hltv electroNic defused the bomb bet navi to win ancient Na'Vi will always be a Top 10 team but i think their time as a Consistent Top 3 is coming to an end if they don't get an actual IGL or someone on the others' level. :) Best rifler in the world, didnt win shit, "navi winning this tournament" by beating dead OG? N0tusVincere, He is a beast and didn't even play his A game, Hopefully, degster is a big upgrade compared to mantuu, So many lucky rounds won by navi and they still get clapped, unbelievable, When you lose every dual, doesn't matter what rounds you end up winning, Yeah, sdy was a free kill in cave every single round on CT side. flameZ killedPerfecto with ak47 (headshot) NaVi ban Vertigo I would be shocked if OG close it out, OMG, wow i am shocked!! All ukrainians support you! For example, replace karrigan with any top50 rifler and FaZe would be even better than they currently are. No challenge for the King. OG 2 times better then navi individually, this 2 lucky rounds don't affect anything. 5. Dust2 was left over, 1. And now getting stomped on their own..

OG +1.5 @ 1.80. Free money Well lets see what Navi can prerform, I guess s1mple will be trying hard but thats only temporary. So many Organizations with no revenue stream; paying out millions to players, paying room and board, team accommodations and flights, winning no tournaments and the Org itself is worth tens of millions somehow LOL. TIER 11, omg who is the girl behind OG? probably OG's best result, no s1mple no navi, thats all the philosophy, bet navi 2:0 lost ok nvm Only fans would bet Navi, as the odds are way too low. OG starting CT = max 4 rounds can't tell if Navi's lucky or OG's just shit lmfao, when a team lose 5 vs 2 on their own map its over already lol, 5 vs 2 Cant win 3v1 with bomb vs bit but okay, he is good sniper, but not even close to top5. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo IGL role overrated. I don't have a house broliving in a rented appartament.. if you bet on OG thinking they will win one map here against navi then you are the one with some problems, Go Navi 2-0 all in considering all i said above, then come back and cry after the match, ty, Ok, I understand, If Navi will win 2-0 you ll ne back, if they won't, you ll vanish. Catch the best moments from the "Undertaker" at BLAST Premier Spring Final in the video below as he terrorized BIG, OG, and FaZe on his way to the grand final against Vitality. That 4v2 loss is going to hurt OG Its fucking joke. electronic deserved mvp with all those clutches in the major, not simple.. so lucky navi xD I dont understand what is this. OFFICIAL MAPS !

Zonic made a tweet saying that 11-4 is like "2-0 the most dangerous lead" in football, where the leading team gets too comfortable and ends up blowing the lead, Ooh thanks my man, now i know haha. For fuck sake why is perfecto peeking there?

i am pretty sure simple was in Barcelona, chilling and taking rest of cs. NaVi : Mirage Login or register to add your comment to the discussion. I would suck a hundred unwashed dicks to have TRAIN back :(. Very sudden, navi had 1.42 odds at start now 1.20 lmao thanks bookies, too bad i didnt have money to put anything significant, "its okay to be gay but dont fuck with them drugs kids" - allu, I don't think electronic as IGL will work, G2 +1.5

3. 6. different story NaVi about to sign sdy and degster is just stand in cuz mantuu are sick, no, they not about to sign sdy. i respect it, You don't know HIM (degster) well enough, not macro. Natus Vincere removed Inferno idk feels like 13-16 or 14-16, dont think they can make it, as ecpected, sdy is complete thrash and simple plays worse than anyone else on the server, ThrowG as always Ty for odds HAHAHAH what are you ooon, OG! OK, he couldn't beat NaVi with NiKo and huNter but he can do it with degster and neofrag kekw, there is reason why aleksib > nexa EASILY, Nice comeback bots hltv Nice))). hltv.org/matches/2352820/natus-vincere-v..

Tier 4 OG so bad. hltv Natus Vincere picked Mirage electr0nic Especially since Boombl4 is kicked and they gonna get another IGL just in ~ two weeks. BLAST is as fixed as Pinnacle. b0t s0medieal0ne 6. now officially the player with the most MVPs awarded. no need for IGL when all 5 can frag. Don't know how win postplant without his colls, They are like kids, all they can do is go into smoke with 2 last plaeyr and die like idiots, hahahahahahaha what a fucking matchfix xD i just won 9.5 odds on og WTF, I have bad news for you. Idk how you misinterpreted my comment tho xd, navi in the love losing free 5x3 rounds who cost them late rounds, navi lost 3 rounds > navi go search new 5 Kappa , you're right, 2.34 is better at 3-4 live score. 5. *Tier2 feels*, I didnt expect too much from Navi this tournament. Nothing impressive by NaVI there, OG literally wanted to let Inferno go, no matter how many disadvantages Navi has, still OG has no chance of defeating them LOL, well i agree with that, but they could have made Inferno close at least. OG removed Dust2 NaVi winning this tournament will finally be proof that having a low-fragging "IGL" is far worse than having a well-fragging "IGL". Expected from OG 14-4 to 14-16, Yep, this one is over. Closed at 6-3 open at 6-13, every team will throw once in a while just today happens to be NaVi, cant win a single ct round site on ancient hahahaha, fuck off navi, why win inferno? S1mple cant be touched. The Ukrainian superstar was the leading man behind Natus Vincere's run to the title at the Lisbon event with the tournament-highest 1.37 rating and 1.42 impact rating. OG picked Overpass tbh i don't support any side, Russian or shity Nato which sucks Didn't matter that they threw 2 late rounds, still closed it out. NaVi pick Ancient "they made it clear that sdy only for one tournament and maybe if they win it they will keep him" I did read it carefully and You wrote "and" instead of a comma, so you are implying that they said it, maybe you should learn how to write. he deserve a better team maybe 9z or imperial, I finally found the user because of whom everyone hates Indian flag + Navi flair xD, Tbh I don't care mate. Then why didn't Niko IGL work? Either take control with utility, or leave it, dont allow them to run in there for free and sit back with an mp9, That is the IGL's fault, not the stand in, Pls no, goat simple is untouchable, dont say words like that, s0mple or electronic is just a good igl with good reads or electronic and all other players just know how to play without someone being the useless "IGL". Wow, they are cracking under a little pressure. Ence decent half from OG, Degster looking sharp I feel like he's a top 10 player right now. now against a literally 1 hp simple, but noone can kill somehow, OG needs more prac togeather ig losing so many man adv like feelsbadman They win first map with pure luck and completely destroyed on mirage. but okay, everyone has own opinion. OG ML @3.80, Yeah but og barely win against complexity and completely destroyed by nip and also have a stand-in, I don't think people understand that degster Makes a HUGE difference in this match Lmao, ez for OG 100%. that's a pretty fucked up logic. I think navi will win this but since they got new Igl it will be really close. His best performance probably came against the Major champions in the quarter-final as he finished the game with a 46-21 K-D and a 1.80 rating, getting one back after a relatively quiet final in Antwerp. 2. #returnBoombl4, Yep, Navi make finals at major and drop their IGL after LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, s1mple hasnt gotten a kill in 8 rounds, navi is 4v5ing rn, wake up bro, Simple hiatus incoming. this will mark the first game for OG without any of the initial roster member being part of it (ISSAA, AleksiB, NBK, mantu, valde) Natus Vincere removed Overpass His calls are really stupid, 11-4 and 14-4 worst scores ever. Jesus, 3 vs 2 lose again lol. Mantuu is hella inconsistent and 4 young promising players might play well under nexa, probably the best sub they couldve gotten, nice joke, even phzy better then degster. OG : Inferno 2v1 next rest marches 2-0 for them, FlameZ and b1t look kinda similar? Lost 5v3, 5v2, 2v1 in a row :D, funny game, OG losing every advantage aha. OG! I hope he is good cuz I don't want s1mple to leave navi lol, 1. That is a big no no in Tier 1 CS. And now the 2v1 they just lost. Sdy cost them this game with his cave play. i only recognize nexa and flameZ simply CSGO's goat, Best awper in the world, best pistol in the world, best rifle in the world. hahahahahaha, Ofc Luckus vincere had to be in the easiest group These odds are baiting me towards OG :D Lets go degster! Navi will never play with him. I rage bet on them to cut my losses. won NAVI 16:12 All unlosable rounds, hahahha OG so fcking bad losing 4v2 5v2 4v2 disband, how many clutches did OG lose on that CT side ? saur pretty, Sdy was a free kill in Cave every single round on CT side. Mirage is left over, wt happened to OG blast premier final global hltv M1 | Perfecto - 1vs3 MAC10 clutch (T - post-plant situation), M1 | electroNic - 1vs2 MAC10 clutch (T - pre-plant situation) in the following round, M2 | electroNic - 4 Galil kills (3 HS) on the Mid to bombsite B offensive to eliminate most of the CT stack (initial frags - anti-eco), M3 | b1t - 1vs2 clutch (T - post-plant situation), M3 | flameZ - quick 1vs2 clutch (CT - pre-plant situation), M3 | Perfecto - 1vs2 clutch (CT - pre-plant situation) to keep OG off match point, M3 | b1t (CT) wins the 1vs3 post-plant situation by sticking to the bomb defuse in the final duel, even if they dont get a good replacement in time, they will just use one of their academy players instead, I hit b1ad3 up on MySpace, he said I could stand in. Hello m8, no real IGL boombl4 right here, 1st time Electronic IGLing, Sdy sub LMAO. Gosh I hate these kind of people, Let's see how the mastermind nexa will manhandle these noobs. Yea OG looked dominant on that T side Ancient. GL to both teams , This of with f1ku and neonfrag looks really strong on paper i hope they can bring forth some good results Already empty bombsite on pistol and 5v0 XD, Come on OG!!!! I dont deny that matchfixing exists and orgs earns money froim it but I dont think it happens in tier 1 tournaments, navi could be even better than skade at matchfixing at this point lol, they are just bad, OG worst t1 team is smashing them lol, ITs risk yas fck, NAVI is so fuking bad, sdy 0 impact, doing nothing they gonna lose it, Do you even watch the game? @3 odds parlay, s1mple full-time valorant, elec IGL, new player, low team morale, degster defect0 Why not, dont worry Junior can win MVP award in his career Thanks for free 4 odds. Mirage is left over Navi to win map 1 and over 26.5 for 3 odds wtf? As of 6th June, S1mple hasn't played cs since 22nd may, also electronic is IGL. WHAT Login or register to add your comment to the discussion. 100% confirmed. Dude, they still have two Russian players, which kind of contradicts your statement. Can't wait for ENCE to stomp them, cant wait ropz and twistzz shit at navi as usual, People believing in OG after they lost a map to tier 8 Complexity XDDDDD, Trade map picks inc LMAO Thank me later after 2nd map xD, If NaVi loses map 2 its 100% fixed and I have 0 doubt anymore. Alongside his superb ratings, the 24-year-old AWPer also accumulated the most kills with the "Big Green" (115), the highest KAST (78.3%), the best damage difference per round (+20.6), and the most kills per round (0.88). NEOFRAG killedb1t with ak47 @2.2 odds parlay they couldnt get into the side but somehow the player left his spot to widepeak. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo yeah, not no mention it indirectly wasted their igl too , Think he did that all by himself when he snorted that cocaine my friend, 6-3 to 6-12 wp bots, losing against a team that lost a map against complexity lmao, nice joke lose all your money on those idiots. cause boomich left, now there is leftovers to eat. LUL If i was a bettor i would place small bet on OG. Ouch!! just lose 2-0, Playing 1 A is so retarded when theres no pressare anywhere else :), you rly think they can comeback? 3. Natus Vincere picked Ancient electrnic 5 frag 2 rounds 7 frag 16 rounds lmao, Man og is gonna win 3rd map, this navi roster, sdy is jsut in game, he exist thats all he is doing, well lets see havent bet since years droped a random bet, NAVI is shit they gonna loseto OG buhahahaha. GG b1t, bot. Natus Vincere removed Inferno Your hands are your, 6-3, 2 vs 1 to 10hp Pog, i have big money on 2:0 navi so i counter betted, never trust simplul, i mean navi dont care, even if lose mirrage then rape on third, no point to tryhard, nah look at simple, he is laughing because of fix, map 3 navi 16:7 fast u will see, NASR win NIP on mirage NIP win vs OG on mirage OG win vs Navi on mirage cs logic, ofc navi throw for food Mirage was left over, definitely OG has to pick inferno because it's navi weak map atm, idc about any games this is the most interesting matchup by far. Changes were made near the end of last month. NaVi ban Vertigo 7. s1mple was second in terms of damage per round (89.0) while also placing in the top five for several other statistics. bro You clearly dont know cs if You think there is no need for IGL and 5 fraggers its enough then why astralis were, Navi has a pretty easy group, maybe they lose to ENCE but they should be able to beat both OG and BIG. Clueless retake 4v3 -> 0v3 6-12 > 16-14 incoming. He was not bad first 2 maps Especially side view, If s1mple plays like a normal player Na'Vi plays like a normal team, First deposit bonus up to 130 using promocode HLTV. 6-9 new players make the team instantly better? this is what you call a mania .. making bad decisions with hope, Probably should have bet Navi to just comeback instead -.-, and also if u want to know how you can know other games as well then look at who did last ban, whoever did last ban have to play worse side of map, They are about to lose from 14-4 i can feel it lol, Just a regular over throw from big under :), How Nexa can win T side on Mirage if it was the main map of G2? God damn.

Absolutely. Is. Appreciate that buddy :D. No problem man! Cmon OG! 4. Ggs! NaVi OG trash waste of blast spot, 5v3 pistol Kicking boombla just because hes Russian. 6-4, lost postplant 4vs3 Regular picks: If you bet on NaVi ML here with s1mple grinding on valorant, no boombl4+ sdy you must have some problems. OG loses all advantages, what are they doing? 5v2 next No chance OG. what a surprise Hope OG proves themselves. syrson, hades, cadian, even elian better then degster. I wouldn't be so sure about Na'Vi. +1.5 og so ez so free. 5v3 and 5v2 back to back. even navi with 2 standins >>> full roster OG. I am a NeoFrag and F1ku Enjoyer (also Degster from ESPADA) I already can see 2-0 og, navi looks like tier 5 NaVi ban Overpass OG removed Nuke G2 2nd map just bonus for them lmao. easy money. I heard on HLTV he is the best IGL around. And they lost pistol round for sure, Navi have absolute chocked this final map hahahah, Exactly so stfu they have chocked this map and will lose, wtff how is navi losing to fiku, neofrog and flamebotZ? sdy killedflameZ with ak47 Didn't notice his kukli shot at all. almost no delay to the stream. Dude wtf is that name in chat @boombl4_small. 11 ancient in a row Has the war taken a toll on the best player of last year? Im feeling excited for this game 3 vs 1 really close, yeah. Please NAVI run the floor with these guys, lol no way navi loses this match, ty for the @1.4, lol no way og loses this match, ty for the @2.9, when i add this comment odds on og was 2.9 lol, now its 3.6 wtf. OG removed Nuke Show your support for HLTV with our HLTV t-shirt, Optimized to keep you up to date on the go, $10,000 Fantasy Spring season comes to an end, Imperial target chelo to replace fnx - Report. just need 30 more years for this. you should balance it with your brain. OG ban Dust II god what could have been if LANs were around for this initial squad. classic NaVi first game of tournament then win elimination match ofc. Degster is just a good bonus, degster > mantuu, This match is going to be either it will be a field day for Navi or if degster shows up will be interesting. Tbh sdy dying in cave (again) is the only reason he takes that fight. and og 2/10 coordination. electroNic + s1mple (assist) killedF1KU with fiveseven He is not only THE BEST in Awp, but even best entry frager in solo AK47. Beast with P250. s1mple will go on a break and then NaVi get degster or woro2k lul, Degster dont wanna leave from Russia thats why hes out from Spirit. Just show med the way to CEO offices, I WILL DO IT! However, in the 3 rounds that closed out the game for OG, sdy died in cave, being in there solo, with little to no reason. Even with astronomic OG throw they lose KEKW, LUL. what happen to them??? We just need to remove defecto and s1mple can win another major!!!! OG! f1ku already has experience v NaVi on mirage with that long ass OT, Soon Navi will only play Pinnacle cups. 4. I wouldn't call it a choke. You are either absolutely clueless or just hater, so hows life in russia rn? They dont look too bad, genuinely embarrassing from OG though, Embarrassing peasants dont even win one T side, 0 rounds on ct side Its about time to change the flair. so, they haven't, but the break is gonna be there anyway? LETS GOOOOO, i really love how degster is still trying to give Spirit-style low fives to FlameZ . LMAO OG nearly throwing it but impressive they took NaVis pick. OG pick Overpass Ence vladyslava so happy, wp. Lets forget about the pressure and treat this next map as a pug!!! NaVi ban Inferno OG ban Nuke s1mple sets new records, now go for that 3rd, Finally MVP have some highlights and not just decent 3k's. if s1mple going on a break, then he will make sure to end on a high.. Lol OG picked inferno ???? Now He streams and play a lot of valorant recently and faceit says he played only one match on 10th June. Wait Nobody is. OG picked Overpass OG ban Nuke when did all that change happen, It shows on the roster timeline. haha, lmao even, Navi without bombla tier 5 team But if thinking that makes you happy, then sure. 14-16 already looking better than any match they had with boombl4, Guy implied Navi with boombla were worse, well they weren't Remember that Vitality vs NAVI game where they threw their 20 map winstreak in Nuke just to get juicy odds? OG please sign degster if he performs well here. Any matchup that fits one or more of the criteria set in the filter will feature in the today's matches column. mantuu is the problem, even if they dont get degster, should sign a new awper. NaVi pick Dust II Loooool last map on Ancient s0mple bottom of the scoreboard hahahaha, rekt by OG with stand in xD, talking about playing events just so Faze dont win grand slam xDDD, yeah take a break and never come back. +1 train A site goated so many possibilities to enter. OG removed Nuke NaVi giving them soo many chances xd, og chokers still bad I wanted a game 3 so bad, Before round started i 100% sure they would lose round against pistols with armour, gg OG, thought they were choking that, fake one thankfully :) Dust2 was left over 5. How do you not win a single round on your own map on CT side with numerous times in advantage? degster have better macro than all these guys, bro, im playing cs since 2009. i know a lot about macro.

Where. Any matchup that fits one or more of the criteria set in the filter will feature in the today's matches column. DEGSTER EFFECT, i think noone on planet can explain bit shitty position lol, no1 could explain it in a way a dog would understand, lost to NIP 5:16 Dunno actually. This is interesting and a little sad, thanks for the insight, 1. ), well that hltv article seems like it gonna be soon, not expecting them to win, hope they prove me wrong, Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 7) - Bomb defused

why the odds on inferno are the same? +1 Only tournament i can watch the stream with the CHAT open LMAO. ok ama kms.

lol? Putin Uncle single handedly killed Navi and S1mple's career . CAN WE PLEASE GET THIS SHITTY MAP OUT OF THE POOL, PLEASE VOLVO? Empty BS every round, even when its 5v2 bombsite is empty :D typical opening match for navi. when you are on about flights etc, TOs cover that for most top tournaments Sponsors m8. 6. LULZ, 1xbet things here lmao, new sponsor for OG, they have 16k on almost every player i havent seen this ever in a pro cs match lmao, thye pick miragae instead of dust, eveysingle team knows how to play mirage, even fpl mix.. if your best map is mirage then saomething is wrong with you. His profile doesnt show anything, Dosia was streaming at that day and he checked s1mple's profile ans it was shown the last time when simple played cs was 22nd may when i posted this. F1KU >>> S1mple, good for sdy, he is up for the challenge and he deserves the opportunity. s1mple was crowned the HLTV x Bitskins.com Most Valuable Player of BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022, earning him the 20th MVP award of his career and the record for the most medals won by a player. Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 2 - Lower Bracket Final, Show your support for HLTV with our HLTV t-shirt, Optimized to keep you up to date on the go, Imperial target chelo to replace fnx - Report, 2 weeks without shower using soap, shampoos etc. And Navi crushed NIP on it 16-6 when hampus was playing. #deoccupationnavi, degster just wants his slap with flameZ, cmon man, Is Degster high or something? So fucking ridiculous matchfixing as usual, By navi, they're always matchfixing 3. OG in Dota competing at top levels, the only team that won The International twice (and in a row) map 3 16-5 for navi as expected, Yeh suuuure.. 16.7% CT win rate for OG Against 88% map for NaVi NaVi crushed OG on OGs pick. I not even a big fan of NaVi. Just why, Spirit please solve the issues with Degster :( This is future top 5 mens we cant let him walk away, How tf do navi keep having no money even when they win the last round.. Every win followed by smg's, and that is how you waste everyone's time useless navi, whats the point of picking maps if it ends like this xD, sdy so clueless literally losing every duel holy shit, NAVI KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Lets go boys time to close it out or at least get 15, 14-7 4. The experience these young guys are getting is invaluable. They learned how to play CT during break? FIKU go kill. You can safely bet your house and in a few hours you will have 4 of them, 2-0 OG OG in CS:GO - paycheck stealing. 2-0 NAVI, Punish picks: LMAO OG what are they doing. other tourneys need to realize when matches are LAN no need to Delay the streams, true 10s delay from bookie feed is great. some people really think OG can win navi NaVi Here, I also found the tweet for you: got 1.7 at 10-4 on OG.. they may end up winning the whole match now. they made it clear that sdy only for one tournament and maybe if they win it they will keep him, "if they win it they will keep him" they never said that, they said that depending on how well they work together they might add him to the roaster permanently they didn't said anything about winning the tournament. Wohoo!!! If he just doesnt perma die in that spot, they win the map. It will be so easy for OG. 6-7, lost 4 vs 3, 0vs3 doesnt wanna leave russia, I'm not buying that. His stats will drop so fast if he performs like this, just as you post OG lose 5v3 v pistols :D, s1mple 0.5 kd, haven't seen that in a long time), he's already set on a break, probably they take woro2k now cant think of anyone else, he stated that if they'd won antwerp, he'd take a break Rewatch the best plays from Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev's record-breaking MVP campaign at BLAST Spring Final, edited by Radosaw "MAKKU" Makuch. matchfixing doesnt exist hehehe, Atm if og would not lose their advantages on Inferno it would've be 2-0, tf you talking about, Enjoy your lost bet my friend

Ez clap g Navi 2 strong Simple not even trying he is letting the boys have some kills.

7. flameZ planted the bomb on B (1on2) Decider : Ancient Most LAN tournament on average are 45secs. > stands in for OG in portugal right after being benched lul. i understand that russians dont attack they just defending their own land, fine, they don`t attack us so I feel safely, only inflation is problem, here aswell fucking 2l oil costs 6 euro jesus, God NEOFRAG 69 frags 2 deaths 34.5 KD incoming, Now, sdy could be good or could be bot. They can't win anything else, And now Botus Vincere doing their thing in their own map pick as per 322 guidelines, Navi Finally with Ukrainian flag @official Always I can see easiest comebacks like this Since then I started hating this team, matchfixers, U so bum man.. they won you 20 maps in a row and u keep complaining they lost a single map! Stop while you are ahead And now magically OG win map 2 right????? OG ban Ancient Lol! Imagine if they didnt lose that 5v3 pistol 5v2 and 2v1 LMAO, What a surprise, 0 CT rounds on own map pick in CT meta :O TRAIN!!! Simple looks beat. b1t wins unreal 1v3 with mp9 and you lose to 4 pistols, And again navi gets dicked by pistols and 1 gun. Ez 2-0 for Navi.

His first official ancient will navi get standin buff or it only works for OG? OG removed Ancient 2v5 AGAIN ultra throw from 6:3 usually after roster change the team is uncertain, nobody knows if they will be good or not even the team itself not sure what they are capable of, but you say that there will be no chance for navi. F1KU gonna rekt this noobs dumbest shit ive ever seen LMFAO. .. He is so good that even an MVP clip frag movie from one championship is better than 99% of other players' all-time frag movies even he as a pro how could he be that good, how talented you should to play all day valorant and still get csgo mvps. OG pick Inferno gl for both! How silly u are, lol, after winning 20 maps, you lose your map pick 16-6 after easily winning enemy map pick. Dont blame him when he sits near tilted s1mple. You can find the rest of HLTV.orgs highlights, as well as previous episodes of the HLTV Confirmed show, by heading over to our official YouTube channel. No spoilers, so ez to watch and use the chat! Damn mantuu has gone hard up w the stats Nice play moron. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo +1 Natus Vincere picked Ancient and without Boombla, Navi is lost. Just disband this pathetic organization. OG picked Inferno One taps on pistol on Inferno??? 7. sdy killedNEOFRAG with fiveseven (headshot) Lost to nip 2-0 3 days ago btw Zywoo, Fallen and Device were giving him fight, but in last 24 months simple has gone far far ahead of them. That kind of things are good for young national players even more than for reputation. bcz simple wants to take a break, new team captain and new teammate, Lol. OG lost to NIP with academy IGL 2-0 dont waste your money please! F1KU killeds1mple with ak47, No fucking words s0mple want to teleport with ch0mber abillity, already 4 T rounds from the fat fraud who got outcalled by academy IGl 2-0, They defend b site with 2 farm guns They are in the line, Navi just cant change them all for Ukrainian players without falling in the ranking. they had best mirage in the world and they got stomped.nothing is 100% in cs, 1 more reason why I love Blast.

be a good awper doesnt mean good aim. S1mple is playing like S#it tbh, His team mates are carrying him. OG removed Mirage 3-0 to 6-9 tier 5 bots LUL, LULVI against late rounds > tier 5 team LUL, flameZ hand might be broken by the time this bo3 ends, Neofrag is really good. I get it, OG needs 1v5 advantage to win the round ! electroNic killeddegster with ak47 Perfecto + b1t (assist) killednexa with cz75a They lost 2 vital rounds 2v1 and 4v2 which will probably cost them this map. ultra throw like they did the same bs at 12:14 score to lose an eco navi 100% win on ancient, will they keep their record or no? sdy won like 2 clutches while simple lost every duel and literally every free kill he had xD, I know s1mple played poorly, for once. I cannot comprehend how he keps going for that retarded push solo, with no molotov, and gets caught off in every deciding round. random faceit mix would win at least one, s1mple played like a bot > navi still wins 16-7, OG lost that themselves , threw many advantageous rounds. merch and sponsors (a lot of money from bookie sponsors too). I want to deny it but the fixing is so blatant lol. Every round first dead.

OG cant take a map off nip but can beat navi okkkk, And og doesnt even have their best player rn . 2. Why in the f is he trying to put Flamez on bench by beating the shit out of his hand?

Just fukken hate Ancient.

stupid decision to remove Boombl4 from main roster and we lose against OG.. against OG.. OG! He wont miss LANs at tier1 level.. ggwp 3-0 for Navi on T-side, OG cant come back from this.