Murad ugyanis a hadjratrl visszatrve lette meg kt fltestvrt, Bayezidet s Szulejmnt. Sanavber teht lehet, hogy egy magas rang, szabad muszlim n volt, aki taln kltknt vagy trsalkodknt tartozott Murad hrembe, mint pldul Hubbi Hatun II. And despite the fact that Aisha was muddied and depreciated, she, strangely enough, causes much more understanding than Farya, who repels her sarcasm and the image of Mary Sue.Why is she Mary Sue?1. His first wife, Zsuzsanna Krolyi[hu], had died in 1622. Ksem, Gevherhan, and Aye told her multiple times how it works and what might ultimately befall her. *sigh*. Gabriel Bethlen (Hungarian: Bethlen Gbor; 15 November 1580 15 November 1629) was Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629 and Duke of Opole from 1622 to 1625. day 7: free choice farya as Bethlen's state correspondence survives as a historical document. Seriously, it would be better to make her the daughter of some military, then her image would look logical, and her behavior would be understandable, and so /facepalm/. I think its clear to everyone that this is more of a fairy tale than a real story.

With Murads death, the second Haseki disappears from the harem records forever, for which there are only two explanations (especially knowing that Aye appears precisely in the same register until her own death). In the end, turned out a cloyingly-sweet heroine, from kindness which just makes you sick. Aye szultna volt Murad kedvence, aki uralkodst vgig dominlta. Murad; G. Junne - The black eunuchs of the Ottoman Empire; R. Dankoff - An Ottoman Mentality: The World of Evliya elebi; R. Murphey - The Functioning of the Ottoman Army under Murad IV (16231639/10321049):Key to Understanding of the Relationship Between Center and Periphery. He never asked for her opinion on anything (hed sooner even ask his mother) and when she got an accidental chance to say something (pleading with him not to execute a poor guy who forgot his lamp to bring his dad dinner, nota bene an incident described by Ottoman historian Mustafa Naima, just without Farya in the picture obviously), he completely ignored her and looked pissed she even dared to do so. Contrary to logic and common sense.2. Its just - /facepalm/ It feels like Farya forgot that she is pregnant. A legendk szerint Rosana magas volt, szke s nagyon vilgos br, azonban nagyon rossz termszet, olyannyira, hogy Murad is flt tle. Her only child who reached adulthood, Esmehan Kaya, also died before Aye in 1658. I really never hated MY/K ship as much as I hated Mu*ya, a total disaster that really had nothing appealing to me it was straight-up abusive plus it wasnt even interesting.

Bethlen negotiated for peace at Pressburg, Kassa (now Koice) and Besztercebnya (now Bansk Bystrica).

[8] Based on these sources, modern historians assume that Bocskai boosted Gabriel's career in Sigismund Bthory's court,[9][2] but no contemporaneous document mentioned his presence in the prince's retinue. A heir was more urgent at this time than ever before, so it makes sense for Murad to give the concubine an outstanding allowance for the news of pregnancy or childbirth. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier reports that Murad spent a particularly large amount of time in the Yerevan Pavilion with a Sicilian woman who he loved very much and who, in addition to her beautiful appearance, was a truly generous creature, so Murad never denied anything from her. [16][20] Szkely was killed in the battlefield, and his supporters (among them Gabriel) fled to the Ottoman Empire. It is more likely that Sanavber was a high-ranking harem servant who owed her privileged status to either Murad or to Ksem Sultan. Farya must thank God for this and continue to protect herself.

In 1613, after Bthory was murdered, the Ottomans installed Bethlen as Prince of Transylvania and this was endorsed on 13 October 1613 by the Transylvanian Diet at Kolozsvr (Cluj-Napoca). Nem pontosan tudjuk, hogy Aye mikor lett Haszeki szultna, azonban felttelezhetjk az 1632-es dtumot. I make simple gifs about things that I like. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier beszmol arrl, hogy Murad klnsen sok idt tlttt a Yerevan Pavilonban egy szicliai nvel, akit nagyon szeretett s aki gynyr klseje mellett igazn nagylelk teremts volt, gy Murad sosem tagadott meg tle semmit. Century fandome labeled Mary Sue or New Female Character, there will always be a heroine like Farya, that is, a princess who came to the Ottoman Empire, which became part of the Sultan / Shehzade harem, luck and super abilities. Some go so far that it was Rosana, who executed the sultan's younger brothers on behalf of Murad. Bethlen, supported by the Ottomans, led his Calvinist principality against the Habsburgs and their Catholic allies. emsiah Haseki (1619 - 1640/1698) was a concubine of Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire. But Farya was able. [1][2] Gabriel was born in his father's estate, Marosillye (now Ilia in Romania), on 15 November 1580.

Farya later begins to openly mention her frustrations and how shes now sidelined because she cannot have children which of course makes her more the bitter and angry at Aye & striving towards revenge so bad she isnt satisfied that Aye got exposed and would be punished, she wants her DEAD & would not accept any other option (never mind that poor, innocent children would be orphaned in such a case). [2], According Gabriel's first extant letter (from 1593), Sigismund Bthory, Prince of Transylvania, seized the brothers' estates "at the word of many coaxing people" without paying a compensation to them in 1591 or 1592, but a "few primary kinsmen" convinced the prince to offer restitution or other landed property to them. Prince Aleaddin was indeed born in 1635 during the campaign, but he was born in Istanbul, so Aye, who was on the campaign, could hardly have been his mother, and Murad could hardly have allowed his pregnant concubine to accompany him to the campaign. If you dial 1-866-584-6757, you can leave an audio post for your followers. So it is simply possible that she gave birth to a child in 1632. Erre azonban a titkr szerint eslye sincs s hiba prblja ruhiban, kszereiben s szolgli szmban is utnozni a Valide szultnt, sosem rhet fel hozz. Because of its unrealistic and pritarnosti. , . Vgl Kszem bizonytotta, hogy Rosana volt a hercegek gyilkosa, mire Murad maga szrte le a nt egy trrel, m a szultn ksbb sosem szeretett ms nt. Let me remind you that in the harem everyone is converted to Islam, so what kind of fright the Muslims will be led by the infidel? [22] Bocskai granted the domain of Vajdahunyad (now Hunedoara in Romania) to him. In 1605, Bethlen supported Stephen Bocskay and his successor Gabriel Bthory (16081613). A legendk szerint a n olyan gynyr volt, hogy mellette Murad minden gyasa elhalvnyult. The guards that accompanied the princess pushed the crowd aside and had the opportunity to escape - she could only jump into the carriage. If a woman becomes pregnant, then she tried once again not to stick out. Why they never even mentioned her, I dont know. [24] Soon after, Gabriel gave the ahidnme (or charter) in which the Ottoman Sultan, Ahmed I, styled Bocskai as prince of Transylvania. She again, being pregnant, began to look for adventure. [4] Druzsina Lzr was descended from a Szkely noble family. Aye may have been roughly the same age as Murad, born around 1612. Murad els gyermeke 1627-ben jtt vilgra, gy br lehetsges, hogy az anyja legyen Sanavber, m valszntlen, hogy egy 15 v krli, friss s tapasztalatlan anynak engedik (s van r pnze), hogy alaptvnyt hozzon ltre. [8] Another important source was written by Gabriel's retainer, Pl Hportoni Forr, who stated that Gabriel had held "great and honorable offices" and performed "the greatly laborious duties of emissary" in his youth. That is why there was nothing strange about Aye choosing a husband for Esmehan Kaya herself. [21], Gabriel decided to persuade the wealthy Stephen Bocskai to rise up against Rudolph's commissioners. Im not surprised he didnt consult her before because he never does & well talking sense to him never works because Ksem tried to reason with him its wrong, even for him because it provides people who want to go between him and ordinary people with great opportunity and he didnt give a fuck as always, but Farya never said anything, even following this? NOTHING. The latter would not be unusual, since the widows of the sultans were often married off if they were childless or only had daughters. In addition, Faryu there could just accidentally push - she would have fallen and would have lost a child. Farya and Mu*rya stans claiming she was sooo "good-hearted and they were equals.. were we watching the same show, eh? Would you like Farya more if Fahriye Evcen had played her? Honestly I am not a fan of Fahriye Evcen. [16][15] He forged letters which suggested that the leading Transylvanian noblemen supported Moses Szkely to persuade the Ottomans to support Szkely, according to the contemporaneous Ambrus Somogyi. Born Princess The Valide also had a word but she was not the one to decide. A frjjellt egybknt nem volt klnsen jelents politikai szempontbl. Of course, it is immoral to incite a crowd to a pregnant woman, but what did Farya do to save herself? And you know what is amazing? I know I keep bitching about this lady, but seriously, I cant overstate the wasted potential of this character. Her ranting that if Mu/rat does not kill Aye, she will do it herself & being all Damn ilahtar and Ksem, they will try to convince Murad not to kill Aye, and otherwise hes so merciless DANG. Our site claims no credit for any videos posted on this site unless stated otherwise.

[thanks to @sakuranmisa for the info :D], history He developed mines and industry and nationalised many branches of Transylvania's foreign trade. Zilikhan Aware of such risks, most sultans did not take their wives with them. However, there is no evidence that Aye ever tried to turn Murad against the princes. If she so wanted to be with Murad, and even in the role of his queen, then it was necessary to be more careful everywhere: to strengthen the guard, not to go where the probability of attacks is higher and certainly not rush to the furious crowd with a table knife, more for her rousing For any ruler of that time, the birth of the heir was almost the paramount task (and the harem rules here are not very much to do with it), so every such pregnancy was perceived as a great event, and normal women turned almost into crystal vases, amulet herself, or rather life in herself, and Farya shopping was impatient to carry out, being a target She did not show the nose from the palace of the nose, but in the harem and her protection strengthened, and the girls tried food It did not save her, but her conscience was clean - she kept herself as she could. She did not accept Islam, and according to the Ottoman laws, a heterodox can not be at the head of a harem, even if she is at least ten times the lawful wife of the Sultan.

Since it is quite probable that the second Haseki lost her child, it was a logical solution to marry her off. sansaregina, #btw i hope everybody had fun doing this appreciation week, #this is the first i've organised so if you have any suggestions you can leave them in my askbox, #i'm gonna organise one at the end of the series too. [6], Modern historians try to reconstruct the major events of Gabriel's youth based on sources (primarily memoirs and letters) completed decades later, because only two documents written between 1593 and 1602 mentioned him. Alessandrini reveals a lot about Aye with this short description, but it is important to keep in mind that Alessandrini and the ambassador he worked with were extremely loyal admirers of the great Valide Sultan, Ksem, so it is not surprising that no one could reach her in their opinions. [16] Gabriel received wounds in the battle and his wounds healed slowly.

[15] The army of the rebellious noblemen was annihilated near Tvis (now Teiu in Romania) on 2 July 1602. Aye 1628-tl tnik fel a hremjegyzknyvekben, gy feltehetleg nagyjbl ekkor lett Murad gyasa. Szrmazst tekintve tudjuk, hogy grg volt, ugyanis a kvetek gyakran hasonltottk szintn grg anyshoz, Kszem szultnhoz. We know that her origin was Greek, for the ambassadors often likened her to her Greek mother-in-law, Ksem Sultan. Ilyen kockzatok ismeretben a legtbb szultn nem vitte magval felesgeit, nem gy Murad. In September, he took Kassa (Koice) where Protestant supporters declared him the leader of Hungary and protector of Protestants. Mivel elg valszn, hogy a msodik Haszeki elvesztette gyermekt, logikus megolds volt kihzastsa. atike 1. As the saying goes: God takes care of the birch. Her being so happy about not being placed in harem initially & thinking how she was so special she was given a separate palace.. shows precisely how ignorant she was of the system she CHOSE to live in. Ekkor srgsebb volt egy rks, mint brmikor mskor, gy logikus, hogy a terhessg vagy szls hrre Murad kimagasl juttatst adjon az gyasnak. And to top it all, I want to say that the market is a place in itself unsafe, as I said above. Born Princess The relationship was a disaster WAY before he tried to kill her. Maybe she was the mother of Prince Aleaddin, but more likely she had given birth to her child later, perhaps she was the mother of a prince who was born in 1638, perhaps of another unknown child. [8] Gabriel also stated that Bocskai was his "kin". Bethlen was given the title of Imperial Prince (of Hungarian Transylvania), seven counties around the Upper Tisza River and the fortresses of Tokaj, Munkcs (now Mukacheve), and Ecsed (Nagyecsed), and a duchy in Silesia. [13] Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia, broke into Transylvania and defeated Andrew in the Battle of Sellenberk (at present-day elimbr in Romania) on 8 October 1599. Yet another rant on fucking Farya Bethlen. It was a matter closely connected with her and we never even see them talking about this or Flopryas reaction to it? The fact that Ksem forced Kaya, a barely 13-year-old girl, to consummate the marriage with a pasha (who in age was like Kaya's own grandfather) complicating matters further.

I just noticed that the way Farya is dressed in Episode 35 doesn't make sense. Aye Sultan. Remember her first appearance. The height was big (Im less than five-story building for sure) and any normal person if it had not crashed, I would have definitely got fractures. Taln a msodik Haszekirl van sz, taln msrl. Aye szemlyisgrl nem sok maradt fenn. Aye szmra valsznleg ez volt az egyik utols fnyz pillanat, hiszen hamarosan Murad egszsge egyre rosszabbra fordult, fiai hamarosan meghaltak s hamarosan elkerlt egy j gyas, akit Murad szintn Haszeki rangra emelt s akinek magasabb fizetst adott, mint Aynek.

On point number 2. However, since Aye held the rank of Haseki and dominated throughout Murad's reign, we can assume that she had several children in addition to Kaya, especially boys. Aye Rosana valsznleg inkbb egy legenda, mintsem valdi gyasa Muradnak. From what I'd heard of her I was expecting to like her a lot but I was indifferent towards her. Portrait of Murad IV's consorts / IV. Bethlen also encouraged learning by founding the Bethlen Gabor College, encouraging the enrollment of Hungarian academics and teachers and sending Transylvanian students to the Protestant universities of England, the Dutch Republic, and the Protestant principalities of Germany. Surprisingly enough Humaah had no effect on me. , , . , , , , . Emellett I. Szelim idejbl is ismert egy eset, mikor egy szafavidk elleni hadjrat sorn Szelim fogjul ejtette a sah egyik kedvenc gyast (vagy felesgt), akit aztn rangol alul hzastott ki egy oszmn tisztviselhz. Ah, yes, Farya likes to look for adventures on her belly XD Care and caring for a child in the abdomen is not part of it. But no, we apparently needed a mix of Isabela Fortuna and Aybige that is somehow even lamer than either one of them (which is really saying something). I. Bayezid s felesge ugyanis egytt estek Timur Lenk fogsgba s a legendk szerint Bayezidet gy knozta Timur, hogy felesgt gyalzta s alzta meg eltte. , . Taln igaz a trtnet, taln nem.

The real Mustafa would not have had a legal wife, but a harem of concubines. Following the wedding, Mu/rat began to gradually lose interest in Farya, including going after Sanavber after he saw her with dagger pointed at him because it seems he has a dagger-fetish & now Floprya even stopped wielding his favourite toy to have his attention And again never forget Atikes Murad finally met a woman worthy of him, she can wield a sword like A MAN! (STFU ALREADY ATIKE). Murad hallval a msodik Haszeki rkre eltnik a hrem jegyzkbl, melyre csak kt magyarzat lehet (klnsen annak ismeretben, hogy Aye preczen megjelenik sajt hallig ugyanebben a jegyzknyvben): a msodik Haszeki is elhunyt Murad eltt nemsokkal vagy kihzastottk. She suffers from the syndrome not like everyone else.3. And now that I am studying for my exams, I am even more disappointed. | this is not a spoiler free blog. Maybe the story is true, maybe not. Perhaps precisely because Aye was with Murad throughout the campaign, many blame Aye for the execution of Murads younger brothers. Sanavber, then, may have been a high-ranking, free Muslim woman who perhaps belonged to Murads harem as a poet or associate, such as Hubbi Hatun was in the harem Selim II and Murad III? Finally, Ksem proved that Rosana was the murderer of the princes, by the time Murad himself stabbed the woman with a dagger, but the sultan never loved another woman later. And this situation itself only says that Farya is a fool with a lack of instinct for self-preservation. [1][4] They lived in the Lzr Castle in Szrhegy in Szkely Land (now Lzarea in Romania) for years. I would have made her Mihrimah and Nurbanus rivalbut this time actually threatening. It is full of pathos. [6] Their agreement also refers to the anarchic situation, mentioning the possibility that "either pagan or some godless prince or the governor" would seize Gabriel's property. She positsianiruetsya as the bravest, the noblest, the most kind.5. [11] After a series of Ottoman victories, Bthory abdicated in return for the Silesian duchies of Opole and Racibrz in 1597, enabling the commissioners of the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph (who was also king of Royal Hungary) to take possession of Transylvania. He helped Gyrgy Kldy, a Jesuit, translate and print the Bible. It is also possible that we erroneously postpone the birth of Esmehan Kaya to 1633.

Dadiani, a member of the Georgian Dadiani dynasty, Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Princess Farya Bethlen (The Magnificent Century: Ksem), #as high as 5 at one point then as low as 10, #i didn't expect her to be a lot higher than this but im glad she made it <3. Ugyanis ebbl az vbl maradt rnk egy kveti beszmol, mely szerint Murad anyja jvhagyst krte, hogy Haszeki rangra emelje (vagy felesgl vegye) legjabban szletett lnynak anyjt. Kaya and Hanzade Sultan-In the show, Kaya is forgotten about and Hanzade dies with her mother. Bethlen renounced his royal title on the condition that Hungarian Protestants were given religious freedoms and were included in a general diet within six months. Murad gyasainak portri. Azt hiszem mindenki szmra egyrtelm, hogy ez inkbb egy mese, mint valdi trtnet. Az 1628-as dtum valsznsti, hogy Sanavber taln nem Murad gyasa volt. In 1615, after the Peace of Tyrnau, Bethlen was recognised by Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor.[26]. I carefully and repeatedly revised this time and know what? The strong bond between Aye and Murad is well exemplified by the fact that Murad took Aye with him on his campaign of Yerevan. Because if you remove The second Haseki started her career with a daily salary of 2571 aspers, which was higher than the salary of Aye with 2000 aspers. Ayt pedig nemsokkal ksbb Murad is kvette. Klnsen rdekess teszi helyzett, hogy a dokumentumok gy hivatkoznak r, mint Sanavber bint Abdlmennan, ami nem az ttrt rabszolgk szoksos hivatkozsa hanem egy muszlim n hivatkozsa. Probably to invade Transylvania. "[27] The three were later canonized by the Catholic Church. This was exceptional, for the sultans had not taken their wives and favorite concubines with them for centuries. His brother-in-law was Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Since she did not live in the harem anymore and is not on the registers, we do not know when she died. [7] One of the later sources is Gabriel's own letter from 1628, in which he stated that Stephen Bocskai had raised him and "placed great credence" in him. In the purity of the Muslim caliph for no reason allowed the wrong to manage the harem and lead the people professing the state religion - Islam. Either way, at least Transylvanian politics, normally pretty messy because of that whole elected monarch thing, would just get a whole lot of messier, and I would love that so much! Ayse Humasah Sultan-Historically, Ayse was quite important like her mother. emsiah Haseki (1619 - 1640/1698) was a concubine of Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire. Murad hrembe? I cant believe she didnt hear about this she likely just didnt care. In Magnificent Century, I cant remember which season but one of the harem girls throws herself from the Sultans balcony to her death. Szelim s III. Bethlen died on 15 November 1629. His second wife, Catherine of Brandenburg, became Princess Regnant of Transylvania. It must be May or June 1632 but she is dressed as if it was in the midst of winter.

Viszonya feltehetleg sosem volt tl j s kzeli Kszem szultnval, de hamarosan elrte a mlypontot. Living outside harem meant that (surprise!) Ksem, however, wanted one of her own trusted men to be Kayas husband, a pasha who was loyal to her already and who she could permanently chain to herself with marriage. He composed hymns and from 1625, employed Johannes Thesselius as kapellmeister.