The 8 is a big hunk on iron, but glides thru tough grain, with no problems. But with all that said I know LV makes some really nice planes and it's a possibility that if my first plane was LV then I would probably own pretty much all LV stuff. UNLIMITED Membership is like taking a master class in woodworking for less than $10 a month. If I broke/lost the Clifton #7, I would order another before the end of the day. plane jack lie nielsen angle low build pdf The equivalent of a later type Stanley Bedrock No.607 jointer plane. If you really want the LN #7, go for it, and enjoy it every time you use it. Purchasing from us is safe, all of our card transactions are processed securely. Less than $150 invested in both, counting the Hock irons. I love LV products, but LN really knows how to make a plane. handplane maple tiger woodworking plane The #8 is not necc. I have the LN #7. If it is edge jointing and generally dimensioning boards, the LN bevel down #7 is pretty hard to beat.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, Other Collectible Tools, Hardware & Locks, Stanley Collectible Carpentry Woodworking Planes, Kakuri Collectible Carpentry Woodworking Planes, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. I've wasted too much money in my life already to lust after a #7 LN for the next some odd years. LOL Bob, well unfortunately I am going through some unwanted marital issues right now :( so some of my projects are put on hold. #7 bench plane Lie-Nielsen #7 Jointer Plane. Better in the sense that finer shavings, better adjustments, etc. lie jointer nielsen plane Company Registration No.

IP6 9EW.

Ive saved for a nice jointer plane, and Im ready to go all in on one of these things. Thus, in my mind at least, you end up with a far more versatile set up, for the same cost. I have a #7c and #8c Stanleys. The late, great Alan Peters used his No.7 for pretty much everything, and today we still come across ex-students which still favour their jointer over any other plane.

In other words, it's time to treat me good, for the last 35 years it's been everyone else. Now to sort of defend the reason why I got the LN over the LV is that I am pretty much a LN enthusiast since I bought my first LN Block plane several months back. I have both theStanley #7 (withClifton blade and capiron), and the LV BUJ (with a few blades). Cast in unbreakable ductile iron, this plane offers performance that is simply impossible with other planes. Im debating between the Lie Nielsen No 7 or No 8 and the less pricey Lee Valley bevel up jointer with the fancy fence attachment. With that set up, I don't think there is anything you couldn't handle. I had a 6" delta jointer that was (still is) a piece of crap. You should buy it and send it to me and I will send you my old MillersFalls #22 jointer plane and we will both be happy. I cut my pieces down to close finished dimensions and flattend that first face with the#7. In-depth articles, up-close photography, and detailed illustrations. Jeesh maybe I'm not that old afterall. 2022 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Soles and sides are milled flat within less than .002" maximum deviation, and the finish is so smooth that these planes are nearly friction-free. Regardless I might not go for an 8: man they are heavy. Well the clerk said that he might actually have one back in the stock room. It would be a simple decision for me. I know I will be greatly happy with it, haven't had a chance to use it yet though. Hill Farm Business Park In fact if I could have only one plane the #7 would be it. I selected the LN because of the HAF and the weight over the Clifton #5 1/2. Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building! It said I am member # 435,877. UNLIMITED membership - Get access to it all. Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. GB 818 111 455. No knock on any other plane maker, it was just a matter of going with a decision and not fretting about it. I chose the LN #7 over the LV BU jointer for the mass and balance. Something went wrong. Bevel up planes make better smoothers and do a better job shooting end grain. The scrub plane makes life a lot easier if your stock is rough to begin with. Sure as hell they actually had 2 back there so I said "Well I opened my mouth so I am going to have to buy it now".

LN #7 is my vote. Ive also thought about the Clifton No 7. I love it. I just signed on and registered. But they are different planes, both in concept and in feel (LN is high centre of gravity; the LV is low centre of gravity). Now, here's the tough part, how do I treat me good?..especially given the fact that I'm a cheap old dog with two sides: the logical me and the emotional me both need to be satisfied. This forum post is now archived. B.Kidd, Ouch on the other hand, WWing is good therapy (and often cheaper).Glaucon. I got it to flatten some stock. It's a sweet tool. I love it.

Weekdays 8:30am - 5pm, Classic Hand Tools Limited The LN weighs more and has a slightly thicker iron which translates into slightly better performance with difficult woods. I also use the BU jack to shoot end grain. Suffolk The only way you will know which is right for YOU is to try them out. It's a matter of what the value of the tool is to your method of work. If you can find a pre-WWII #7 or a 607 that's not flat, it's a long weekend's work to lap it flat, and the effort is not always crowned with success. Commenting has been disabled. But, for roughly the cost of the Lie Nielson #7, you can get the Lee Valley bevel up jointer, the jointing fence attachment,two extra blades with38 and 50-degree bevels, and the toothed blade. Seriously the Lie Nielsen #7 and 8 are really nice planes and you will be very happy with them. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Side edges of Lie Nielsen bevel edge chisels, Editor's Letter: Technology and the future of woodworking. Witnesham, Ipswich 04764498. I use a LN BU Jack to smooth panels after using the LN #7 to joint (followed by glue up) and then flatten the glued uppanels. Click here to learn more about the The Lie-Nielsen #7 Jointer Plane features meticulous construction, low-tolerance machining and Bed Rock style body and frog design. Copyright 2022 Classic Hand Tools Limited. I watched Rob Cosmans rough to ready dvd and away I went. Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. Logically, buying either of these large planes gives me a better tool than a used #7. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy - there is no buyer's remorse if you ignore buyer's remose. How in the devil do you find such restraint? We have created these special content collections organized to give you a deep dive into a range of topics that matter. All of which are pretty epic tools but Im really interested in knowing if the Lie Nielsen and the Clifton really are that much better. Well, I cant speak to if one's better than the other but I can speak to the #7. Enter now for your chance to win more than $2,000 worth of woodworking equipment from Woodpeckers. My review of the latter included a comparison of the two planes:, Edited 2/25/2008 7:58 am ET by derekcohen. Hope this helps, <"Now I own all LN 60-1/2, 60-1/2 R, Bronze #4, #5-1/2, #7, spokeshave, small and large router, mortise chisel, a couple of skew chisels, a set of 7 bench chisels and even a LN T-Shirt">Admitting the problem is the first step to getting help. 4, 5, 6 & 7 Plane Spare Blade. It is my best joiner for general and difficult wood Stanley #7, #608 but on shorter boards of really nasty grain the LN #5 1/2 HAF is the go to tool. s, the Clifton #7 is 10 pounds, it has not a thick iron-it is a massive iron with a two part cap. Man if I just bought a new plane I would probably get stopped for speeding on the way home to try it out! I have both a LN #7 and a Stanley #7. Rabbeting a shelf; Strength vs. appearance, Editor's Letter: A new tool with every project.

I can probably sell it used for what I paid, why not? However, if you are really buying the plane to smooth the face of larger panels, either the LN or LV bevel up jointer will save you money and do a better job.

for most purposes and the LV is inferior. My old Millersfalls is very nice especially after I added an after market chip breaker and blade and it does what it is supposed to do but if money is no object go with the LN. I have the Clifton 7.;^)Glaucon. Click for full details. Im not a fan of BU planes for most applications but my L-N low angle jack is great for end grain and I use it on the shooting board. It's a great plane that does an outstanding job. It was my first plane purchase(notice I said first). Lie-Nielsen No. I own several bevel up and bevel down planes and, through heavy use of each, have come to realize that bevel down planes excel at stock removal to generally flatten and dimension a board. I took the time to highly tune up the Stanley and gave it a Hock Iron and Chipbreaker, it has worked extremely well for years. The Lie-Nielsen No.7 Jointer Plane is a great plane for edge jointing and flattening larger areas. however, I don't need better at that level of planing, I've got a LN 4.5 for finishing the job..nd then hand scraping for the face. Get complete site access to video workshops, digital plans library, online archive, and more, plus the print magazine. You can justify going with a different plane mfg and use the remaining budget for something else if you want to stretch your money, no shame in that. View cart for details. You will likely be happy with either the #7 or the BUJ. They are all I'll ever need. Get instant access to over 100 digital plans available only to UNLIMITED members. Take a closer look at the big I can say that my L-N #7 is my most used plane, period. I work with figured wood, but I favor jointing first and then using a York-pitch smoother and a card scraper- thus far tear-out has not been a big problem. - a great tool for flattening boards and truing edges. Emotionally, the tool feels fantastic in the hand, like a new baseball glove. I work with difficult grain on occasion but not often enough to warrant a HAF. In truth, Ibought the Lie-Neilsen because I wanted it rather than needed it. I own 4 LN planes, including the #7, making the choice to save my pennies to buy LN. Is it OK to copy projects from the magazine? Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building. The Stanley does everything a jointer should do. Our newsletters are designed to inform you of upcoming shows, new products or interesting goings on in the woodworking or related fields, 01473 784983 I would have bought a #7 Bailey for a jointer, but it's not easy to find one whose sole is dead flat or can be made so- the key issue for a jointer. The realissue in any plane buying decision is what do you plan to use the plane for. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. A Woodworkers mind should be the sharpest tool in the shop! I own a Stanley #7 and a bunch of LV planes but I reach for my LN #8 very often.