And the traveling public could be proud of these modern, Hungarian-made vehicles.

The much needed refurbishment of Budapests M3 metro line, which is now potentially a safety hazard for both passengers and the Budapest Transportation Companys employees alike, is being postponed to November, due to confusion around what type of replacement buses will be used during the two year period when the subway line is out of commission. The group has so far produced more than 2,600 buses, and its share in the 6,200-strong intercity fleet of Volnbusz is around 40%. TurboStar|, Ikarus 31 type bus from 1959; restored museum piece in, Electrical (Trolleybus) Ikarus City Bus and, An Ikarus Citibus (480) on DAF chassis in Rock Ferry, Wirral, UK, An Ikarus 481 on DAF chassis in Bolton, UK, An Ikarus Polaris (489) on DAF chassis in Manchester, UK, MAN SR 240 / Ikarus Bus 662.65 Coach build in 1980s.

So the idea of the double-articulated bus is not quite as new as it seems. The fall of the one party state and the Eastern Bloc in 1989/90 began a period of rapid decline for Ikarus. Only Mercedes-Benz, LIAZ and Toyota were larger than Ikarus. And subsequently production of Ikarus electric buses started.

Foreign Minister Travels to Moscow to Talk Energy Supplies and Peace, EU Serious Loser of War in Ukraine, Says Head of Foreign Committee, Finance Minister Varga: EU Weakened by Its Own Sanctions, Hungary Requests Official Proposal Regarding EU Plans to Reduce Gas Consumption, Hungarys GDP in 2021 Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Level, Foreign Minister Szijjrt: Mercedes to Install New Production Lines in Kecskemt as Part of a Mega Investment, Olympic Champion Zsolt Varga Is New Captain of Mens Water Polo Team, Corvinus University Becomes First in Hungary to Acquire Prestigious Business Accreditation, Bomb Scare in Npliget Bus Station and Corvin Plaza in Budapest, Govt Office Sues Budapests Transport Authority over Airport Bus Tickets. The metal body, PKD delivered solo Modulo M 108d buses which were shipped in 2015 have already completed over 30,000 km and have proven to be extremely safe. EuroTech| CRRC is also a very old company, which was founded at the end of the 19th century and thus long before the communist revolution in China and hence the name was initially engaged in building and repairing railway carriages. Over a year after restarting manufacturing, dozens of vehicles prove that Hungary has a new chance to reach international acclaim again, worthy of what Ikarus had before.

New models are already in demand in Ikaruss traditional foreign export markets, Mr. Szles, who has owned the company since 2006, said. The old models are still a sight to look out for, in Hungary and elsewhere, as they tend to still grace the world with their inimitable touch of Hungarian class.

By 1994, Ikarus was only able to sell 1,574 buses and two years laterat the time of privatizationhad a 13 billion forint debt. Even though the pandemic has caused several difficulties in vehicle manufacturing, Kravtex-Khne Group continued its expansion.

Time is of the essence, the M3 line is in dismal shape and Solaris offered Budapest a good deal.

The name of the company is an acronym of the words Hungarian, bus and innovation.

me17 There was also a cooperation with Western-German bus manufacturer MAN. Your email address will not be published. Houston was next with 50 buses, while Milwaukee operated a fleet of 40.

Trakker| When it comes to large-capacity commuter buses, the Crown-Ikarus 280s' service lives were about average. The two varieties basically differed on the number of doors and the length of the trailer: The longer 60-foot version had three main doors, while the shorter version had two. After the end of the Eastern Bloc Ikarus soon faced a lot of technical and economical problems, launched new models, but struggled to get survive against Western European competitors. An achievement is being born that also takes into account the environmental, energy saving and technical requirements of the 21st century. To continue using this website, please accept our use of cookies below. Third, the base Ikarus 280 model was articulated in the middle while most U.S. metro transit buses at the time simply relied on long single-sectioned buses for packed urban routes. By 1973, Ikarus became the world's fourth largest manufacturer, but lacking raw materials, orders were not delivered in time on several occasions. It is powered by an electric motor from CRRC. LMV| (function () {

Ikarus is a bus manufacturer based in Budapest, Hungary. Eventually, a consortium of fledgling and would-be bus manufacturers cut ties with Mr. Szles and attempted to forge ahead with a new strategy to revive bus manufacturing in Hungary.

Its special buses are also used by the police, the defence forces, and public health organisations in Hungary. With these buses we have a piece of history thats both quaint and fascinating, and a window into the Hungarian past. Wireless rail temperature measurement system.

The reason is not too surprising for those who observe Hungarian politics. In the seventies, the Ikarus 190 model was introduced as a Federal German standard bus according to the specifications of the then VV (Association of Public Transport Companies). The companys owner Gbor Szles a billionaire with close links to the Hungarian government promises that production at the Ikarus plant in Szkesfehrvr could soon reach 3 000 buses per year (photo: Their joint logo should be a Turul in full flight over the capital (Our buses will give you wings). Brand new Hungarian-developed electric buses have arrived PHOTOS, Mercedes to invest EUR 1 bn in C Hungary plant, Hungarian FinMin: Own sanctions weaken EU, Government sets retail energy price for private consumption. Durch die weitere Nutzung der Webseite stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu.

U.S. manufacturers sought to maximize the floor space by stretching the buses horizontally, while most Eastern Bloc buses such as LiAZ, LAZ, PAZ and Ikarus conformed to midsize truck regulations. Hungarian bus manufacturer Ikarus is set to expand its annual production capacity to 3 000 buses in response to the governments action plan to support local bus manufacturing, the companys owner has revealed. A number of smaller manufacturers tried to fill the void, and this included Crown Coach, which until the late 1970s had been producing school buses, whose level of technology rarely needed updates.

On 23 February 1949, Ikarus was officially established when it merged with airplane manufacturer Ikarus Gp s Fmgyr Rt. Admittedly, it's hard to get a sense for their service record compared to other buses in city fleetswhat's clear is that the maintenance expectations of U.S. transit systems were less liberal than in countries that were the primary consumers of Ikarus buseswhich is our way of saying that 40-year-old Ikarus buses are still running around Eastern Europe and Central Asia held together with tape, wire and dodgy welding work. Several low-floor midi buses of the type 405.02 were delivered to the WSW in Wuppertal who also on loan to EVAG in Essen as a demonstration vehicle. By 1913, the company focused mainly on constructing cars and due to increased sales during World War I it made great profits. MAN wanted to extend its range of buses downwards with a midi coach.

xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function(){if(xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200){var es = document.querySelectorAll("[data-id='"+adunit+"']");var e = Array.from(es).filter(function(e) {return !e.hasAttribute("data-rendered")});if(e.length > 0){e.forEach(function(el){var iframe = el.contentWindow.document;;iframe.write(xmlhttp.responseText);iframe.close();el.setAttribute('data-rendered', true)})}}};var child=childNetworkId.trim()? Countries that had relied on Ikarus buses could no longer afford to buy new vehicles, and if they did, they bought used Volvo, Mercedes or MAN buses from Western Europe that had been written off due to mileage. The Hungarian capital must purchase 150 buses to transport passengers along the M3 line, during the two year refurbishment and upgrade of the metro. As Hungarian news portal.

cover photo: the 1000th Ikarus IK30 bus, pictured in 1952 (source: Fortepan). There is a story that 300 of these buses were also delivered to Mexico City, but this could not be confirmed.

MyWay| They manufactured at Kaposvr, Hungary and assembled at Anniston, Alabama. First, the passenger floor was very high for the era, and it required a lot of steps to climb. A number of cities like Portland bought Ikarus buses in the mid-1980s, tailoring their looks to their own tastes. The U.S.-tailored 286 kept the articulated layoutcities needed to cram as many people as they could into these buses -- and offered it in 55- and 60-foot lengths, with enough room for about 160 sitting and standing passengers.

Originally based in Budapest and Szkesfehrvr, Ikarus factories closed down in 2007 but production was resumed in the Szkesfehrvr plant in 2010.

Still around as a Canadian company, part of Winnipeg based New Flyer! But Ikarus was undoubtedly the large player for heavy motor buses in the Eastern Bloc. Turbo Daily|, Effeuno|

has already been with Meininger Bus-Betriebe in Thuringia, Senftenberg, Hoyerswerda and Bad Belzig. Their production can start next year in Mosonmagyarvr and Gyr.

With the new production site, the groups capacity will increase to 1,000 buses per year, taking into account the multi-shift working schedule.

Sales increased almost every year and by 1971, over 100,000 buses had been manufactured. Canada had Lada and Skoda passenger cars, the former offered all the way into the mid-'90s, while the U.S. had, ahem, something that rhymes with Hugo. Required fields are marked *.

Ouba| The model Tr 3,5 was the first of its kind in the world, and continues to impress bus enthusiasts 60 years later.

Just like the Ikarus was for many decades. In 1895, a company was founded in Hungary that was to become one of the largest bus manufacturers in the world. Mszertechnika signed a contract back in December to acquire 100% of the company, which was established back in 1999 as a 75:25 joint venture between Renault-Iveco and Hungarian Industrialist Gbor Szles for Ikarus. Offers have been made to bidders of the Metropolitano Rapid Bus Transit System of the City of Lima in Peru which is to awarded in 2007 and implemented in 2008-2009. It didnt receive the greek mythology-inspired name until later, but the same company has survived two world wars and a communist era, and still battles on into the 21st century. PowerStar| Acco| karosa b741 1991 praha cptdb wiki manufacture 1997 years The German partner for sales and maintenance of the buses is the company Trasco in Bremen, which has a demonstration vehicle.

Which e.g. In 1976, Ikarus received another major boost.

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MOGURT, Ungarisches Aussenhandelsunternehmen fr Kraftfahrzeuge (Ed. More than 30,000 Ikarus of the 200 series were delivered to the GDR alone. The company struggled after the collapse of communism, but after two separate buyouts it was relaunched in 2007 and continues to provide the world with its buses. adunit = 'dailynewshungary.com_300x600_sticky_sidebar_desktop_5_DFP',

9500). The company has come out in 2007 with a new low-floor model which they plan to produce in Hungary (200-400 per year), Russia (1000-2000 per year) and China (10,000 per year). Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The metal body M 108d and the composite body C 86e Modulo buses have already proven themselves. In 1955 and 1956 with the new front engine models (Ikarus 620, 630 and 31) the company's foreign sales were boosted and apart from Eastern-European countries, China, Burma and Egypt started using them in several of their cities. Ikarus sales of its buses were mainly limited to countries of the the Eastern Bloc, however, with a few exceptions.

So why is MABI-BUS still being considered?

): Article about "Ikarus Bus and Coaches" from busexplorer website, Hungarian website featuring many Ikarus buses, Technical description of Ikarus buses (in Ukrain), 190 like West German standard bus, 11 m long (1973-1983), 196.03 articulated bus (pusher) on Scania chassis (1984), 284 articulated bus (pusher), 17.9 m long. Yet the question remains: is the government putting lives at risk in Budapest, by slowing down the M3 upgrade, in order to help give a much needed boost to a struggling industry or perhaps to hand a major business opportunity over to oligarchs and businessmen close to Fidesz?

A Guide for Transportation, What To Do After Beer Bus? Stralis| In 2002, Ikarus placed the Natural Gas (CNG) 18 meter articulated bus in Colombia, which is currently in operation in Transmilenio Rapid Bus Mass Transit System in the Capital City of Bogota.

In comparison, Europes currently largest bus manufacturing plant the Volvo factory in Wrocaw, Poland has an annual production capacity of 3 000 vehicles per year.

But as an example of economic cooperation between the two superpowers during the second half of the 20th century, Ikarus buses remain the single largest non-passenger-car joint venture between a Soviet satellite state and the U.S. that actually resulted in the shipment of vehicles to the U.S. The vacuum created by the end of production of New Look models around 1978 meant that large cities with extensive bus fleets had to get creative. The official line, of course, is different. The result of the partnership was the Crown-Ikarus 286, a version of its articulated 280 base model that had been in production for a number of years and had already been exported to many countries. This is barely more than twice the consumption of an electric car.

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Unable to come up with a modern city bus on its own, Crown entered into a partnership with Hungary-based Ikarus, whose annual production figures at the time dwarfed the output of all the other North American bus manufacturers. Due to their massive success, Ikarus buses began to be exported, with more than 100,000 buses sent around the world, making the company the fourth-largest manufacturer by 1973. The Ikarus 280 platform supported dozens of changes, so it was very easy to mix and match sections, windows and doors to the needs of particular markets. Unlike the four-speed manual transmissions fitted to domestic market versions of the 280, the Crown-Ikarus 286 buses received automatic transmissions made by Allison and Voith. The reunification of Germany also ended the companys presence in the East German market. Even though the pandemic has caused several difficulties in vehicle manufacturing, Kravtex-Khne Group continued its expansion. Reviving Hungarys bus manufacturing industry Confusion, chaos and concerns of corruption, refurbishment of Budapests M3 metro line, Call for Government Protest Resignations from Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In production between 1972 and 2002, Ikarus 260 buses remain a common sight across the country. EuroTrakker|

Another major advantage is that Solaris buses are ready and can be shipped to Hungary in little time, while MABI-BUS vehicles are still in production. We may earn money from the links on this page. So there is a lot of interest in the electric bus from Hungary. In 1935 the company had resumed production and was fully functioning during World War II. EN-CO Software Zrt. It was under Soviet rule that the company really flourished and made a name for itself, as after the second world war Ikarus saw a fresh demand for transport and responded by producing chassis-less buses, with rounded, unibody designs. I think MABI BUS Kft should be renamed as the Maybe Bus Company (MBC), and Budapest renamed as the Maybe Bus Capital of the world. Budapest officials had earlier sought to purchase very reasonably prices Solaris buses from Poland, but the Orbn government had a different idea. Traveler| The COMECON priciples often were not implemented consistently, so buses of the Jelcz brand (for example the type PR 100 under licence from Berliet or later from Renault) and Autosan were built in Poland, the Karosa brand in Czechoslovakia (that was the name of the state at that time), and the IDAC and Roman brands in Romania. In 2022, the largest bus factory in the Central and Eastern European region will be inaugurated in Hungary. Based on the above we can state that our bus is also in the national interest of Hungary. EuroMover| Daily|

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distributed over 10 battery packs on the roof and in the rear, Range: 350 kilometres without heating and air conditioning, around 250 kilometres with heating and air conditioning, Battery warranty: 8 years or 3,000 charging cycles. (In Canada, Ikarus buses transported passengers both in Ottawa and Toronto, on its signature articulated buses.) Select your location below or enter your country so we can deliver our morning newsletters to you in time.

A quarter-century later, the Ikarus legacy in the U.S. is a mixed one. The Hungarian firm set up a factory in the GDR to meet the growing demand.

In 1999 Iveco took a stake in Ikarus, however, the cooperation was not very successful, and Ikarus eventually closed in 2006.

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. With an annual output of around 15,000 buses, Ikarus became the third largest bus manufacturer in the world, and it is even said that for a short time it was the largest bus manufacturer on the planet. They didnt want to develop it themselves, so they took the bodyshell of the smallest Ikarus, fitted it with MAN technology (engine, axles, electrics etc. An innovative SkyWay transportation system for Dubai?

As Hungarian news portal Magyar Nemzet reports, the company has started the third phase of the new Mosonmagyarvr bus factory that will be completed this year.

The Ikarus 280 model still runs in Budapest. And it sees the Budapest metro tender as a prime opportunity, considering the large demand for new buses. The TV-certified consumption data based on UITP SORT 2 is 0.61 kWh / km and this has been confirmed by the buses at BKV, too.

All rights reserved! By 1975, Hungarys Ikarus was the worlds fourth largest bus manufacturer. Your email address will not be published. The German Democratic Republic folded its own bus manufacturing sector and decided to only purchase Ikarus.

Ikarus folded in 2003 after struggling for over a decade, ceding the passenger bus market to its Western European competitors. The basic 280 interior features a slightly shorter rear section connected by a rubber. Within the framework of the Green Bus programme, the company has also started to develop electric models.

A restored Ikarus 31 (1959) in a museum of Miskolc. Test runs in Hanover and Bremen are already booked. Buses that became famous were built in the Ikarus workshops, for example, the two models Ikarus 55 (the touring and intercity coach) and Ikarus 66 (the regular service coach) with their characteristic appearance with the engine compartment protruding far out of the rear of the coach (with an air-cooled motor) nicknamed cigar. In the 1960s, Ikarus launched its first articulated bus, the Type 180 it is said to have been inspired by the Henschel articulated buses of the HS 160 series. And of course, it is also important for every Hungarian citizen to understand that modern domestic bus production may also have an impact on the economy and on the countrys self-esteem.

EuroStar| NJ-series|

Our car experts choose every product we feature. Massif| Annual production capacity at its base in Szkesfehrvr, in central Hungary, used to be 6 000 buses in its heyday so 3 000 units are easily within reach, he said, adding that machinery for the production should be operational by the end of September. By 2025, half of the buses sold by the group could be electric.

They missed the boat or rather the bus. Our data protection policy, How To Get Around Budapest?

Ikarus became really well-known outside Hungary after the Second World War. The 200 series was planned in the 1960s, when such ergonomic issues were not given much priority, and by the 1980s, it remained a bit of an outlier in the U.S. domestic fleets. Design and development by This venture led to little success, although a partnership with the Czech Republics Skoda allowed the consortium to win a tender announced by the town of Szeged, providing the city with 13 trolleybuses. it will be one of the largest bus factories in the Central and Eastern European region. 70% of the total expenditure will be returned to the economy, and for a bus that costs HUF 80 million, HUF 26 million goes back to the Hungarian State in the form of taxes and contributions a total of HUF 3.9 billion for an order of 150 buses.

Campagnola| Initial grand plans led to the closure of the last functioning Ikarus plant, in the town of Egyed, in 2007 and the last bus was manufactured in December of that year.

Though they were mainly transported to other Soviet Bloc countries, they were also exported as far and wide as China, Burma, Canada, Cuba and Tunisia. In fact, Solaris is about 20% cheaper than what the Hungarian MABI-BUS Ltd. has to offer. In 2006, Gary Urteaga, a business entrepreneur from Peru, initiated a project with Ikarus to penetrate the Latin American Market.

In July, the government announced its national bus manufacturing strategy, which is expected to have a major impact on the re-industrialisation of Hungary, an objective pursued by the Orbn government, and suppliers. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, First-Year Porsche 914 Prepares to Meet Crusher, Mercedes-Benz Classics Driven at German Test Track, 1984 Corvette Is Best Sports Car In the World, 1988 Honda Civic Wagovan Is Junkyard Treasure, 1988 Honda Civic Wagovan's Hauling Days Are Over, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Down on the Denver Street, 1st-Year Volvo 244 Now Parked in Colorado Junkyard, Design Guys Make Cool Auto Union Sculptures, This Hungarian Bus Served American Cities at the Height of the Cold War. Ikarus.

Ikarus is the all-Hungarian bus manufacturer that dates back to 1895 when in Budapest a blacksmith workshop was opened by Imre Uhry. Today, the company is one of the worlds major players in the field of railway vehicles; its product portfolio includes, for example, an electric express train similar to our German ICE.

Soon we will find out whether theres a need for domestic bus manufacturing and for an order of 150 of the acclaimed Modulo M 168d articulated bus to be used as a metro substitute. Eastern Bloc cars made it to North America from time to time, even back when the Warsaw Pact existed. Credobus is the number one bus manufacturer in Hungary. Eurocargo| The governor remains mired in controversy for transferring large amounts of money from the Central Bank to companies affiliated with his cousin. The impetus for these shifts was the end of the production of GM and Flxible's New Look buses, seen in the 1996 movie "Speed," among many others. Part of the reason had to do with the economic crisis in Russia. They were hoping to supply buses on some of the intercity routes in Hungary operated by the Voln coach service. In addition to job creation, these economical buses can save up to 15% of fuel, which is worth millions of euros, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from road transport by thousands of tonnes a year. 180 city bus, 10.9 m long - this was the articulated bus of the 60's and 70's! Your email address will not be published.

Read also: Brand new Hungarian-developed electric buses have arrived PHOTOS. Therefore, in principle, everything has converged to make Modulo OUR BUS. In 1927, Ikarus had won an international tender and it was this year that large scale production could begin by delivering 60 shuttle buses. This brings us to the current opportunity in Budapest. We use cookies to analyse our traffic and improve user experience. The Orbn government emphasizes that it is both national strategy and policy to revive bus manufacturing in Hungary. A new Ikarus bus prototype from 2006, presented to representatives of the media. The first tender, announced in the fall of 2015, was for the purchase of 75 assembled buses and 75 buses that the Budapest Transportation Company (BKV Zrt.) The company had its heyday in those years when the world was divided into East and West and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) was responsible for the economic relations among the countries of the so-called Eastern Bloc.

Speaking in the Tuesday edition of the daily newspaper Magyar Hrlap, billionaire entrepreneur Gbor Szles said that the firm expects to export two buses for every bus sold on the domestic market.

The company tried to enter the Western market with modern products. Soon we will know whether the decision-makers opt for the Hungarian product during the 2017-2018 renovation of Metro Line #3, or whether they opt for the rival Polish product in a completely different public procurement, which costs 4 million HUF less, but has much higher component prices. Hungary was once the Eastern blocs leader when it came to manufacturing buses. But there was also something much larger: For a number of years, big cities in the U.S. and Canada also saw Ikarus buses, made in Hungaryfor decades the country's most significant contribution to the world of transport.
Most remained in operation through the late 1980s1986 was the last year of productionbut a few stayed in service until the early 1990s. In 2006, Mr. Szlesalready then close to Mr Orbn and also at the start of building a right-wing media empirebought 100% of the Ikarus shares held by the French, through a Hungarian consortium. I would like to subscribe and I let the website store the given information about me. While other Eastern bloc countries like Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic and Romania manufactured automobiles, Hungary was known throughout the region and in the Soviet Union for its Ikarus buses. In order to realise this, the government has granted an investment of more than EUR 5.6 million (~HUF 2 billion), including the creation of a production environment for the articulated bus chassis, with a total value of EUR 1.2 million (~HUF 470 million).

In 1999, a French consortium bought up one of the main Ikarus factories in Hungary, but this resulted in the eventual closure of both the Budapest and Gyr plants, as well as massive cutbacks. Excellent article! 417 low-floor, articulated city bus, 17.6 m long, only ever 30 produced, 489 Polaris low-floor city bus, 12 m long. Also bearing that unique nostalgic aesthetic, but with a modern and functional engine, and reconditioned to make a perfect, transportable bar, the Budapest Beer Bus really has the best of both worlds, and is ready to show its adventurous guests the finest side of this wonderful city. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When the individual products were allocated to the individual CEMECON member states, Hungary and thus Ikarus was given responsibility for the construction of buses. 194, 196 city/suburban bus on Volvo B10M chassis, 196.02 articulated bus on Volvo chassis, 18 m long, 220 suburban bus, 9.5 m long, no series production, 250 coach, 12 m long, produced in large numbers, 286 articulated bus for USA, 18.2 m long, 2.59 m wide. Up-to-date news about the latest metro & tram openings worldwide you may find here: Updated information about trolleybuses and other types of electric buses: Public Transport in Cities and Regions around the World, New Ikarus e-bus in Meinigen | Mirko Peter, Um unsere Webseite fr Sie optimal zu gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu knnen, verwenden wir Cookies.