"[10], The family resided at Homburg Castle,[11] and Victoria Louise and Joachim would often visit their cousins the children of the Prussian princesses Margaret and Sophia at nearby Kronberg Castle. Step 4: There is a final decision once you get 100 relation with Britain to get your British titles back, being the great grandson of Queen Victoria. Step 3: You must go down the Expatriate the Communists route, and accept British Naval Dominance to build relations with them. Several of Victoria Louise's brothers were early members of the Nazi party, including former Crown Prince Wilhelm and Prince August Wilhelm. Air superiority is still very important and it's recommended Germany have deployed a minimum of 1000 fighters at the outbreak of the war. Afterwards, take the decision and restore the HRE. The coastline consists mostly of flat, arable land and the East Frisian marshes, which together form part of the North European Plain. A bunch of decisions happen to reform the succession laws. Unlike with the Democratic Tree, however, it is advised that, if possible, for one to rush Return of the Kaiser as soon as possible; one can get enough Non-Aligned support by doing rounds of anti-Fascist/anti-Communist raids, and also banning the latter ideology. This contributed to a higher level of Organization in the army. The Duke and Duchess of Brunswick refused, believing that the age difference was too great; Princess Frederica would have been around 18 years of age while the prince was over 22 years older. Rather than declare war in response, accept their decision to get Wilhelm III (if one has caused too much World Tension, the British can threaten war instead of the Dutch blocking you, but as we need to have the British on our side, we can't let that happen). By this point, there are very few nations that can stand up to you (the United States, USSR, and a fully unified China are the most notable examples), so feel free to do whatever you want. Through her father she was a great-granddaughter of both Emperor Wilhelm I and Queen Victoria. Your focuses should be Naval Rearmament, Army Innovations, Treaty with the USSR, Air Innovations, Four Year Plan, and Groraumwirtschaft - use the 10 Army XP you get from Army Innovations to add 2 motorized units to your Panzer Division Template, to make them faster and stronger, and use the bonuses from Four Year Plan to go ahead of time on the 1939 Industrial and Construction techs. Romania and Yugoslavia will still be at war with the AI Controlled German Reich, but they will not be at war with the German Military Junta (if you wish to have the Romanian occupied lands in Czechoslovakia revert to your control, give Romania military access). Germany starts with some technological advantages in naval design, including 1936 designs for light cruisers, destroyers and submarines, and in 1936 has eight Type IIA U-boats and four Type 1934-class destroyers under construction, as well as the famous Admiral Graf Spee "pocket battleship" (heavy cruiser) about to leave the drydock. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. As Germany, turn France fascist and occupy Danzig without going to war with France. After the collapse of the German Empire in the November Revolution of 1918/19 after WW1 the Weimar Republic was proclaimed, named after the German city where its constitutional convention was held. As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940. The Kriegsmarine ("War Navy") is small and outdated in 1936, and without serious rearmament efforts, it won't stand a chance against the Royal Navy due to a lack of modern capital ships and air power. Germany was the primary Axis Power in the European Theatre. I'd actually rather join the Allies some other way and then leave the faction after Victoria is crowned, then form the Central Europen Powers faction myself. [6][7] According to her eldest brother Crown Prince Wilhelm, Victoria Louise was "the only one of us who succeeded in her childhood in gaining a snug place" in their father's heart. Note that taking Groraumwirtschaft during the civil war if it lasts that long is also worth considering, as doing so will allow you to align Hungary and Romania and boost Democracy in those countries, thus preventing them from flipping to Fascism and joining either Novus Imperium Romanum or the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (in the case of Romania, the boost from Appoint Pro-Allied Government may also result in them flipping back to Democracy).

[19] The Times described the union as akin to Romeo and Juliet, albeit with a happier ending. Germany is in a race against time to occupy Allied countries before they outgrow Germany industrially. So all the vids I'm seeing with putting Victoria on the German Empire throne are using console. If the civil war is still ongoing by the time you finish Extra Research Slot, feel free to add Army Innovations and Treaty with the USSR for more time and also to get Medium Tanks early (note you can take the latter focus any time as long as you haven't done Bulwark Against Bolshevism or the Great Red Menace, so if you want to hold off on taking them until you've flipped to Democracy, feel free to do so). His ideas, his opinions on men and things are persistently quoted by her. [12] In 1905, the princess studied music with concert pianist Sandra Droucker. During 1936 a good construction strategy is to focus on improving infrastructure in states with lots of resources and factory slots, then building civilian factories in those states. Press J to jump to the feed. Have your navy exercise until they are at least lv 2, and then set them on strike force on the necessary bodies of water. A generally agreed upon order for national focus is as follows: The general purpose of this order is to use the early game to prioritize the building of the German economy. Her 1913 wedding to Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover was the largest gathering of reigning monarchs in Germany since German unification in 1871, and one of the last great social events of European royalty before the First World War began fourteen months later. This 4 division unit can be dangerous if deployed effectively to punching through enemy lines on plains and then aggressively encircling enemies. Hey. After the peace deal with France, take your Panzer Divisions and have them enter the tile of Czechoslovakia that borders Poland; this tile will not be fortified, and will go down easily. [28] While Ernest Augustus never officially joined the party, he donated funds and was close to several leaders. Foothills dominate the Czechoslovakian border. Daddy isorrow says it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD1h7Yiq6ZM. You may reassert eastern claims at any time, so long as it happens before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

"After six sons, God has given us our seventh child, a small but very strong little daughter," the empress wrote in her diary soon after the birth. The Treaty of Versailles demilitarized Germany's border with Belgium, Luxembourg, and part of the Netherlands and France. She lived there until her death. Another approach is to focus on a strong navy, particularly submarines. Examples of alternative division template names for German Reich include: ^ marks a company or division that is only available in the 1939 start. Train and force deploy cavalry until you have 48 units, and use them to guard the Czech border - make sure to exercise them so they aren't lv 1. By going down the Bring Back The Kaiser focus tree you generate around 12-13% world tension with 3 focuses. After the war fires, cancel the lend-lease, take the Decision "Sharpen Air Safety Regulations" (to ensure that you do not get the Hindenburg Disaster; the only other guaranteed way to prevent it is to remain at war until May 6, 1939, which is not practical), and train Panzer Divisions (6 at a time) - the AI's troops are nowhere near as strong as even force-deployed Panzer Divisions. Step 1: Netherlands must refuse to return Wilhelm II. Questions, Paradox Wilhelm recovered enough for them to depart, but soon relapsed. The reason for taking four year plan in the fourth slot (as opposed to the second) is that it pushes the research bonuses gained from that focus to later years (assuming the player is researching industry at the start of the game), allowing the player to continue to focus on industrial tech research well ahead of time, and thus gain those bonuses for the longer term. As Germany in a 1939 start, occupy all of Poland and France without taking more than 475 casualties. Start with the "Four Year Plan" national focus and continue with the other industry-focused focuses, as soon as the requirements for "Rhineland", "Anschluss", "Demand Sudetenland/Slovenia" and other diplomatic focuses are achieved the player should take them. The Luftwaffe was rapidly built into a modern air force in the late 1930s, playing a key role in German offensives in Poland, the Benelux, and France. For the next thirty years, Ernest Augustus remained the head of the House of Hanover, living in retirement on his various estates with his family, mainly Blankenburg Castle in Germany and Cumberland Castle in Gmunden, Austria. The wedding feast included 1,200 guests. [9] Anne later noted that the "warlike" emperor "unbends to a considerable extent when in the bosom of his family," and is the "dominating force of his daughter's life.

You must go with the peaceful option and settle for Wilhelm III. German aerial innovation continued throughout the war, even after the tide had turned against the Axis, leading to the development of both the first operational jet fighter, the Me 262, and the V-2 rocket, the first long-range guided ballistic missile. Germany's default air doctrine and unique advisors allow for the execution of very effective ground support operations. Historically, Germany focused on flexible medium bombers such as the He 111 that could provide tactical support, and also pioneered close-in air support with dive bombers such as the Ju 87 operating in concert with ground troops on the offensive. Afterwards, defeat Italy, take the northern Italian territories (Piedmont (158), Lombardy (159), South Tyrol (39), Veneto (160), Emilia Romagna (161), Tuscany (162) and Istria (736)) required, and leave the Allies (feel free to take See to the Eastern Front and Danzig for Guarantee to return Memel to your borders and have East Prussia connected at this point; you can later form a faction with Poland if you wish, who likely are still non-aligned and are inclined to join a faction with you). The Rhine and Danube rivers both run partially through Germany towards the North Sea and the Black Sea respectively, whilst the Elbe, Oder, and Weser all run to the German coastline and the major ports of Hamburg, Stettin, and Bremen. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD1h7Yiq6ZM. 1917), Prince Christian Oscar (b. In Ironman that can be annoying, but other than that, you can savescum it. Historically, the Third Reich had begun to implement a massive shipbuilding programme known as Plan Z that called for no fewer than ten modern battleships (including the Scharnhorst and Bismarck classes), four aircraft carriers (including the unfinished Graf Zeppelin) and three battlecruisers (the planned O-class) to lead a large fighting force of surface raiders capable of both operating far out into the Atlantic against convoys and fighting pitched fleet battles in the North Sea against the Royal Navy, but efforts stalled as resources and yards were diverted to more critical material following the outbreak of war. As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island. He also owned Marienburg Castle near Hanover; however, the couple rarely lived there until 1945. If you wish to go for House of Kurds on this playthrough, it's recommended that you liberate an extra African territory to compensate for the tension taking the French-held Kurdish territory will generate (alternatively, one can liberate Brittany, as it is not required for the HRE; liberating Occitania is not a good idea, as one of the Occitanian cores, Savoy, is required for forming the nation). Take whatever you want during the peace deal (while you cannot get territory from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or South Africa unless you occupied them, fought them directly, or dropped one bomb on them through strategic bombing, you can satellite British Malaya and the Raj; if you do wish to go after the British dominions, however, you should have territory to stage naval invasions from thanks to the French lands of Madagascar (543), St. Pierre and Miquelon (730), and New Caledonia (635), and compared to the Royal Navy, the colonial navies are relatively weak), and then focus on taking down the remaining Benelux countries and Switzerland - the latter can be defeated easily if you use a trap, tricking them into coming onto territory you control (outside of the mountains), and then rushing their victory points. In terms of cores, outside of the cores granted through any of the formable nations, Germany can also gain cores on Austria (either through the Anschluss focus, or through an event that will fire off if Germany is either Democratic or Non-Aligned and in a faction with Austria - said event has a 90% chance of giving the positive answer, which will annex Austria and core them), West Poland (Danzig can be cored through Danzig or War even if Poland refuses; if the USSR conquers Poland and secedes West Poland, Germany will gain cores on all of West Poland, even if they took Oppose Hitler after signing the pact; Monarchist Germany can gain cores on Danzig, Posen, and Katowice if they do the focus "Danzig for Guarantee" and Poland accepts; Democratic Germany can regain Danzig and Poznan if they are in the same faction as Poland, Poland is Democratic or Non-aligned, Germany has completed the focus The Big Red Menace, Poland is at war with the USSR, and Poland has lost more than 30% of their victory points to the USSR), Alsace-Lorraine (if Germany takes Reintegrate Luxembourg and Alsace-Lorraine - which also cores Luxembourg - or is Monarchist and takes Reinstate Imperial Possessions), and the Sudetenland (if Germany either does the focus Demand Sudetenland and both the allies and Czechoslovakia agree, or if Czechoslovakia completes the focus "Deliver Sudetenland"). The troubled Weimar Republic would exist until 1933 when the NSDAP seized power and was transformed the country into a fascist dictatorship led by Adolf Hitler. Militarily, the priority should be to inflate Germany's army manpower enough to reach the requirements of the "Anschluss" national focus as fast as possible. During or after the war, form a faction with Austria - this will get you an event that allows you to peacefully annex them after a random amount of time (if you form a faction with them during the war, the event can still fire, which will result in not only a new front opening for the Reich, but also you getting their well-equipped troops). Therefore it is recommended the player has declared war on France, Yugoslavia, Poland, and/or the Benelux countries before 1939 is over. It's recommended that one rush the 2nd level of Industrial Focus (Concentrated/Dispersed Industry II and Construction II) before taking Four Year Plan to benefit the most from those bonuses - one does not need to have finished the respective techs to use the bonuses on the 1939 industry. Germany is in many ways "the star of the show" in Hearts of Iron IV, with both historical and technical precedence, as it acts as the primary driving force of many early-game events in historical playthroughs and is also usually the instigator of World War II, with many of the in-game events and focus trees tailored to bring about a conflict roughly comparable to the real-life counterpart. Remember to send volunteers to fight for Nationalist Spain to gain military experience. The Prussian crown prince was displeased with the match and wished that Ernest Augustus abdicate his rights to Hanover; in a compromise, it was decided that in exchange, he would succeed to the smaller duchy of Brunswick, of which his father was the lawful heir. [26] They had four further children: Prince George William (b. Production shifted almost entirely to U-boats in a bid to cut Britain off from the resources of the Commonwealth and USA through unrestricted submarine warfare, and by the end of the war, the Kriegsmarine was overwhelmingly comprised of U-boats, many of very advanced design that heavily influenced post-War Allied submarines after the fall of the Third Reich. Two Scharnhorst-class tiers II battleships are under construction as well. For a period of one week in May 1911, Victoria Louise traveled to England aboard the royal yacht Hohenzollern with her parents, where they visited their cousin George V, for the unveiling of a statue of Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace. * marks a company or division that is removed in the 1939 start. Interactive corporate website, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), No, can come to power via Event (Oster Conspiracy event chain/The Himmler-Putsch/Hitler Found Dead event), No, can come to power via Event (Oster Conspiracy event chain/The Himmler-Putsch), No, can come to power via Event (The Himmler-Putsch), Militrregierung / Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNVP), German Military Junta / German Transitional Government / German Empire, No, can come to power via Event (Hindenburg Aflame in London). The next year, he was deprived of his British peerages under the Titles Deprivation Act 1917 as a result of his service in the German army during the war.[27]. Instead, she moved back to Brunswick, occupying a house which had been offered to her by a wealthy industrialist and a circle of fans called "Braunschweiger Freundeskreis" (circle of Brunswick friends). The player can easily crush the UK (through a surprise invasion) or France with its starting army with the right strategy. After Britain accepts, send Victoria Louise as a liaison to prepare the ceremony. Germany, as one of the seven major powers, has a unique national focus tree. With the Royal Titles restored, and the Kaiserin on the throne, you now have the Benelux, Italy, and Switzerland left to conquer before you can form the HRE. [20] Despite press fixation on the union as a love match, it remains unclear if the match was one of love or politics;[20] historian Eva Giloi believes that the marriage was more likely the result of Prussia's desire to end the rift,[21] though in one of Victoria Louise's letters she described it as a "love match". Being the only one left, Victoria Louise will take the throne. After this, use your cavalry units to stop the Romanians from entering (as neither France nor Czechoslovakia will have joined a faction, you will not have to worry about capitulating a faction leader; that being said, if you justify any more war goals while at war, they will be guaranteed by the British, so don't), and disband the rest of your army. That being said, the player can freely change the course of events and either change the course of Germany's path or steal the spotlight as another country.

The German Reich (or often just referred to as Germany for short in community parlance) is the current incarnation of Germany. It is however believed that her publisher Leonhard Schlter served as her ghostwriter.[36]. As Germany, Bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini.

However, quality is its strength, the Heer is well trained, with all divisions being regulars and thus receiving 25% bonuses in combat. Regimentschefin (Regimental Chief) and Oberst, This page was last edited on 7 July 2022, at 01:56. These are the ministers available for the German Reich. A number of vessels were named for the princess: married second 1981, Countess Monika zu Solms-Laubach; no issue. When the war breaks out, launch your naval invasion as soon as France gets called in - while the starting French navy is stronger than the starting German navy, there is a small period where they will not be deployed in the English channel; even if you lose naval superiority during the invasion, as long as the naval invasion starts while you have superiority, you'll be able to carry it out. If Man the Guns is installed, there's a very good chance that the Netherlands has joined the Allies by this point, so you could justify on either Belgium or Luxembourg and also get the Dutch in the peace deal. If playing with Man the Guns, it's recommended that one do this sooner rather than later, as there is a chance that if the British have not taken their political focuses, they will take a Change in Course and go Fascist/Communist (if they take the former, they'll join the Japanese on historical; if they go the latter, they'll join the USSR). Princess Victoria Louise Adelaide Matilda Charlotte of Prussia (German: Viktoria Luise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte; 13 September 1892 11 December 1980) was the only daughter and the last child of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, and Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. On 8 November 1918, her husband was forced to abdicate his throne along with the other German kings, grand dukes, dukes, and princes, and the duchy of Brunswick was subsequently abolished. [32] By the time of the war's ending in Europe in April 1945, Victoria Louise was living with her husband at Blankenburg Castle. 1923). Do not puppet any nations - when the civil war breaks out, any puppets you have will join the Reich, and will go free after the Reich falls. I got next level cancer from this tutorial. The only thing Germany lacks is a sizable naval production capacity, something that eventually needs to be addressed in order to challenge the navies of other countries. [14], In 1912, Ernest Augustus, the wealthy heir to the title of Duke of Cumberland, came to the Berlin court to thank Emperor Wilhelm for having Crown Prince Wilhelm and Prince Eitel Friedrich attend the funeral of his brother, Prince George William. The capital, Berlin, and the regional hubs Frankfurt and Munich are the most important cities from a strategic point of view, and the large Rhine-Ruhr conurbation in the northwest is also a vital, highly industrialized region. Current ruling party is Fascist In 1936, German Reich's Heer is relatively small compared to the armies of the other major powers. The German General staff was responsible for the continuous study of all aspects of war, including the drawing up and reviewing of plans for mobilization or campaign. In 1936, the German Reich is one of the largest countries in Europe, spanning parts of both Western and Central Europe from the Rhine to Silesia, and from the North and Baltic Seas to the Alps. Non-Aligned / Deutschnationale Volkspartei (if Revive the Kaiserreich/Re-establish Free Elections is chosen) / Militrregierung (at the start of the German Civil War), PDXCON Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Fascist). ^ marks a variant that is only available in the 1939 start. Shortly after the wedding, Victoria Louise became the Duchess of Brunswick by marriage.

Note that Four Year Plan --> Autarky --> Hermann Goring-Werk --> KdF-Wagen is a chain that would almost always make senses to follow in any strategy being considered. [22] Also two imprisoned British spies Captain Stewart and Captain Trench, were pardoned and released by the Kaiser as a present to the United Kingdom. However, the German Reich does start with 1936 designs for all aircraft except carrier variants and heavy fighters, meaning that modern aircraft production can begin right away and research efforts can be diverted elsewhere. Garrison troops on the UK's victory points, justify on the Benelux countries or Switzerland (due to how high world Tension is, if the UK is controlled by an AI, they will guarantee them), and when the war is declared, the British will join, which will cause them to come close to capitulating, if not instantly capitulating. hearts iron megathread