And it has nothing to do with race or racism, its about a tyrannical, anti-privacy government. weighing options

Google Drive is one of the most convenient and user-friendly cloud storage solutions, but its stance on user privacy leaves a lot to be desired. The first and most obvious criterion for this list is that the cloud storage service in question has to offer a free plan, and the bigger the better. This first file I backed up to one drive, the very first KMS crack, is still there. Thx, Good question. Its not like for over the past 50+ years they have been wiretapping phones, using facial rec. How the hell do you think they can display convenient previews for your files, like with pictures? Ads built directly into software feels like a dated approach to free versions. P.S. I dont know which one is secure and I will not lose my files, and which of these cloud drives are safe and trust-able. Sometimes it helps, but still, like censorship. Thanks for the tips, looking forward to spreading more of my personal crap all over the cloud. Has anyone used any of them? Granted, you might not necessarily care about the privacy of the files you upload to your free cloud storage, in which case theres probably no better option than Google Drive. I have to agree. please tell me. If youre wondering how and pCloud fare against each other in our free cloud storage battle, our vs pCloud comparison should help, but theyre both at the top of our best cloud storage for sharing. Its irreverent. Hope that someone can give me a recommendation. And soon theyll have social credits as well, scary stuff. Believe it or not, in this matter Russia has more freedom than US and many EU countries. Storage space available (2TB to 10TB) Thank you. You trust your fellow citizens to not do that to you youre a fo well youre just not in touch with that part of Reality. google data center servers company cloud engadget But as I cant neither complain nor get surprised if the above mentioned companies shut down their free storage services, I had to sign up for a 100 GB Google Drive account for USD 1.99/mo and I got a 1-year-free 1 TB account at MS Onedrive because I bought an Office 360 subscription. Youve reached the end, so that means youve probably made a decision on which free cloud storage service you want to try.

I use a simple copies rule: Its still a quick, easy-to-use online storage option for users, but even though you can get a free Dropbox account, you only get 2GB of free storage, which is less than almost every other provider on this list, and nowhere near MEGAs allowance (read our Dropbox vs MEGA comparison). Same here dude. If you do, feel free to choose a domestic solution, not a Chinese one! Although it offers the most online storage for free, Degoo is still a bad deal considering there are unlimited options like Backblaze and Carbonite out there. ADrive is a company that believes in free storage., not anymore theyre cutting off their free plan and turning adrive into premium only. Seriously? You can check out our review first for a more detailed look at the service. Thanks I get free unlimited storage from Google Drive for life but looking for a free back up storage for my most important files. Metadata is often left in plain text, too, for indexing. - Writer, Former Chief Editor. Well kick things off with our favorite, which is pCloud. Ha! Despite these omissions, it still makes for an excellent basic cloud storage option if what youre looking for is a way to sync files between multiple devices and share them with other people. Free users receive 10GB of space for free, although you can increase the free 10GB up to 49GB with sign-up referrals, and gain 200MB each for installing the mobile app, connecting your Twitter account and tweeting about it. Beyond the free 10GB of storage you get instantly upon signup, Icedrive also offers some very reasonably priced paid plans that you can upgrade to if you require more space. Has anybody had a good experiences with shared folders. I installed p-cloud in my laptop and the free version gives me only 4 GB storage! You dont have to do anything if you already have a Google account, as the Google Drive storage is included as standard. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Well, I understand you have seen Russia only on the map, because this is absolute bullshit. If you already have a safety deposit box you could put your hard drive there too. For example, you can set up complex backup rules and schedules, backup external devices or network attached storage, and even restore your data by receiving a physical device in the mail. Well Icedrive is another free storage I use and, I read many articles related to free storage but couldnt find Icedrive anywhere. Lets start with our favorite free provider. Just not very private. hey if I use google drive as I do now. Yes, most services that do encrypt also keep the encryption keys, which is what lets them allow file previews, streaming, etc. But I do like Mega, too, which is also zero knowledge. I work with more than 1 service as I run a small business and surviving a data loss is critical. About the same feeling living in the US also. 4. Not only does Koofr integrate with Microsoft Office, allowing you to create and edit documents directly in its app, it also lets you link other cloud storage accounts so that you can manage files stored with all of them from one place. We actually like Icedrive a lot, we just havent updated this article since publishing the review then all you do is log in from your phone and the desktop app and boom, 4tb. I need to share data with two others. It also happens to be something Ive been learning a lot about myself lately :). What happens to my data if company fails and is extinct? This means that you can take advantage of the free plan of all four cloud storage services totaling 32GB and access it all from the same app. So do they or dont they? They were giving me WD disk with all my cloud files loaded in that at a discounted price. LOL !!! If youre looking for more storage space than 5GB and also need a document software suite, theres probably no better deal than OneDrive. Its 100GB of free storage is the only thing worth mentioning about this provider. Theres also a pCloud Lifetime plan. Google for Education is a free service that school administrators can sign up for and offer their staff and students. Discover files through a search option via console The only big hoop is that you need to go to your account info on and add your email so you can log in from the PC client. 8. I usually use 2-3 google accounts for 2-3 important directories. If you have two copies, consider you have one. As we approach the end of our list, we reach some of the more niche cloud storage providers out there. Features like block-level syncing, collaboration tools and upload links for folders are all missing. We strive to eventually have every article on the site fact checked. Be sure to find information about how in Russia for likes and repost messages in social. You literally listed off the worst three. Weve compared Google Drive vs OneDrive in a separate review, but take a look at our OneDrive review for a clearer picture of the service on its own. Although 20GB is the cap, the company has been known to remove it if you email them.

the simplified version of it? Beyond that, the standard criteria for cloud storage apply: features, speed, ease of use, security, privacy and customer support. The very fact that you are comparing US to China as equal censorship just tells me you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You can tell that an article is fact checked with the Facts checked by symbol, and you can also see whichCloudwards.netteam member personally verified the facts within the article. Could some one express his/her experience with Box? Although its not quite as easy to use for day-to-day cloud storage tasks like other entries on this list such as or Google Drive, the addition of online backup features makes up for that in many ways. Ive tried many, but Mega, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive are the bestpCloud is greatooII use it to stream music. Mega is by far the best one.

If youve used any of the products weve listed, or if you disagree with any of our comments, let us know about your experiences in the comments below. Soudn familiar . Im using one-drive, google-drive, drop box, and also I started to use Mega. Since your data is guaranteed to be analyzed spec. But not sure which one exactly. It lacks most of the advanced or unique features offered by providers like, nor does it focus on security and privacy like MEGA or Icedrive does. Someone in Belize has our data right now! Thanks for the heads up about Adrive.

Every cloud storage service listed in this article has a free plan and we discuss those free plans. You may not believe me, but google the information, you will be unpleasantly surprised that such a thing exists. When you combine the fact that it has almost no features, ads built into the free client and a troubling privacy policy, its a difficult service to recommend. Because of its location in the European Union, all of Koofrs customers are protected by the GDPR, and the service scores well for both security and privacy. pClouds 10GB offer is yours for good no limits, no problems. RU and its owner, as well as the owner of Yandex and their entire team, as well as Kaspersky and other companies from the Russian Federation have been proven through court blocked in the territories of MANY countries as companies promoting and developing international terrorism, the occupation of other territories. Were always wary of providers that claim to offer outrageous amounts of storage, like 1TB free cloud storage. And you trust the so-called US government after 9/11? so is it safe to use dropbox? The only good thing there is to say about MediaFires free plan is that its free. Every single cloud storage service/app I use is on the list. The ill-advised 1TB, Yahoo owned, Flickr storage has gone now that its been sold off to SmugMug. No, there is no such thing as free unlimited cloud storage, and you regard any such offer with a great deal of suspicion. On its own, iCloud is unimpressive. Was going through the comments and it was hilarious, from political mistrust to so much whining about lack of features. Some months ago, there was a myriad of free storage services like Copy, Surdoc, MEOCloud, LG Storage, and so on Then, one by one, these services started to stop its activities (MEOCloud didnt stop, but limited the use for Portuguese users). Most cloud storage services encrypt files at rest on their servers. Thats why we tend to recommend and other so-called zero-knowledge services above Dropbox, Google Drive and other big name services. Theres no way of knowing wether the provider has the key or not. As companies that collected data in their soc. Auto syncing feature (Like, Mega or Sync[dot]com) There are a handful of cloud storage services that dont keep encryption keys, such as (which is why doesnt provide file previews, btw). The total amount of backup I need is 20GB and for many gmail accounts I have enough storage space without worrying about losing important data. Google has been known to scan your files without permission, and if they dont like what they find, theyll terminate your account. I dont get why it is always underrated in these lists. I never back up private data to the cloud But onedrive, gdrive, and MEGA all have my files after years. I downloaded DropBox and 2GB was just not enough for me to get started. Theres also no file size limit, making it one of the best cloud storage options for large files. I will definitely try some of the excellent suggestions mentioned. This is my case, everybody is free to spend their money as they wish, I just dont feel that my files are safe in any cloud, other than MY OWN ! Some level of trust must be in place for us to even want to pay someone to store our data. If you need 4TB you can get a 360microcloud account at How long? Not sure what youre missing. Global data-centers Youll find instructions in your guide on using Google Drive:, its called sync (connect in 2 way.. from gadget to server also server to gadget).. so everything changes in any gadgets will affect the server too.. best way to manage this by log it out.. or uninstall the sync client, Just a quick observation to those commenting on using a Chinese cloud rather than a US one.

You get 10GB of free storage space that scales up to 10TB on the paid plans, all of which are very cheap considering the amount of storage they come with.

Im looking for a free cloud storage service with very strong PDF search abilities to find search terms and display the results to searches in context (e.g. Even says neither country is trustworthy. Actually, you can sign up with phone number from anywhere. Accessed from anywhere The company also offers a great degree of transparency in that you can download all the personal data it has on you, and its GDPR compliant to boot. There are also ads built into the client, which is unusual for cloud storage, even when its free. Yes, it is analyzing social media, like Google and Facebook do. Take a cold shower. I must investigate further. With our last two providers, we start scraping the bottom of the barrel for free cloud storage. Everyone knows that the US and China government is not too be trusted and since one of my sisters (seven sisters) works for private security company whos sole employer is the US government. Does anyone have any suggestions? MEGA is well known, and it also offers even better encryption than GDrive or any of the others, and it doesnt send your data to the NSA whenever they ask for it (I think they will delete stuff to comply with DMCA takedown requests, you know, so they dont get sued and shut down again). This article is not about choosing a cloud service because of political reasons or distrust. MEGA is another service that makes it onto our overall top-ranked cloud storage, and a large part of that is its very generous free plan. Degoo offers the largest free online storage, but it really has nothing else going for it. Each article that we fact check is analyzed for inaccuracies so that the published content is as accurate as possible.

So even if they perform encryption on your files, they can decrypt whenever the hell they please. Are we missing an option on our list? So, it is not 10 G.B. LUCKY YOU !!! For instance, you can save Word documents and other Microsoft Office files straight to your OneDrive storage. Anything that has to do with the Chinese (China country), privacy is a huge NO-NO and a big concern. You know, you can always bury it in the ground. Let us know if you liked the post. You can always use more than one as a backup, and have n copies of each file stored on n storage sites. con Strong privacy laws from Canada (where is based) help to make it one of the most secure cloud storage providers on our list too. Mail. most of the Chinese cloud company are leak all of the data and cannot secure it safely. Time Machine vs Arq vs Duplicati vs Cloudberry Backup. The biggest problem with the service (apart from the price of its paid plans) is the fact that it lacks zero-knowledge encryption.

we are more and more forced into paid subscriptions. ) my 1TB External HD already been full, and none of these free cloud sites could provide 100GB free storage.

People were using it for photo backup with their whole collections set to private and not actually photo sharing which was the point of the website. While its new to the cloud storage scene, Icedrive is already an excellent provider that offers 10GB of free space for anyone who signs up. File syncing isnt included, and you cant really share your files with others.

4.WEIYUN (TENCENT) Uploading is limited and a propos, When I delete the files on my computer, will they all so disappear from Google Drive? This comment is the closest to what I was thinking reading the comments left. But I need more storage and dont wanna pay $10/ month for a TB storage so how bout open source services?

social marketing comparison chart between compare business comparing linkedin advertising brand google promotion choosing type communications tools sbmarketingtools invest money If youre an Apple user who doesnt want to think too much about your cloud storage, then iCloud is probably the solution for you. Agree with Alex! if I have to use up to 20 accounts per day? Its not surprising that the granddaddy of sync-based cloud storage has some of the most advanced syncing features on the market. 3.YUNPAN 360 CN (WANGPAN) Although they claim 36 MEGA is available on basically every platform, including Linux operating systems as well as Android and iOS devices. Thank You, Wish this helped someone. is the best zero-knowledge cloud storage provider out there, with AES 256-bit file encryption and two-factor authentication included as standard (its also our best encrypted cloud storage provider). We have many articles on good cloud storage solutions that will help you learn more about this. pCloud is our favorite free cloud storage service and our second favorite provider overall. This has not been widely publicized, and therefore I will not accept such migration. Thanks for the feedback, Yunar. MEGA, our fourth pick, offers the largest free plan (20GB) out of any quality provider on this list, but isnt quite as polished as the top three. How can we be sure that our files will never be lost, e.g., when the company goes out of business or decides to end its online storage service? It doesnt have anywhere near the number of file-sharing and syncing features that others on this list have, and its terrible privacy policy puts it in the same category as Microsoft or even Google. Although 100GB sounds incredibly generous on the surface, its actually not that much, given that there are backup providers that offer unlimited storage for less than $7 per month. Note, tho, that Icedrive currently offers 10GB, not 20. Koofr is a service thats usually let down by its steep price, but users of its free plan dont have to worry about that. They are running a sign-up promotion of 100GB.

Thank you. It is said that Degoo doesnt save other users data to your hard disk any more(p2p), they use the mainstream servers now but reading the terms and conditions you agree to just that.

2.DEGOO- it might be lovely but its a problem to switch

The service is big , so something solution may be figured out. If you need to you can sign up from their phone app which was super painless. You now get 10GB of storage for free, but theres no achievement or referral program to expand this further. I just signed up with them so my take of their service is good thus far. Signed on today and see I need to move 45GB of data grrrr! And you say google this or google thatgoogle? You can further increase this generous allowance by completing what MEGA calls achievements.. SPEAK UP ! Its the cloud provider that made the whole idea of cloud storage seem possible back when it launched in 2007, and although it isnt the best cloud drive available these days, its decent overall and worthy of a spot on this list. And this company is directly connected with the government and cooperates with it directly transferring user data, all their information, visits, history of working with the application, and so on to the appropriate authorities. I believe there will be an upswelling of user protest when it is known Google is backing off the modest 15 GB free storage allowance. Known troubles? I personally use the iCloud for my photos and documents and have a another backup on Mega. If you prefer Office apps over the likes of Google Docs and value the built-in integration with Windows, then OneDrive is a great option for free cloud storage, despite only offering 5GB. Koofr is a small cloud storage company from Slovenia that recently upgraded its free storage plan. Interesting! Hi everyone, However, that doesnt mean you can ignore some of the other plans on our list. Trust neither. Updated and expanded ranking with new providers and information. Its pretty safe indeed. I need to learn more about the history and future direction of each company before I entrust my precious files to them. Can any cloud storage provider fulfill my requirement for upload and download the files: 1. And yes I been to Beijing China visiting Awsome. To all the people saying why not build your own cloud server?, sure that would be great if we all had the cash and know-how to do it, but this is an article on free cloud storage sites that require little to no technical knowledge or financial investment to store and access files remotely, so your not really being that helpful. Yes, Box is perfectly safe and legitimate.

The best of these are media fire,one drive and mega. networks, and in general almost 9 out of 10 popular resources in the Russian Federation belong physically to one person, who is a thief, a rapist, and cooperates with the authorities in the Russian Federation. You can find out more about these features in our Dropbox review. It offers tons of mail storage and integrations with Dropbox and Flickr, but Yahoo offers no storage of its own.

What are the Chinese going to do with your content that google and the government and fraudster organizations arent currently doing with it? I will create account on each service on your list. His unfortunate notoriety helped to push MEGA into the public sphere, and although hes long since left the company, his ethos remains in the company tagline: The Privacy Company (read our guide to what Megaupload is). Any services from Russia. Without further ado, lets jump into our list of the 13 best cloud storage providers that offer free plans, ranging from 2GB all the way up to 50GB (plus one option with 100GB of free backup). As long as its the U.S. government, the one that spies on the whole world, including allies and whether or not a country its aware of what theyre doing, while they allowed them to operate in their country, as it happened to Japan (NSA spying on Japanese banks, politicians and companies, while they both were working in that well known global surveillance program), some people will trust them 100%, because propaganda: U.S politicians = Good&Freedom, everybody else, especially China these days, because theyre U.S. main competitor in the economy aspect = Evil. In a similar vein as both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, Apples iCloud is a service that combines with other products to become more than the sum of its parts. Only the paid customers get all the goodies, unfortunately. At Mail.

Give me a break. RU group is the de facto largest and largest company of which belongs to 9 out of 10 of the largest communities in the Russian segment of the Internet. As for file security, I dont give a damn about the online encryption, as I always share my files encrypted by default (.7z, aes 256, strong pass). Well, we kinda explain that: 35GB of your free storage just disappears and your files with it. I suggest Icedrive because it is similar to G-Drive and I have 20 Gb free storage for life. This level of integration is why OneDrives business storage plan made it onto our best cloud storage for collaboration short list. How is it gonna burn then? If your house burns down, floods, or gets blown up by a tornado, all of your data is gone and thats no matter HOW many copies of it you keep on various devices all over your eh, neighborhood? You dont even know if the person youre responding to is a concerned citizen, or a Chinese operative trying to sow doubt and dissent! Although you can get up to 10GB of free storage with pCloud, youll only be able to get to 7GB without inviting friends. Why is there even a debate about rather a person trust the Chinese or US with their data? I always use a external storage device at home. Secondly, Jeez Louise!! Personally, I like to use two options: I use Google Drive for work because I like the tools, while I use a Sync for personal files, because of its zero knowledge architecture, which is best for security. So how could Chinese Gov be any worse than US? It isnt perfect security, but its better than not encrypting them. standardization infosys associate PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICES OF THIS COMPANY. Right, but we can trust the US government with our privacy. 1.I completely agree with Daves comment (Unfortunately, Next is Google Drive and OneDrive (sporting 15GB and 5GB of free storage, respectively), both notable for their great collaboration tools and integrations, but also for their lack of privacy protection. The web browser is better at uploading but the problem lies when its something above 512 mb.

As we mentioned in our IDrive review, besides offering a way to schedule an automatic backup, IDrive also comes with a sync folder, putting it in the same arena as the other services on this list. 2. This includes not only hardware like iOS devices and Macs, but also software such as Apple Pay, Safari and others. Weve covered Google Drive, and the cloud storage solution offered by Microsoft is pretty similar, integrating cloud storage with Microsofts ever-popular Office and Outlook services, as well as the Windows operating system itself. You just nailed it. Icedrive offers a great free plan, reasonably priced paid plans and excellent security and privacy, all packaged in a beautiful client. I searched Google for them & there is an English version, site & app:-) 11tb for free gonna test it right away, Now, as of 1/16/2017 weiyun cut its free storage to 10GB per user, and you have to translate from Mandarin to sign up. An external HDD is *NOT* the same as a cloud backup for several reasons, if you are concerned with your data still being there tomorrow (or some time after that even). IDrive is technically a backup provider rather than cloud storage, but its a bit of a hybrid solution. 5. Unfortunatelly we are more and more forced into paid subscriptions. Well, I think I should use the encrypted options. Not true, you can sign from any country, you just have to click in the link just below the edit box to select another country. is the best cloud storage service overall, and it takes second place here due to its slightly smaller free storage allowance when compared to pCloud. Tried it many times but nothing. I want a solution to have my files syncd and that I can easily edit from my Android and save back. Good Lord, do you really thing it matters? Not only do they do it on massive levels, they also blatantly lie to the public about it. Performance (Download speed should not be limited) Absolutely we cant trust Chinese applications. And now i cant recover my account because I dont have the key because when i changed my phone the new authenticatior didnt work so i opened my account without it. If not, check out Egnyte, maybe? As always, thanks for reading.

Thanks! However, providers frequently change aspects of their services, so if you see an inaccuracy in a fact-checked article, please email us at feedback[at]cloudwards[dot]net. Wow you guys really need to study up on the meaning of the word free. I think you may just be racist.

At 20GB of free storage, no strings attached, it provides more free space than any other quality service on this list (emphasis on quality). hubic is a product of a huge French webhosting company, OVH. From what i can observe, it seems like you take your time to research the information. Awesome suggestion. It takes the top spot on our best cloud backup services short list, due to its extensive feature set. You never know when the day X will come and theyll quit their service. It is not a good idea just to have that. Is there any other? Because its primarily an online backup service, IDrive has a lot of capabilities that few if any other services on this list can boast. You are responding to this? IDrive provides a blend of automatic backup, file-sharing and syncing. Well, youre seriously narrowing the field, especially if you you also need it to be free.

Weve tried to strike a balance between the two, as having lots of storage only goes so far if the service doesnt offer much else. You can drag and drop your files into the web app, but there isnt a desktop app available. I can highly recommend nextcloud if you have a bit of the knowledge and/or patience required to get it up and running! We talked about MEGAs ultimate focus on privacy in our earlier MEGA review something that originates from MEGAs founder, Kim Dotcom. Try to visit this country sometimes and stop spamming discussions. Who told you these things? Youre hating on hUBIC for not encrypting the files stored on the drive. Who has the key? Now in terms of legal and reasonable: Mail. Instead, iCloud relies on its integration into the wider Apple ecosystem. systems, ISPs, Cell Service Providers, Social Networking, and many other large corporate data mines to spy on their own citizens without any warrants.