The Universityalsooffers theFulbright-University of Turku Graduate Awardfor studiesbeyond the Bachelor level at the University of Turku. . To apply, you will need to fulfill official eligibility criteria for doctoral studies at Turku School of Economics. For more information see:UTUGS Doctoral Programs. to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States, and. International Information Systems Management, Doctoral programs at Turku School of Economics, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Courses of the doctoral degrees at the Turku School of Economics, Courses of the Global IT Management programme, Courses of the International Master in Management of IT programme, Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, International Business and Entrepreneurship. We are proud of our international alumni network of students from. 9490 Vaduz Email: [emailprotected] Please wait you will be redirected to the admission expert shortly. Tel: +1 202 326 7855, The Fulbright Finland Foundation is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland. you have a nationally recognized first cycle degree normally a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution of higher education. Finland. Followed by two online courses offered by our department at the TSE during your autumn term. The final selection is made by the Fulbright Finland Foundation in Helsinki. The grantees also act as ambassadors for the Fulbright Finland Foundation, their home country, and their home organization and, in this way, do their part in sharing their home country and culture and contributing to the relations between Finland and the U.S. Summer Greetings from the Fulbright Finland Foundation! Elective and optional studies, for example sales management, can be taken from the offerings of other masters degree programmes. One of these cohorts was formed by students having up to 14 different nationalities. Students Internships, scholarships, student conferences and competitions. However, degree studies on the Master level are preferred. The Global Information Technology Management (GITM) programme commenced in 2003. Doctoral training at the Turku School of Economics (TSE) offers you access to high-quality and interdisciplinary doctoral training in business, economics and future studies.

Studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences are open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background.

Read the detailedapplication information for Finland. In Turku you are alsoclose to the unique natural landscapes and archipelago of Southwest Finland.

Choosing the BIKMA option, you will first study with us at the TSE and then move to CCNU. After studying in one of our programmes, they work in IT departments as well as in IT consulting and service companies. In our Information Systems Science department, doctoral education aims at training you to become an expert for the needs of businesses, society and the academic community. We educate entrepreneurial, innovative, and responsible leaders - experts for the future - who are capable of working in international settings. The exact fee depends on your country of origin and the programme you choose. We've compiled 440+ scholarships available for international students! Some business administration graduates also venture into entrepreneurship, creating their own successful businesses from the ground up. Moreover, you learn about economic and technical aspects of digital ecosystems as well as information and communication technologies.

Applicants must have excellent English language skills and a certificate that proves those skills. There are 25 courses available in UNIVERSITY OF TURKU for Our graduates are able to communicate and work fluently with both business and IT professionals. Central China Normal University (Wuhan):Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BIKMA). We at the TSE's department of Information Systems Science educate students to become hybrid managers working at the intersection of IT, business, and people. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Management of Information Systems and Business Information Systems, Wellbeing and Healthcare Information Systems, Therefore, we would like to advise you to check. From Univeristy of Turku the degree is Master of Science in Econoomics and Business Administration. DATA PROTECTION The Programme provides expertise to enter international public, private and third sector professions. Depending on this background, graduates are awarded the degree Master of Science or Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. The Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award has a dual application procedure; the Fulbright grant competition and admission to the university. Please see the affiliation letter instructions and submission deadline on theAffiliationsection on the U.S Student Program website. Please see the Grant Application Timeline on theFulbright U.S. Student Programwebsite under the headingGrant Timeline. Please see the Grant Application Timeline on the.

In our Information Systems Science department, we work in close collaboration with other units of the Turku Centre for Computer Science. Therefore, we would like to advise you to check our up-to-date electronic study guide. Course work and doctoral research are conducted within highly collaborative professional networks of international scholars and doctoral candidates. We have an internationally established reputation as a highly respected business school, operating on a level of high quality and conducting relevant research. A central part of MBA studies is the masters thesis, in which you will not only develop the knowledge and skills in a certain study field and specific topic, but you will also have the possibility to enhance the skills of leading teams and work groups. Moreover, access to the Finnish labour market is difficult for international applicants who do not speak Finnish. The number of scholarshipschanges annually, in 2018agrantwas awarded to more than60students. MEDIA You can apply for a 2-year scholarship at the same time as applying for admission to one of our Masters degree programmes. Turku UAS offers education in four fields of study and altogether in over 70 degree programmes, both Bachelor and Master studies.

You are an eligible applicant for Masters-level studies if: The following four selection criteria will be used when assessing the applicants: Each of these criteria is graded on a scale of 01 (0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0). Besides the information systems module which we teach at the TSE, each partner university offers an area of specialisaton based on its expertise and profile:Tilburg University: Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)In theITEM specialisation, you will learn how to strategically apply IT to support business transformations in order to enable companies to achieve their strategic, tactical, and operational goals. The award includes a grantof 1000/monthanda scholarship covering the tuition fee. Turku UAS offers the kind of education that working life needs now and also in the future. The University main campus is located in the active and picturesque student city of Turku next to the city centre and Aura River. For further details including scholarships please visit the programmes' websites or contact us. In the DEMA option, you will start your studies at Passau in April or October. Embedded systems focuses on Add 2 or more programs to your wishlist using the. 15 students from all over the world start their studies in one cohort. It means that you will start and finish the programme with the same group of students which moves each semester to a new European location: starting in France, continueing in Finland and finishing your studies in the Netherlands. The city offers a variety of cultural and sports activities. This internship could be anywhere in the world, although most IMMIT students find an internship position in Europe. East Asian languages are studied as part of the degree to support students acquisition of knowledge and Masters thesis research. Available for intake currently are programs in Economics and Business Administration,Education,Health and Biomedical Sciences,Information and Communication Technology,Law,Natural Sciences, andSocial Sciences.

After completion, students are awarded Master's degree from each partner university. By using our services, you agree to our use of HEALTH CAMPUS TURKU, SITEMAP In the DEMA program you will learn about digitally enabled organisations and how these organizationsbenefit from advanced data management and digitalised networked business platforms to improve the performance of networked business ecosystems. The East Asia contents and relevance of previous degree studies and achieved grades; this includes exchange studies in East Asia, Knowledge of East Asian languages, verified appropriately (transcripts, certificates etc.

After completion of our programme, you will be awarded the degree Bachelor of Science., Student Office: The most popular Master disciplines in Turku. There is a separate application process for the 1-year scholarship during your first study year. It lists and describes all the courses of our Global IT Management programme at the Turku School of Economics. Students in the Programme have good opportunities for student exchange in East Asian universities as well as to receive East Asian study and research scholarships.

The student is responsible for securing affiliation with the University of Turku. preferred degree program. As a graduate of this programme, you will be able to identify, analyse and interpret relevant information for creating business value. ACCESSIBILITY AT TUAS The IMMIT programme is jointly offered by three different business schools around Europe. It lists and describes all courses of the International Master in Management of Information Technology at the Turku School of Economics. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Entry requirement to the programme is a minimum of three years relevant work experience gained after a higher education degree. Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award, is in some fields among the best universities in the world, While on a Fulbright in Finland, U.S. Student grantees have often been able to. TheMaster's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies (EAST) gives a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on the dynamic societies of contemporary East Asia. Mary-Rolfe Zeller

EVENTS, SERVICES PEPPI Students This internship could be anywhere in the world, although most IMMIT students find an internship position in Europe.

The average annual cost of living in Finland is $5000- $10000 per year for an international student which includes accomodation, food, insurance and ID-Service The core competence of the GITM programme coverd by our Information Systems Science department at the TSE is the information management module. As part of an internationally acknowledged university, the TSE provides a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment for your doctoral studies. Academic institutions in Finland Therefore, we would like to advise you to check our up-to-date electronic study guide. The University offers a generous scholarship programme for students who are subject to the tuition fees. Practical Information for Visitors and International Staff, Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online, Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Bachelor of Social Services, Early Childhood Education, Immigrants preparatory programme for higher education studies in Engineering and Business, Immigrants preparatory programme for higher education studies in Social Services and Health Care, Master of Business Administration, Business Management, Master of Business Administration, Sales Management, Master of Business Administration, Service Design, Master of Culture and Arts, Creative Design Management, Online, Master of Engineering, Industrial Quality Management, Online, Master's degree programmes 1- 15September 2021, Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes 5- 19January2022, Master's degree programmes 31 August- 14September 2022. Education loan deferment:While on a Fulbright in Finland, U.S. Student grantees have often been able todefer loans.

The University of Turku offers scholarships for students who are subject to the tuition fee. For further details including scholarships please visit the programme's website or contact us. The University of Turku Graduate School coordinates 17 national Graduate Schools for doctoral studies nominated by the Finnish Ministry of Education. The population of the city is 175,945.

Academic Mobility to Finland: Finnish Residence Permit Related Challenges, U.S. Student Mobility to Finland: U.S. Federal Student Aid Related Challenges, Services and Resources for U.S. Higher Education Institutions, Grant Programs for Finnish Organizations and HEIs, Join the Fulbright Finland Alumni Community, ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Ambassadorial Award, Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni Enrichment Award, Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Fund, Encourage Your University to Sponsor a Grant, Fulbright Agreement Between the Governments of Finland and the United States of America, The Country That Paid Its Debts Exhibition 2004, University of Turku Master's Degree Programmes, Masters degree program in Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languages, additional funding from the Lois Roth Endowment, In addition, the grantee will be eligible, free of charge, to participate in a Fulbright Finland Foundation pre-approved. Due to our limited supervision resources, we hope that your research interest falls into one of our main research areas: If you plan to apply for our doctoral program, it is important that you acknowledge that one should conceive doctoral studies in Finland as a stepping stone to an international academic career, because the career expectations in academia in Finland are limited due to the small number of research positions and thus, high competition at Finnish universities. Turku is the former capital of Finland, where the first Finnish university was established in 1640. In the joint option with Passau University in Germany, the Networked Business & Digital Ecosystems module focuses on economic and technical aspects of todays networked and digital business environments. ALUMNI The successful completion of the Masters degree makes a student eligible for doctoral studies in Information Systems Science. college/university is unranked). STUDY GUIDE your degree corresponds to at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or to three years of full-time study. Correspondingly, we update either the courses offered or their actual content so that they successfully prepare our students for what awaits them in their future career. Fulbright grants usually fall under the Graduate Fellowship deferment category. asters programmes are instructed in English and consist of 120 credit points. The University of Turku was established in 1920. to support the internationalization of education and research in Finland, and help U.S. and Finnish institutions create linkages. The Masters Degree Programme in Sales Management is a very practically oriented programme meant for holders of Bachelor's or other Our Master School programs Cyber Security has been developed to equip responsible cybersecurity specialists with the right knowledge and skills Embedded systems are everywhere! It is located in Turku (bo is the Swedish name of the city) and Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) is a joint research institute of University of Turku and bo Akademi University. Choosing the ITEM option, you will start your 1st year of studies at Tilburg University in February.

TSE is an accredited member of the AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which is a global accreditation agency committed to advancing the quality of management education worldwide. Choose up to three courses that you want to compare. No exceptions will be made. International Master in Management of IT (, The IMMIT programme is jointly offered by three different business schools around Europe.

Today, Turku is an active hub of business and education (pop. can further get professional help to seamlessly navigate their entire admission journey. By focusing on the capabilities needed to improve enterprise performance, this Masters programme prepares you for an international career at the intersection of IT, business and management. It continues the dignified academic traditions and history initiated by the Royal Academy of Turku. Turku UAS has partnerships with several global education actors and special partnership programs for students outside EU/EEA. University Directory worldwide FACULTIES AND CAMPUSES, DEGREES Read more about the language requirements here.

Below you will find education programs in Master's degree in Turku. From Univeristy of Turku the degree is Master of Science in Econoomics and Business Administration.

Your. Your skills will allow you to innovatively combine customers needs and companies' value creation in order to form new products, services or business models. ), Free for citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, for citizens of non-EU/EEA countries 8,000/academic year. Turku is number 2 in Finland by the number of universities available on The average tution fees of UNIVERSITY OF TURKU for master programme Email has been successfully sent to the admission expert. academic and/or English language preparation to gain conditional or guaranteed progression to your Masters degree program in Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languagesis available and taught in Finnish. The studies in the Masters Degree Programme in Business Management consists of advanced professional business studies (30 ECTS), elective and optional studies (30 ECTS) and masters thesis (30 ECTS). University of Liechtenstein For more information about the study content of this option, please visit BIKMA studies at TSE. The Graduate award is aimed for those currently seeking admittance or admitted to the University of Turku degree programs, either to doctoral programs or Master's degree programs. It teaches integrative skills required for effective use of IT in order to support international businesses and their operations and management. Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award is for studies and research beyond the Bachelor level at the University of Turku. cookies. other day to day expenses. Frst-Franz-Josef-Strasse See available University of Turku Master's Degree Programmes. Read more about joint application PROJECTS All rights reserved. OFFICE365 (EMAIL) Study a Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship, Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine. The. The University of Turku is among the TOP 1 % of universities worldwide (QS University World Ranking 2022) andis in some fields among the best universities in the world. Please check the programme page for detailed degree requirements. LIBRARY For Best Students - We invest in your future!

HeySuccess focuses on international career opportunities that really recruit students and graduates from different countries: from internships and scholarships to student conferences and creative competitions. The IMMIT programme is designed to prepare students to become hybrid managers who can act as intermediaries between business users and IT specialists in international environments. We will fix it in the next few hours! In addition to the Degree Certificate, Transcript of Study Records and Letter of motivation, the applicants are required to submit also a Curriculum Vitae(resum) (for the format, you can use for example the guidelines at EUs Europasswebsite). Your last semester will be devoted to thesis work, which includes an internship in an internationally operating company. Apply now and get a 100% tuition fee discount for the first year of studies, MSc Circular Economy and Sustainable Innovation. Applications are submitted through the online joint application system at

QS rank of UNIVERSITY OF TURKU is 394 (lower is better, NA- the Masters Degrees worldwide Established in 1996, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu (Turku University of Applied Sciences) is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the lar 2022 Free Apply, LLC. MFA - multi-factor authentication. CAMPUSSPORT The studies provide the student with skills and competences in the fields of strategic management, leadership and change management, management of networks, financial management, business relationships and international projects. last semester will be devoted to thesis work, which includes an internship in an internationally operating company. Students gain expertise on East Asian contemporary history, politics and societies and learn social science research methods to become area specialists on East Asia. We are proud of our international alumni network of students from Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cameroon,China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, India, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Slovenia,Russia, South Korea, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey,Uganda,USA, Vietnam. The summer term in the 2nd year is reserved for you to do internships and research for your Master's thesis. We offer scientific research training to solve relevant, current and anticipated problems related to business, economy and society. Doctoral projects including postdoc placements or Master-level non-degree studies can also be considered., PEOPLE SEARCH Moreover, as a graduate of our Bachelor's programme you will be able to analyse and describe the requirements, costs and risks of an information systems investment as well as the business benefits achieved by such an investment.