He appears under certain requirements which are probably different for each player, especially in-game time, so I'll share my conditions here: sunny weather at 3PM. This time, you enter news . What should i do? NPC Shimizu Ayaze will appear. Find Bond Party Manager Kiki (148,205) and select Join the party to see if there's any bond party undergoing. Go to a Claw Machine in Cassell College (229,417) and insert coins to start playing. Then, follow her to the dance floor, and dance with her. Choose Look Around and hopefully a comm from Alfred will come through, saying that the office has spent tons of money on antiques. You will be limited to 4 reward chances during the Tokyo Moon Realm. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. While these can be found next to Tale quests, they are much easier and quicker to complete. Happy Person in College), Risk in Mirror Guide (a.k.a. Ini ngga bisa di pencet pas mau nyelamatin aiba. Bug? To trigger this anecdote, go to Tokyo (513,90) and find a homeless man sitting on the bench. Thither Line Don't pick up phone calls at the phone booth. If she tells you Nark's sled dog is missing. All Gaming Content, Dragon Raja, Dragon Raja Tale/Anecdote Guide, Tips and Trick

The Chizuru Moon Realm opens at the beginning of a random in-game hour every day. Speak to Anjou, go outside and meet Manstein (269,317), then say Have Finger hack into the system. Find Schneider outside of the library, hes the guy on the wheelchair with all those monitors around him (77,68).

it doesnt mention it in the guide but you need +50 healing personality to trigger the newspaper. No. He'll tell you the story (same as the other option) and the anecdote is done. So what do u do when u couldnt able to give the mannequin to hotaru and u lost it in the piano room.. now what. Hotaru is just frozen in the middle, while her attack is repeatedly going off. Although you can fight it out over a rubbing with another player, it might be easier to switch lines to find another one.

Players must enter a open PVP map where they must collect shards from D-Cyphers that have spawned all over the map. I bought every drink in the list and he wouldnt take any of them. Voice Bond Question : After ive talk to Hotaru in Chizuru Beach. I cant see the aurora at the weather report. Instead, act like a boss and sit on his comfy chair. This Anecdote can only be done if you have a high Justice trait (click on your avatar and choose Feature to confirm). Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Go to the basketball court and speak to Tatsuhiko Kimura to take the challenge (dungeon). Inside the room, you will find some footprints there. Can i sell the expired carbonated drink after finishing the anecdote? He isn't always there, so you should look out for him during sunny days and possibly in the afternoon. If you cant find the location, check your quest list for the [O] Ask Schneider mission. Use this and select Read Carefully. To make your task easier, always line up your character in front of the basket, on top of the last part of the shadow. How did you get it to work again? This is another Claw Machine anecdote, which means that you must own a few claw machine coins to give it a shot. i currently at the stage to give that mannequin to hotaru , I dont have these books! To the first question, Would you tell someone that you like him/her? say No, and to the next question say, Send my blessing. Luminous will send you a message saying that he stuffed his face with food in Chizuru and is now in desperate need of some drinks. Because if Im not mistaken, there is only one drink that the waiter offers, the rampager would like to drink the takamagaharas one, the special menu, So uuh what do you do if you accidentally left the place with the piano without giving her the mannequin. If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the event.

Im lvl 87 but cant do the server lvl 90 quest. I lure the 1st phase daugther to furthest circle of the arena/stage, so when the father phase begin it got a long way to his daugther and i keep on CC (chicken, timelock, freeze and hit) him till i succeed. If there is a thunderstorm, you may also be interrupted by lightning strikes. (LogOut/ Even though this guide is good, dont follow it all the way.

Click all of them to finish the conversation. Interact with it and when the prompt comes up, choose Look Around.

All of my books are about dragons, Where can i find the last Adams at tokyo Simply use the rubbings in your inventory and it should auto-path you to the NPC in Chizuru for exchanging the rubbings. I tried to find her at the hydras but she wasnt there, or maybe she went another place? We'll only add anecdotes that we have completed to this Dragon Raja wiki, so that nothing goes amiss or lacks any reasonable details. If you simply want large cyphers, you can simply use dash to climb up the skyscrapers and easily find lots of large cyphers on the rooftops of the buildings. It triggers automatically and randomly as you explore the world, as the pop up with the girl says Pay now, or the service will be suspended. Reply Really? I click on them and no action shows up. There are 5 pieces of evidence: Footprints, Diary, Drawer, Cutting tool, and Cash Box. Besides the gold and experience reward from collecting the cyphers, you may also get a chance at other loot when you collect a cypher. In Tokyo, go to the coordinate (450.314), then enter the Elevator Shaft (Tap triangle sign), After you enter the room, go to the elevator, then tap on the triangle sign inside the elevator. Go to the Principals Office and sit on his chair, like youve probably done many times before. Go to the library and interact with the telescope a few times (), until an event is triggered. Purchase an ice cola from a vending machine and go to Chizuru to meet him (175,210). This step is time sensitive, so you must go there a few times until you find her in my game, she was there at 10PM, but this is surely going to differ for many players. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. No More Yesterday The middle-aged man sleeping on the park bench over night also had a glorious past. How do I get rid of it :c, In the Small Town, I tried a MILLION TIMES take the newspaper at 2pm in the exact location, but it DOESNT APPEAR!!!!!! Another claw machine anecdote, this time for Principal Anjou. there will be show ip the manequen button. As the options appear, choose Enter Command and type the following: show me the flower. The Blossoms Rain Anecdote ends, and you score another easy point. I didnt read the conversation. And idunno wheres amaterasu. Leave the room. how can i finish this? Have a great day ^^, i accidentally sold the witchs bell in voice bond. After scoring ten baskets, speak to Kimura again to complete the anecdote and earn a cool basketball outfit! Go to Hot Spring Resort and interact with the book on the floor (11,16). Im stuck too in here. Talk to him and finish the conversation with him.

When the Moon Realm opens, players can enter through the Moon Realm NPC in the respective maps or players can simply directly enter by choosing to teleport to the moon realm label on the world map. Dog food (from Siberias Specialty Merchant at 255,205) and burnt steak are the other options, but your best option is pure water. Now well go through the Dragon Raja Anecdotes that we have already discovered, with more to come soon. NPC Shimizu Ayaze will appear. An Exclamation will appear on the Shimizu Ayaze. The Anecdote ends and you get the figurine, which turns out to be an emoji. I hope this could help if any1 having the same Combat power as mine when doing this tale. It's recommended that you wait a couple of days with the drink safe in your inventory before proceeding to the next step. Also, if you are collecting a complete cypher, there is a chance that the cypher itself will shock you and disrupt your collection. I losts my red mannequin to give to Hotaru What do I do? Multi-Facial A man of a thousand faces, his gleaming eyes will make you laugh and cry. Talk and finish the conversation with him. The Dreamlover (misspelled Dreamiover in the game) Anecdote ends right after.

When it's in your inventory, go to the Principal's Office and sit on Anjou's chair. At Rainy Night, 3PM Sunny.. Ive got a popup dialogue of Eguchi Did you buy the drink from the Bar? Choose confirm. But in my inventory..My manequeen is gone..Lol. news will appear. Then walk to the side and interact with the drink on the floor. Arrogant Son Swimming, sailing, hunting, partying, traveling, music he likes everything the young master does. But, the NPC couldnt be seen anywhere. It is locked and you need a Cutie rating of 20 to unlock, but there is an alternate way to complete the No More Yesterday anecdote that we'll get back to in a bit. I moved to sea server recently and I found her easily with any weather. Apart from trash that is useless (Amber's Rent and other notes), you may get a note fragment. cant we go back to the previous scene where we can the mannequin please? Just choose the drink Whatever and purchase it a couple of times or more until you get a special drink and trigger a dialogue. Aim for the backboard, just slightly above the rim (the pointer should give you a good idea of the trajectory. Youll see EVA surrounded by these globes which are the Gold Tale quests, but youll want to press on View right next to her face. After a few seconds of waiting you will achieve the Resonant Cypher anecdote. Hi, so i played as a f2p soul dancer. This may require some patience since you can only do it three times a day, so keep trying until you get the drink. Go to the claw machine at Cassell College and try your best to grab the Caesar figurine. If everything goes well, you should be able to see I wont allow you to bully the weak ones! being unlocked, so choose it and a short battle with the thugs ensues. You can pick this note if you're persistent and lucky. in music box tale, the waiter dont give me the item whats doing? Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Gaming Corner! You may have to do this more than once to get the next quest step. Try it out.. Mystery Drink Get a mysterious drink and learn how to feign death.

If you need information about the bronze and the silver tale you can visit the link provided below. complete the mini-game. Campus Bench Theres a seat over there.

FreeMMOStation.com is your best source for free to play MMORPG games and Browser Games. Check the footprints by tapping on the footprint. Talk to her and choose the only option available, That note was yours? to finish the Anecdote. You have to sit down on the bench during a sunny day between 1PM and 2PM. Read our affiliate policy. Idol of Revenge There is coal hidden in that man's heart. In the middle of the conversation with the detective, there will be 3 options appear. Play the claw machine, until you get at least one box. Why are you trying to take my seat? This should end the Sanitation Mode anecdote for you, giving you the achievement and a title. After investigating it, youll talk to the two persons next to you and when the conversation is over, so is the Anecdote. The Chosen During the baptism of Lightning, theres not just sublimation Theres stiffness as well. 4. There is probably a cap of three times per day, so don't waste your time after that. Does the weather must be rainy for him to appear? Let your character play the entire music, which lasts less than one minute. Fortunately, although the actual maps are big, the moon realm version of the maps have barriers that shrink down the size of the map. You can have Finger take a look at it or try the drink yourself if you drink it, the Anecdote will end as you release some suspicious purple bubbles into the air. . at voice bond tale, why i cant give the red mannequin to hotaru? Close it, then talk to detective again. The Educated Party-Goer The truly educated will not stop studying, even during a party. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rummage around Cassell College's piles of trash and trash cans every day, until you eventually get it. You will be brought to another scene in Tsukuyomi Prison. Stock up on claw machine coins, keep aiming and hope that the gacha gods are on your side.

Listen to their conversation again, go forward, and interact with the triangle sign for the last time.

Not far from the location, you will see NPC Ura Matsuyama (208.358). is there any certain condition ? Well, you are at the right place! There is no magical recipe to get the figurine that you want, it just takes a lot of persistence, luck, and absolutely tons of those claw coins.

Forever stuck? Is there any time or weather condition that this thing will appear? I couldnt find it, only a newspaper and diary. A message Do you want to enter the elevator backstage control centre will appear. When you reach Tsukuyomi Prison, you will see NPC Shimizu Ayaze. i dont know if you already figured it out, but theres a quest that shows up that will say [O] Continue on with your quest. Your coordinates are wrong for the end of Music Box Tale. Strange Mark Found confidential files in Greenland. You really are a good person.. It looks like some kind of computer code to me. Wait a while and youll be chosen by a thunderbolt, completing this short but surely painful secret quest. Talk to her and once again the umbrella subject pops up, but youre going to choose the first reply, I dont want the umbrella, I want you. Not creepy at all, right? What do I do now? Love you 3000 One promise that abides for a lifetime. After you finish the conversation, leave the room, then go to Tokyo. I talked to her and it did not complete the anecdote? If the anecdote triggers, EVA will mention Adams' drink collection and ask if you want to try it. The Okay, let me try it option is initially locked, but it may unlock for you (my main feature/trait is justice/righteous ally). Still in Tokyo, go to 201.531 to find an NPC Young Girl. (Tap on the triangle mark).

Thanks. Talk to her. You will be brought to a Bond Party room. This time, NPC Kohana will appear. I was very confused following your coords to (217, 188). Im in the same situation. Go to Cassell College and find Tia near the basketball court (276,461). Youve successfully achieved the Anecdote, but your reply will affect your characters personality, so choose between looking into the Principal or remaining silent. Do you remember which ones in particular made you lose chaos points? If everything goes according to plan, you'll get the Money Maker anecdote and a bit of gold. Im doing the voice bond tale at lvl 66 after playing for 3 days since i start so my combat power isnt that good, i keep failed at the 2nd stage of fighting against the aibas bcoz i failed to kill the father fast enough and the daugther keep on getting killed, But.

View more posts. Ehat should I do if the waiter doesnt give me nothing its sunny and Its afternoon why this doesnt work? I got dc there and cant continue the tale. After countless days of picking trash, you may get a comm from Serika, news society member, when you're throwing trash into the bin. Talk to him to trigger the quest and after witnessing their conversation, the reply options should come up. Complete cyphers have chances at dropping Draconic and orange gear along with other loot such as rare pet chips. When a kind citizen arrives and asks you to move away, reply Why should I do what you say? When he insists, firmly stay in your place. Collecting a larger cypher will give better loot. There will be a dialogue on the phone appears, wait until it is finished, then talk to the detective again. Memory in the Mirror), Couple and Flowers (Lovers and Floriography) Anecdote Guide, Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance Anecdote Guide. In the Night of Aso Fish I went back to get the clock clue at the resturaunt instead of talking to the shop owner first- now all the shop owner says is Hello and I cant get the rest of the clues! NPC Sakura Tatsumi will appear. In anecdote voice bond ? Even some of the Gold tales need 2 days to finish. Remember to switch between front and side views for a perfect aim, although it's safe to say that the result is more gacha than skill. you may have to scroll down your quest bar to find it, mine was at the bottom, I have the expired water but I cant get Arnioia to take the music box?

There are small, large, and complete cyphers. Eguchi Ryota: Who is there? I have got carbonated water and music box in my inventory but Arnoia says where is the music box I dont understand what should I do, For under the dome i cant seem to give the girl the suppresant? Talk to him. Give Adams 500 coins as a tip and return to EVA.

So what must to do? Why here? and he'll run away angry. Im lvl 88. , I cant find newspaper in small town tale in exact location please help me. The Anecdote ends right after and you earn your due point. The ripped post-it note also disappears from your inventory, confirming that you needed it to trigger the command. I dont know whats happening. You can choose any answer. I remembered having same issues with you guys when I was in global server, I solved it by searching for her on rainy or thunderstorm weather. Sadly, there is no actual police station, but at least this Tale is over and you earned your Anecdote point. Ive went to shrine, but i dont see any clickable thing in the shrine. Answer There's plenty of vacant seats. Chisei Gen seems really focused on his dream. How do I fix? A mini-game will appear. 2.

You can go ask EVA for help or fix it yourself. 7 Pitcher 7 is a magical number you've got good luck! Aim for the Chisei Gen figurine and if you are lucky enough, the claw will deliver it without giving you a heart attack. Sell him the Lover's Tears drink for 25,000 gold and hopefully you get the Walking Machine anecdote as well. Back to the detective office (429.327), talk to the detective (Ura Matsuyama) an NPC anchor will appear. In the Bond Party room, you will find a claw machine and Shimizu Ayaze there. (LogOut/ In the other section, we have discussed the Bronze and Gold tale, and in this section, we will give you the Dragon Raja gold tale guide. admin Is there any specific trait that I need too have? Where there was white piano. When you get it, use it in your inventory to complete the anecdote. If you got stuck in a spot, try teleport to another location by tapping on the map, or use the character stuck feature in settings. Use the diary and enter the code 214 to read Eriis dark secrets or at least fluffy things you have already experienced while progressing through the main storyline. This is probably one of the first anecdotes you'll complete. Will her childhood lover come back? After fighting the monster, take the red mannequin and then go see the amaterasu witch, but shes not there? Finish the conversation with her. At the Principals Office, speak to Anjou. Interact with the dog and return to give the good news to Antonia. Its takamagahara special drink, u could buy it from the waiter in takamagahara at 11 am or u could try to buy it from walking vend machines, but it takes a while. my server finish lv 90, I cant find the newspaper in tokyo, for small town anecdote, Im pretty sure I do the things u write, In supernatural tale, i tried more than 100 to search for empty vial but still I dont get it.. T,T, Thank you for the guide, but I have 2 things