Eddie Carr | He is utterly enthralled by the show and quickly forms the dream to work in theater. $100,000? Evan Baxter | The film ends with Buster and all his new friends gathered for the theater's grand reopening. Ducky | Hulk (2008) | Though, it makes sense for his character storywise not to continue with this crew. Brandon Bowman | Mel | Hu | | Cornetto Trilogy Heroes | The Grinch | Over the Hedge Heroes | Marge | -Welcome to the Hero/Protagonist wiki! Eddie is the only character to call Buster by his first name. No, that's the bucket for the leak. Andie | Christy Fimple | Allyson Nelson |

There is no jealousy of any kind from these three characters. On screen, the movie is gorgeous. While I bet the physical comedy bits with Miss Crawly tested well with kids, I wouldnt have minded seeing those trimmed down to give a little bit more time to smooth out the character work. Letty Ortiz | Tales of Arcadia Heroes | I've gotta think. Winnie Portley-Rind | The bears show up and snatch him, nearly eating him until the lady mouse shows up to save Mike. It was gross, uncomfortable, and should never have gotten through to the final cut without some sort of justice for Meena. He is voiced by John C. Reilly, who also voiced Wreck-It Ralph from Disney's animated film of the same name and it's sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Peng | This part is fine. Many animals find the flyers and think they have a shot at something big. And then there are others that are comfort films. UrRu | Peter Page | Unnamed parentsNana Noodleman (maternal grandmother) Charlie | Dr. Seuss Heroes | I love that Buster is a very flawed and selfish man in Sing. 9 | Nancy |

Rosie The Robot Maid | Thanks for reading the spoiler. Later, Eddie visits the Moon Theater just after the auditions end. Andy Panda | Fievel Mousekewitz | Jamie | Kevin, Stuart & Bob | John "Reaper" Grimm | In "Eddie's Life Coach", Eddie is revealed to sleep in a blue sleeveless shirt over a dark blue pajama shirts and bottoms. Llane Wrynn | Buster casts some narcissist who disrespects Meena for the entire movie. Jimmy | Thanks! Buster Moon Ted | Sing Heroes | Koala bear Buster Moon must find a way to save his failing theater, so he plans to host a singing contest with a cash prize for the winner. Richard B. Riddick | Cy the O'Hare Delivery Guy | Kenji Kon | The return of one character towards the end with ties to Johnny left me very emotional to see the story and character growth there.

Sir Ballard | Some I secretly love despite their flaws (I admit I was in The Loraxs Onceler fandom). : Donna Lou Who | Wendy Darling | It could have been smoother in places and that Meena storyline is hot garbage. Curious George | Over a hundred animals, including Johnny, Rosita, Mike, and Ash all audition. Ash | | Tiny | Porsha Crystal | Billy Madison | Cindy Lou Who (2000) | Jake Pentecost | Precious | Maybe I can let Johnny and Ash slide, as they are both teenagers too and might not know what to do. Plimpton | William Garin | Big Daddy watches from prison and is amazed by his son's singing. Claire Standish | Smidge | Buster shows up at a restaurant to meet with his sheep friend Eddie (John C. Reilly), whose family has invested a lot in Buster's theater, and they have not been happy with the results. Hellboy Heroes | Pierce | DJ Suki | His ruse is exposed to the other animals, but things get worse when the water tank cracks, causing the whole theater to get flooded and eventually completely destroyed. Oh, my gosh. Nomura | Ed | Billy Brennan | Elroy Jetson | Paul Kirby | Animal hero, Miss CrawlyMeenaAshJohnnyRositaGunterGarry "The Winner" Wishmann. Varvatos Vex | Casper McFadden | Wesley Gibson | John Bennett | Tony Toretto | The Flintstones Heroes | Light Fury | Buster approaches Eddie and asks if he can get his grandmother, legendary performer Nana Noodleman (Jennifer Saunders), to give the theater some funding. They are harmless, normally fun entertainment, and nothing more. How To Train Your Dragon Heroes | Diane Foxington | So for them to have Buster in Sing 2 to completely do this creepy story to Meena, a freaking minor, is absolutely disgusting. I'm for getting more characters voiced by new artists, but not enough to nearly replace the whole cast. Johnny later visits his dad in jail and admits that he was rehearsing for the show and that he would rather be a singer than to be in his dad's gang. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Fred O'Hare | Max | Roman Pearce | Otto | Look at that. Anna Barnes | Buster thinks he's come up with the answer to all his problems - he wants to hold a singing competition at his theater. Frankie | As Buster rides through town, we meet some of the other main characters - Johnny the gorilla (Taron Egerton) is singing to himself in an alley, but he ducks when he sees some cops. I gotta think. Sing 2: Alfonso | Clay Calloway | Porsha Crystal | Nooshy | Darius | Klaus Kickenklober | Suki Lane, See Also He usually wears a red beaded necklace, a red jacket over a yellow sleeveless shirt, and orange shorts. Kathleen "Kat" Harvey | Dinotrux Heroes | | Casper the Friendly Ghost Heroes | Minions | : The Great Gazoo | Machine Gun Joe | These two ladies stories are constantly intertwining. Ginko-Who-Soars | Yoshi | Porsha Crystal | Sing belongs to Universal and Illumination. VeggieTales Heroes | Udesky | It is so cathartic to watch this entertainment mogul and borderline mob boss come completely unhinge and get his comeuppance. Gray Mitchell | They are right there watching her go through this. Woody Woodpecker (2017) | King Rassouli | Also, you can track what you've seen, want to see, like, or dislike, as well as track individual seasons or episodes of shows. The movie mostly takes place in Redshore City, the fictional Las Vegas of the world. Durotan | Ted Wiggins | He immediately breaks out to go see Johnny, leading to a citywide manhunt for Big Daddy. Guy Diamond | | Over time, however, Eddie becomes used to the "Winner"routine. Edith Gru | Tanya Mousekewitz | Warcraft Heroes, Animated Features At first, Eddie is unenthused with his new schedule, which requires him to wake up early, regularly exercise, and eat healthier. Charlemagne the Devourer | Clint Hadson | Buddy | The Purge Heroes | Lucy Miller | To find a purpose in life Rooster | Chloe | Barf and Belch | Biggie | However, business hasn't been going so well, and the theater is in trouble. Prince Thadeous | Hot Wheels Heroes | Tarantinoverse Heroes | Fred Flintstone | Jason Shepherd | Nooshy | Krel Tarron | The concert is a huge success, impressing Nana Noodleman enough to buy the theater property and fund the construction of the New Moon Theater; she and Eddie attend its grand opening. Despicable Me Heroes | : Johnny | Tutu | Lydia | Clay Calloway | Gunter | Holly Cantrell | Lin Yuan Guo | Mothership | Bee Movie Heroes | Pero Tovar | No one ever called out Buster or Darius behavior. Bullwrinkle J. Moose (2000) | Nana is a wonderful character, and I still hear her opera music in the back of my mind every time I see her enter a room. I cant believe that Illumination did this story after such horrific tales of victims of sexual assault in Hollywood and women having to swallow fears and take abuse like this just to make it in the industry! Its no Zootopia by any means, but its a film I put on when I just want something on in the background. Also, if they just hired more, it would ruin potential with the other actors' characters, including some who didn't get to sing, such as Chelsea Peretti, and she technically is a singer and songwriter. A visit from my useless grandson and his ghastly little theater friend. Michael | Aja Tarron | Peter Pan | Friends/Allies Henri | Grammy Norma | Kelly Radner | Martha May Whovier | She clearly tells Buster point blank that she is not comfortable being cast with someone she doesnt know as well as the idea that her first kiss will be with a stranger.

Eddie steps in to help him out. Aardman Heroes | Angus Bough | Littlefoot's Mother | She remembers me. Claire Dearing | Vendel | Jensen Ames | Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. Johnny learns he has to play the piano, and Ash is none too pleased to be given a list of cheesy pop songs since she is a teenage girl. Hookfang | Kyle | As someone with a Theatre degree, I adored seeing the show come together over the course of the movie. Lumpy | Occupation Buster gets away on his bike as he rushes to the bank. Illumination Heroes. Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes | Type of Hero Dru Gru | Before the show can begin, however, three bear gangsters trespass and demand money owed them by the contestant Mike. Brooklynn | (Mr. Wolf, Porsha is the catalyst for Rositas arc of overcoming her fears after being pushed out of her lead role. Max Engel | Buster calms her, promising to make sure the person he casts to be Meenas partner will be good for her. Babe | Tom Griffin | Beethoven | Max |

Ash | Anastasia Steele | Felonious Gru | Firecracker, Shorts Zia Rodriguez | books, book review, under one roof, reylo, Ali Hazelwood, Star Wars, Star Wars: The High Republic, The High Republic, Emerick Caphtor, Sian Holt, Trail of Shadows. Jane Jetson | Im so glad that at no point in either Sing movie there was ever a push for a love triangle or that kind of garbage. Lets get into Sing 2. Rosita, Buster Moon and more. Amanda Kirby | Mattel Heroes | Alice Pierce | | Bounce out now if you want to avoid it or if the topic of assault is uncomfortable for you. Hulk (2003) | Misty Luggins | Buster, come on. Both Norman and Gunter are there as emotional supports for Rosita, both being what she needs in different ways. Darius Bowman | Nathan Lambert | I call bullshit on these writers! Aaron Cross | Buster Moon | Fast and the Furious Heroes | Barbie Heroes | Their films are popcorn movies. Matt Hooper | Buster Moon (best friend)Miss CrawlyMeenaAshJohnnyRositaGunterGarry "The Winner" Wishmann

The two are very nice together in that cute teenage first crush way. Carl Denham | David Dunn | Antonidas | The Illumination movie that became my favorite was Sing. Mrs. Nobody | Owen Shaw |

Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Gertie | But the love interested it not the issue. He loves her voice and encourages her to get out and show others what she's got. Betsy | I definitely felt the lack of Seth MacFarlanes rude but delightful Mike from the first film. Lori Collins |

Bruce Nolan | The Pink Berets | Buster responds by showing Eddie his father's car-washing bucket, and tells Eddie about the money the old koala saved over years of work to purchase the theater for his son. Soon, after, the Moon Theater collapses. Martin Brody | Eddie isn't keen on the idea, and soon, he and Buster get kicked out of the restaurant when Buster takes out some sandwiches. Wow! The Boss Baby Heroes | Cindy Lou Who | Saba | John Bender | Samantha Jackson | Ghostly Trio | Eddie Eddie's video game console in his parent's pool house resembles an original Sony PlayStation. Woog | I was very excited when Sing 2 was announced and waited patiently for the sequel. Eddie wouldn't be just saying this because he wasn't in the sequel. When Buster tries to put on a preview for potential investor/famed theater performer Nana Noodleman, a series of mishaps leads the theater to be destroyed. When visiting hisNana, Eddie wears a yellow dress jacket with a dark pink rose over a light blue sleeveless shirt. Dr. Barbara Lake | Buster Moon Tej Parker | Sing Heroes | King Kong Heroes | Edith Gru | Uglydolls Heroes | Hu | Gunter | Gary King | Realizing that they both have a lot in common, both Eddie and Garry ditch the "Winner" lifestyle and play video games. Buster Moon. Yes, and do you know why I have this bucket? Blue | Blinky Galadrigal | Margo Gru | Buster Moon Marty McFly | No information Cooper | Mr. Shark, Darkman | Eret | Nash | The Lorax | Eli Pepperjack | Hit-Girl | Dingo | Dr. Nefario | Gunter is her partner on stage. He constantly touches Meena without her consent. Maybe Illumination should just focus on other projects at this time rather than cramming a truckload of characters into a third part. Deckard Shaw | Aughra | Earl Bassett | Jason Bourne | Hanging out with Buster MoonPlaying video games Mr. Piranha Eddie is nervous about talking to Nana, but Buster tags along to convince her to invest in the theater. Balthazar | Meena | Conrad | These characters clearly love one another and are important parts of each others lives. Herbert Trubshaw | This does not happen. The issue is Darius never treats Meena respectfully and Buster lets it happen. Ben Pincus | | Ash continues to play the song, "Set It All Free", which even Lance is watching from home. If they want to add more, balance it out for each new film with the other cast members. Mel (Despicable Me) | Though, Eddies absence gave way for his grandmother, Nana Noodleman, to have a bigger and much more important role.