The backflow preventer holds the water from running a reverse flow or backflow which pushes dirty used water back up and out into the main water supply.

Within 30 days following the installation and initial test of a backflow device, a completed form with original ink signatures and original ink or impressed seals must be sent to, Department of Environmental Protection If you have a backflow system and would like to have it inspected please contact us today! That direction is into the building in question, not from. Serving all of NJ, southern NY, & eastern PA. NJ Master HVACR Contractor License # 19HC00483400. The water supplier will forward the application packet, with accompanying signature by a designated representative, and a letter of authorization. CERTIFICATES WILL BE ISSUED 6 8 WEEKS AFTER COURSE COMPLETION. Tod Ferguson. - (917) 887 5613, Queens Village, NY Sat 08/06, Sun 08/07, Sat 08/13, Sun 08/14, Cobleskill, NY ( Albany ) Monday 08/22/22 through Thursday 08/25/22, Queens Village, NY Monday 08/29/22 through Thursday 09/01/22, Orange, NJ Tuesday 09/06/22 through Friday 09/09/22, Syracuse, NY Monday 09/19/22 through Thursday 09/22/22, Eatontown, NJ Monday 09/26/22 through Thursday 09/29/22, Cobleskill, NY ( Albany ) Friday 08/26/22. The key issue here is, do not automatically assume that your building does or does not require backflow prevention.

We utilize the latest backflow prevention certification tools and testing equipment. 55 Columbia Road, Branchburg, NJ 08876 A Division of Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company, 630 Broadway Avenue, Unit 1, Holbrook, NY 11741, 2022 W&M Sprinkler NYC LLC. The annual test must again be signed by the Licensed Master Plumber who installed the device and the testing professional doing the NYS Certified Backflow Testing. The backflow prevention device is a complex mechanical unit that prevents the reversal of water flow and subsequent contamination of the water supply from irrigation systems, etc. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, errors are still possible. While this practice does not guarantee that devices wont fail in-between certifications, it does show proactive prevention and can help mitigate liability for the building owner. scottco New York State Public Health Law, Article 225: Title 10 NYS Codes, Rules and Regulations, Part 5-1.31. What happens if I dont perform the required testing? Failure to do this by the 30-day time frame will result in significant fines, and/or disconnection of your water services. Backflow can be caused by the increase of pressure on the building side or at the point of use resulting in the flow of water back toward the source. According to the Rules and Code,property owners must install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices. No course or exam scheduled in your area ? The only thing you need now is someone that you can trust to handle the installation procedures of your backflow prevention device. Certain buildings may be exempt from having a backflow device installed. Low-Rise Flushing, NY 11373, The DEP states that defects in any device tested shall be repaired within thirty (30) days, and the repair shall be followed by a retest. 2022 Cross Connection Control Foundation. Sander Mechanical works closely with its clients to keep you up-to-date on your backflow preventer certifications. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. Installing the proper backflow prevention device is not a DIY project!

New York State requires that all new constructions be in compliance with backflow testing and regulations. Each jurisdiction in the state, including New York City, query the NYSDOH database to confirm if a backflow assembly tester is licensed. Certification is from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Irrigation system backflow prevention devices are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. There are a bunch of options when it comes to testing backflow preventers as far as which procedures to use. We have now been given the OK from NYS Department of Health to resume our classes with all required personal protection practices in place. Since enrollment will be limited, prompt attention is recommended. Once your backflow prevention device is installed, it is the time to have it tested. Your backflow unit works to ensure there is enough pressure on the main water intake breaker to ensure no water backflow into the water supply. Review and approve plans and specifications for the installation of backflow prevention devices. FormGEN-215Bmust be filled out for initial and re-certification testing. Local Law 152; Inspections of Exposed Gas Piping - immediate inspections of exposed gas piping.

Backflow is a term in plumbing for an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. For more information about backflow prevention devices, you can review theBackflow Prevention Outreach Program FAQfrom DEP. When you receive your electronic notification, either give us a call to schedule the preventer testing; or (if preferred) we can roll this into an ongoing preventative maintenance agreement to ensure your backflow certification doesnt slip through the cracks.

On the other hand, your building may already have the proper device and the testing and certification is all that you need. Some common properties that require a backflow prevention device are; If you are wondering if your building is one in which a backflow preventer is required, refer to this list from New York City Environmental Protection. What Are The Requirements for Fire Pump Testing? Today, we take an in depth look into exactly what backflow is, why your building may or may not need one, and the testing and certification of your backflow device. STUDENT CANCELLATION OR RESCHEDULING MUST BE MADE (5) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO START OF BACKFLOW PREVENTION/TESTING CLASS OR ENTIRE FEE WILL BE FORFEITED. To get a good idea about these costs, again refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the DEP website. So, let us first `examine exactly what backflow is. Westchester County Launches Naloxbox Program to Help Fight Opioid Overdoses, Westchester County Health Department Issues Heat Advisory, County Executive George Latimer Honors the Probation Department for Pretrial, Probation and Parole Week, Westchester County 9/11 Related Illnesses Memorial Committee Soliciting Names of those who have died of 9/11 Related Illnesses, County Executive George Latimer Gives Update on Monkeypox in Westchester, Instruction to Request to Install and Completed Works for a Backflow Prevention Device, Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention DeviceForm DOH-347, Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention DeviceForm DOH-1013, Certificate of Resolution for Authorization, List of NYSDOH Approve Backflow Prevention Devices, List of Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers. And, as mentioned before your building may be exempt. Webster, New York 14580, The Cross Connection Control Foundation of the Niagara Frontier, Inc. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO RESCHEDULE. Your New York City fresh water supply system is designed to flow in only one direction, and under pressure. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE WRITE OR CONTACT NYSBTA. The information provided is not legal advice. NOTE - Per Rules of the City of New York Title 15 Chapter 20 Section 4E - note 4 - Testing of Backflow Preventers must be performed by an NYSDOH certified tester who is employed by a NYC Licensed Plumber - and note 5 - Any submitted annual test report must include the seal of a NYC Master Plumber. To find a certified tester for your location, will direct you to the testing professional in your area. Another cause of backflow is backpressure. The whole process begins with either a Licensed Master Plumber to initiate everything, or a professional engineer or registered architect. These water main breaks render our drinking water unsafe for consumption and use. Application is made by filling out the New York State Department of Health form titled, Application For Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices, DOH-347. Plans, specifications and an engineers report describing the project in detail must accompany all applications. You have been warned! These valves safely divert water when, for example, theres a sudden pressure drop in the water mains, preventing contaminated water from flowing back into the public water supply. This association can be contacted by email at or Picture ID is now required before entering all classes. Official Website of Monroe County, NY Copyright 2022, Healthcare Information (Medicaid, Long-Term Care), National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Petition Information, Candidates List & Election Updates, Land Use Decision-Making Training Program, Monroe Manufactures Jobs - Arc Flame Center, Manufacturing Rewards Program Application, Rochester Downtown Development Corporation, Assigned Counsel Program Panel Membership, Public Bids with Specifications and Plans, New York State Office of General Services, New York State Contract System and MWBE Information, New York State Association of Municipal Purchasing Officials, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing. Brian Lackie or give us a call at 718-533-6800 for a quote. Plumbing cross-connections are defined as actual or potential connections between a potable and non-potable water supply, and can pose a significant public health hazard. As the name implies, a backflow preventer is a mechanical device that is installed in a plumbing system to prevent contaminated water from flowing backwards into the system. The Certified Backflow Testing policy is no exception. For more information or to schedule your backflow testing, please contact Sander Mechanical today. It can be a serious health risk for the contamination of potable water supplies with foul water. For more information regarding the Cross Connection Control Program, go to theEnvironmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of Health.

In New York State, individuals who test backflow prevention devices for the purpose of protecting the public water supply are required to hold a valid certification issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR Section 5-1.31. That is to say there are certain business entities in which a backflow preventer is required by law. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires an annual test to ensure the backflow device is operating properly. Youth Council, TIG (Trauma, Illness & Grief) Consortium & Grief Resources, Mental Health Adult Services Home / Contact, Adult Single Point of Access (SPOA) Referrals, Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Kendras Law), Community Integration Initiative (CII) Home, Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council (LEICC), Application For Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices, (form DOH-347), List of New York State Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies, The USC FCCCHR List, Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Devices, (form DOH-1013), Guidelines for Designing Backflow Device Installations Supplement, Part 5-1.31 New York State Sanitary Code (Cross Connection Control), Single and Dual Family Residential Customers (NYSDOH), PWS-12, NYSDOH Approved Backflow Prevention Device Testers Certification Courses, New York State Department of Health Cross Connection Control Program.