DayZ Standalone, I traveled across two different military facilities and they have not been touched by players at all. This is something I've noticed as well, but it also happened on Chernarus in a few towns, especially with police and medical spawns. Has a few unique features, I play a modded version HC, no cars limited loot, Winter and it is a solid map. I think it is great looking. Yup! I've been exploring Livonia a fair bit; Some of the stand-alone military installations do definitely get military spawns. The flow of the map is pretty different.

I mean, it's still DayZ and anything can happen, but for the most part most people are pretty cool to ungeared fresh spawns. Valve Corporation. Livonia has a different flavor. dayz chernarus standalone topographic Is very hard down south.. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeone. Ideally I want to move things like the SKS, UMP, MP5 and Saiga-12K out of military spawns and into hunting/police spawns. I bought it *glares at dev team* and I think its rather nifty. I think I played like 3 or 4 hrs on it and turned my back on it. I do think that the military loot spawning is very sub-par compared to Chernarus, and I don't really mind. Make things spawn in places where they make a bit more sense, like I have done for Chernarus, but as said, I need clearance from the big man first. Both maps are enjoyable and feel completely different. It seems they are changing the spawns per building to fit the areas, or at least in that case they did. All the military camps are spread out and smaller, which I believe creates more movement even at the geared stages. I also think it would be great for pvp. I join Livonia empty servers to get good gear fast and then server hop to full Cherna. Uwaga: Ta funkcja powinna by uywana TYLKO do zgaszania spamu, reklam, oraz problematycznych postw (nkanie, walki i obsceniczno). This has happened the other day when coming across a fresh military installment. I spend nearly all my time in Livonia. I think most of the good stuff is in the southern woods tho, when I was chilling up north I only found SKSs and SMGs. Sign up for a new account in our community. The south is almost only forest, few high end military sites and some civilian houses here and there. The original map mostly centers around the airfield and a few other military bases. Thoughts?. It really spreads the population out.

Wszystkie znaki handlowe s wasnoci ich prawnych wacicieli w Stanach Zjednoczonych i innych krajach. Love it , I was an OG player, played from the very beginning through all the highs and very very low lows , back when you could LRS the Mosin lol After a few really brutal patches and crazy minimal development progress around the time of the great ENGINE SWAP I completely gave up on DayZ SA , and was happy with the amount of joy I got out of it. I've no doubt in Topolin its intentional; The police station there has a large training field behind it with a barracks right next to that, and that barracks is entirely 100% police loot. Also there are less POI and more military locations in Livonia, so even more pvp and interaction. I play on the Dayone modded Livonia servers and it's some of the most fun you'll have. It depends. Cz danych geoprzestrzennych na tej stronie zostaa dostarczona przez, Espaol Latinoamrica (hiszpaski latynoamerykaski), Portugus Brasil (portugalski brazylijski). I found an M4 and an M1A at a chopper crash and I haven't met anyone else who had an assault rifle. I do like how spread out the military bases and howrare stuff is though. Because of this you have much more interaction/pvp. While in Chernarus you can basically run into any direction and stumble upon villages and military locations, Livonia has more defined loot routes. So long as more civilians rifles & medical supplies become available, I'd wait until Dev Team can make proper adjustments. Cannot say it's bad or anything is wrong with it, it's just not Chernarus. Whereas some areas in Chernarus feel like they could use some more love as they come from the era of Arma2, each area in Livonia feels pretty high quality. For example, in Topolin the barracks building behind the police station is a police spawn. I kind of like it.. Its alot faster then gear in Cherna and then server hop, Livonia loot routes are about 1,5-2x faster to get gear from. But I've also seen military spawn buildings thunked down in the middle of otherwise non-military areas, and they get either standard civilian spawns or police spawns, etc. I'm not sure if intended however it seems really unbalanced. I love the bombed out towns with no doors to hide behind from a mob of angry infected. Low number of loot at military buildings - Livonia. Finding big ARs in the southern part is pretty easy, if you manage to enter the areas. It's easy! I found a Saiga-12 in a garage. That area gives a feeling of survival and being lost that Chernarus cannot give. Good map design and it's fairly easy to come across people if you need a friend to run with. (Haven't tried). How I can still get lost at times in the deep south. It seems that on this map medical, police and military spawns spread to the buildings around them. If I had one criticism then it could do with a few more POI in the more sparse areas of the map as an incentive to travel there. December 8, 2019 in It is a great map. When I went down south I f0ound a Saiga-12, 2 AKs-74Us, anAKM and a AK-101 at a single base. In these two places all the loot was entirely clothing items. I think they did something rather neat where depending on where the military installation is, it has different spawns. I like it. I often find guns in those green watch towers., You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Wee_L_LR, By That's because the military areas are spread out a lot. How everything is spread out so there is no centralised location for everyone to converge on. That's because @Rolandhasn't let me fix the table yet, he wanted to see how the vanilla loot table performs first before I fix it. The only weapons I have ever seen in military areas in Livonia are the SKS and UMP. I've noticed that in any military base you're able to find military gear in industrial buildings and the residential buildings closely surrounding it. In the other hand finding civilian stuff such as shotgun shells, water bottles etc.