors?, In mens sports, a teams dynasty status is usually an asset, not a liabilityand the rare critique (or more apt, clickbait thinkpiece) is drowned out by the flood of positive coverage.

Instead, use these few maddening weeks to learn about some of the teams aiming to give them a run for their money. The latest in the sports world, emailed daily. There have been occasional arguments that Alabama football, the New England PatriotsandGolden State Warriors, among others, are doing a disservice to their respective sports by diminishing competitiveness and making outcomes more predictable.

She is working toward being healthy for Geno Auriemmas team as a sophomore in 2022-23. The redshirt junior will compete on the international level again this summer. What is presented as concern for the welfare of womens basketball is, in practice, an excuse for ignoring the sport altogether.

The Portland Trail Blazers executive was honored by her former WNBA club on Saturday night.

The rising sophomore has been a limited participant during UConns summer workouts due to her lingering foot problem. UConn legend Breanna Stewart becomes the 10th WNBA athlete to release their own signature shoe.

They're great, they played hard, they competed, and so did we.. Is UConn recruiting them?

Our attendance is up locally, and we're getting a ton of support, even though around here they always say they'd never go watch girl's basketball, he adds, chuckling. The idea that total parity is the most desirable state for any field of sports competition is promoted heavily by teams and leagues, not because theres any evidence that fans actually prefer it, but because its a great way to cut costs. JavaScript is disabled. The whole attitude is basically telling womens basketball teams, Go away. But no one says that if youre not Alabama, you just shouldnt have a football team., Even with the national medias insidious ambivalence toward womens basketball, there are some bright spots.

The Lynx are loading up on former Huskies. The Huskies returned to campus to start summer school over Memorial Day Weekend. The UConn women's basketball team defeated NC State in the Elite Eight of the 2022 NCAA From highly-touted freshman to seasoned seniors, and Paige Bueckers, here's a look at the UConn Breanna Stewart, just entering her prime, is well into a basketball body of work that could wind Geno Auriemma admirably watched Sue Bird earn her fame. Former UConn star Maya Moore welcomed first child in February, UConn great Maya Moore revealed the news of the birth of her child Tuesday morning on Good Morning America., Meet UConn recruit who committed after visit with Geno Auriemma.

So essentially, if you are tempted to criticize the UConn womens team for being just too dang good, againdont. It may not display this or other websites correctly. This week, we explain why the Huskies out-of-conference slate is close to perfect, discuss Qadance Samuels commitment and explain why we arent as concerned about Azzi Fudds foot. British Open leaderboard..starts ThursdayEARLY! Interesting Article by Mike Anthony on Geno's thoughts of Sue's career and greater impact. They had the story they wanted to tell and didn't bother to check any other option out., Lobo has been confronted with baseless criticism of UConn and womens basketball for her entire adult life, and for her, its fine if people arent interested. But there is, according to the experts B/R spoke with, some distinction between what people say they want in a sporting event and what actually gets them to tune in or show up.

The Huskies will take on the Seminoles in the Basketball Hall of Fame Womens Showcase this season.

UConn will get covered places that don't cover any other women's basketball, says Lobo. The Huskies add their third commitment in the class of 2023. UConns Paige Bueckers urges Biden to bring Brittney Griner home. UConn in the WNBA: Bird passes the torch to Stewart in 13th and final All-Star appearance, UConn WBB Weekly: Huskies surprise Evina Westbrook on the road in the WNBA, UConn WBB Weekly: The biggest non-conference games this season. Hopefully you took him in #CFLFantasy #CFLGameDay pic.twitter.com/XLjTQL4HPL, UConn WBB Weekly: Non-conference wish list for the Huskies, Chasing Perfection: UConns non-conference schedule, recruiting news and bandwagons. $2 million Powerball ticket sold in Connecticut remains unclaimed, Swimming banned at these CT locations Tuesday due to water quality, CT releases names of marijuana businesses given initial approval, Why Simsburys Gavin Griffiths chose Rutgers over UConn mens basketball, others: Tough decision, Jill Biden cools off with cone from New Haven creamery Arethusa during CT visit, Geno Auriemma says Sue Bird earned her fame: You knew there was something unique about her, Leader of brazen ring accused of 180 burglaries in CT and beyond gets 7 years in jail, UConns Paige Bueckers designs personalized Gatorade water bottle. One of the things thats not said explicitly is, If its not going to be competitive, why play that first-round game? On this weeks episode, we answer listener questions. If you had even a speck of respect for ESPN, ***Boneyard Rules, Game Replays & Links to Boneyard lessons***, Dbl. Seven of the Huskies upcoming opponents finished last season in the top 20 in NET. If these UConn is bad for basketball opinions were part of a scenario where we were getting all this information about and coverage of the women's tournament, then they wouldn't be egregious, Cooky continues. Ticket prices for all UConn Huskies Womens Basketball games and events will vary.

Yahoo Sports - NBC Sports Network. Whos going to fact-check them? This forum is for fans to discuss UConn's 11 National Championships; UConn women's basketball recruiting; Coach Geno Auriemma; music; trivia, etc.

"Saying UConn is bad for women's basketball is like saying the 1920s and 1930s Yankees were bad for baseball, or that the 1960s and 1970s UCLA Bruins were bad for men's college basketball. 9' - #SavesByDre, casually breaking our all-time saves record0-0 | #CHIvPHI pic.twitter.com/kUc9bZGecp, Trevor Harris lays it in nicely for his 3rd TD pass of the first half! UConn assistant Morgan Valley welcomes baby boy. Who will be the next UConn player taken No. These 2 are definitely walking buckets.

Sue Bird, a two-time national champion at UConn, is retiring after this WNBA season.

11 seeds) have advanced to the Sweet 16. You must log in or register to post here. Life happens live! UConn womens basketball player Azzi Fudd had an up-and-down, injury-plagued freshman season.

Aubrey Griffin could return to the court this summer while Dorka Juhsz and Caroline Ducharme are still a long way off.

However, 2023 UConn commit Ashlynn Shade missed out on one of the 12 roster spots. Introducing them to all the great storylines and players, that's our job.. Haigh sees the logical extension of the UConn is bad for womens basketball take as an existential criticism of the sport. It's a silly argument to say that excellence or greatness is a bad thing, says Joe Haigh, coach of the St. Francis (Pa.) womens basketball team, whose loss by 88 points to UConn in the first round of this years NCAA tournament ignited the latest round of concern-trolling. The Huskies add another top program to their non-conference slate. Its not a new conversation: UConn won its first title in 1995, another one in 2000, then three in a row from 2002 to 2004, and six more since. Sue Bird played her second-to-last game in the state of Connecticut Friday night.

UConn will face 10 nonconference opponents this season, including South Carolina and NC State. If you turn on SportsCenter, or any other mainstream sports show, we'll have a highlight from UConn, and that might be it.

While the coach acknowledges the benefits of extra time with his players in the summer, he also wants them to get the necessary rest before the upcoming season. The Huskies only have "five and a half" players available at the moment. Why UConn sophomore Amari DeBerry is more confident this season.

The team is hoping to replicate Mississippi States story: lose big to UConn (in MSUs case, by 60 points in the 2016 tournament) and then take down the Huskies the following year in dramatic fashion. Chasing Perfection: Did UConn add enough to its roster this offseason?

It's just nonsensical when you think about what most fans are looking for out of sports: competitive excellence and familiar stories. Saying UConn is too successful also has the potential to discourage girls and women from pursuing sports at allif being the best still isnt good enough, why bother? Once Juhszs season ended prematurely due to a fractured wrist, she didnt have to think twice about whether or not shed come back for her fifth season. The matchups for the 2022 men's and women's Jimmy V Classic college basketball events were announced Thursday, highlighted by Duke on the men's side and a pair of potential top-10 matchups on the women's side. The Huskies non-conference opponents are nearly set but the dates for most games have still not been announced. Don't expect Napheesa to change the Lynx Season, Aliyah Boston snubbed at ESPYs; Bob Bueckers tweets support. Learn more about our100% Buyer Guarantee. The numbers, though, rarely support those arguments, for reasons that are fairly self-evident: How many kids today want to grow up to be Steph Curry? Nevertheless, most of the UConn complaints begin similarly: All sports dynasties are boring and badclose games are more exciting, a caveat designed to anticipate allegations of sexism. Stewart and Bird both suited up for Team Stewart, which fell to Team Wilson in the 2022 WNBA All-Star game.

This is March, which means brackets, buzzer-beaters and breathless pontificating on how the consistent success of the University of Connecticut womens basketball team is actually bad for the sport. But to say it's bad, or bad for the game, I think the only response can be, What are the facts that back up your argument? Because I can tell you a bunch of reasons why UConn winning has not been bad for the game.

Compared to mens basketball, womens basketball is still in its adolescence. It appears to make no difference that the argument is both unoriginal and unsupported by any quantifiable metric.

The Fairfield transfer said the faster pace of play has been the biggest adjustment through her first week in Storrs.

Geno Auriemma explained what the team looks for in its players. The Huskies will travel to South Bend on Sunday, Dec. 4 to face the Fighting Irish. When people say women's basketball isn't interesting, they're just saying they don't find it interestingand if they're listening to the dominant cultural narrative about it, why would they? says Nicole LaVoi, co-director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota. UConn - ND, Tagged a Jimmy V Classic, Set for Dec. 4th Broadcast on ABC, Wanted to send Christyn some encouragement so I got Nika to help me. She will play in Connecticut for the final time Thursday. Its two different arguments: If someone says, I find women's basketball boring, OKwatch whatever you want to watch, she says. The Huskies once again have a loaded non-conference slate. Haigh, in his sixth year as St. Francis' head coach, says his program is growing, thanks to the teams success (it went 24-10 in 2017-18) and players like junior Jessica Kovatch, currently the No.

Scroll to find the full list of UConn Huskies Womens Basketball games and performances that have already been announced, across all genres.

A way-too-early preview for UConn womens basketballs 2022-23 campaign. Learn more about our100% Buyer Guarantee. Evina signs a rest-of-season contract with the Mystics, SBNATION: 2022-23 Big East Womens Basketball Summer Check-In: Connecticut Huskies, Maria Conlon, Ashley Battle, and Meg Culmo in joint venture, July 20, 2022 Stefanie Dolson talks Olympic experience, being back home, Former UConn guard Bria Hartley waived by Indiana Fever.

I feel bad that Geno and UConn have to reply back to those peopleit's not fair to them; they didn't do anything wrong.

Its not a new conversation: UConn won its first title in 1995, another one in 2000, then three in a row from 2002 to 2004, and six more since.

Even though the outcome might be predictable, there's an exciting frame that's placed upon that game. Five UConn transfers suited up for different teams across the country this year. Certain Data by Stats Perform. Currently, tickets start at $0, with an average price of $0. Now shes designing a personalized water bottle for the company. People say they'd rather see a close game than a blowout, but then there's always this intrigue with teams that are super-good, Maxcy says. With Vivid Seats, you can experience it live, with UConn Huskies Womens Basketball tickets for all the events in 2022 and 2023. Why do so many Warriors away games draw impressive numbers of fans of both teams eager to see Golden State play? Yet, for example, the College Football Playoff National Championship delivered its second-highest ratingson ESPN this year, as Alabama took home its17th national title.

Taking a look at our past a few pictures at a time. Indy Star (1/7/21): Great isn't good enough for Ashlynn Shade. Coach Geno Auriemma watches as UConn routs St. Francis 140-52 in the NCAA tourney.

Yes, even if it wins the tournament a 12th time this year (which it very well might!).

The sexism of UConn is bad for womens basketball goes much deeper than the fact that the claim is inaccurate. The Huskies are unlikely to make any more additions according to Geno Auriemma, so only time will tell if they have enough depth for the upcoming season.

[Mississippi State point guard] Morgan William became a household name not just because she hit a game-winning shot, but because she hit a game-winning shot to beat UConn. Connecticuts dominance made the underdogs ultimate triumph that much more captivatinga narrative thats common in coverage of mens dynasties. In womens college basketball, a half-baked, redundant UConn take might be the only coverage of the tournament on an entire site or channel.

Since the Huskies became briefly unstoppable in the early aughts, people have offered the same take year after year,lamenting how Geno Auriemma and his team are ruining womens college basketball with their overwhelming edge in talent, win streaks and large margins of victory. The Huskies have a great non-conference schedule this season but who could be some fun additions in the future? You are using an out of date browser. Former UConn guard Evina Westbrook signs with Washington Mystics. Barring any surprises, the Huskies have their 11 players for next season.

Can you imagine if last year at the Super Bowl, somebody had said to Bill Belichick, Has your success been bad for football?. When young girls and women read pieces that suggest their dominance might be detrimental to the game itself, that reinforces a larger cultural narrative that women should never be dominant, LaVoi adds.

Azzi Fudds goal is to be healthy for sophomore season with UConn. Management and ownership justify almost everything they do to curtail salariessalary caps, the draftby saying, We need to maintain competitive balance or people won't be interested, adds Maxcy. My main argument against this narrative is Mississippi State, says Rebecca Lobo, one of ESPNs lead womens tournament analysts, a Hall of Famer and a UConn alum who led the team to its first title back in 1995.

By late June, Samuels committed to the Huskies. Overtime Game vs. NC State Up For ESPY Award, early Thursday LPGA 4th major of the year.Evian leaderboard, Our Members of the Big East All-Academic Team, Link to World Track/Field Championship in Oregon.July 15-24, Creating a non-conference wish list for UConn, The Final Chapter (Sue Bird vs. Diana Taurasi).

Will UConn WBB Coach Geno Auriemma Attend The Eagles Parade. They didn't even care enough to do a little research on the thing. ", The Bruins are one of the mostfrequently cited examples in discussions about how UConns excellence is a net positive for womens basketball and logical part of its evolution.

Rebecca Lobo at her Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Women's basketball is pretty much a function of Title IXso, the 70swhereas men's college basketball started about 50 years earlier, says Joel Maxcy, a sports economist at Drexel University specializing in labor and antitrust issues. Why even have the tournament? he says. Despite the fact that it's rarely covered in sports mediaand when it is, it's these damaging narrativespeople are still interested in womens basketball, says LaVoi. OT-I bring you the WNBA All-Star MVP trophy! That myth has percolated down to fans, who now see those measuresas well as the NCAAs carefully guarded amateurismas necessary to ensure the sports they follow remain entertaining.

Two freshmen and a transfer will join the team this fall. Fanslove or hate the particular team in questioncan't get enough when it comes to dynasties, says Noah Cohan, a lecturer in American culture studies at Washington University in St. Louis who specializes in fandom and American sports. The next star freshman? The UConn womens basketball team will face old rivals, a popular alum, and the reigning national champion during its nonconference slate. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Assuming the sport continues to grow, it will eventually reach the same kind of parity (for the most part, a few dominant programs that take turns winning the title) that exists on the mens sidewhich the people who assert that UConn is hurting the womens game believe is so integral to attracting fans. Chasing Perfection: First starting lineup predictions, Chasing Perfection: Early look-ahead to next season, UConn womens basketball lands 2023 wing Qadence Samuels, UConn womens basketball lands Fairfield transfer Lou Lopez Snchal, UConn womens basketballs 2023 commits named state Gatorade Players of the Year, Conditioning key for Dorka Juhsz in second season at UConn, UConn womens basketball announces 2022-23 nonconference schedule, I dont know if I was fully ready to leave: Dorka Juhszs wrist injury made her decision to return to UConn easy, After being hampered by foot injury as a freshman, Azzi Fudd working to heal it the right way, UConn WBB Weekly: How the Huskies language skills help with team bonding, Aubrey Griffin staying confident after missing all of last season, WNBA Photo Gallery: Seattle Storm @ Connecticut Sun - 6/17/22, I have no regrets: Sue Bird at peace with decision to retire, UConn WBB Weekly: Geno unsure if June workouts are necessary, Sue Bird to retire at the end of 2022 WNBA season, Lou Lopez Snchal getting up to speed at UConn, Aaliyah Edwards invited to Canadas U23 training camp ahead of GLOBL JAM tournament, UConn WBB Weekly: What we know about the Huskies 2022-23 schedule, UConn womens basketball beginning summer workouts shorthanded, UConn womens basketball unlikely to make any further additions to 2022-23 roster, UConn womens basketball to play at Maryland on Dec. 11, UConn freshman Ice Brady named to USA U18 national team, UConn womens basketball announces newcomers jersey numbers, UConn WBB Weekly: Summer workouts represent the unofficial start to the 2022-23 season, Notebook: UConn womens basketball to face Division II Kutztown in preseason, UConn WBB Weekly: Geno says a combined Final Four is the dumbest thing ever, UConn womens basketball to play Florida State at Mohegan Sun on Dec. 18, UConn WBB Weekly: What it takes to play for the Huskies, Geno provides updates on UConns injured players, Photo gallery: Asjha Jones number retired by Connecticut Sun - 5/14/22, Evina Westbrook and Moriah Jefferson signed by Minnesota Lynx, UConn WBB Weekly: How former Huskies fared this season, UConn womens basketball team to play at Maryland next season, begin home-and-home series, UConn Women's Basketball Freshmen Garner Gold at FIBA Americas U18 Tournament, Former UConn Goalkeeper Andre Blake Becomes Philadelphia Union's All-Time Saves Leader, Former UConn Football WR Noel Thomas Scores First CFL Touchdown.

2022 Vivid Seats LLC. The women's games will be hosted on campus sites Dec. 4: UConn at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech at Tennessee.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma began recruiting Maryland guard Qadence Samuels earlier this summer. The next national player of the year? This is March, which means brackets, buzzer-beaters and breathless pontificating on how the consistent success of the University of Connecticut womens basketball team is actually bad for the sport.