The St. John the Baptist Church in Andheri is a must visit for anyone fascinated by architecture. Portuguese-era Catholic church dating back to the 16th-century, with a sprawling cemetery & convent. The entire construction was initiated in 1676. Divinity, Peace and Positive aura is all what defines this place. As soon as the service started I felt home <3. The spire belongs to the Church of St. John the Evangelist, also known as the Afghan Church., It's an old and memorable church, it build in the memories of those died the Afghan war. Quantity (no. One of the iconic landmarks of Bandra West! Hindus often visit temples to pay obeisance to the Almighty, offer their prayers and seek blessings. That's a great experience. Nearby to the Arabian sea, the church was built was a cross-shaped floor plan. All that remains today of the church are its ruins. A historical church dating back to the 18th century, It has been rebuilt tho. The Prasad here is also very tasty. We traveled from Prabhadevi. purification lady church uran virgin velankanni matha churches Novenas services will continue to be held online on our YouTube channel OLPS MAHIM. Worship caters to the young and the old. I visited this church 13 years back ,in 2009 . My dad was buried in the cemetery here. But seems amazing

Built by the Portuguese, the church is among the oldest in the city and is a great example of a heritage monument with its architecture and features. But i managed to get inn and saw every corner of this place. Built in 1579 and abandoned in 1840 after an epidemic, this Church is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young bride who was either murdered or who committed suicide around 300 years ago. The alter is pretty basic but holds a significant meaning! If you're in town visiting and looking for a church, or even just looking for somewhere to belong, this is the place to be. We didn't know that they close it from 1pm to 3pm. Just beyond it is a building which looks rather simple, with plaster almost coming off the walls. The statue of Risen Christ immediately makes you feel like home! 16, Babulnath Rd, Charni Road, Babulnath, Dadi Sheth Wadi, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007, India. I was a part of the Avatar community for 6 years. A must visit church. As its name suggests, Mahalaxmi Temple is devoted to the Goddess Mahalaxmi (the Great Laxmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity). St. Andrews Church catches your eye from across the street with its interesting quotes. (Translated by Google) Devi mata ka mandir Did my schooling from here miss my old days , the building remains the same old Heritage Sacred Heart Boys High School special childhood memories miss my old days had big ground remember we use to play football during our free time and also after schools our timming was weird 8.45 - 4 pm earlier i guess they have morning school now. The place apart from the main dome has a garden where one can sit with a picnic cloth.

Built around 1905, the Cathedral of the Holy Name is the seat of the Archbishop of Bombay. The Church was completed in September 1853. The Afghan Church is known to have one of the most expensive spires. I was in awe of the place An unique world heritage site, magnificent and beautiful. Overall a nice experience. Visit the famous Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, devoted to Lord Ganesh.

I get lot of calmness and peace. It might not look much from outside, but its altar surely is an emanation of the grandeur Gothic architecture is known for. The magnificent golden Global Pagoda is the highlight at one of the Top Vipassana Meditation Centers in India. The Afghan Church is known to have one of the most expensive architecture. This huge church has sculptures of Mother Mary and Jesus, St Francis, St John Baptist, Mother Theresa. Good church in colaba southernmost part of Mumbai. Everyone is so welcoming, even if you're a new person. Huge ground, breezy location.

The real name of this church is Church of St.John the Evangelist. This is home. You will feel blessed to visit here and pray. But events, programs, and the building aside, they really embody Philippians 1:3-11 for me. It depends on when you visit! Just lovely! It has a unique blue exterior and tall towers in the front of the church. Located near byculla railway station and byculla zoo. The 1st cave is majestic, the rock cut statues and reliefs are beautiful. The growing needs of the parish necessitated the building of a larger Church, and so in September, 1938, Archbishop Thomas Roberts, S.J. We scoured through the internet and read through. It's so Lively that one would feel as if Mataji would just speak with Now a Jain Tirth, this temple is located at Malabar Hill in South Mumbai. People of all faith are welcomed. Sunday: 6:00 am, 7:00 am, 8:00 am, 9:15 a.m, 11:00 am (Malayalam) and 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm. A fine example of Victorian architecture, the Afghan Church has a stunning spire which is 198 feet tall. A rustic church placed in one of the oldest parts of Mumbai. The temple was built in 1780, following the discovery of buried idols. One of the oldest church in Mumbai spacious and huge here you have huge parking space Serene experience. However this Babulnath Mahadev Shiv temple is one of very oldest shiv temple in south Mumbai. Save all the best places to visit with Wanderlog, Download the travel planning app everyone's been raving about, Travenix - Explore | Discover | Celebrate,,,,,, Located at Nariman Point in Mumbai is another popular church in the city, the St. Thomas Cathedral. Its still unforgettable in my memories. Temple was closed when we went at 4pm. Beautiful marble niches with history of fallen soldiers. The foundation stone of construction was laid down by Sir George Clerk in 1847. Built initially by francisscans and later transferred to the secular clergy this church has a magnificent alter and a left and right wing typical of many churches especially francissan .This church was earlier named as st.antony but then renamed as st.john around 400 years ago itself . Completed in 1618, this is a colonial monument that once stood at the eastern gateway of the British East India Companys fort, thus lending the name to the neighborhood of Churchgate. As this church stood at the gateway of the British East India Company, the surrounding area came to be known as Churchgate. The frescoes and the geometrical designs on the ceiling and walls are key features of this building. Modest Hindu temple, originally constructed in the 12th century, abutting the Banganga water tank. Located on the Mahim Causeway Intersection, the church's current structure dates back to 1973 and is simple and minimalistic in design. It has become part of my daily morning routine to attend the online mass and then go to work.

The structure is hard to spot from afar as it seamlessly blends in with the vintage backdrop of the old city. Peaceful place In the compound, there is a pristine statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. While Christmas is a good time to visit the church but most people think that the best time to visit it is during the annual Bandra Fair that takes place during the week after September 11, which is the feast day of Mary, mother of Jesus. This 100 year old The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount is undeniably the favourite church of every other Mumbaikar. Lift facilities . Do visit when I r in Thane . We can see the old church also behind the new church. With a different perspective towards practising religion, the Living Word Church in the heart of Bandra has taken birth over forty years back. The Google position is given at a wrong place. It was clean, easy parking available. Where: 3 Veer Nariman, Fort, Mumbai. The original chapel was erected by an Armenian woman called Rose Nesbit. Very peaceful. Although famous back in its time, John the Baptist Church is now is an abandoned and desolate property in SEEPZ Industrial premises in Andheri. This is a great church to be a part of. As the name suggests, Mount Mary's Basilica sits atop a small hill overlooking the ocean. The Babulnath Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, in the form of a Babul tree (a type of acacia native to India).

Officially named, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Mount Mary Basilica is perhaps the most colonial-looking among the top churches in Mumbai. The International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement, was founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in July 1966, in New York. however its like a hidden gem among the suburbs of Bandra and Mumbai. It's a very well done up church, both the actual building and the overall property. I have been following the online masses ever since my husband passed away last year on April 7. St.Peters church is in the bustling suburb of Bandra is one of the most stunning in the city. The sum simmering down the stained glass windows, the limestone edifice, long aisle and the magnificent bells are a sight to see. Moderate rush on this area The church is usually crowded on Wednesdays as their Wednesday Novena is quite popular. One of the beautiful church that I have come across. Love each and everyone who is part of this church. There's a cafeteria and food plaza which isn't overpriced but does have rates a bit higher than outside. Nearest railway station is Grant road. Just that it is on a good height. The Our Lady of Lourdes Church is one of the oldest churches in suburban Mumbai. Location: (19.0465581, 72.8224747). It was demolished in 1911 and rebuilt in 1913 at its present location in Byculla, opposite the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum (and Jija Mata Udyaan). Sunday masses for max 50 people on first come basis are at 6.30am ,7.30am, 8.30 am and 9.30 am. St. Peters Church was built in 1938 to provide a haven for the poor parishioners in Bandra. A place of pure solace and serenity. Its a wonderful worship place with awesome fellowship! It's renowned for its delicate frescoes, pipe organ, a gift from various Popes including the huge bell that hangs outside the church -- it was a gift from Pope Paul VI who visited in 1964. This is a very beautiful church. The headstones had heart touching msgs that made me feel sad but made me smile through the tears too. Peter Pereira Road, Opp. It's located high on top of a hill, the view is beautiful. Vintage stone and amazing architecture, I couldn't get inside, nor go to the front of the church This temple has a long history. To cater to the needs of the inhabitants of Bandra during the colonial era, St Stephens church was built for the British protestant Christians in 1853. Architecture is of a typical 18th century type. Well maintained and must visit place to see .

I loved this place so much, as I had going to every year on this place of every 25th December of Christmas Eve. You need to show your double vaccine certificate for entry. Lived in Mumbai for 20 years but never knew this place. Mumbai is built on what was once an archipelago ofseven islands:Isle of Bombay,Parel,Mazagaon,Mahim,Colaba,Worli, andOld Woman's Island(also known asLittle Colaba). Mary Hill. The churchs magnificent beauty has inspired many filmmakers, and it has been featured in popular movies like Amar Akbar Anthony and Rockstar. The security said that structure can collapse anytime so not to touch or go inside. This church located in West Bandra is the symbol of Christianitys entry in Mumbai. Do visit if in that part of the city. The caves are well maintained, toilet and resting areas are there, many eateries including MTDC hotel are there. One can walk for 15 min to reach here or taken an sharing auto or the best BEST BUS (211, 214, 219 all AC charging just 6/-). The church is well known for its quirky messages on the signboards outside so look out for them. The love and warmth makes you feel loved and special. Yes, there is a graveyard which is also totally covered by trees and nobody took care of it. But, it has a catch. God bless each & every living body in the place.. Though dating back to just the 19th century, its architecture is reminiscent of an artistic movement prevalent much earlier, the Romanesque style, something youd find in a place like Pisa.

A very lovely church. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates. I am on my way back home .. just left but I guess i left my heart behind too.. Gothic architecture. Rev. "When life gets too hard to stand. Dont visit unless you lnow the temple is opened. Inside, You'll feel like you've had a European get away. The experience of visiting a temple leaves a devotee immensely satisfied, happy and rejuvenated. Spacious church, peaceful arena, big parking lot and a peaceful cremation ground to Rest in Peace. This church is over 300 years old, no extra structures are added, all are intact, well maintained and in its original form. The garden offers amazing view of Marine Drive viz.

The first Anglican church in Mumbai, St. Thomas's dates back to 1718. Jain temple and Maa padmavati temple. This church is located in Mahim. This church is situated in South Mumbai in the suburb of Mazgaon. Jain temples are usually the most elaborate ones in India, and the Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji temple is no exception. (Translated by Google) ARYON This community really became my family in Mumbai. There was a small cemetery at tbe back side that had graves as old as the colonial times or perhaps older. Built by Portuguese Jesuits in 1579 and abandoned after a plague in 1840, it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Mumbai! Hands down one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. There were lights and a Christmas-y vibe! The holy wish granting Basilica of the Mount is a 100-year-old Roman Catholic Basilica that stands tall on a hill in Bandra (then known as Bandora). Also called Our Lady of Glory Church, Gloria Church was initially constructed by the Franciscans, who had come from Portugal, in a style reminiscent of their land. (Original) Timings are 9-6 Toilet and drinking water facilities Just lovely! Historic Jain place of worship featuring intricately carved marble & vibrantly painted figures. Historic, Portuguese-built 1500s church popular even among non-Catholics for its Wednesday novenas. The classic colonial architecture of this church sets it apart from the backdrop it lays in. 3, Veer Nariman Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023, India. There is big enough parking available and the temple is clean and well maintained. It measured approximately 100 by 75 feet. Very good place to experience the warmth and love of God through genuine fellowship. Rating:4.2/5 Peaceful air, motivational prayer, great full to have this church. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates. And Gorai Beach is just not more than 3kms from this place. The mighty church sits along one of the main streets and is a point of attraction for the followers and the tourists who visit Mumbai. It sits 1,000 feet above sea level. The sermons are very peaceful and beautiful service. Inside the church, noteworthy relics include the intricate gravestones of former Archbishops and a beautifully carved marble altar. The church is popular for the Novenas held on Wednesdays and devotees pay their respects to mother Virgin Mary on this day as well. Built in 1905, the Cathedral of the Holy Name, or the Wodehouse Church in Colaba is a Neo-Gothic stone monument that is among the most renowned Catholic churches in Mumbai. They have temperature check at the entrance gate, hand sanitization before entering the church and devotees are requested to sit on the marks placed on the benches (for maintaining proper social distance) A very well and strongly built building of heritage status. One of the best church that I visited, divine place, I really enjoy with my family, church build in 1904 Well maintained and feast is in September 1st week . But, step inside and you will realise why I hailed it as the best church in Mumbai as far as the ornamentation is concerned. Cathedral of the Holy Names geometrical designs on its ceilings are a fine example of Neo-Gothic architecture. So I keep coming here often. One of the oldest RC church in Mumbai.Church is build by Portuguese . Okay, so I was here since my friend has invited me to his sisters marriage.. It is a must visit for midnight mass. This place is like goi back in time. Global Pagoda Road near Esselworld Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091, India. Take the long flight of steps, lined with vendors selling everything from sweets to saris, up to the temple from the Arabian Sea. It was a new experience for me. There are a few churches in Mumbai in the city that can come close to the stunning beauty this one possesses. It stands tall on the Bandra hill, attracting people from all the faiths. Lift facility available Thank you. Its stained-glass windows, brick red floor tiles with geometric patterns, stucco work on walls and high ribbed-vaulted ceiling draw your attention at once. A must visit place for just peaceful vibes and for an architecture which is a treat to eyes. The community is very vibrant too. In 1977, an exorcism was held here to rid the place of this spirit and one can read about it in the book Ghosts, Occults & Exorcists: True and Real Experiences, written by PS Ganesan based on his own experience.By Aparna Bhat.

Good kids Work and a fun place to be on a Sunday morning. The 198-foot structure was built in 1850 at the then-whopping figure of Rs. It shows him in his three different aspects -- creator, protector, and destroyer. Also there nearly located mahim dargah and beach also. God bless you all. Youll get bus or other travelling sources from Bandra station. We were just talking walk around CST and happened to come across this while visiting nearby hotel. Must visit if ur visiting south Mumbai i.e on Mother's Day. The land on which the chapel (and now St Anns Church) was built was her farmland, on the Island of Mazgaon where she lived with her parents. I always have a peaceful experience visiting this church. Thank you to all the volunteers and guards who work hard to keep us safe. No board, no timings or contact information outside temple. Amazing architecture. Every where you see in this church will leave you awestruck! Rating:4.7/5 Pray, meditate and calm your mind. Thus getting its peculiar name. Today Good Friday and start of the Lenten Walk by Brother Joe of Cross ..I am a Muslim but show my solidarity walking with my Christian brethren. The parish priest and his team have done a wonderful job to keep and renovate the place. The Mumbadevi Temple is dedicated to the goddess Mumba, whom the city of Mumbai was named after, and that's what makes this otherwise unremarkable temple noteworthy. (222) Reviews. Clean,serene surrounding. Built between 1512 and 1585 as per various accounts, St Michals Church is the oldest Christian house of worship in the city. Magical! Constructed in 1767, this church has been maintained so well that it still draws the attention and awe today. The wooden doors open to a massive space adorned with beautiful glass paintings, arches, and relics of the Catholic faith. church st juhu josephs Located at the high altar are the statues of the Sacred Heart, the statue of Our Lady and St. Andrew. Location: (19.0651347, 72.9140604). Please correct the Google position. This parish gives various opportunities for the youths and adults to do service for the Lord and the people. 10 Churches In Mumbai With Awe-Striking Architecture That Are A Must Visit In 2021!

This church will always be family to me. St John the Baptist Church is surely not a place for the faint-hearted. Enduring hillside Hindu temple with ornate exterior carvings & views of the sea. This church in particular has a very wide open area at the front of the building that is used for large gatherings one many occasions. I have been very happy to be a member of this church where the Lord Jesus Christ only is building His own church. One of the best churches in Bandra, Mount Mary Basilica attracts a large number of people, especially during the grand Bandra fair. Avatar is a good mix of locals and expats, and they really love people well. Key features of this place: am happy to find such a place .Hope one day to visit again, Calm peacefully divine place. We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Mumbai for each month of the year: see the links below for more information. The temple complex in Mumbai opened in 1978 against all odds. A brown brick building, it has typical pointed arches along with two towers, each crowned with a Latin cross. Inside the church you can see wooden pillars and gorgeous stained-glass windows that add to the charm of this peaceful place. Good Church.. lots of light and cross ventilation. 103 - 17/A MADHAVI, LINK ROAD, Eastern Freeway, Indian Oil Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043, India. One of the other great churches in Mumbai, in the old Mumbai region. Located in the SEEPZ industrial estate, this is not a place for the faint-hearted. The statue inside it was brought by Jesuits from Portugal in the 16th century and was placed in the main altar of a small oratory on top of this hill. Shopping gallery Two years later, it was rebuilt in Byculla inthe English Gothic style. ARYON. Rickshaws are hard to get at night However, I did not study here, I love this place. This 60-meter structure once served as a landmark for ships in the harbor. Location: (19.085341, 72.829838). The church was visited by many people that day and the prayer began as we went there. This is one of those churches in Mumbai that is a part of the citys suburban area. (24) Reviews, Church is lovely and the service is just mind bogling. Nothing to see here :-(, (Translated by Google) Jai eyes on This is a very beautiful church . Located between Chimbai village and Bandstand, this church was recently in the news for turning 400 years old. The gates only opens one every year on second sunday of May. Standing unfettering for about four centuries, this church came into existence in 1575 during the Portuguese rule in Bombay. The real name of this church is Church of St John the Evangelist; however, it is popularly called the Afghan Church in memory of those who died in the First Afghan War of 1838. Public toilet available Meditation Hall Here you can admire the painted stained glass windows and the beautiful arched roof under which lies a gorgeous altar made from marble. The famous Bandra fair especially, attracts people of every faith. We felt strong presence of Holy Spirit inside. The church as it stands today was built in 1938 on the site of the older structure from 1853, and emulating its Romanesque style.

A statue of Christ the Redeemer in the front welcomes you to a building decorated with arches and glass paintings.

In the main hall, which is supported by large pillars, you'll find the imposing Mahesamurti sculpture of Lord Shiva. The place has a serene peaceful atmosphere with cool breeze passing by. The exquisite church is also the reason for the nearby railway station being named Churchgate. Gloria church is situated in Byculla and is a prestigious and old Roman Catholic Church. Church is situated in a very calm and quiet place even if it is in the middle of Powai. With favorites like Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, St. Andrew's Church, and St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai and more, get ready to experience the best places in Mumbai. The New Church: As far back as August 1887, the then Archbishop of Bombay issued the following appeal: The poor parish of St. Peters Bandora, numbers with the orphans (boys and girls) 2215 souls and has for a church the floor of the boys Orphanage. St Andrews Church, Bandra is one of the oldest churches in the city, dating back to 400 years.It has a very interesting story to tell as well, like most of the churches in Mumbai.

Car Parking is plentiful Regardless Of Whether Youre Religious Or Not, You Have To Visit These Churches In Mumbai! The Basilica of the Mount is more than 100 years old, the church has a wooden statue of Mother Mary believed to have been brought by the Portuguese Jesuits during the 16th century. First of all our Hindu Temple doesn't require any ratings or reviews, they are unique and place very spiritual place in our heart. The new Church has been built on the site of the old and has been designed on the Romanesque style, this is one of the best example of awesome architecture! , you might exclaim, and you are justified, for how would a church be part of Afghan history?. Everyone is very welcoming and make you feel like a family. Very rude people in this area. I am happy that I visited here. Spacious and very beautiful temple. With a glorified past, St. Theresas Church was founded by His Lordship the Rt. 10-12 mins by rickshaw. very holy place. Striking Catholic church with roots in the 16th century, featuring stained glass & brickwork. Open Christmas mass held every year and people of all faiths can attend to experience (was suspended this year due to pandemic). Special silence and peace. With helping hands from St. Andrews Church and Mount Mary Chapel, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bandra was established in 1894. This place is much too small and is ill-suited for divine service. St. Stephens Church in Bandra is quaint and offers visitors a view of the ocean. In 1977, an exorcism was held here to rid the place of this spirit and one can read about it in the book Ghosts, Occults & Exorcists: True and Real Experiences, written by PS Ganesan based on his own experience. The Baslica of Our Lady of the Mount Church also known as the Mount Mary Church is located in the posh locality of Bandra in Mumbai. The church is open for prayers and veneration from 5.30 am to 8 pm. Really good mid week meetings that help you stay connected. One of the oldest church in Thane. While many Hindu temples only allow Hindus to enter, thereby adding to the religions mystery, this temple welcomes everyone with its open door policy. A scene from the iconic Bollywood film Amar, Akbar, Anthony was shot inside Glory Church. It opened its doors for worship in 1905. Where: 115, Hill Rd, Old Rajaram Wadi, Bandra West, Mumbai. However, its design was later changed and the church was reconstructed using traditional English Gothic architecture. mumbai