$1,281 and may reach Learn to defend and protect networks and information systems against cyber attacks with the cyber security concentration in the BS in Information Technologies online degree at Southern New Hampshire University. What makes this industrial-organizational psychology degree so unique? No GMAT or GRE required. This program does more that just expose you to literature and new writing skills - you can apply the communications skills you learn directly to any profession, including journalism, law, marketing and technical writing. This operations and project management degree online program is an ideal choice, whether you're an experienced professional looking to advance your career or you're seeking a career change. You will apply psychological theories and methods in the assessment, intervention and prevention of psychological, emotional, psychophysiological and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents Accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This degree can help prepare you to become a chief secuity officer, information security analyst, cyber security manager or other highly sought-after positions within the IT secuity sector. It does provide a significant portion of the substance abuse coursework most often required for licensure. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). full-time tuition With an SNHU substance abuse degree online, youll be qualified to provide entry-level services to individuals, groups and families in residential addiction treatment facilities, outpatient addiction programs, state drug courts, prisons, mental health centers, community health centers and private practice. Courses options include Real Estate, Small Business Management and Emerging Trends in International Business. Applicants must have a BA/BS in Psychology OR BA/BS in another discipline with demonstrated experience in Statistics and Research methods in a social science. Our IT faculty is current on the latest database design technologies and applications, bringing highly regarded expertise and insight to the classroom. Note: This program does not lead to licensure but does prepare you for doctoral studies. var currentLocation = window.location; At Southern New Hampshire University, you'll focus your BA in General Studies degree with a concentration that fits in with the coursework youre pursuing and your interests. Your ability to leverage information technology applications for informed decision-making throughout an organization will position you for a valued leadership role in a broad range of industries. Earning your Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree online is as much about strengthening key skills like critical thinking and communication as it is about completing your bachelors degree. The 21st century has seen an explosion in data generation, as well as the rapid development of analytical and information technologies and the growth in storage and processing capabilities. The BA in Communication with a public relations concentration at Southern New Hampshire University emphasizes building mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public audiences. Develop a deep understanding of today's complex criminal justice system with SNHU's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. No GMAT or GRE required. Additionally, students earn the credit hours needed in most states to take the CPA exam. Graduates are prepared for management positions in a wide range of organizations that require a working knowledge of budget analysis, accounting theory, financial decision-making and corporate finance. Expand your career options with a Masters in Accounting degree from SNHU. For more information visit collaborativenh.org. In this program, you will explore exciting coursework in areas such as social media practices, reputation management, ethics, personal and corporate brand building, writing for digital platforms, marketing campaign design, and more. With no GMAT or GRE required for entry into the SNHU Masters in Accounting program, you can begin your studies now. Act swiftly to control disease outbreaks, develop and enact wellness programs for communities, recommend and affect policy change with global implications, and track progress toward your goal of improving the health of populations. Aditional concentrations available in Auditing and Taxation. Sociology - Community Health Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Health Promotion, Evaluation Methods in Public Health, and Sociology of Social Problems. Regardless of your educational background, your passion for history will thrive in this highly focused masters degree. Explore all of the forms that screenwriting takes-- feature-length and short films, television episode and mini-series, commercial, news broadcasting and Internet-based video. Loans may be available. By blending a traditional MBA curriculum with a special focus on leadership, change management, psychology and communication, the online MBA in Leadership gives you a unique and highly marketable set of skills that can set you apart from the competition. As a student in the online BS in Business Administration program, youll gain knowledge and employer-desired skillsets in accounting, business law, human resource management, management, marketing and leadership. An application and transcripts are required. Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Criminal Law, Ethics and the Criminal Justice Leader, and International Criminal Justice. Format is entirely online using Blackboard. Health Sciences Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Healthcare Reimbursement, and Ethical and Legal Considerations of Healthcare. Managers with knowledge of business and the sports industry are in demand. Through practical, interactive coursework, students gain the analytical and technical skills public and private companies, and municipal agencies require in their accounting professionals. Criminal Justice - Corrections Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Community-based Corrections, Offender Rehabilitation and Correctional Administration. Combine a graduate certificate in Public Administration with your MBA. MSIT concentrations include: Database Design, Game Design and Development, Healthcare Informatics, Internet Security, and Web Design. Develop the management, fundraising, accounting and organizational skills you need to succeed in nonprofit organizations with this specialized online bachelor's from Southern New Hampshire University. SNHU has an online program for you. This 12-course program provides a focused examination of the history of global terrorism and the responses to it. The application and admissions process at SNHU is designed to be as easy as possible so that students can start pursuing their degree. SNHU offers students three different types of learning formats in order to make pursuing your degree as convenient as possible. You will identify what won wars, and where missteps would have altered our history books forever. In SNHUs sociology program, with an optional concentration in community health, youll delve into societys historical, economic and political issues and explore experiential assignments, observation and case studies to solve real-world problems. Some of the certificates offered at SNHU are: Southern New Hampshire University offers two on-campus doctoral programs. Youll also explore the responsibilities of the field and how they relate to legal, ethical and diversity issues. Students seeking licensure and/or certification may be required to complete additional coursework and will be required to complete fieldwork as prescribed by each state. Master the art of successful leadership by earning an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in organizational leadership. Foster your appreciation for verse with the inspiration, passion and creative collaboration that only an online Master of Artsin English and Creative Writing with a Poetry concentration can bring. Undergraduate certificates may be an opportunity for you to show progress while earning a bachelors degree or to learn a new skill to support career advancement or change. This unique degree integrates music industry courses into a traditional MBA curriculum and can be completed in as few as 21 months. In a 24/7 world, the scrutiny never stops. Navigate the infinite inner workings of the human mind with the online bachelor's in psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. R. The fashion marketplace is dynamic- seasons, cultures, new materials and retro ideas all influence hot new trends. No GMAT or GRE required. As of 2017, the tuition is: SNHU Maine (Maine residents taking classes at the Brunswick center): Some of the specific graduate degree programs may have different tuition costs than those listed above. By earning your MS in Healthcare Administration from SNHU, you will gain the key business and leadership skills required to advance your career. Your education and training will allow you to help organizations in a variety of industries leverage data to innovate practices, products and processes. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for deep analytical talent in the U.S. could be 50-60% greater than its projected supply by 2018. A public safety administration masters degree provides the know-how to take on challenges facing society today and learn how policy decisions are made and implemented at the national, state and local levels. No GMAT or GRE required. By specializing with a cyber security degree online, youll participate in practical, interactive coursework that covers the analytical and technical skills necessary to educate workers about security, install critical software, monitor networks and respond to cyber attacks. Hand-in-hand with these skills goes the analysis and problem-solving necessary to keep up with cultural and technological changes. This announcement is not about a tuition reset or a cost-cutting strategy; this effort is the culmination of years of hard work to fundamentally re-imagine a broken model that too often leaves students behind, said Paul LeBlanc, president and CEO of SNHU. Business Administration - Healthcare Administration Concentration Benefits: Courses include: Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Strategic Management & Policy, and Organizational Behavior. Courses include Organizational Leadership and Sport Marketing and Media. was $1,281. Youll learn and apply game design and game art principles such as 3D modeling, lighting, shading, anatomy illustration, digital painting, 3D mesh topology, texturing and rigging. The accounting principles you'll learn in thisbachelors programcan be applied in complex financial transactions and play an increasingly important role in the analysis and presentation of accounting information. SNHUs MS in Psychology: Child and Adolescent Development offers you a strong advanced degree in psychology with specialty courses considered essential to careers focusing on the care and development of children and adolescents. SNHUs M.S. No GMAT or GRE required. Compensation may impact where the Sponsored Schools appear on our websites, including whether they appear as a match through our education matching services tool, the order in which they appear in a listing, and/or their ranking. Students will be exempted out of all foundation courses if they have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 in one of the following undergraduate degrees in: Statistics, Mathematics, IT (or Computer Science) with a focus on Databases, Business Administration with a focus on Quantitative Analysis. Mathematics - Applied Mathematics Concentration Benefits: Courses include: Mathematical Modeling, Operations Research and Dynamical Modeling. For bachelors degree programs, the school typically accepts up to 90 credits of previous coursework. You will study fashion marketing, color and textile theory, and consumer behavior at the same time you are learning about retail operations, planning and management. Regardless of your educational background, your passion for history will thrive in this highly focused masters degree. There are nine associates degrees available at SNHU. You will learn how to analyze business problems to determine an organizations data needs and create databases and interfaces to retrieve key information for business decision-making support. var sellablestring = "MONITOR STAFF"; From the struggles for freedom during the American Revolution to the rise of the United States as a world leader in the 20thcentury, tracing the expansion and growth of the U.S. provides a compelling perspective on how it now fits into the dynamic global environment. Business Studies - Accounting Concentration Benefits: Courses include: Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Federal Taxation and Principles of Management. Pursue a career that combines psychology, criminal investigation and law by earning your BA in Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. The analytical and critical-thinking skills you learn will prepare you to better communicate and engage with the world at large. Well-developed leadership skills are critical for success in todays fast-paced organizations, and SNHUs organizational leadership concentration will empower you with the tools you need to succeed. Obtain the knowledge and skills you expect from a quality MBA program at a private, not-for profit university, plus expertise in your field of interest to give you an edge in the job market. Upon completion of the program, grads will be able to successfully interpret what the data means for their client and forecast future trends, two skills that will set SNHU graduates apart from other job candidates. From scripts for news anchors to commercials, blockbuster movies, independent films and shorts, and television, the success of the visual actions rests on the backbones of scripts. Human Services - Gerontology Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Lifespan Development, Case Management, The Epidemiology of Aging and Aging, Politics and Policy. Sample courses across a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and screenwriting. Our graduates add immediate value to their companies. Explore the demands, functions, goals and leadership opportunities in the modern police agency with this specialized online bachelor's from Southern New Hampshire University. The number of free electives in the program enables you to tailor your studies to suit your interests. SNHUs high quality standard for graduate-level performance is still one of the most affordable MBAs in the nation and can be completed in just over a year. The program is unique in that it combines M.B.A. and sport management courses so you graduate with business knowledge and skills as well as thorough knowledge of the field. Become proficient in the business and marketing of the sport industry with SNHU's affordable, 39-credit MBA in Sport Management. Some of these masters degrees can be earned in as little as 15 months. Aspiring authors and storytellers who are looking for a way to gain inspiration and foster their imaginations will find SNHUs BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction to be the perfect balance of craft and critical analysis. Youll also investigate the practical aspect of various technologies of interest to become a more savvy marketing professional and critic of emerging media tools and resources.This concentration will give you the chance to explore how interactive and social media have opened up myriad opportunities for individuals and businesses to create, manage and recreate their identity online. Additionally, youll explore enterprise resource planning and the implications of cyber law and ethics. The $15,000 per year programs, billed in $7,500 per semester installments, will focus on face-to-face instruction mixed with project-based courses, service learning, studying abroad, internships and other electives. Discover one of the few industrial-organizational psychology programs in the country with a business orientation, Southern New Hampshire University's online BS Business Studies in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. The National Weather Service confirmed Thursday that a tornado had touched down earlier this week in Chesterfield, the second one in New Hampshire An unrealized omission in New Hampshires emergency management plan may have contributed to the extended time it took to alert the public on July Support the Capitalize on the growing demand for qualified accountants and auditors by earning your Masters in Accounting Auditing Concentration from Southern New Hampshire University. Offered fully online, this new program will provide you with research, writing and critical thinking skills to work in a variety of fields where todays real world meets meaningful interpretations of the past. Develop and deepen your understanding of human behavior, social groups and society with an online bachelors degree in sociology from Southern New Hampshire University. The demand for this new breed of IT professional is growing, and an MS IT degree from SNHU will help you develop this specialized skill set. But theres a talent gap for data analysts with the specialized skills and broad-based knowledge to meet this growing demand. Now it is a classic revolutionary war character charging forward holding a flag. Through hands-on experience you will gain expertise in HTML/XML, scripting, embedding rich media and database connectivity, audience analysis, branding, page layout and templates, content organization, and managing and marketing websites. var tag_id = document.getElementById('buylinkgsnc-snhutuition-cm-121720,ph2'); Anthropology - Environmental Sustainability Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Earth System Science, Sustainable Communities, Energy & Society and Conservation Biology. At Southern New Hampshire University, you can prepare to fill the worldwide demand for up to a million high-growth, high-paying cyber security jobs with SNHUs affordable online Master of Science in Cyber Security program. Literature has long been a source of inspiration, both for readers and writers find your inspiration in SNHUs online Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing with a Fiction concentration. Environmental Science - Natural Resources and Conservation Concentration Benefits: Courses include: Conservation Biology, Global Climate Change, Natural Resources and Waste: Sources, Reduction & Remediation. This 12-course program has been newly designed for individuals pursuing a variety of exciting communication related careers, such as public relations, marketing, social media, journalism, advertising, organizational communication, among other fields. SNHUs online healthcare administration/health information management program offers graduates the added bonus of becoming plugged in to medical information systems, allowing them to advance as supervisors who can make business decisions based on an organizations data and technology. The forensic accounting degree online coursework stresses the development of analytical skills that are directly applicable to the workplace. Graduates are prepared to work in various areas of the marketing field, including product development, sales management, brand management, advertising, corporate communications, marketing research and strategic customer relationship-building. Part-time versus full-time, which one offers the better value? When it comes to the weather, loons like things to be dull.We had a really lousy year last year with a hot June, rainy July. As a result, the quill, or the pen used by colonial accountants, became part of the mascot. This meaningful milestone is just what you need to maximize already-earned credits and get a degree in the shortest amount of time especially if youre already working in a field you love. The original mascot, or Penman, had a basketball in one hand and a quill in the other hand. Youll examine history through the prism of religion, politics, warfare and the arts. Advance your communications career with a degree in new media. Your projects and course work will also expand your knowledge of interface design, object-oriented design, data management and data security. If you love literature and enjoy analyzing literary works, then SNHUs Master of Arts degree in English will deepen your knowledge and expand your critical analysis and communication skills. No GMAT or GRE required. At Southern New Hampshire University you can enhance your expertise in enterprise-level technology management by earning an online Master of Science in Cyber Security with a concentration in IT Management. $3,843 or $5,124. Southern New Hampshire University is proud to offer an online MBA specifically built for todays business needs. Increase your potential in nearly any industrial, financial, nonprofit or government organization with this online business studies bachelor's degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Related jobs include: SNHUs online BA in Communication/New Media concentration combines foundational communications concepts and theories with high-demand digital applications, so you have the skills and knowledge to take communications campaigns to facebook, Twitter and the far reaches of the digital world. No GMAT or GRE required. While a poetry degree is valuable in and of itself, it can also prepare you for many professional paths. Youll gain practical, real-world expertise in employee and labor relations, compensation and benefit systems, and change and conflict management. Psychology - Applied Psychology Bachelor's Degree Benefits: Courses include: Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Contemporary Issues in Applied Psychology. Concentrations: Industrial-Organizational and Child and Adolescent Development Psychology. The Master of Business Administrationin Human Resource Management from Southern New Hampshire Universtiy provides HR professionals with an understanding of business operations and how to spearhead corporate HR functions. Concord Monitor. Not only is working in healthcare rewarding, but its one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the country. Your knowledge and expertise in healthcare informatics will help you become a valued developer and manager of health information systems that benefit both patients and medical staff. SNHU's online MS in Applied Economics offer advance graduate education in both the interpretive and scientific skills needed to become an expert decision-maker and thought leader in your chosen profession. No GMAT/GREs. No GMAT or GRE required. Gain an understanding of the forensic psychologists role by practicing and applying forensic psychological theories and methods. Suited for students who have previously attended college but were unable to continue their business studies, the BS Business Studies in Marketing program prepares you to implement innovative marketing and business strategies to grow a company. Master the art of advocacy and the fundamentals to effectively help others in need with an online Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Hone your understanding and your craft, unleashing your imagination to create imagery that moves and inspires. Some of these are: In addition to those listed above, SNHU maintains degree granting approval from the New Hampshire Department of Education, Division of Higher Education Higher Education Commission. The American history degree online provides an education that builds on the development of critical-thinking, analytical and communication skills inherent in a liberal arts education and prepares you for a variety of career paths. Courses include: Professional Selling, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Marketing Planning and Marketing Research. The human resources management degree online program at Southern New Hampshire University will help you develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, all while learning to be an effective leader. Students who do not meet this criteria may be provisionally accepted and complete the recommended coursework before beginning their graduate classes. However, many programs are designed with your life and your goals in mind. tag_id.innerHTML = ' Buy this Image'; Southern New Hampshire University's Master of Science in Organizational Leadership gives you the competitive advantage to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. In addition to the per credit costs outlined above, colleges typically charge part-time students certain fees, Make a meaningful impact and improve quality of life with this specialized online bachelor's from Southern New Hampshire University. If you have a passion for sports, as a participant or fan, earning your BS in Sport Management degree online at SNHU can help turn your enthusiasm into a career. Must have high-speed Internet connection and support Windows XP or greater. This Creative Writing program emphasizes the craft of writing fiction, in addition to providing an understanding of and appreciation for fiction, in all of its forms. This bachelor of science degree is ideal for someone just beginning their studies in health information and for professionals wanting a structured field experience as part of their onlineHIMdegree program. Plus, online students have access to a number of tools and resources to make sure that they never miss an assignment. var photocredit = photocredit.toUpperCase(); This specialized business bachelors degree will prepare you to work successfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds who may use different systems and currencies.