The Monza cars make 9 additional horsepower over the 812 Superfast for a total output of 798 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. Image Gallery Source: Facebook/HR Owen Ferrari. Gordon Ramsays new Ferrari is raw, but not the bad kind of raw that youve seen him encounter on TV. sp2 ramsay We think, the open-top speedster is one of the best looking modern Ferraris. Speaking more specifically, the 750 Monza and 860 Monza were used as the inspiration for the cars design. H.R. When not cooking meals or screaming at people on TV, Gordon Ramsey is apparently a Ferrari fan. The interior is finished in matching red. The automaker reports the models hit62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 2.9 seconds and a top speed in excess of186 mph (300 kph). Now that would be quite the school run for little @oscarjramsay! Powering the SP2, and its single-seater SP1 sibling, is the most powerful naturally-aspirated V12 engine Ferrari has ever built. Owen London Ferrari (@hrowenferrari) on Oct 11, 2019 at 4:30am PDT. Driving a car with no roof and that engine must be a truly incredible experience. Ramsays example is believed to be one of the first to roll off the production line and looks absolutely sensational. Congratulations Gordon, we all hope you enjoy your new piece of automotive art. The Ferrari Monza series was launched in September this year. This is driving pleasure in its purest form. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is a die-hard Ferrari enthusiast and recently took delivery of his latest Prancing Horse: a Monza SP2. At a price of around $2 million, the chef made a hefty investment to put the rare machine in his garage. Famed as much for television shows such as "Masterchef" and "Hells Kitchen" as his talents in the kitchen, the British chef also has a penchant for buying the latest and greatest from Ferrari. It produces 800 hp @ 8500 rpm and 530 lb-ft of torque @ 7000 rpm. Swearing (and cooking) his way to world-wide stardom, everyones favourite celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has scored himself a fucking hot new Ferrari Monza SP2 that might be the most gorgeous creation from Maranello this century.

Thats chump change to Ramsay who also owns a LaFerrari and a LaFerrari Aperta, among other desirable exotics. Owen in London recently delivered Gordon Ramsays Ferrari Monza SP2. The Ferrari Monza SP2 and its single-seat sibling the SP1 share their underpinnings with the 812 Superfast but with radically different styling that takes inspiration from Ferrari's 1960s race cars. Owen. Called Icona, the series will draw inspiration from the most evocative Ferraris of the past, and are more than likely cars from the series are destined to be future classics. The wheels have a gunmetal finish and five, propeller-shaped spokes. Immediately distinguishing the chefs Monza SP2 from the show car is a horizontal red stripe over the hood and it also features hand-painted Scuderia Shields on both front quarter panels. Privacy Policy. Even if you don't know about the Ferrari Testarossa, you With this vintage racer, Ferrari Classiche pulled off a miracle. A chance to own a head-turning Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Ferrari continues to build anticipation as the clock ticks toward 2022Motorsport Network. It's no secret celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is a big fan of Ferrari. Gordon Ramsay is one of Ferraris elite customers. Ramsay has opted for an all-black exterior with a red stripe that runs across the front clam shell. Ramsay doesn't appear in the video but plenty of other supercars do. It is based on the 6.5-liter unit of the 812 Superfast and pumps out 799 HP at 8500 rpm and 530 lb-ft (719 Nm) of torque at 7000 rpm. Another really nice aspect of Ramsays car is that the drivers side buttress is also painted red, while matching the red exterior accents is a cabin clad in red leather. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. #NewCarDay #Ferrari #Monza #SP2 #IconaSeries #HROwen #London, A post shared by H.R. Seriously, his new Ferrari Monza SP2 is an incredible piece of automotive art. Owen London Ferrari (@hrowenferrari) on Oct 10, 2019 at 3:50am PDT, RELATED:Ferrari Take The Covers Off The F8 Tributo In Sydney With Spectacular Fashion, RELATED:Immaculate 1996 Ferrari F50 On Sale In Australia, 2022 Boss Hunting | All Rights Reserved, Ferrari Take The Covers Off The F8 Tributo In Sydney With Spectacular Fashion, Immaculate 1996 Ferrari F50 On Sale In Australia. All rights reserved - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy. I agree to receive emails from Motor Authority. It seems, the celebrity chef has gone for the more practical 2-seater version instead of the Monza SP1, which has a single seat. Elon Musks firm spent a massive $1.5 billion on the cryptocurrency in 2021, but its value has halved this year. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Maybe, Ramsay can get a passenger to hold an umbrella for the drive home. All rights reserved. Thanks to Amazon Alexa integration, OnStar subscribers can get help by simply speaking. The car is based on the 812 Superfast, so underneath the long hood is a 6.5-liter V-12. ???????? Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Watch The Ferrari Monza SP1 Grace London With Its Presence, Ferrari Drops Stunning Promos For Monza SP1, SP2 Speedsters, Ferrari Monza SP2 and its single-seat sibling the SP1, 2023 Honda Civic Type R Debuts As Most Powerful Model Ever For US Market, Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Spied In A Parking Lot, Has Bucket Seat For Driver, Hurry! Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. The Hells Kitchen star can do the 0-100 km/h dash in 2.9 seconds with his new wheels, reaching an impressive 200 km/h in 7.9 seconds. This is our best look yet at the interior and exterior of the upcoming Cadillac flagship. It is painted in what appears to be the same shade of gloss black as the original show car from last year and rocks the same five-spoke alloys. The Monza SP2 is powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine. Rain (inside) or shine (outside) we will be displaying some truly exceptional cars and a few special unicorns! Ferrari is only making a total of 499 units of the SP1 and SP2, putting Ramsay in an exclusive group of owners. [Reminder: the event is closed to the public and we have now run out of tickets. [Sound up] @gordongrams first job of the day. Without a roof or even a full windshield, the Monza SP2 isn't an ideal vehicle to drive during rainy weather, and it's sprinkling in this video. It earned a spot next to his LaFerrariand LaFerrari Aperta. This video offers a look at all of the details of his Monza SP2. Also Read: Ferrari Monza SP1 And SP2 Look Absolutely Stunning In The Flesh. It seems that the ultra-expensive hypercar is not being treated like a garage queen as most of us would expect. 24-year old woman was spotted driving erratically and refused to come quietly when confronted by cops. Now that would be quite the school run for little @oscarjramsay! Ferrari fits the roadster with aVirtual Wind Shield that diverts airflow away from occupants when on the road, but this tech probably doesn't prevent getting wet during a drizzle. For his Monza SP2, he's gone with a black finish with red accents and a red interior. #NewCarDay #Ferrari #Monza #SP2 #IconaSeries #HROwen #London, A post shared by H.R.

This Is The Last Chance To Win This Custom "T-Rex" Ram TRX Plus $25,000, 2022 Hyundai Kona N Line Review: Dead Ringer, Ford Stops Taking Fiesta, Focus Orders In Europe. Ramsay opts for an elegant paint scheme of a black body with a horizontal red stripe across the hood and a matching shade for the driver's nacelle. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission handles shifts and helps send drivers from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds. VW Golf Countdown: 1997-2003 Mk4 Introduced A High Quality Interior, ESC And DSG, UAW Accused Of Interfering With Efforts To End Internal Corruption, New York Car Dealer Ordered To Pay $804,900 For Deceptive Selling Practices, One-Off Bugatti La Voiture Noire Spotted On The Streets Of Zurich, Dodge Challenger Hellcat Crashes And Driver Flees On LAs New $588 Million Bridge, Tesla Sold Off 75% Of Its Bitcoin Holdings In Q2 Amidst Crypto Crash, Cadillac Shares Last Celestiq Teaser Ahead Of July 22 Debut Of Americas Most Luxurious Car, Alpine A110 E-ternit Debuts As 239 HP Electric Prototype With A Removable Roof Panel, OnStar Can Now Protect Motorcyclists And People At Home Thanks To New Features, You Dont Need To Be A Millionaire To Buy This 1968 Jaguar E-Type Roadster, Woman With Child in Car Rams People And Police Cars To Avoid Arrest, Ferrari Monza SP1 And SP2 Look Absolutely Stunning In The Flesh, This 1,377-Mile Toyota MR2 Is As Good As New (And Costs As Much As A New GR Supra), Tesla Profits Rise Through Q2 Despite Production And Deliveries Slowing. It should also prove to be quite a good investment and will inevitably net Ramsay a nice profit if he ever decides to sell it. With no roof, the red leather seats contribute to the classy look. The A110 EV prototype promises performance on par with the ICE-powered model. Stock photography by. Power comes from a6.5-liter V12 making809 horsepower (603 kilowatts).

Get upfront price offers on local inventory. The car is being hailed as an homage to the icons of Ferrari both past and present, after being unveiled at the H.R. A video posted to YouTube shows a two-seat Monza SP2 (Ferrari also has a Monza SP1 single-seater) that's allegedly the latest entry to Ramsay's Ferrari collection. Congratulations Gordon, we all hope you enjoy your new piece of automotive art. Under the hood is the guts of an812 Superfast, and although inspired by a 50s model, the Ferrari drives like new, utilising the spritely V12 to give the whip a bonkers 800 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. He also owns a LaFerrari Aperta, 812 Superfast and an F12 tdf among others. The Monza SP2 is extremely expensive, reportedly costing about $2 million before options. The Monza cars are the first in a new and very exclusive series of coach-built specials from Ferrari. The powerful Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was apparently a rental. Ferrari is said to be building around 500 examples of the Monza.

Sign up to get the latest performance and luxury automotive news, delivered to your inbox daily! #Ferrari #Monza #SP2 #IconaSeries #HROwen #London, A post shared by H.R. The car is based on the 812 Superfast and comes in two variants, also known as Monoposto and Biposto. Copyright 2021 The Supercar Blog. Ferrari makes no qualms about the cars being aimed at collectors and we can't wait to see what's next. Keep your eyes peeled for next years HRO Car Club!] Ramsays new whip echos the stylistic elements of Enzo Ferraris 750 and 860 Monzas of the 1950s, with the choice of turning the car into a single-seater with a tonneau cover, or if hes feeling lonely, the cover can be removed to fit a co-pilot. Congratulations to our #HROCarClub ticket winners!

It was filmed during a recent meet organized by British luxury car retailer H.R. Owen London Ferrari (@hrowenferrari) on Oct 10, 2019 at 3:50am PDT. Ramsays six-month old baby son Oscar even sat behind the wheel with a video posted by Ferrari thatll sure pull at the (slightly jealous) heartstrings. If youd like to learn more about this incredible Ferrari, be sure to read out article on its debut: Ferrari Unveils the Monza SP1 and SP2 in New Icona Series. Ramsays new Ferrari is one that pays homage to Enzo Ferraris cars of the 1950s. The New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection charged the dealer with more than 7,000 violations. YouTube Channel TheTFJJ recently witnessed the delivery of the Monza SP2 at the HR Owen Bodyechnics Car Club event. Powering this gorgeous Jaguar XKE Roadster is a 4.2-liter inline-six. Ramsay is known to have previously taken delivery of both a LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta, and we're sure numerous other models from the illustrious Italian brand have been owned by him as well. [Sound up] @gordongrams first job of the day. Owen Bodytechnics Car Club event, part of Ferraris new Icona Series. It can be configured as either a single-seater with a tonneau cover or the tonneau cover can be removed for a passenger. The monitor for the UAW revealed that there are 19 open investigations into the union. Ferrari Unveils the Monza SP1 and SP2 in New Icona Series, Gordon Ramsay Takes Delivery of New Ferrari, Gordon Ramsay Spotted in his Ferrari California T, Gordon Ramsay on Ferrari: Many Similarities Between Fine Cars & Fine Cuisine, This Nero Daytona 2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast For Sale Is An Instant Classic, Ferrari Testarossa Price, Specs, Photos & Review, Ferrari Classiche Rebuilt The Engine Of A 1967 Ferrari 312 F1 Using The Original Design, Check The Spec: 2021 Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano Finished In Blu Mirabeau Over Beige, Ferrari Teases The Development Of Its LMH Race Car In A New Video, Overfinch Velocity Debuting at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Experience the Lamborghini Huracan EVO's Futuristic Capabilities in San Diego, 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Announced: First of its Kind. I agree to receive emails from Motor Authority. 2022 MH Sub I, LLC. All Rights Reserved. @gordongram has very kindly let us display his frankly phenomenal Monza SP2 at tomorrows event! Thus, it should come as no surprise Ramsay has been linked with the wild Ferrari Monza SP coach-built special unveiled at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Ferrari lover Gordon Ramsay allegedly the owner of this Monza SP2, Michael Fassbender's "Road to Le Mans" debuts on YouTube, Gordon Ramsay takes his supercar collection to the track, Daniel Craig chose the spec on an Aston Martin DBS for 2019's Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, Mick Schumacher drives the Ferrari F8 Tributo at Fiorano, GM considered taking on the Dodge Viper with a V-12-powered Chevrolet Corvette, 1963 Chevrolet Corvette split window heads to auction, New Toyota Crown to spawn family of 4 body styles, Understanding Porsche speak: Internal model codes explained, 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R roars with 700 hp for $109,145, 2023 Toyota Crown morphs from Avalon for a new generation, Aston Martin's second largest shareholder is now Saudi Arabia, 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 costs $106,395, orders open July 28, 2024 Kia EV9 spy shots and video: Rugged electric SUV spotted, 2023 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray spy shots and video: Hybrid Corvette coming, Keanu Reevesmay be working on an F1 docuseries for Disney+, Watch Mercedes-Benz AMG's One hit the Hockenheimring racetrack, Tim Allen's 2000 Cadillac DeVille DTSi sold for $35,500, Pagani scraps electric supercar plans due to lack of demand, emotion, Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar enters production with over 1,874 hp.