You can print the map before leaving home or see the map on your portable device as you hike. These donations included: the chapel and hymnals, an organ, chimes, bibles, collection plates; the council ring; seven of the eight aluminum canoes; two guard boats; a fully equipped health lodge; motorized kitchen equipment; a flagpole and overnight camping equipment. This is a Free Camp Listing, researched by our kids camp experts. 1-800-535-2057.Changing lives and making memories since 1920! Mr. Norman Edwards accepted the chairmanship of the new committee and the following men agreed to serve with him: Gordon Howes (Boys Work Committee and former Camp Hazen State Committeeman), Roy S. Case Sr., Huntley Stone, Carl W. Sword, Harry J. Neal. Hazen's Notch Association Their handling of the matter astounded Mr. Hester as he was certain that nothing would come of his discovery. Dr. Alderson, Board Member and Pastor of the Bridgeport Methodist Church discovered a good boat builder in New Hampshire and an order was placed for spring delivery. You're going to have a ton of fun this summer rock climbing, skate boarding, horseback riding and being creative in arts & crafts in Connecticut with over 150 acres of woodlands, lakes, streams and fields. We also provide laundry services for campers staying through consecutive sessions at Camp (hold-over weekends). Everything Summer Camp is recommended by 270 camps and has donated over $750,000 to summer camps nationwide. Steps were taken to create a separate Boys Camp Committee which would have the responsibility of laying out long range plans, decide on the necessary work to open the camp for a full 1948 season, arrange to have the work completed, decide on overall principles of camp operation and program, create publicity and sell the camp idea to the public, place the camp in operation and supervise its continued operation and expansion. They are readily available at most outdoor sporting retailers. 544 East StreetMount Washington, MA 01258. At Everything Summer Camp we have over 20 years of experience in helping you get ready for camp stress-free. The trails pass through a variety of interesting habitats that include meadows, forests, orchards, and beaver ponds.

Recreation is limited to hiking in summer and fall and to skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Carefully unwrap and enjoy!.

Today was another spectacular day at Hazen's Notch. When the land was sold to the YMCA in 1947, the land interests of all the families were consolidated. Zen-like hike in a pristine refuge. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you not pack any clothing you would mind getting dirty or stained. It contained up to a couple of feet of water and up to five feet of mulch. Unleash their Inner Confidence for a Lifetime of Adventure, Just the Essential Details for Summer Camp YMCA, With Over 1,700 Listed Camps Researched by Kids Camp Experts, near New Haven, CT also features specialty activities in water sports, sailing, wilderness survival, outdoor cooking, guitar lessons, skateboarding, performing arts, athletics & more, This is a Free Camp Listing, researched by our kids camp experts. When they left camp in mid-August, the soil was firming up. Mortensen and his crew were forced to perform as much inside work as possible and Petes men had a difficult time working with two bulldozers in the open. All rights reserved. The two surveyed the Kent area with no luck. Mr. Hester remembers him saying, If I only were a younger man, there is nothing I would like to do more than to see this project through myself.. The two spoke and, indeed, the deal had fallen through. Donations are welcome. The locations where they took place included The Water Front by the Main Lodge, inside W. Parker Seeley Lodge and in front of the Health Lodge. Ten days later, Mr. MacDowell informed Weldon that he should call Mr. Preston. Pack clothes that can get muddy, dirty, wet, sandy, torn, grass-stained, etc., and label items with your childs full name. The final grading of the athletic field wasnt completed until the day before camp opened. Copyright Camp Hi-Rock. Carefully open the banana peel and slice the banana diagonially and lenthwise. It feels like you are a million miles away from civilization. Inspection of the existing buildings, the waterfront possibilities and the general lay of the land convinced him that a fine boys camp could be built there. Stuff broken peices of 1graham cracker and a dozen mini marshmallows in each banana. Cross Flood Brook on a wooden bridge and ascend to the Notch Trail. Most of the photographs on this website were taken while walking, skiing and snowshoeing on the Hazen's Notch Association trails.

From the entrance to the High Ponds Farm, follow the Beaver Ponds Trail to the junction with the High Meadow Trail. In three separate ceremonies, the camp, Parker Seeley Lodge and the Mothers Club Lodge were all dedicated. Mr. Albert E. Diem delivered the invocation and others who participated in the services included: Mr. W. Parker Seeley, Mr. Weldon B. Hester, Mr. Howard L. Haag, Dr. William H. Alderson, Mr. Huntley Stone, Mr. H. Almon Chafee, Mr. Norman Edwards, Mr. Frank Lucas, Mr. Stephen Wach, Mrs. Frank Kruzshak and Mr. Gordon Hawes. The Board of Directors, in regular meeting, talked it over and, because the matter involved finances, referred it to the Board of Trustees (without recommendation). The Health Lodge was virtually complete before bad weather forced the workers out. 96 of the dormitory mattresses were rebuilt to camp bed size. In the early years, the staff was housed in the Wheelhouse and the Central Lodge (Parker Seeley). Although we will assist campers in managing their belongings, YMCA Camp Warren is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Now, the right thing has come along and we simply cannot pass it up. Amazingly, all agreed with him and then Mr. Warner expressed the thought that the Y might take a six month option on the property. The committee quickly agreed, but thought that the YMCA should not risk its money on such an action. According to deed records available at the Great Barrington Town Hall, Sara L. Preston (Frederick Prestons wife) transferred the deed to the YMCA for a sum of $55,000 with 4% interest. Your trails are special.

Wakeman, William B. Coulter and William O. Gardner. It was a gem of a Clearwater pond, nestled between two heavily forested mountains and far from the limitations of civilization. (The family was gracious enough to lend the YMCA access through this road, which was the only viable entryway to the camp, via a handshake easement agreement for many years.). A sum of $5,000 would be offered to Mr. Preston. Mr. Arturo, 05.27.2012, I am so happy to have discovered this place and can't wait to come back when there is more snow! Turn left on the High Meadow Trail and continue to just past the wood sheds. Visitors often comment about the varied forest types, numerous animal tracks and careful land stewardship practices that they observe when skiing the Hazen's Notch Trails.Glide across gentle hayfields on the Hayfield and the Birch Meadow Trails with scenic views of the Jay Range. Prepare 2 pieces of aluminum foil (approx 12x12) by spraying with cooking spray. He also suggested that they look over the Big Pond property. "High Ponds Farm at Burnt Mountain on Hazen's Notch is a beautifully (and minimally) managed cross-country ski and hiking area in Montgomery Center, Vermont. The General Secretary proceeded to lay everything aside, assembled a couple of men from the board and the group drove up to Plantain Pond the next day. Gates that are open are open for the convenience of the private landowner and are not an invitation to drive beyond the gate. The trails of the Hazen's Notch Association are on privately-owned land.

Then, in early February 1947, came the annual YMCA campaign for funds, so nothing could be done until there were just five weeks remaining in the original six months. . If recent history is not showing, then try reloading the page. Weldon Hester fell in love with Plantain Pond the first time he saw it. The Hazen's Notch Association trails are considered to be some of the most scenic trails in all of Vermont. The upper or back of the meadow has a mowed "lawn" against a backdrop of tall spruce and fir trees. Our Summer Camp experts guide you through every type of summer camp out there. The spring weather was wet and cold until June 23rd, and after this date, it became warm and ideal for camping. YMCA Camp Hi-Rock is a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA. In Winter access all trails from the HNA Welcome Center on Route 58. Mr. Mortensen moved into camp with his men and equipment during late March, 1948 (before the road had yet to thaw out). He was an inspiration to everyone involved, as he worked harder and was more skilled. Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 p.m. A weeks payment for camp (no matter what that first week is) is due at the time of registration. The trail to the summit of Burnt Mountain will open in mid May. The normal capacity was seventy boys per period for the first two years.

Summer Camp Packing List- What to pack for camp! In the foreground and on Sugar Hill to the west are many sugar maples. Over the years we've seen many things - rabbits, hawks, deer, foxes, squirrels, ruffed grouse. Pack a lunch and water as you will find several picnic tables at popular destinations such as the Moosewood Ponds, the High Meadow, Little Rock Pond and Bear Paw Pond. Mr. Hester commuted back and forth between the Bridgeport Y and camp several times. The terrain is perfect- not too steep, the views are lovely and the warming hut is a great cozy place for lunch on a 0 degree day! Mr. Hester secured several maps that encompassed Connecticut, New York State, and southwestern Massachusetts. You will see discounted products as you shop the website. Hanging out in the High Meadow in the Fall looking at the foliage or munching on an apple from the orchard, or in the summertime amidst the wildflowers, or sitting on a rock watching beavers swimming around in a beaver pond, or walking on a trail deep in the lush green forest, is akin to a religious experience in my book. Below is a recommended packing list. Weldons car was equipped with food, cooking and sleeping equipment. The sun coming through the trees creating an enchantment in the forest. To see was to be sold on the place and this small group declared it shouldnt be turned down without more investigation, so other groups were brought there within the next few days. From the Welcome Center walk east on Route 58 for 1 km (.6 mile). If this is your Camp, we'd love to feature more of you.

Please read over this packet in its entirety and return the necessary forms (pages 10-14) to our office or by emailing them to [emailprotected]. Some trips require swimsuits and/or a change of clothes (see above).

Then, the crew used crowbars, picks and shovels, lowered the outlet and cut trenches back into the mulch to drain the swamp. All of the trails, parking areas and lands described in the text and depicted on the maps on the pages of this website are on private land.

DIRECT DEPOSIT PREAUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT DIRECT PAYMENTS (ACH CREDITS) I hereby authorize CAMP HAVEN YMCA, hereinafter called the COMPANY, to credit entries to my account indicated below and the, Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax, or Download, Related Forms Once forms are returned, an online account will be made with a link sent to your email provided. The summit of Sugar Hill (elevation 1,700') makes a good destination for people who want a pleaseant 2-mile roundtrip hike from the Welcome Center. In 1948, the height of the dam was raised 30 inches by adding dirt fill on top and rip-rapping it at critical points with rock. The cross country ski touring center at Hazen's Notch is blessed with a topography that is ideally suited to nordic skiing - rolling meadows, soft hills, and views of mountains in all directions. All Content Copyright 2001-2022 There are panoramic views from Coyote Meadow and the old sugar house. What to Know About the Corona Virus & Summer Camps, Starting a Long Trek Our Kids Camp Search, National Flight Academy, FL Kids Summer Camps Spotlight. The Central Lodge (Parker Seeley) was built in 1912. Trip schedule subject to change (Covid-19, weather, river levels, etc.). Amazingly, he even bathed in the lake during the winter, cutting away blocks of ice. The old North Lodge was originally constructed in 1915 with an extension added in 1925. Turn left and walk along the stonewall to the Notch Trail. Get ready for exciting adventures at Camp Hazen YMCA. After 30 days any remaining lost and found is donated to a worthwhile charity. P.O. Trails range from restored woods roads that have gentle to moderate grades to narrow footpaths with steep climbs. Shortly after Weldon B. Hester joined the Bridgeport YMCA staff as Boys Work Secretary in March, 1946, Howard Haag, General Secretary (Executive Director), announced that the Y wanted to build a boys camp. For several weeks, he made two trips a week, with mid-week visits to Bridgeport to monitor his other program responsibilities. Undoubtedly, without Parker Seeleys leadership and guiding hand in the months to come, there would be no Camp Hi-Rock. This will help us return lost items. The trails and parking areas are open during daylight hours only. Montgomery Center VT 05471, Suggested Hikes - easy to print, one-page pdf file, HNA Trail Map - easy to print, one-page png image file, Webpage: Burnt Mountain, High Ponds Farm, Montgomery, Vermont. If this is your Camp, we'd love to feature more of you. Brunch Pro Theme by Feast Design Co. Lemony Raspberry Zucchini Bread with a Lemony Glaze, Southwest Orzo Salad with a Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, The Ultimate Weekend Away Packing List for Babies and Toddlers, Room Review: Cars Family Suite in Disney World's Art of Animation Resort. Price includes all field trips, plus two camp t-shirts! Included in this packet is information to help your camper(s) have a great summer with us. Click, Summer Camp Search by State - Clickable Map. Several trips were made to camp during the fall and winter of 19461947, using the South Lodge (now Bear Rock Lodge) as the headquarters. Spread out the banana with your knife. The best way to transport all necessary clothing and gear is in a footlocker (or plastic storage bin) no higher than 14 that can easily slide under a bunk. Having an issue? The dam was built around 1850 to furnish additional water supply for power for the Hammertown Scythe Works in Connecticut. This funding would be borrowed from Association reserves with the understanding that both principal and interest be paid back when possible. MORE Search Options & Recent Search History Below. Weuse cookies toimprove security, personalize the user experience, enhance our marketing activities (including cooperating with our marketing partners) and for other business use. Would Mr. Hester be interested in Plantain Pond? Throw in some outdoor education and youve got a powerful influence for positive change in this world. It becomes a footpath to the main ridge where the trail turns right and continues through a stand of Mountain paper birch (Betula cordifolia) on its way to the wooded summit and to the panoramic view beyond. Mr. Hester found this land to be an abandoned Boy Scout camp and unsuitable for the Ys use. Our carefully designed trails provide maximum enjoyment for trail users with minimal impact to the surrounding natural resources. However, there was much quiet ground work that had been completed. The Hazen's Notch Association maintains a network of 15 miles of trails and woods roads for hiking in Summer and Fall. Several parents remarked how well behaved and fine appearing the boys were. - origination, If you believe that this page should be taken down, please follow our DMCA take down process, Something went wrong! 3726 Miller Trunk Road The original dam featured a sluiceway with a wooden gate that heightened to release impounded water in times of draught. Or Have a Question? Copyright 2021. Give us a call if you have any questions. I'm not a skier, but spending countless hours hiking (or leisurely walking) on the trails in the summer, late spring and fall is a highlight of any day. Pete Straleau had promised a nice tall steel flagpole and on Saturday, July 10th, he came into camp with his crew and the flagpole dangling from a crane truck.