3. 2. Go to mall > Store > Exotic Gear Clothes > Buy one Sacrigile gown and trial to use.. Comment obtenir des tenus? So for voice bond, I didnt read the whole thing so I was defeated by the monster. Ini ngga bisa di pencet pas mau nyelamatin aiba. This adorable cat has taken over the internet lately! Said requirements rise as the tier does. I'm trying to do the main story for chapter two but I can't figure out how to .. What level do you have to be to friend a level 90 or more? Pieces of Info can be used in the Mall > Pawnshop to redeem allies and items. B) The Location of the small Girl in blossom is wrong its 201.351 not 531 Tap on an Outfit to see its requirement to unlock it. The player can draw a standard recruitment every 30 minutes with a max of three times a day. Can't see any other player's info? Thereafter, the 10x only guarantees at least a 4 star ally. You found suspicious items, trashing. In music tale Ive spoken to Arnoia right after speaking to Manstein and open the seal, he hasnt shown up in the library for the next step. Talk to each of them. Dragon Raja King of Gossip Solutions and Answers, Dragon Raja Salon of INT Solutions and Answers, Dragon Raja Gossip Society Solutions and Answers, Dragon Raja The Brain Solutions and Answers, Dragon Raja Ally Questions Guide | Quiz Solutions and Answers, Dragon Raja Tale Guides | Full Gold and Silver Quests Walkthrough. i currently at the stage to give that mannequin to hotaru , I dont have these books! Thereafter, 10 will be used and only guarantees at least a 4-star ally.

What drink do you buy for the Ravager in Supernatural? Obviously, romancing an NPC is something that everyone is shooting for, but that may eventually take quite some time to happen, if at all. how can I get carnival tickets? Same problem got nothing to collect at 108 tried to go back to ring the bell but cant ring it. From May 26 to June 8, take part in the quiz to earn EXP, Gold, Forest Coupon, and Waltz Giftbox.

An Ally is a card that can boost skill levels and help the player in battle. How do I get rid of it :c, In the Small Town, I tried a MILLION TIMES take the newspaper at 2pm in the exact location, but it DOESNT APPEAR!!!!!! Do I just go the siberian aurora? I have got carbonated water and music box in my inventory but Arnoia says where is the music box I dont understand what should I do, For under the dome i cant seem to give the girl the suppresant? When I try to put a name on the card it doesnt work how do I make my name? Im in the same situation. I completed the Supernatural Tale Quest but I was not awarded my anecdote .. same dude, it just gone from the inventory. You might need to wait for the event featuring this outfit as a reward. Enter the office, then talk to the detective. There will be special effect when different combinations of Dragon Exuviums are equipped, which become more powerful with the level of Dragon Exuviums. Voice Bond Question : After ive talk to Hotaru in Chizuru Beach. What ages can play and are there block settings? But, the NPC couldnt be seen anywhere. 4.5% chance for 5-Star Allies, but a 67% chance it will be an exclusive ally. All Gaming Content, Dragon Raja, Dragon Raja Tale/Anecdote Guide, Tips and Trick Please help. is there any certain condition ? Then, an exclamation mark will appear above Shimizu Ayase. you are able to list it and sell it for diamonds. Even though this guide is good, dont follow it all the way. Dragon Exuviums boast powerful stats, which increase with levels. if you click on it, it will start the fight again. Read on for Dragon Raja Outfits guide Wings of Loki, Dreamy Rondo Clothes, etc. The Stash Tab Sale ends at July 26, 2022 9:00 AM (GMT+8). Pls i need an answer. But in my inventory..My manequeen is gone..Lol. How can I get it? Following this guide made me lose 14 points of my chaos personality as this guide is centered towards justice. When the Beauty level rises, you will get the Glamor Title Bonus, which gives additional attributes/score to the character. is there a specific time to do this quest? Potions can be obtained through recruitment, events, Gacha, and the item mall. Copyright 2022 OffGamers. I was wondering if I was missing something to unlock it? Where there was white piano. Aftet ive talk to Hotaru Aiba in Chizuru beach, I cant see any thing to click in 108,187. When Dragon Exuviums reach a set level, there will be a new enhance stats. What should i do if the monter kill in voice bond. If you have a question you can ask it below and please check through the questions that have already been asked to see if you can answer any. At level 70, max level rises to 100. You can also buy high-value packs.

After you finish talking to all of them, an option will appear. cant seem to find it ;(. It says I have to give the mannequin doll, but its gone from my inventory. Thanks. In the box and in the micro-device there is not. Voice bond Question.

Be sure not to miss out! From May 26 to June 2, players can top up to get value rebates! You get it from this npc with purple hair at the college. Will the nebula love outfit ever return? FreeMMOStation.com is your best source for free to play MMORPG games and Browser Games. What should I do? Read our affiliate policy. admin I was wondering how to get the witch game outfit, because Im sort of confused how to unlock it.? (But this time it is room 304). Talk to him. In the Night of Aso Fish I went back to get the clock clue at the resturaunt instead of talking to the shop owner first- now all the shop owner says is Hello and I cant get the rest of the clues! at voice bond tale, why i cant give the red mannequin to hotaru? Depending on player level, the level caps for allies change. Using a Request Order, which can be earned from various events, allows the player to draw a standard recruitment outside of the free times given. What do i do >:(. He will ask when did you finish recording the album choose , Continue the conversation, and Sakurai Tatsumi will ask you , Continue the conversation again, then in the next question, I choose . In innocents anecdote. Okay so I did soulmate bond with them, but I want to get married and have a .. Enter the Market. You get Flame Emblems from events like Day of Liberty and stuff like that or you can trade your career points for ID cards and trade those for Flame Emblems (you can just click use and itll take you but click the bottom option) then you can click use on those and itll take you to another shop where you trade them for Scorch Emblems and just keep doing that until you get enough for the outfit. I lure the 1st phase daugther to furthest circle of the arena/stage, so when the father phase begin it got a long way to his daugther and i keep on CC (chicken, timelock, freeze and hit) him till i succeed. a pop up says to find Tomo and give it to Ai but who tf is Tomo(_`). During a comm you'll suggest to watch TV together. Do you love playing mobile games? So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Outfits. Ehat should I do if the waiter doesnt give me nothing its sunny and Its afternoon why this doesnt work? Someone knows the minimum? If you click on a link and sign up for a game we may receive a small commission. The first 10-streak uses 7 Secret Commands and guarantees at least a 5 star ally. Forever stuck? So i already did the Vera Scene but when i go to the hydras the amaterasu witch isnt there 2.Put it .. Thus, it could be said higher starred allies yield higher rewards but they simply add more points per unit, making it easier to meet the requirement. there will be show ip the manequen button. Yes, always rainy weather for this anecdote , It must be at rainy day, wait for a while and hell appear on left. You are just a normal With 18 years of experience, we are one of the leading digital retail distribution and payment platforms that offers game credits and various top-ups globally with 24/7 service. They can unlock.. im lvl 75 and all my gear is lvl 70; i still dont have wings of loki, rondo, and witch game. We're going to add every new ally friendship activity in this guide, but if you have any experiences that you are absolutely sure to fit in here, let us know in the comments. Invites you for dinner, to try a meal that he made himself. If you stand inside the tree, the icon will show up. . A) there is a question I have with the story of yesterday anecdote: I entered the rift for the second time and talked to sunny there but I cant trigger any interaction with the man afterwards and I cant find sunny again i already check the Tree at 10pm game time but theres no bell sign, i tried the other day (real time) and exactly at 10pm game time still nothing. Does this mean you must buy everything .. Available allies will be darkened outobtained allies are notwhile unavailable allies are displayed as a silhouette. Even the allies that you didn't manage to draw in the gacha may ask you out on a date or activity, so keep an eye out for your communicator and quest list. Im lvl 87 but cant do the server lvl 90 quest. Remember to detail it properly and it wouldn't hurt to leave an image as proof. Im doing the voice bond tale at lvl 66 after playing for 3 days since i start so my combat power isnt that good, i keep failed at the 2nd stage of fighting against the aibas bcoz i failed to kill the father fast enough and the daugther keep on getting killed, But. Theres also a chance to get random Enhance Stats when you get Dragon Exuviums. After you enter the room, you will see two triangle signs on the door. Leave the room through the elevator shaft again, then head to Tokyo. i finished all the guide till i need to give the item, is it buged or there is another way to do the quest? For some reason it wont let me have the dragon scale? There should be an exclamation mark appears above his head. The player can collect bounties and become friends with them through Ally Gifts and events. When I try to invite a partner to my shop it says the shop has to be open but .. How much data per hour does Dragon Raja use to play? Time consumed can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

I failed to protect Aiba in Voice Bond the first time, but now Im stuck and it wont restart. New 6-star and 5-star allies that are released with new outfit sets. From May 26 to June 8, take part in the duo dungeon and prepare food for Sports Day to earn EXP, Gold, and Forest Coupon. 6. What should i do? I was very confused following your coords to (217, 188). Follow them, then talk to the Ura Matsuyama and give him the photo. Its awesome! (My CP is around 43k at the time), Hai.. After i defeat the monster, i cant find the doll.. Help me, I triggered the waiter around 18:30 (GMT +8).

Each outfit gives you beauty score points that increase the Glamor level/fancy title and gives bonus stats. How did you get it to work again? I ALREADY RANG THE BELL UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND CLICKED FOLLOW VERA BUT WHEN I GO TO THE LOCATION, THE WOLF AND THE GIRL ARENT THERE. As ally stars rise, so do said range of points. Pokmon Go January 2020 Events Include New Gen 5 Pokemon, A Returning Legendary, Rules of Survival Now Supported by PUDDING PAY, How to Get All the Gifts for Mission 4 to 7 in Neon White. Private items can be obtained while on Night Watch Bounty missions, the likelihood of higher tier items dropping as the mission tier rises. in music box tale, the waiter dont give me the item whats doing? In Music Box Tale, I trigger the waiter at 11PM in-game time.

This will open the inventory where you have to tap the outfit shards and use them to complete the outfit acquisition process. Im wondering about this too. 1.Open it right now. Thanks.

got 70 today but cant remember from where or how. Is there anyway that I can still get the outfit? Anyway to fix it, I gave the medicine to the sister then I went to icy lair and saw the demon, i tried talking to him but i didnt get any options, i have the same problem before, check if you use the dragon scale that was given before, I have the same problem before, make sure you use the dragon scale that was given for the quest and u can try talking to he demon again. Turn on the "meow" and do the things you'll ever want to do as a cat in Annapurna Interactive's new game - Stray. After you finish the conversation with them, leave the room, then head back to the detective office (429.327). Will you meet Z in the game again, and can you romance him? Amaterasu witch is gone from Hydra map so no way to teleport back to the prison. Finish the conversation with him, then go to the telephone booth. 2. There will be a message . Then search for the Surveillance cameras around the room. This weekend Path of Exile is running a Stash Tab Sale! Invites you to watch TV with her in Hot Springs Resort. can someone tell me why cant i open the exotic gear even i know i already 66 level plz i need an answer :). Because if Im not mistaken, there is only one drink that the waiter offers, the rampager would like to drink the takamagaharas one, the special menu, So uuh what do you do if you accidentally left the place with the piano without giving her the mannequin.

Or, the original stat will be further improved. The rates for the different star allies are the same as the Special Recruit's, except the featured allies are more likely to appear. There is a minimum lvl bc it says Im too low. Bonds are displayed underneath an ally's ultimate skill, and by selecting one of the portraits, the boosted stats are displayed. From time to time, devs of Dragon Raja publish the events in the game make sure to participate in those events and grab the time-exclusive Dragon Raja Outfits. I accidentaly use or sell the drink from the waiter and i keep going back here and I cant really get a drink again is there anyway to get a drink? I got it 6pm sunny weather. it doesnt mention it in the guide but you need +50 healing personality to trigger the newspaper. Meet Erii at Tsukuyomi Prison and talk with her to travel to Hot Spring Resort. 5. After that, find NPC Ura Matsuyama inside the room. So these all are the Dragon Raja Outfits. For example on day 3, you get Scarlet Fragment outfit shards. I got dc there and cant continue the tale. From May 26 to June 22, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall On Sale, from which youre guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair Daytime Nap, Outfit/Hair Funfair Sweetheart, avatar frame, Lv.12 Gem and other valuable items. Could you exchange the bought motor drac from store for another motor drac?

I was in battle and bcz of my poor net it logged me out when I signed in with .. How do I change my email if I have no access to the one connected?

I choose . With the exception of the Party set allies, new allies will be added to the regular Special Recruit pool after it ends. Arnoia is actually located at (217,119). From May 26 to June 8, prepare for Sports Day to earn EXP, Gold, Forest, Coupon, and Waltz Giftbox. Giving gifts to allies will increase Link Points, which will result in messages and moments posts from them. There are 3 different tiers of items: IV, Rare, and Excusive. Its takamagahara special drink, u could buy it from the waiter in takamagahara at 11 am or u could try to buy it from walking vend machines, but it takes a while. now what. I also have a question, will the developers ever add a scene where the mc meets .. How to create a valid location in the chat? The following are obtained through completing bounties: Adding Allies to the center will boost the amount of stats you receive to 15% and allow them to use their skills in battle. 4.

how can i finish this? About the new event dragon lair, I have 56 double cards but when I use it on .. How can I get back my character in dragon raja because I deleted my game by .. How do I cut off the mentorship after I graduated? Im lvl 88. , I cant find newspaper in small town tale in exact location please help me.

It should be in the afternoon, on a sunny day, Actually you just wait on any sunny day. Explore Castle Clash with other Clashers around the world! Like plan z button is in the middle .. the quantum magic box event has the nebula love set and the new special dept. I have a jade index in my inventory that I bought bc apparently johann chu .. I get something like this too If you done like this go back to the siberia at 9-11 pm and ring the bell and then go to hotaru klik your quest and it will be automatticly give the red mannequin. In the innocents anecdote, im stuck.

guild information I can find it any .. What to complete plot goal [heros appearance] I need to unlock dash but the .. By mistake I removed my best friend form the list and I can't talk with my .. What does +700k ladder +1 mean in worldchat? Ive been trying to get the Cyber Hunter outfit, but now that Im level 90, I cant exchange it for scorch emblems and now I can only exchange it for another type of emblem (I forgot the name). Fashion Street never seems to change.. What now? Finish the conversation with her. The Official Subreddit for Archosaur Games' Dragon Raja Mobile. This is our page for asking and answering questions for Dragon Raja. It should be 363 and not 336. 105. New Event Busy Preparation

For Voice Bond you wrote the location of Finger wrong. How do I .. Finish the conversation with him. Im level 75 and I have all my gear to level 70 as well but it isnt unlocked yet. Learn more About Us. Players can unlock these Outfits and equip to the character classes to increase Beauty. How to earn exp? So what do u do when u couldnt able to give the mannequin to hotaru and u lost it in the piano room..

What names can I put because I cant put the names I want in the game? Hi, so i played as a f2p soul dancer. Is it unlockable through tales ? Some outfits can only be obtained from particular events. I bought every drink in the list and he wouldnt take any of them. As you expand your friendship a.k.a. How do I accomplish the task Take a picture as a souvenir? Social Media: YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What is it for? you have to be a superstar that is at the last stage, then u go to an NPC named Lulu on the college grounds, she is over by the image designer, Please, can someone tell me whats level 60 + / level 70 +, cause Im level 69 and I cant unlock those outfits ! Hotaru is just frozen in the middle, while her attack is repeatedly going off. You give a fun and lighthearted opinion on his food and the date ends. After you success taking picture of her, they will leave the recording room. If I left a club can I join back the club I left? You have to have epic armor (purple) on all armor slots if its blue its not gonna work, How do I get Rose cross cz I aint understand about the gattuso feast, the evil pact set is found in the mall under fashion, the clothes are 1,680 coupons and the hair is 680.

Have a great day ^^, i accidentally sold the witchs bell in voice bond. They can unlock.. As far as I know it is not yet available in the global version. How to do it?? If you do, Finger will eventually waste all the money and you have to settle things with his debt collector. Depending on the type and rarity of the Ally, this requires different materials. The reason why Luminous consumed a quarter of HP when trading with Ming-Z-Lu .. Im lvl 90 and got all lvl 90 clothes but it wont give me Code 007? Did you buy the drink from the Bar? Witch is gone, noone to hand the manequin to. Subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter to be the first to learn about the latest giveaways and features! Take a picture of Shin Kohana when she is in the recording room. Choosing other options is good, just do what aligns with your personality. On blossom tale i cant enter the market to hire a sub female assistant, is it time or wardrobe sensitive?

How do I get brilliant youth cuz theres no option, Thta one i believe you get with the tickets you earn on weekends. Ally Gifts are items which are mostly obtained through Wyrm Hunter Chests and activity rewards. Choose the upper one. How can I solve [O] Ask people nearby? Next, open the Blossom Anecdote menu (Tap on the Q letter beside the quest menu Tale Blossom Anecdote) then tap on the Clue Wall.

They give the player 12% of their stats and 15% when added to the player's center. After that, open the clue wall again (Tap on the Q letter beside the quest menu Tale Blossom Anecdote Clue Wall) and. Some EXs require the player to reach a certain amount of Link Points with an ally. Players can also get Sakura Coupons, which can be used to redeem limited outfit weapon, hair, avatar frame and Moments outfits! I cant see the aurora at the weather report. The members with the know how for Dragon Raja. I talked to her and it did not complete the anecdote? Each new one will have the first 10-streak cost 10 Secret Commands and guarantee at least a 5 star ally. Invoker Global Code: List of Redeem Codes, Dreamy Aurora Complete College Outfit Main Quest, Star of Cassell Clothes College Outfit Main Quest, Battle Uniform Underwater Combat Outfit MQ, Cyber Hunter Exchange 3600 Emblems(Gabi Brians in Cassell College), Scarlet Fragments 3rd Day Log in reward, Cassell Uniform Become Basketball Team Member, Go Mr. Casual Store or Haunted Night Yuki-Onnas Gift, Black & White -Exchange 1250 Study Points, Young and Wild Exchange with Wold Tree Emblem(Daily Offer Premium).

New Event The Lively Kitchen Someone asked to be my butler and wanted me to make a team. There are 3 tiers of potions, each increasing in the amount of EXP given.

I cannot find the newspaper in tokyo, even though I went there on 2p.m. 1.

The Disciplinary Committee duty man in charge of waste separation is called? Also, Time Fragment can be used to redeem some exclusive outfits. New System Dragons Cocoon. Choose the upper triangle. And the nebula love hair? What if you can't get in contact with the president and hasnt been online .. I got the ending where both the police and laurence died. After you sign contract with her, you can leave the Market then head back to Elevator Shaft (450.314). After completing the mini-game, rotate your camera, and you will see two triangle signs on the elevator button. After that, find NPC with an exclamation mark inside the market, then talk to her.

HELP, you need to buy and put on level 60 gear to unlock level 60+ costume, level 70 gear for level 70 costume, etc. Asks to switch to the news channel because it is more interesting than the other channels.