A multi-purpose bar without a center knurl or a passive center knurl (like the, Its useful for squats as the bar grips to your back or chest for front squats. It also uses the elusive proprietary Swedish steel.

The sleeves mainly use needle bearings which helps the plates spin more than bushings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Eleiko XF bar is top dog in our research when you take out the price and popularity. Its possible to find some for $80 and you can also pay over $1,000. American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar A great cerakote finish power bar. No brainer unless you morally dont like the cloning factor here. See the slow-mo below to see whip in action. The. There are three main types of Olympic bars youll find: A cross between an Olympic weightlifting bar and a powerlifting barbell. In fact, only the Kabuki Power bar has a stronger tensile strength at 258k PSI but it costs almost 3 times as much! Unless you plan on doing CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting lifts, this is the bar that I would recommend most people buy. There were also some other smaller factors such as: We also dug into where the barbell was made as this can create some differences in consistency. If there are raving positive reviews from multiple sources online and users then the bar scores 2 points. Its a tad more expensive and Synergee is a bit more well regarded in the gym space. More flexibility (whip) in the bar to help for these Olympic lifts. It means you will struggle to put more than 650lbs on this bar even using thinner iron plates. But I also dug into gym communities, asked friends that love their home gyms, and researched customer reviews on sales pages or forums such as Reddit. If you want a great Olympic weightlifting barbell and money is not a consideration then this is your barbell. This allows you to add more plates to the bar than many of the others. If an Oly or power bar has a center knurl it scores a point on our tests. XMark BlackHawk very similar to the Synergee Regional bar. But this bar just has so many specs that make it compete with bars that cost 2-3 times the price, such as: The 235k PSI strength is actually the highest tensile strength on this list.

There are much fewer options to buy weight plates or collars and you can quickly out squat the maximum load of these bars. If you go into any gym community and ask what barbell they use, I can almost guarantee you they will not say a Force USA bar. Needle bearings are better for this and score a point. 2in 60in Best Olympic weightlifting barbell Rogue Pyrros Bar, 7. CAP The Boss Power bar a decent bar but the Synergee Regional has just as good features, is a similar price and it comes from a well-respected company in the gym space. This is the main reason people choose to buy a deadlift bar. You can see the bar in action and a quick overview in this 2-minute video. However, these bars are not ideal for a gym. The Rogue Pyrros Bar is the overall best Olympic weightlifting bar. However, all of our recommendations are heavily researched and/ or personally used items to make them fair and balanced. This is after over 120 hours of research and comparing over 100 of the most popular barbells (this is now the 4th edition of this article). But either way the Rogue Bella bar does not scrimp on any of the details! The reason its so well priced is that BOS deliberately made the sleeves shorter. These differences are just important to be aware of.

Whip only starts taking effect if you are lifting over 220lbs of weight with Olympic weightlifting movements.

But Rogue is so confident in their bars that they still offer this and provide exceptional customer service and delivery. So we dont recommend this bar if you want to make good progress with the gym. The bottom line- this is one of the most popular bars out there (and for good reason). This bar is just different! In fact, the only area it didnt score well in our criteria was the pricing and the popularity of the bar (probably due to the pricing!). The proprietary Rogue Work Hardening means this is one of the most durable bars that exist for this price range. Its pretty much the same as this bar but with a 50% noise reduction. (Most sleeves are 16-16.5 long for a mens bar). It uses a hard chrome finish comparable to many other good barbells. The knurling is aggressive compared to a multi-purpose bar but its weirdly not shard due to the volcano-style knurling.

You can find our best squat rack picks here. There are five main things you should consider before buying a barbell, There are some pretty strange terms used on a barbell. These bars are the crme de la crme of the specialty bars out there. And they really do fall in line at a good price compared to others of very similar quality. Otherwise, its possible to make the bar become more brittle. Buddy Capps The Original Texas Power Bar- The famous bar for breaking world records actually scored high against our criteria. However, the price has increased significantly since Covid and you can simply find better quality bars for less money such as Force USAs Gunner bar. And the Rogue Ohio is certainly one of the best Olympic bars for CrossFit. Cleans and jerks, snatches, overhead squats, thrusters, and the like all involve dropping the bar from above your head. In reality, there isnt much between the three bars but we want to provide you with the best option. The good news is that this bar will last for decades if youre using it at home! Note- its very rare that one brand dominates our top picks for any reviews that we do. You can also check out our best curl bars guide here to see our pick for an EZ curl bar. The Rogue Ohio Power bar is my top power bar pick due to the tensile strength, volcano knurl, and price. It reduces packaging and shipping costs significantly and it makes a great bar affordable. A medium knurl on a multi-purpose and Oly weightlifting bar scores a point and an aggressive knurl on a power bar scores a point. The bottom line- If you could design an Olympic weightlifting barbell with the best possible specs, this would be it.

You can feel the steel in your hands (instead of on a coating like cerakote). Our top pick is the Rogue Ohio Bar. Then the Rogue Work Hardening is the cherry on top. But its the proprietary bearing technology used by American Barbell that makes the difference. You may also see it has a powder coat finish. You will often find these types of bars available on Craigslist and eBay and think youre bagging a bargain. The composite bushing sleeves provide just the right amount of spin for any of these fast lifts overhead. You can check all of the prices and other users reviews of all of the top picks here in this table. So youre welcome! Stronger tensile strength doesnt equal a better bar. Its versatile to allow slow and fast overhead lifts making it ideal for any CrossFit lifts. The knurling feels more aggressive as there is nothing between the steel and your skin. The Rogue Ohio Power bar (OPB) tops our power bar list. But heres the unique feature of this bar. However, for the average home gym user any of these bars will be more than enough. The longer the sleeves the more weight you can place on the barbell making it more versatile. You can find all of our top power bars with a buying guide here. Bare steel, black oxide or decorative chrome is the least resistant type of finish and doesnt score a point. Many other barbell manufacturers will provide 5 years or less as a lot can go wrong with a barbell if you mistreat it. The Rogue Ohio bar came top of our multi-purpose bars list with a score of 76 out of 100. Again the price was the reason it didnt make the cut here.

You can get a very good bar for under $350. Once I had selected the 101 barbells to compare for this guide I made a huge spreadsheet and collected all the data. This is why the. As a medium knurl can differ between brands. 4. But if you plan on competing in powerlifting competitions or know you wont ever want to do CrossFit movements, a power bar is for you. This means you can do heavy bench presses and squats using this bar by racking it on a squat rack. Two for the price of one and a great benefit for anyone saving space in their own home gym. This means it will last you a lifetime in a home gym even if you throw the bar around with snatches and drop the bar overhead regularly. Fringesport Wonder bar this bar used to make our list. This includes squats, rows, presses and deadlifts. Saying that some were so close to making the cut I thought they deserve a mention. Uses bushing sleeves that dont spin as much as needle bearings and are easier to maintain. We always strive to find equipment that has good value but also suits the vast majority of people. It has a 28mm diameter (making it more suited to Olympic Weightlifting lifts, whereas most home gym users do squats, presses, and deadlifts more often).

Best budget barbell Force USA Gunner Bar, 4. The sleeves will often have needle bearings that spin more than bushing barbells. Over 165,000 PSI is more than strong enough for most people and scores a point on our tests. EZ curl bars, trap bars, safety squat bars etc. So the main thing Ive tried to do is include an option that suits everyones budget and is best for most people. A stainless steel alloy bar doesnt require any coating to finish. But the length of the sleeves was another huge factor for us in our research! Its a good bar for Olympic weightlifting but it doesnt compete with the Pyrros. Its not important for most people that use a trap bar. Combine all of this with 190k PSI tensile strength, composite bushings sleeves, and a hard chrome finish. Ill dig into all of this in this guide. So if you deadlift anything close to this you need to read our best trap barbell guide here (Id recommend the Kabuki trap bar). Weightlifting barbells also have more whip than a power bar, which isnt ideal. Typically, they are slightly thicker at 29mm diameter (this small difference can make a big difference in the whip though!). If you are planning to squat at home then be sure to check out our squat racks buying guide. Sleeve diameter 2 / 50 mm; 2 (this is important. But it does mean if you live in a humid environment this bar will be totally fine. The bar is one of the cheapest out of our top picks and 2-3 times cheaper than many alternatives! Most people will be able to use an Olympic weightlifting bar for a bench press. This is the smallest diameter youll typically find, as this helps with more whip. If youre looking for a bar with more grip, then the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is for you. The bottom line- This bar is made for someone that wants a bar with more grip. But you only need one good barbell in your home gym.

Its simply the best bang for your buck in this category. Hi! Most Olympic barbells, such as the Rogue Ohio Bar cost between $150 and $350. And its not the cheapest womens barbell you can find. So they are often used by people with bad shoulders, wrists or elbows. The sleeve length was also a factor in our criteria. Although Rogue seems to think any kind of chrome finish is not good for a barbell, a hard chrome finish is far superior to decorative chrome. But it is hard to argue with the price if you just want a bar for squats and presses. 28.5mm- an in-between size- good for an multi-purpose bar. But when you look solely at the features of the bar the Excalibur actually comes out on (joint) top. Best Olympic barbell for women Rogue Bella Bar, 9. A barbell that is short enough to fit into a limited space, The crazy affordable price (its deliberate let me explain), Less spin on the sleeves (usually uses bushings instead of needle bearings), Length 2.2 meters (7.2 feet / 86 in); 6.5 feet, Weight 20 kg / 44.1 lbs or 45 lbs; 15 kg or 33 lbs. However, its more expensive than the other options and the difference doesnt warrant the price. If youre still not sure, then you may as well go for an in-between multi-purpose bar like the Rogue Ohio Bar. You can still pile the plates on to lift the same weight too! It also has the longest sleeves on this list, which means you can fit more weight onto the bar, which is ideal if you lift anything over 500lbs. There are two aspects that the Excalibur bar beats the Rogue Ohio bar: Ive already talked about why many people prefer stainless steel. Europe and USA scored higher than China or when no info was provided. I personally love the mild center knurl which doesnt rub your chest raw with high reps of thrusters but adds a bit of stick to your squats. Its harder to grip and not ideal for pulling lifts like a deadlift. The main features of a power bar are: There are certain movements that are better performed with a certain type of bar. If noise is a concern in your gym then check out the Rogue Bar 2.0s. In fact, its the only power bar on this list to have an F Scale rating of F8-R (the most durable bars according to Rogue). In all honesty, only a minority of users will be pulling 650lbs +. Rogue Fitness have spent over $2 million and 5 years of research to create their patented F Scale rating. And we found hundreds of customer testimonials and asked our own community what they think. 32mm- some powerlifters use this for heavy squats as there is even less whip and it provides more surface area on your back. If you do not perform Olympic lifts with this much weight, whip really doesnt matter. If you want a multi-purpose bar aim for a bar that spins well and has medium knurling for grip and 28.5mm diameter. ). The main benefit of a multi-grip (aka swiss or football bar) is it allows you to press with a neutral hand position (instead of a pronated one with a straight bar). It has a premium cerakote finish. Its another bar that uses Rogue Work Hardening. This means it will not rust or corrode even if left out in the rain (although dont do this obviously!) Or even if you know you wont be doing any 400 lb squats or 250lb bench presses, then this probably doesnt matter. There are numerous reasons for this but here are the main three: This is the bar with the highest tensile strength apart from Force USAs bar. Weight of the bar is a quintuple (making it easier to work out how much weight you are lifting). The Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0s exactly the same specs as the Rogue Ohio Cerakote bar on paper. Diameter of the bar- between 28-29mm (or 25mm for a womens bar) scored a point in our tests as this suits most people. The. Rogue Russian Bar- Ticks all the boxes with stainless steel and 200k PSI.

This ones a pretty simple recommendation to be honest. But Titan has managed to do this and produce it for a fraction of the cost. Designed for powerlifting movements (squats, bench press, deadlifts) and slow controlled movements like presses, curls, or rows. The bottom line- the Bells of Steel trap bar 3.0 will give you the most versatility and quality for an affordable price compared to any other bar out there. But its very unlikely you will lift this bar and think, I wish the sleeves would spin a bit more!. Once I found the best-ranked barbells I selected around 20 and again went back to the team. You can use Rogues calculator and see how long they estimate the bars on this list will last in years below. We either personally tested the bar or took reviews from trusted people in the Strong Home Gym community.

Before you think about what to look for in a barbell, its important to recognize what types of barbells exist. But the knurling is passive enough so it wont grind your hands up during fast high rep workouts.

But when combined together it can make the bar feel more whippy and unstable for slower lifts (like heavy bench or overhead presses). Best power barbell Rogue Ohio Power Bar (Stainless Steel), 1. There were some sales pages that made it hard to find all of the data I wanted. Its why the. However, when a short bar is rackable it always means the sleeves are going to be much shorter than a normal 7ft bar. But the Bells of Steel bar also has an arched camber. So heres the anatomy of a barbell to help you figure out whats going on, The first thing you really need to think about is what you will use your barbell for. The barbells selected really are a variety of the top options out there to suit any budget and lifting ability. But generally speaking the higher the tensile strength, the more force it can take without bending. Rogue Chan Bar Cerakote and stainless steel?? It simply ticks all the boxes and some! Our budget pick, Force USAs Gunner bar, is your best bet if you want a cheap bar. So the only bars you see above are Olympic barbells with 2 sleeves. Rogue provides an impressive lifetime warranty on the bar. 3. The noise reduction may be nice for some people but in my experience, more people prefer to brand their gym with colors than reduce the noise. It makes it the perfect weapon for anyone looking to focus on the bench, squat and deadlift with one bar. The Rogue Ohio Bar does have a stainless steel option. Select a barbell with the strength to handle your exercise. I used this calculator on the Rogue F Scale to figure this out. If you compete in powerlifting competitions then the rigidness of a 29mm diameter power bar may suit you more. This is the type of bar Id recommend for most people with a home gym as they are very versatile. The majority of exercises you will perform at the gym are better done with a longer bar as they can hold more weight and provide more variations. It just happens that the American Grizzly and Rogue Ohio Power Bar also did. Runner up Olympic barbell REP Excalibur V2, 3. Fringesport Hybrid Bar This is a great all-round bar with a 28.5mm diameter and 216k tensile strength. This can also help prevent injuries and is a very clever well thought out design.

CAP The Beast bar Super cheap option But there are too many complaints about metal splinters to include this bar on our list. Mens barbells are 7.2 ft and womens are 6.5 feet. These rotating sleeves just make the bar more comfortable on the wrists. So we heavily weighted the points on this aspect.

See the 30-second video below for a clean and jerk. The results were pretty astonishing in terms of quality. Eleiko takes insane care and attention to detail with everything they produce. Knurling (the grip) is more aggressive to help the lifter with heavier weight. However, the bar isnt great for bench press or squats so Id only recommend this to someone that competes with a deadlift bar. * Some experienced lifters claim that you can use the whip of a barbell to help with deadlifts, so a multipurpose bar is better. But despite all of this the main reason this bar is our premium pick is for this. Only Force USAs Gunner Bar and Kabukis Power bar have a higher tensile strength. Its ideal for anyone with smaller hands or if you like having a slightly lighter bar to learn technique and do more cardio-focused workouts. It simply is the best material out there for corrosion resistance. Its thick and comfortable and better than some other more expensive versions. This is the bar for you if money is tight or you really like to buy things on Amazon. There are a ton of other very good barbells that exist. The average price out of 101 barbells is $345.

American Barbell Stainless Steel- This bar is simply too expensive to put on this list when bars like Rogue Ohio and REP Excalibur exist. Its especially rare that its Rogue as we put an emphasis on value in our ratings (basically price has the heaviest weighting in our criteria). Its certainly not as fast as some specialty Olympic Weightlifting bars with needle bearings such as the Rogue Pyrros. But unless you are lifting over 400 lbs on a bench press you wont notice these differences.

This is only something youd do for a CrossFit workout and you may end up scraping your chest raw. But with Rogue, you will get amazing customer service, it will be delivered quickly and the bar is every bit as good as the Texas version.

Im going to go out on a limb here and say I know more about barbells than most. This may seem poor compared to all the Olympic barbells you see here.

Kabuki Power Bar One of my personal favorites, which is pretty much indestructible with a whopping 258k PSI tensile strength. Decide what movements you will use it for. This helped us separate the wheat from the chaff! But at 195k PSI tensile strength the bar is not as strong as the Rogue Ohio Power bar. Bronze or composite bushings are the most common type of bushings. Pick a type of barbell that has the practicality you need. However, with the right kind of trap bar, they can be a lot more versatile than just doing deadlifts. One of the disadvantages of using a bar with bearings is that it can feel unstable when doing slower lifts such as bench or overhead presses. Stainless steel is the most corrosion-resistant metal a bar can use so no finish is needed to protect the bar. But it is supposedly 50% quieter to drop! Best deadlift bar Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar, Barbell buying guide- how we assess barbells, Buddy Capps The Original Texas Power Bar-, American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar, Hybrid 2 stainless steel bushings and 5 needle bearings per sleeve, 6.2ft or 74.4 (Olympic bars are 7.2ft or 86.4), Stainless steel used (instead of cerakote- remember the Ohio bar has a stainless steel option but its more expensive), Both bearings and bushings in the sleeves (the Ohio only uses composite bushings). 1. If all of this wasnt enough check this out. In fact, Rogues epic $2 million research found the sweet spot was between 190k-220k PSI.