Sign up now and get our free monthly email. Dont neglect anything, no matter how far-fetched it may seem. Silver lining: are there any opportunities that arise from this problem? Each hat represents a different direction of thinking. Edward de Bono suggested we have three possible answers to a question: yes, no, and po. Often people use it to vent frustration with content they just cant find. Below are eight of our favourite creative problem solving techniques. What if you try to reverse it? In this article, we define creativity techniques and discuss 16 creativity techniques you can try on your own or in your workplace. 3. In fact, some of our best blog post ideas come from casual conversations held around the water cooler. Or an individual who encounters a workplace challenge may use these techniques to reframe the issue and devise creative solutions to resolve it. This technique can help encourage participation from individuals who feel less comfortable sharing their thoughts aloud. Its infuriating, yet surprisingly enlightening.

What if you would merge with your biggest competitor? Simple as that. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. For example, a team selling a new kitchen tool can ask this series of questions to develop its marketing strategy and messaging. Step 2. Look at yourWhat if question and ask yourself: Collect all cards, shuffle the cards and pick one at random. Thats just a (very) basic example, but you can clearly see how lateral thinking can be used to help inspire you. Read it out aloud, and ask all participants to use it as a stepping stoneto find creative solutions. When thinking about the future, we often engage in games of what if? considering optimistic and pessimistic scenarios that could happen. Not near a phone?,, Why you should make your challenge more challenging, 20 examples of business topics that benefit from creative thinking, How to generate thousands of ideas in mere minutes; the Morphological Matrix. This technique enables them to envision the best possible way to solve the problem without letting limitations interfere. Use your answers to generate new creative ideas for your challenge. Different points of view: what does it mean to other people. Perhaps its because of this, that adults are stereotypically perceived as having very little imagination. You can use all sorts of What if questions to get people thinking. However, this can be altered, depending on the number of people in your team and the time you wish to dedicate to your idea creation. Creativity says, what if this were the case? without assuming it is so. This is where the Charette Procedure comes into play as a super-useful way to manage more brains. Email us or fill out our Contact Form. Thinking about the product from the customer's perspective can enable the deal to develop ideas and solutions that meet their wants and needs. Dont hold back either, even the worst of ideas may have some use. The key to mind mapping is to take note of every idea that comes up. Simple all you need to do is ask or keep a record of all the problems/questions theyve had previously regarding your products and services. Glad you liked the article. Creating successful creative content is hard work. Similar to random word association, this method is a little more on the creative side of the spectrum. Generate answers Read it out loud, and ask all participants to use it as a stepping stone to finding creative solutions. The idea of a personal assistent can lead to ideas such as; Our company event could be a world trip with the entire team. Step 1. These responses demonstrate what not to do, enabling participants to develop solutions that reduce these contributing factors and lower turnover rates. Im a big fan of get up and go out. Unplugging from your desk for a few minutes can really help recharge your batteries in hopes of finding new inspiration for content and other marketing ideas. Exploring different cultures with your collegeas (Japanese food, Indian dance, Chinese theatre, American art etc. In this scenario, they can think of strategies for assigning manageable workloads and creating a more positive work environment. Ask every participant to generate his or her own list of creative What if questions Set approximately 3-5 minutes for this first step. They involve putting on a selection of metaphorical hats when it comes to making a decision. This technique can be useful in creativity, where fanciful what if questions can spark innovative ideas and lead to fresh insights and wonderful new discoveries. When discussing the ideal final result, participants should not consider restraints such as deadlines or budgets. For example, Checklist SCAMPER (Bob Eberle, 1971) contains such questions as What if you combined purposes or objectives?

In the gallery method, a group leader prepares stations with either personal whiteboards or flip chart paper. Its great for gaging public opinion and finding random suggestions for content. You can improve this trait by learning about and applying creativity techniques and exercises. your customers are no longer interested in your main product?

Twitter is an invaluable tool when it comes to idea generation. Beginning your creative content writing work with full gusto only to find yourself stuck after the first sentence is infuriating, but whats worse is staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity, willing good content ideas to appear from somewhere. 1. Ask participants to write each What if questionon a separateindex card. This creativity technique helps participants organize their ideas before they go into production.

In fact, a space dog would make a great mascot for any business so we could look at the best business mascots. Many of these techniques work incredibly well together, for example getting up and going out whilst also discussing topics with others, or changing your perspective, can bring about fantastic ideas as well. In a brainwriting session, the group identifies a problem statement or central idea related to their project. Once youre done, aim to offer solutions to each individual problem within the content that you create. For example, a team developing a new product, service or initiative may use creativity techniques to generate innovative ideas to pursue. Does that dog secretly long to be an astronaut? Hey Chloe, Thanks Im glad you like the ideas, they really do come in handy. Individuals can use metaphors to draw connections between concepts and generate ideas based on them. Challenge Assumptions is fundamental to lateral thinking and is a necessary exercise for reorganizing the current thought patterns to make better use of information when searching for alternative patterns. In the roleplaying technique, participants adopt character personas and imagine problems and solutions from their perspectives. Copyright All Rights Reserved. The "yes, and " technique comes from the world of improvisational theatre. Step 4. Use your answers to generate new ideas for your challenge. Great thoughts. Google Trends will show you up-to-date information on what people are searching for, and for an awesome visualisation of what the world is searching for, check this out. /Rttm%fH~ }iw:w The simplest answer is not always right. Then when you have a range of possibilities, ideas and solutions start thinking more evaluatively and pragmatically, thinning them down by asking what can we do. Try to make a connection between your What if scenarios and your existing situation. Instead of thinking of new ideas from scratch, use your most valuable business asset to your advantage your customers. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Say for example you have a client who sells tractors. Example The individual creates a list of similarities between the two objects, followed by a list of their differences. Here are some techniques that may help you generate more creative ideas and solve complex problems: Brainstorming is a common technique for generating ideas, and you can find various exercises and approaches for implementing this method. A big foodie thanks to her background in the hospitality industry, and a self-confessed geek, Sophie treats every day like a school day. Possibility thinking or what if and as if thinking allows us to see the objects in different ways and contexts stimulates a vision of the new possibilities and perspectives. Participants may feel more comfortable sharing ideas when they realize they will not receive judgments or dismissals. With mind mapping, participants write a problem statement in the center of a whiteboard or piece of paper. I loved this post. Reframing works by changing an interpretation in order to see something in a different way or frame. Young children are amazingly creative. You could use an online generator; you could flick through a dictionary; or you could write words on a bunch of plastic balls, throw them into the air, and then choose the words on the first two balls you catch. Alex Osborn, who is often coined as the father of brainstorming, established around 75 creative questions to help encourage ideas in his fantastic book, Applied Imagination. Eventually, the group can discuss these ideas together to identify the most viable solutions. Step 3. For example, a team may use metaphorical thinking to compare its business to a flower. I often get inspiration from the children I entertain. Have fun. Let your mind wander instead of focussing on a task so hard it hurts. Both objects track time, but a clock focuses on seconds, minutes and hours while a calendar focuses on dates. This technique asks participants to choose two objects. We could hire a personal assistent for every team member After sharing, the group can discuss these ideas aloud to determine which ones best suit the project's needs. When the times up, collect all cards, shuffle the cards and pick one at random. We think we want her on our pub quiz team. You may want to start adding these to a calendar, so you can see them at a glance. 2. Generate a What if question You may be too close to notice that there are faults visible from afar. For example, a map may serve as a metaphor for a place because it represents that place. For example, if an individual wants to improve their time management, they may choose a clock to represent the problem while a calendar represents a related object. Some really great ideas here, Ill definitely consider using them in the future! If you want to know about wine (and who doesnt?! After that, answers to questions are generated and connections with the existing problem are found. 4. What if Superman were facing this problem? The more ideas you generate, the bigger your chances of finding the right solution. Ask participants to write each What if the question on a separate index card. For example, a group may set a 5-minute timer and allow participants to share every idea they think of, no matter how unusual they may seem. Accumulate your answers and associations. This method can be used in a group or on your own, and you may find yourself wearing more than one hat at once (Of course if youre really bored you could always physically make the hats for instant entertainment!). I especially love the idea of the 6 thinking hats. The first object represents the problem they want to solve, and the second object is a related item. Take a walk around your local green space, indulge yourself in your own personal contemplation montage as you skim rocks across a pond. Teams often use storyboarding to plan advertising campaigns, video content, business proposals or presentations. They can also use metaphors to make abstract concepts more tangible. Farms also house animals. Methodological and theoretical grounds, Ellis Paul Torrance Father of Modern Creativity, Joy Paul Guilford One of the founders of the, Ernst Weber One of the Founders of Psychophysics, Edward Titchener Founder of Structural Psychology, How to make your life better already today, Carry your cross. This technique can help stimulate alternative ways of looking at a problem or solution and strengthen individuals' ideas. If youve ever played the Why? game with a kid, youll know exactly what Im talking about*. Thanks for giving us more tools for creativity. The end result will be much easier to visualise, compared to a static list. What if all humans were alike? A second participant can add to the idea by saying, "Yes, and we can improve our file management system by developing a spreadsheet to track patient records." Generate ideas Get started by choosing a word thats associated with your business. e6)EIgf"{lf||U7$8GzR'F5'_)F]TH_rGetd|lF hV23dp",5g;p~Y7U?K We solve most problems in a linear fashion, i.e. Sometimes you can get too attached to your own work, I know I always do it. Then they return to their original station and continue developing their initial ideas, using the ideas of the other group members for inspiration. Either individually or as a group, participants develop a list of words or phrases associated with that concept. Take one and see where it leads. Try looking at the bigger picture. The individual can use these similarities or differences to spark ideas to help manage their time more effectively, such as scheduling their tasks hourly or planning their week in advance. you would get a thousand new clients in 1 day? 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For example, a team might want to reduce employee turnover. People underestimate the value of being bored. if something happens it must have been because of. I like this a lot Harry, really useful. Like brainstorming, the group can set a timer and write as many ideas as possible. And, dont forget - its free, so why havent you signed up already?

They can use the following questions and their responses to develop marketing messages that address their target customers' needs: What would customers use this tool to do? Next, think of as many words associated with the initial word and see if you can make a connection between them that fits in with what your business offers. This is essentially a list of questions that you should ask yourself before beginning your work. (Plus Related Careers).css-r5jz5s{width:1.5rem;height:1.5rem;color:inherit;display:-webkit-inline-box;display:-webkit-inline-flex;display:-ms-inline-flexbox;display:inline-flex;-webkit-flex:0 0 auto;-ms-flex:0 0 auto;flex:0 0 auto;height:1em;width:1em;margin:0 0 0.25rem 0.25rem;vertical-align:middle;}. This technique begins with an invitation to write down the questions starting with the words What if? In the process of implementing this method individually or in a group, generate a list of provocative What if questions. What would happen if this were to occur? Step 1. Thanks for sharing. You can even brainstorm some of these from past experiences or by putting yourself in the customers shoes and looking at the potential issues from their perspective. Luckily, if youve hit that creative wall, there are several techniques you can execute to get those creative juices flowing again.