Part of report is dealing with different classes of molecular markers (proteins, RFLP, AFLP, RAPD, and SSR application in maize genome polymorphism investigation. Between different solvents used for enzyme extraction from fermented WB mass, distilled water at ph (7.0) was the superior efficient leaching solvent. Rice bran is a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin E. In this study, goat meat sausages were formulated to contain 0, 1.5 or 3 percent stabilized rice bran. C reaction temperature, 1 h reaction time, 9:1 molar ratio of rice bran oil to methanol and 0.75% catalyst (w/w). During this biotrophic interaction, plant defense responses are actively suppressed by the pathogen, and previous transcriptome analyses of infected maize plants showed comprehensive and stage-specific changes in host gene expression during disease progression.To identify maize genes that are functionally involved in the interaction with U. maydis, we adapted a VIGS system based on the Brome mosaic virus (BMV) to maize at conditions that allow successful U. maydis infection of BMV pre-infected maize plants. This study analyzed three rice cultivars, BRS Sertaneja (S, BRS Primavera (P, and IRGA 417 (I determining the color parameters (L*, a*, and b * at 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 minutes of roasting time. However, there is a lack of information about composition of phenolic acids and their concentrations in different Triticum species. 0000000016 00000 n Since the Brans-Dicke field should be relaxed to the asymptotic value with the elapse of time, the final apparent horizon becomes time-like (or space-like). In this study, temporal and spatial variation of optimal sowing date of summer maize was analyzed by statistical model and the APSIM-Maize model in Henan Province, China. Likewise, it tries to open the way in the jungle of uncertain names and interpretations offered by various descriptions of the period under study, and it poses the need for cultural-historical readings of the phenomenon by comparing different descriptive traditions, with special reference in this case to Ethiopia.Este trabajo se centra en los siglos XVI y XVII y parte de la introduccin del maz (Zea mays en diferentes lugares de frica por los portugueses. The antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds in the extracts was investigated by 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical assay, 2,2-azino-bis-(3-ethylenebenzothiozoline-6-sulfonic acid) (ABTS) radical cation assay, reducing power. Our analysis revealed that the structure of Australian wheat germplasm and its geographic ancestors have changed significantly through time, especially after the Green Revolution. There was no significant difference in the ADC of gross energy; the values ranged from 47.10% for corn starch to 40.10% for corn. We varied the wheat particle size to obtain fiber-rich breads with a high and low glycemic response and investigated the differences in postprandial glucose kinetics and metabolic response after their consumption. Our analysis revealed that the structure of Australian wheat germplasm and its geographic ancestors have changed significantly through time, especially after the Green Revolution. Full Text Available Crop sequence is an important management practice that may affect durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.

A five level central composite design (CCD consisting four operating parameter, like temperature, stirring rate, solvent-bran ratio and contact time were examined to optimize rice bran oil extraction. Intercropping Maize With Legumes for Sustainable Highland Maize Production. Rice bran is a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin E. In this study, goat meat sausages were formulated to contain 0, 1.5 or 3 percent stabilized rice bran. However, for satisfied yield increases for 16% in both experiments the lowest amount of carbocalk needed for application was 15 t ha-1. Rice Bran Stabilization And G-Oryzanol Content Of Two Local Paddy Varieties Ir 64 And Cisadane Muncul. Microwave roasting for 12 minutes can be a viable option for improving the sensory functional and nutritional characteristics of the rice bran considering its use in food products. Soluble DF was extracted from the bread with water and separated from the digestible material with gastrointestinal tract enzymes and by solvent precipitation. The period of 0-15 days was considered as a lead-in period to induce hyperlipidemia with atherogenic diet in albino rats. Artymowski, Micha [Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University ojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Krakw (Poland); Lalak, Zygmunt; Lewicki, Marek, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw ul. Subsequent MALDI-TOFMS analysis of the resulting acidic extract from these gluten-free foods clearly confirms the presence of a typical mass pattern corresponding to gliadin components, ranging from 30 to 45 kDa. As a result we have obtained an inflationary scalar potential with non-zero value of residual vacuum energy, which may be a source of dark energy. The study was carried out over a 168 hr period at 70C and the progression of oxidation was measured by peroxide value, p-anisidine value, and thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS. Twelve thin tail rams, aged about 12 months, weighed 20.95 1.52 kg (CV = 7.26%) were allocated into a Randomized Block Design with 2 blocks and 3 treatments. Furthermore a waaL mutant strain lacking the O-antigen portion of the LPS is severely impaired in colonization. In addition, we showed that LRP and LQP modulated oxidative stress and upregulated AMPK/ACC, respectively. ISOLATED FROM WEEDS AND PLANT DEBRIS IN EASTERN CROATIA TO, Functional properties of pasta enriched with variable cereal, Biological transformation of anthracene in soil by Pleurotus ostreatus under solid-state fermentation conditions using, Analysis of energy and greenhouse gas balance as indexes for environmental assessment of, Short term (14 days) consumption of insoluble, Effect of conventional milling on the nutritional value and antioxidant capacity of, Reduced irrigation increases the water use efficiency and productivity of winter, Short Term (14 Days Consumption of Insoluble, Short Term (14 Days) Consumption of Insoluble, Options and potentials to mitigate N2O emissions from, Physicochemical composition and glycemic index of whole grain bread produced from composite flours of quality protein, Effects of baking conditions, dough fermentation, and, Variability of Pathogenicity of Fusarium spp. Both wheat bran and whole-stillage are potential substrates for pretreatment using waste heat from the 1st generation process for 2nd generation ethanol. The use of corn, soybean hulls, or wheat bran in the diet of the confined steers does not affect the total cudding time. Pathogenicity test for wheat ears was done on genotypes Osk.8c9/3-94 and Osk.6.11/2 (totally 25 isolates. Finally we used all available physical, sequence, genetic, and optical data to generate a golden path (AGP of chromosome-based pseudomolecules, herein referred to as the B73 Reference Genome Sequence version 1 (B73 RefGen_v1. Using data from 17 long-term experiments in China we determined the effects of fertilization strategies on SOC stocks at 0-20cm depth in the North, North East, North West and South. The result implies that fermentation with Lactobacillus brevis VTCC - B - 454 can be applied for GABA production from defatted rice bran extract.

Pretreatment led up-to 300% improvement in the glucose yield compared to only-enzymatically treated substrates. Hernando, Alberto; Valdes, Israel; Mndez, Enrique. Although the amounts and types of cereal grains included in poultry diets will depend largely on their current costs relative to their nutritive values, care must be taken to avoid making large changes to the cereal component of diets, as sudden changes can cause digestive upsets that may reduce productivity and pre-dispose the birds to diseases. Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Goat Meat Sausages with Added Rice Bran. associated with head blight of, Effect of Gamma Rays on the Distribution of Toxigenic Fusarium Moulds and Chemical Changes in Whole and Dry Milled Fractions of, Effect of crop sequence and crop residues on soil C, soil N and yield of, Screening of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria from, The effect of Zn, N and P application on nutrient uptake in, Availability and dose response of phytophenols from a, Genetic controls on starch amylose content in, Physiological characteristics and metabolomics of transgenic, Assessment of genetic diversity among sixty bread, Influence of Bifidobacterium bifidum on release of minerals from bread with differing, Sustaining soil productivity by integrated plant nutrient management in. 0000003690 00000 n Dextran presence improved bread softness and neutralized bran-induced volume loss, clearly demonstrating the potential of using dextransucrases in bran bioprocessing for use in baking. Millet also resembles maize in energy content but has considerably higher protein content. Oilseed meals make up 20-25 per cent of a poultry diet. Five cropping patterns were allotted to main plots and the eight combinations of FYM, K and Zn to the sub-plots. Since the Brans-Dicke field should be relaxed to the asymptotic value with the elapse of time, the final apparent horizon becomes time-like (or space-like). Dai, Shouhui; Yang, Hui; Yang, Lan; Wang, Fuhua; Du, Ruiying; Wen, Dian. Impaired colonization ability of the smooth surface of wheat bran was linked to reduced potential of xlnR to secrete arabinoxylan and cellulose-degrading enzymes and indicates that XlnR is the major regulator that drives colonization of wheat bran in A. niger. In this study, we investigated the colonization and degradation of wheat bran by the A. niger reference strain CBS 137562 and araR/xlnR regulatory mutants using high-resolution microscopy and exo-proteomics. Joukhadar, Reem; Daetwyler, Hans D; Bansal, Urmil K; Gendall, Anthony R; Hayden, Matthew J, Since the introduction of wheat into Australia by the First Fleet settlers, germplasm from different geographical origins has been used to adapt wheat to the Australian climate through selection and breeding.

Lipid Lowering Efficacy of Pennisetum glaucum Bran in Hyperlipidemic Albino Rats, I. Javed*, B. Aslam, M. Z. Khan1, Zia-Ur-Rahman, F. Muhammad and M. K. Saleemi1. A note on the effect of wheat versus maize on the backfat mass (85 or 120 kg) on the fatty acid composition of backfat was studied on 40 ad lib. total lipids (41%, triglycerides(48%, total cholesterol (39% and LDL- cholesterol (55%. A good quality pollard should consist of 50 per cent bran and 50 per cent wheat meal. The o 2 gene was incorporated into high protein backgrounds. Selected offspring progenies (50 mutant lines) originating from mutation experiments with hexaploid wheat (cv. A study was carried out to produce functional pasta by adding bran aqueous extract (BW) and bran oleoresin (BO) obtained using ultrasound and supercritical CO2, respectively, or a powdery lyophilized tomato matrix (LT). The present study investigates the productivity of water in winter wheat and maize cropping systems in the Romanian Plain (49 594 sq. The FH was lyophilized and spray dried to obtain fleshing hydrolysate powder (FHP) to be used along with wheat bran and rice bran for protease production. The best ADCs of crude protein were observed in corn (93.44% and cornstarch (90.94% compared to rice bran (68.23% and wheat bran (68.58%. Weeds represent a constant source of inoculum of F. species for cultivated plants and they serve as epidemiologic bridges among vegetations. endstream endobj 14 0 obj<> endobj 15 0 obj<> endobj 16 0 obj<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 17 0 obj<> endobj 18 0 obj<> endobj 19 0 obj<> endobj 20 0 obj<> endobj 21 0 obj<> endobj 22 0 obj<> endobj 23 0 obj<> endobj 24 0 obj<>stream Immunoblotting analysis revealed that the expression of phospho-AMPK was increased whereas that of phospho-ACC was decreased in the 0.20% LQP group. In this study, a process-based model, the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum System (SPACSYS), was used to simulate the effects of different fertilisation regimes on crop yields, the dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC) and total nitrogen (SN) stocks from 1990 to 2010, and soil CO2 (2007-2010) and N2O (2007-2008) emissions based on a long-term fertilisation experiment with a winter-wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) and summer-maize (Zea mays L.) intercropping system in Eutric Cambisol (FAO) soil in southern China. The results show that increase in P application rates aggrandized shoot P uptake and crops yields at threshold rates of 70 and 71.5 kg P ha-1 respectively. The major phenolic acid in subfraction 2 was identified as ferulic acid (178.3 g/mg) by HPLC and LC-ESI/MS/MS analyses. The variant of the power use of bran is considered as the preforms got the thermal pressing, and the optimal temperature of pressing, equal 150C. 0000019916 00000 n Refrigeration storage for 20 days, evaluated by pH and acidity variations, was ideal for assessment of the beverage conservation time. INRAECIRAD AFZ 2017-2021. In vitro ruminal fermentation of diets containing wheat straw and date pits as forage. plants rice wheat buckwheat vector cereals grain isolated ears spelt oat legume corn farm millet shutterstock rye seeds symbols dried Most hybrid varieties tend to produce grain of lower protein content than the old open-pollinated varieties. Goat meat has the potential to replace these traditionally consumed meats. Richetti, J.; Ahmad, I.; Aristizabal, F.; Judge, J. The fat percentage in the goat meat sausages increased in response to increasing rice bran percentages (P<0.001. As we shall demonstrate in detail by using some viable F( R) models, although the initial F( R) models have no antigravity, their scalar-tensor counterpart theories might or not have antigravity, a fact mainly depending on the parameter that characterizes antigravity. The isolated fiber was used as a growth substrate for 11 probiotic and intestinal Bifidobacterium strains, for commensal strains of Bacteroides fragilis and Escherichia coli, and for potential intestinal pathogenic strains of E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium, and Clostridium perfringens. We describe a methodology for the detection of gliadins in maize and rice foods based on a two-step procedure of extraction (60% aqueous ethanol followed by 1 M acetic acid). The GEPIC model operates on a daily time step, while the geospatial input datasets for this analysis (e.g. Overexpression of Aspergillus tubingensis faeA in protease-deficient Aspergillus niger enables ferulic acid production from plant material. (author), Kovacs, E; Kiss, I; Boros, A; Horvath, Ny; Toth, J; Gyulai, P; Szalma, A. Kirda, C.; Derici, R.; Kanber, R.; Yazar, A.; Koc, M.; Barutcular, C. Wheat-yield responses to the application of different rates of N fertilizer, under irrigated and rainfed conditions, were evaluated over four growing seasons. Measured D and 18 O in waters indicated that the groundwater was mainly recharged by atmospheric precipitation, while measured 15 N and 18 O in nitrate suggested that the sources for groundwater NO 3 - included urea fertilizer, soil nitrogen, and sewage/manure. Full Text Available Maize is a major cereal crop and an important model system for basic biological research. It is high in energy but low in protein.

In addition we discuss the probability of quantum tunnelling from the minimum of the potential. The mixture was sonicated followed "New" seed in "old" China : impact of CIMMYT Collaborative Programme on maize breeding in South-Western China, China is the most populated country with the most limited amount of arable land per head of the population in the world. 13 0 obj <> endobj In this study, three solvents, acetone, ethanol and solvent mixture (SM [acetone: ethanol (1:1 v/v] were employed in extraction investigations. Effects of five cropping patterns i.e., rice-wheat, maize-wheat, sunflower-wheat, sorghum-wheat and pigeon pea-wheat and three organic and in-organic fertilizers (Farmyard Manure, Potassium and Zinc) on subsequent wheat crop were observed. Dextran (8.1% dry weight) was produced in wheat bran in 6 h using Wc392-rDSR. The sensitivity of Tribolium confusum - small flour beetle -to radiation was studied in a dose range of 0-0.8 kGy. Research methods included standard methodologies of ISO and physical experiment. VFA not only play a vital role in the energy metabolism of dairy cows but are also the main cause of ruminal acidosis and depressed feed intake. The energy-corrected milk yield was unaffected by treatment.

Analysis of transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) harboring a maize (Zea mays L.) gene for plastid EF-Tu: segregation pattern, expression and effects of the transgene. Dilute-sulfuric and -phosphoric acid pretreatment at 100C was carried out for wheat bran and whole-stillage fibers. The objective of the present study was to determine the nutritional composition of corn bran and its effects on iron bioavailability using the hemoglobin depletion-repletion method in rats. As a result of this fact, maize is today the spotlight of many researchers, constantly trying to increase the productivity of this species, particularly important i from the economic point of view.

The result showed that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease activity score was significantly decreased in all types of treatment. The results presented here show the effectiveness of the Illumina strategy for sequencing dikaryotic genomes of non-model organisms and provides reliable DNA sequence information for genomic studies, including pathogenic mechanisms of this maize fungus and molecular marker design. The results show that seed-borne infection of wheat with F. proliferatum can lead to contamination of wheat kernels with mycotoxins fumonisins and beauvericin. Moreover addition of the MRL proteins as competitors in H. seropedicae attachment assays decreased 80-fold the adhesion of the wild type to maize roots. Crop Water Productivity (CWP), defined as the ratio of yield (or value of harvested crop) to actual evapotranspiration or as the ratio of yield (or value of harvested crop) to volume of supplied irrigation water (Molden et al., 1998), is a useful indicator in the evaluation of water use efficiency and ultimately of cropland management, particularly in the case of regions affected by or prone to drought and where irrigation application is essential for achieving expected productions.

0000011935 00000 n The variation within processing plants can often be greater than that between plants. Greenhouse gas emissions and stocks of soil carbon and nitrogen from a 20-year fertilised wheat-maize intercropping system: A model approach. Tiller production increased with N-fertilizer usage, however, tiller survival decreased at high N and was highest at 160 kg N ha -1 . The study measured grain yield, shoot P uptake, apparent P recovery efficiency (PRE and soil P content. Result indicates that, Lactobacillus brevis VTCC - B - 454 exhibited the higher capacity of GABA synthesis in fermentation of defatted rice bran extract than that of Lactobacillus plantarum VTCC - B - 890. Results showed that the heat increment that contributed 35.34 to 37.85% of ME intake was not influenced by experimental diets (p>0.05 when expressed as Mcal/kg of DM feed intake. 0000002945 00000 n Depending on the percentages of maize or rice flours employed in the elaboration of these foods, the combined procedure enables levels of gliadins from 100 to 400 ppm to be detected. Linseed meal does not effectively supplement the protein of maize or other grain in poultry diets. However, there canbe significant variation in availability (absorption and retention) of amino acids due to the day-to-day difference in inputs as well as processing conditions (temperature, moisture, pressure and time). Titicaca was grown in field lysimeters with sand, sandy loam and sandy clay loam soil.

In 1986 the irradiation of 10 tons of wheat-germ is planned. Comparisons of the data for sample types in this set will be useful to identify metabolic pathway changes as the fungus switches from saprophytic to a pathogenic lifestyle or pathogenicity related proteins contributing to the ability to cause disease on wheat. Antioxidative effects of stabilized and unstabilized defatted rice bran methanolic extracts on the stability of rice bran oil under accelerated conditions. Similar results hold true in the Brans-Dicke model, which we also studied numerically. Same plots were used for next year sowing. The product evaluated proved to be a potential source of dietary fiber and it showed no negative effects on iron bioavailability. The protein and lysine contents were measured in the progenies of these crossings. Zmeftu1 was expressed, and the transgenic plants synthesized and accumulated three anti-EF-Tu cross-reacting polypeptides of similar molecular mass but different pI, suggesting the possibility of posttranslational modification of this protein. Despite the fact that the increased consumption of whole grain cereals and whole grain-based products has been closely related to reduced risk of chronic diseases, bioactive compounds found in whole grain cereals have not achieved as much attention as the bioactive compounds in vegetables and fruits. Alkaline extraction is commonly used to isolate arabinoxylans from cell wall rich materials, such as cereal brans, crop residues etc. Combining the results from linkage disequilibrium, population structure and in-silico painting revealed that the dependence on CIMMYT materials has varied among different Australian States, has shrunken the germplasm effective population size and produced larger linkage disequilibrium blocks.

The novel wheat biorefining strategy could result in a production cost within the range of dollars 0.96-0.50 gal(-1) ethanol (dollars 0.25-0.13 L(-1) ethanol) when the production capacity of the plant is within the range of 10-33.5 million gal y(-1) (37.85-126.8 million L y(-1)). Speciality maize, due to its traits and genetic control of these traits, requires a particular attention in handling breeding material during the processes of breeding. These data support that integration of global and targeted metabolite analysis can be utilized for assessing health properties of rice bran phytochemicals that are enhanced by yeast fermentation and that differ across rice varieties. Extracellular, intracellular and cellular vanillin dehydrogenase activity was found least, which was minimized vanillin degradation, and the strain resists more than 5gL -1 vanillin in the medium. 0000005873 00000 n Meatballs made with 20% oat bran had the highest protein, salt and ash contents, L value (lightness), b value (yellowness), and the lowest moisture content and a value (redness). ; Tanoi, K. We present how radioactive Cs was deposited on wheat, rice, peach tree and soil after nuclear accident in Fukushima. In the present work, the transesterification process for production of rice bran oil methyl ester has been investigated. The maize dataset was acquisitioned from CIMMYTs (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) Global Maize program. The effects of various parameters, such as moistening agent, initial moisture content level, initial ph, incubation temperature, inoculum size and incubation time on thermo stable alpha-amylase production by B.megaterium-gamma 21F2 under SSF were studied. A good quality cottonseed meal is light yellow and has a sharp nutty smell. Margaret Ruguru feeds chicken in her poultry farm in Thika on January 18, 2015. Goat meat has the potential to replace these traditionally consumed meats. Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata, mung bean (V. radiata, rice bean (V. umbellata, and lablab (Lablab purpureus were sown into a standing maize crop 30 days before harvest, and the results were compared with a maize crop grown using residue burning as the method for land preparation at Pang Da Agricultural Station in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in a replicated trial conducted over 3 growing seasons from 2012 to 2014. Disinfestation experiments were performed with wheat-germ and wheat-bran and the most important ingredients of the two products were analysed. One of the factors is overconsumption of the red meats such as pork and beef. The structure and size of in vitro dextran product was similar to dextran produced in vivo. Nawab, K.; Amanullah, A.; Shah, P.; Arif, M.; Khan, A.M. Field study was conducted during 2001-02 and 2002-03 to investigate the effect of cropping patterns and farm yard manure, potassium and zinc on the grain yield of wheat.

Peroxide value was determined biweekly. (author), Physicochemical and sensory profile of rice bran roasted in microwave. Deep belief network (DBN), one of the architectural in deep learning methods, is able to model data in high level of abstraction that involves nonlinearities effects of the data. Chakraborty, Debkumar; Kaur, Baljinder; Obulisamy, Karthikeyan; Selvam, Ammaiyappan; Wong, Jonathan W C. Owing to its flavoring, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anticarcinogenic nature, vanillin is widely used in foods, beverages, perfumes and pharmaceutical products. Characterization and comparative analysis of the genome of Puccinia sorghi Schwein, the causal agent of maize common rust. We previously reported that transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) carrying a maize (Zea mays L.) gene (Zmeftu1) for chloroplast protein synthesis elongation factor, EF-Tu, displays reduced thermal aggregation of leaf proteins, reduced injury to photosynthetic membranes (thylakoids), and enhanced rate of CO(2) fixation following exposure to heat stress (18 h at 45 degrees C) [Fu et al. We conclude that manure application and straw incorporation could potentially lead to SOC sequestration in topsoil in China, but beneficial effects of this increase in SOC stocks to 20-cm depth on crop yield and yield stability may only be achieved in the South. The equilibrium fasting HP (FHP provided an estimate of NE requirements for maintenance (NEm. If the Brans-Dicke coupling is greater than -1.5, the T uu component can be negative at the outside of the black hole.

rice brown uncooked versus wild maize bran oiled