Ueshiba commonly frequented leading figures in the military, political, economic and religious circles of the time, and many of them were or had been his students. Stefano Serpieri masterfully describes him to us: The Japanese language teacher for my course was Prof. Salvatore Merg and it was the year 1957.

As a holiday gift to the aikido community, Aikido Journal has created a new version of our Principal Disciples of Morihei Ueshiba chart, originally developed by AJ founder Stanley Pranin.

September 8th and the End of the Japanese Experience. Toyama had been a disciple of Saigo Takamori ( ), The Last Samurai of Hollywood memory, one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history and one of the great nobles who led the Meiji Restoration.

Details on the nature of the above dealings are not currently available [1] [18].

After consulting with a few historical experts, we realized that there were a number of key individuals not included in the original chart.

This is not to denigrate or diminish anyone who had contact with O-Sensei all have valuable knowledge to share. I felt within me the perception of an important mission that I would accomplish after reaching maturity and the emergence of the ability to use some useful powers, not only for the spiritual and evolutionary growth of my whole being, but also for the awakening of others[3].

Merg began to narrate anecdotes about Morihei Ueshiba and Aikido to his Japanese language students, arousing their interest. The beginning of Merg initiatory journey is described in these terms in his posthumous work LArte di Divenire Simili agli Dei, The Art of Becoming Similar to the Gods, (2002): In April 1916 my inner awakening began: it was the voice of the higher ego, that pushed me to open myself to the Master that the Supreme had predestined me. The Surprising Origins of Budo: An Interview with Guillaume Erard, The Role of Ukemi in Aikido, Part 2: Interview with George Ledyard, https://aikidojournal.com/2011/08/27/roy-y-suenaka/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Y._Suenaka, http://www.aikidorva.com/rva-aikido/sensei-roy-suenaka/, https://lowcountryfuneral.com/tribute/details/24369/Roy-Suenaka/obituary.html, What Aikido is, What it is Not, and Why it is of Value, Aikido: A Message and Mission for Our Times, Doshu Seminar in California: Photo Journal Part 1, Towards A Reform of Aikido Technique: Background by Stanley Pranin. We hope youll enjoy and share this important overview of the lineage of aikido.

Merg was not a martialist, but an esotericist with deep connections to the secret world of alchemy and hermeticism. At the current state of knowledge, we know that until that time no westerner had ever attended Morihei Ueshibas classes.

Merg had been chosen by his teacher, Giuliano Kremmerz, and his had been an initiatory and individual path.

In 1916, in the height of the First World War, Merg was conscripted into the Italian royal army when he was only 17 years old. The students in his Japanese language school who heard about him were the first to enrol [21].

In the 1940s, the dojo location was on the outskirts of Tokyo and about an hour away by train from the Italian Embassy, where Merg spent most of his time [19]. A few years later, once the time was right, Kremmerz gave the initiate Salvatore Merg the initiatory name of Elis Eliah.

Merg remained alone in the room until Hatsu, Ueshibas wife, arrived, and brought him the masters apology and asked him to come over another time [19] [20]. It should be noted that by that time Morihei Ueshiba had reached a significant level of popularity with the political-cultural elite of the contemporary Japanese society. A tale on the type of training performed at the Merg home-dojo refers to exhausting singular exercises for the development of the hara and ukemi on cushions on the floor [24]. The Summit community is comprised of global leaders across a range of On September 6-8, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba visited California to lead a seminar organized by the California Aikido Association. Echo en falta a Kitaura Yasunari Shihan quien fue alumno de Osensei y de Ueshiba Kisshomaru.

The armistice proclamation signed on September 8, 1943, by Marshal Pietro Badoglio in Cassibile (Syracuse) before the American general Dwight Eisenhower, marked the end of Mergs Japanese dream. Thanks to the aforementioned therapeutic powers, in 1931 Merg and Bonabitacola seem to have achieved the almost miraculous recovery of Rossana, Salvatores grandson (she was the daughter of his brother Ernesto), who at the age of just 8 days had contracted a severe form of bronchopneumonia and had been considered as a goner by official medicine [1]. Its main objective is to communicate in a clear, precise, and efficient way through graphics, diagrams, and infographics. He spent a third of his time there and another tier at the Tokoy dojo and the other tier to travel to different parts of Japan. After the war he returned to Italy and became an instructor in a school for Eastern languages.

After looking at the details, we came to the conclusion that it would be a major undertaking to revise or update the individuals included in the chart and instead focused on creating a more streamlined and elegant design for the existing information. (Italian Body for Radio Auditions) aired every Thursday.

Merg told De Angelis that Ueshiba sensei was extremely severe and did not allow the slightest infringement of the unwritten rules of conduct that governed the life of the dojo. Again, Im not criticizing.

In the end, his perseverance won and he managed to speak with Morihei Ueshiba, who recognized in the person that that time had not deigned to have a look at him or to tell him a word [19] [20].

There is another account, according to which this first meeting between Merg and Ueshiba would have taken place during a train journey, when Ueshibasotomowould have invited Merg on behalf of the master, telling him to go meet him at home and giving him a visiting card. It is the highest, purest and most wise aspect of what the ordinary man would call Magic. Once back in Italy, Merg temporarily resided in Grottaferrata, and then settled in Rome, in Corso Trieste, in 1950 [1].

Salvatore Merg was profoundly different from Andr Nocquet and his cultural approach in some ways almost opposite. The beautiful form of Heaven and Earth is a manifestation of a single family created by the kami. I talked about it with Prof. Merg, who listened to me with attention and curiosity, but the only thing I got out of him was that one evening he came to the Judo dojo that then I attended and he showed me, or rather he explained me some Aikido techniques while he explained to me about ki blending and other things that at that time I didnt understand [19]. (Elis Eliah, aka Salvatore Merg), Kremmerzian Youth and the First World War.

Andr Nocquet, universally celebrated as the first Westerner to become a pupil of Morihei, arrived in Japan only in 1955 [5], about 18 years after Merg.

It seems logical to assume that Merg, in addition to being the first Westerner to practice Aikido, also had to be the first non-Japanese to receive an Aikido rank from Morihei Ueshiba. Like Saigo, Toyama was born into an impoverished samurai family but had developed his influence nationally not as a military-man or an elected politician. Remember the Pranin motto facts is facts. I remember when Stanly Pranin published this graphic for the first time. The same scene repeated several times successively, always with the same negative result [19] [20]. The fact is that the outcome of this long-awaited meeting was that Salvatore Merg was allowed what no foreigner had ever obtained: he had been accepted as a student [19] [20]. We know that OSensei moved to Iwama in the 1940s and a few. Bonjour However unusual and politically incorrect Ueshibas didactic approach was, the result had been the desired one: Salvatore realized that he had to come out from within himself (rational concentration) and always remain present and receptive [19]. Merg was released from the prison camp in 1944 [1]. This new chart is an interesting and attractive variation of Stan Pranins original chart depicting the chronology of O-Senseis most influential disciples. According to Giacomo Paudice, a leading figure of the era of the pioneers of the Italian Aikikai, Salvatore Merg would have achieved the initial degree of shodan [25]. The arrival date of the Merg couple in Japan should, therefore, be set in the autumn of 1937. Of course, the depth of OSenseis teachings will never be fully captured in pictures or printed words. Thanks so much fo the feedback.

But students have a right to know the whole story, which chronology alone does not provide. It is my hope that this work of mine, which comes after an inexplicable 55 years delay, will help to relocate his figure in the appropriate Olympus of the great Aikido in Italy and beyond.

Wonderful chart. A wonderful conceptualization the Aikido Universe!

The status conferred on him by his job at the Tokyo Embassy and his vast culture opened up for him a series of doors to the Japanese cultural and political world of the time, doors otherwise firmly closed to a Westerner.

Proof of the above is offered by a photo in the aforementioned LArte di Divenire Simili agli Dei.

It would be nice to have a charter of students who studied at IWAMA.

Jen ai vue un exemplaire mais limage est vraiment petite.

It should also be remembered that he had the opportunity to practice for a period not exceeding 6 years. His wife Florence also devoted herself to traditional Japanese cultural activities, studying and practising Ikebana, of which, on returning to Italy, she would later become a pioneer, teaching in courses organized by the ISMEO [30]. Hello The story kept repeating itself, but Merg did not give up, continuing to return, refusal after refusal. Ueshiba, noting Mergs perseverance and interest, assigned him the task of cleaning the dojo before the start of the morning training, a duty that Salvatore carried out with integrity and humility, getting up at antelucan hours to reach the dojo in time [19]. When we decided to update the chart, we wanted it to look better, to be a more useful informational resource, and we wanted to update its accuracy and completeness. There is nothing to be gained by participating in such a group.

As a consequence of this traumatic event, in addition to his social and professional life, Merg also lost all his earthly possessions, and this helps to understand why little or nothing has come to posterity of the Japanese period of Salvatore. From a certain point on, the professor preferred to direct those who he did not choose for a form of private and limited-scale teaching towards Haru Onoda, a Japanese sculpture student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Thanks and greetings from Bulgaria! Grazie!Simone Chierchini Fondatore di Aikido Italia NetworkAikido Italia Network is one of the main Aikido and Budo sites in Italy and beyond. Also in 1942, Merg seems to have edited the workLa Dinastia Imperiale del Giappone e Cronologia Nipponica Comparata a Quella Occidentale: Appendice agli Appunti di Storia del Giappone(The Imperial Dynasty of Japan and Comparative Japanese Chronology to the Western Chronology: Appendix to the Notes of History of Japan), of which we found mention in the archives of the Central National Library of Florence [29]. It seems quite evident that Merg was part of this socio-cultural environment. It seeks to purify the world, and this purification is manifested in the physical sphere by achieving or restoring health, and in the spiritual sphere by fostering elevation and inner growth [11]. His innate curiosity was inflamed by the numerous stories circulating about Ueshiba senseis prowess and powers and by the fame that surrounded this teacher [19].

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The photo in question shows Salvatore Merg, who was a talented painter, intent on producing the portrait of an elderly Japanese gentleman.

Today I have taken the challenge of rethinking this great contribution from a professional perspective through data visualization. It should be noted that Elis is an acronym for the first four solar virtues of Christ [1]. Salvatore Merg was born in Rocca di Papa, not far from the capital, on June 16, 1899. Mrs Merg accompanied her husband to Tokyo, travelling with an Italian passport issued on August 27, 1937 [9]. This is not to say these teachers do better aikido than others, but as Stans extensive documentation revealed their instruction and students are undeniably closest to O-Senseis technical curriculum and training style. The professor loved to tell of his experiences with the founder, but he never seemed prone to demonstrate the art he learned in public. This fool thinks in his own way, and doesnt belong to any group. Although I have not been able to find documentary confirmations, the relationship between Merg and Toddi seems to have been instrumental in the first achieving the role of interpreter in the ministry. During his stay in Japan, Merg continued his work as an orientalist and a translator.

As a good Italian, according to De Angelis, during one of these gastronomic meetings, Merg would have presented himself with a packet of flour and would have taught Ueshiba sensei the art of preparing fettuccine, which they would then eat together [20]. I was fortunate to be with this On November 10 and 11, I had the opportunity to share the art of aikido at Summit LA, one of the worlds preeminent idea festivals. In fact, Prof. Merg, a distinguished scholar of language, literature, history and customs of Japan, had resided for a long time in that country during the Second World War, as an employee of the Italian embassy in Tokyo. Already as a teenager, he showed interest in the initiatory sciences, interest probably fueled by reading the monthly reviewCommentarium per le Accademie Ermetiche, published by Giuliano Kremmerz between 1910 and 1911. The content of the diary, which was initially yielded during that difficult period of Mergs life, would later form the core of his workLArte di Divenire Simile agli Dei. In all likelihood Merg was also the first to teach Aikido outside of Japan starting from 1947, when he gave lessons of the art of Ueshiba, then completely unknown, to a select few in the city of Rome, making Italy the first foreign country ever to know Aikido, You cannot tell a melody: you can play it.But to do this you need to have a tuned instrument.And the most suitable accord to our nature is to be Pure, Initiates. Unable to find other ways to approach Aikido, Salvatore Merg decided that the only thing to do was to go to Ueshibas dojo, find a way to introduce himself and be admitted to Aikido lessons [19]. On December 10, 1946, in fact, the American consulate in Yokohama issued an American passport for Florence Strunsky Merg, Salvatores wife, valid only for the United States, with whom she went to New York with her husband [9]. Great to hear from you. Just replied below to a similar comment, but Ill also include it here so youre notified of the response. While Merg Sensei was in Japan he heard of Aikido and went to visit Ueshiba Dojo. In the last published version, Stanley Pranin noted that the selection of individuals was personally curated (and not exhaustive) and that the chart should be construed as an ongoing project.

The numerous points of contact with Eastern traditional arts are very interesting.

The persistence and sincerity in the commitment shown by Merg towards training had therefore helped him to gain the attention, respect and, as far as possible given the cultural limits, the friendship of Morihei Ueshiba [20].

I do have a question, though. Ogni contributo, per quanto piccolo, sar accettato con gratitudine. aikido ueshiba morihei japanese history To both reduce chart clutter and provide more value and depth, we removed the tagline below each persons name, such as Osaka prewar student, and instead included hyperlinks for each individual. Although I am an ignorant fool, it is my opinion that if there is no center in a family, it is the same as several different families living in a single household. At the end of the conflict, once released from duty, Merg returned home and in 1920 made a connection that directed the rest of his life, that with Prof. Giovanni Bonabitacola.

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Bonabitacola was a surgeon who was taken care of Mergs mother, suffering from diabetes. aikido ueshiba morihei meditation sensei zen founder origins techniques master seiza aiki health