Please read the FFPC Terms & Conditions, section titled Official Length of the NFL Season for our contingency plans should the NFL have unexpected changes to its season. 1. At the conclusion of each FFPC dynasty season (after week sixteen concludes), FFPC owners have several options for the ongoing ownership of their dynasty team (or teams, hereafter referred to as teams). FFPC Dynasty League teams will be allowed to carry all drafted players during the Off-season until the Final cut-down date. In the event that the FFPC league website is not able to accept bids, team managers are instructed to go to, call the 24-hour message center at 1-888-898-3372 or email for further instructions. Those are awarded 4 points.). Kindly detail the issue and we will look into it. Basically, each team gets a certain number of dollars or points to spend each year during the regular season (100 or 1,000 are typical numbers). Neither kickers nor defenses are used in this format. It is NOT a serpentine draft. No bids will be accepted by telephone, email, message boards or any via any other form. However, there is nothing wrong with a league having its rookie draft prior to the NFL Draft. Touchdowns scored on the offensive team as a result of Fake FG, Fake Punt, Blocked FG or Blocked Punt will count for the scoring players, if applicable. There is no dynasty trading between this deadline and the end of the NFL regular season. It would be wise to start out limiting how many seasons in the future draft picks may be traded. Youll also find a ton of useful advice and helpful dynasty veterans willing to help you get started. Regular season win/loss record (weeks 1-14). For example, imagine the year is 2018. The options are as follows. The FFPC is notified by an owner that they wish to ORPHAN their teams. If youve never used IDPs before, you may want to start out with just a few starting positions on each team, maybe three to six per team. The start up (maiden) draft times are to be announced. $77 entry leagues $77 payable for the following year $154 total entry fee due at registration, $250 entry league $150 deposit $400 total entry fee due at registration, $500 entry league $300 deposit $800 total entry fee due at registration, $750 entry league $500 deposit $1,250 total entry fee due at registration, $1,250 entry league $750 deposit $2,000 total entry fee due at registration, $2,500 entry league $1,500 deposit $4,000 total entry fee due at registration, $5,000 entry league $2,000 deposit $7,000 total entry fee due at registration. Trades are free of charge. Anywhere from 25-30 works for me. All scoring for the prior week will go FINAL by 6 PM EST on the Friday following that particular week, and at that time all contestants waive their right to any further appeals. A maximum of one player can be won in each bidding group. Success is achieved with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Either way, a dynasty or heavy keeper league will stimulate far more trading activity than a redraft league, and the entire league will benefit from the added strategy and fun. Off-Season Drafts are 7 rounds, will include all rookies and free agents and will take place after the NFL draft as slow drafts, with an 8-hour limit per pick. Rather than drafting a specific player at third overall, you instead draft the rookie 1.01, knowing full well you plan to take Saquon Barkley. At years end, both the principal participant and the co-manager will each receive IRS Form-1099 for their prize awards. Theres admittedly a balance to be found between having too few starting roster spots and too many. By enabling team owners to keep players and build a team over time, there is a much stronger sense of team ownership. The starting lineup consists of 1-QB, 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, 1-SUPERFLEX, and 2-FLEX. An auto pick will be made at 9:00 AM ET if the team fails to make a selection. If all this interests you, then you are ready to give a dynasty fantasy football league a try! Pro Football Network, LLC. In dynasty leagues, trades are happening all throughout the season. Rookie drafts can also include veteran players that were not on rosters at the end of the previous season. The skill is in predicting performance, not getting lucky by a player landing on a team where he ends up with more value than expected. Second, when should you have your initial start-up draft? While there is something to be said about predicting landing spots and how a player will perform, thats not something I value when it comes to fantasy football. The Victory Points system works in the following way: Top point scoring team 2 Victory Points, No.2 point scoring team 2 Victory Points, No.3 point scoring team 2 Victory Points, No.4 point scoring team 2 Victory Points, No.5 point scoring team 1 Victory Point, No.6 point scoring team 1 Victory Point, No.7 point scoring team 1 Victory Point, No.8 point scoring team 1 Victory Point, No.9 point scoring team 0 Victory Points, No.10 point scoring team 0 Victory Points, No.11 point scoring team 0 Victory Points, No.12 point scoring team 0 Victory Points. Youre about to draft a team of players that you have for their entire careers. All references to points, total points or points total imply starting lineup points.

Ive never been one to complain about the waiver wire being too barren. Teams may submit as many bids as they like. To insure a competitive draft and enjoyable experience for all owners in dynasty drafts, the FFPC will not permit owners first selection in Maiden or Rookie/free agent drafts to be auto-selected in cases of timing out (providing the first pick is in the first three rounds). With this system, the 6th worst team still has a shot at the 1.1-1.4 as does every other non-playoff team. Please email with any further questions regarding the prize splitting process. Copyright 2006-2022 Fantasy Sports Enterprises, LLC. No one should be constrained by the randomness of draft position. Trading is permitted in FFPC Dynasty Leagues. The FFPC reserves the right to roll back, remove players, pause the draft, hold the draft, and do whatever is deemed necessary to ensure a proper draft for all owners. The following must be provided for a valid email or phone transaction: League number & team name, login name and password, the name of the player(s) to be placed in the starting lineup, the name of the player(s) to be removed from the starting lineup. In dynasty leagues, I want extra starting roster spots. After the completion of Week 1, the blind bidding processes will be available weekly and will continue until prior to Week 17 for ALL teams in the Dynasty Leagues. Regardless of which you play, DLF can help you become a champion! For this reason many leagues choose to limit trading of future draft picks to just the next season or two. FFPC, LLC. Players that already have played for the week cannot be traded after their game until the following week. Seeds 1 and Seeds 2 will win a regular season award (as listed in the prize section) and earn Immunity in Week 15 of the League Playoffs. If you dont know anyone starting a league, and you have an opportunity to take over an existing team, then go for it. Any NFL skill player placed on the COVID-19 Exempt list will have IR eligibility. list. FFPC software may take up to 5 minutes after acceptance to execute a trade. One last decision to make about the start-up draft is what to do with rookies. Divisions will be randomized each season by the software after rookie drafts are complete. Any player on NFL Injured Reserve, NFL Injured Reserve-Eligible to Return, NFL-PUP list, NFL-NFI (non-football injury) list can be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve. Upon the completion of the Dynasty Leagues Online entry form, entrants must submit payment using any major credit cards. All bids will be processed and the rosters updated with the results of all successful bids after 10:00 PM ET on Wednesday & 10:00 AM ET on Sunday, following the completion of the blind bidding process. Trades rarely occur in a redraft league, simply because there is little impetus to trade in-season. The initial draft is critical to the future direction of a team. Alternatively, that pick could just be Barkley. These Two Players are About to EXPLODE in Dynasty Fantasy Football 2022! The team makes a selection at 5 AM ET. Some IDP heavy dynasty and keeper leagues use as many as 10 or 11 defensive players per team. The FFPC RotoViz Triflex Dynasty format is a 12 team year-round fantasy league, with an initial startup draft of 20 rounds. Now, lets get into the rookie draft. There is no trade deadline during the FFPC Dynasty League Off-season. A player that is Suspended or Out for the week cannot be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve.

Starting lineups may be submitted to the FFPC league page. All FFPC Dynasty slow drafts will be paused between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM ET (11 PM and 5 AM PT) to protect teams from missing a pick during nighttime hours. : it is not enough to protest a trade with the reason being that it is unfair. The rules below cover the FFPC Standard Dynasty format of FFPC Dynasty Leagues. Lineups may also be changed if a very low-ranked player is started over a consensus top player, or for whatever reason if the commissioner sees that the original lineup lessens the competitiveness of the team in question. All Rights Reserved.

Most leagues allow for teams to trade away future draft picks. FFPC and FFPC Logo are registered In addition to a weekly head-to-head matchup, you also can get a win if your point total is in the top half any given week. The FFPC Dynasty League Commissioner may (but is not required to) alter a lineup for any team where a starting lineup is submitted with players who are inactive as a result of being on a Bye Week, on suspension, or on their NFL teams I.R. The 14-week regular season will run from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 14. A keeper league is similar to a dynasty league, but involves keeping a smaller portion of your players. Or trading away a fantasy stud at the peak of his career, and watching him crash down to earth while on someone elses roster. This applies to the maiden, startup draft only and not subsequent rookie/free agent drafts. Jason Katz is a Fantasy Analyst at Pro Football Network. IDP If youve never used Individual Defensive Players (IDPs) on your fantasy team before, wed highly recommend you consider doing so. Teams may not begin off-season trading until the entry fee is paid for the upcoming year. The Dynasty roster cut down date is Sunday, September 4th, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT. At the conclusion of Week 14, 6 teams from each Dynasty Leagues will earn a berth in the League Playoffs in Weeks 15, 16 and 17. A TD scored in any way by an individual player is awarded to that player whether he is on offense, defense or special teams, whether that TD came as a result of a fumble, interception, double turnover***, lateral, special teams or any other football play. Prize splitting amongst principal participant and their co-managers is now available. The 6 top seeded teams at the end of the regular season will play in a total points format League Playoffs in NFL Weeks 15, 16 & 17 to determine the Dynasty League Champion. All disputes and appeals must be submitted to the league commissioner via email whereas he or she will utilize the rules and regulations governing the FFPC Dynasty League to or make all decisions. All NFL skill players that formally Opt-Out for 2021 can be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve. A few others we would recommend can be found on our links page. is not responsible for, or bound by, any agreement between the principal participant and any co-managers or group. Dynasty teams are considered to be ORPHANS if any of the following apply: The earliest date that an owner can SELL or ORPHAN dynasty teams is on Tuesday, December 28th, 2022. If you do not draft a complete starting roster, FFPC commissioners may add a player at their discretion after the draft to ensure a valid roster. I prefer dynasty rosters of at least 25 players. Also be sure to keep up on the articles and advice we constantly provide. Other teams are looking to win this season, and will give up some future potential in order to solidify their chances now. Some other general settings I prefer are the two-win system. RENEW and list any teams for sale with FFPC at your choice of price up to the renewal price. The bids underneath are conditional bids. Using a team defense, while not at all incompatible with a dynasty or keeper format, does not support the objective of creating a more challenging and dynamic league. FFPC, LLC. Salary Caps Here too use of a salary cap system for your league is entirely optional. IDP leagues add a much greater degree of depth and interest to the game. Typically the subsequent drafts are rookie/free agents drafts which happen after the NFL draft is complete. In this rare instance, all participants will be notified and an explanation will be given. Ask DLF with @TylerFFCreator, @CalvinandHobby, and @RyanMc23. A unified podcast feed for all of the podcasts in the DLF Family of podcasts, including the DLF Dynasty Podcast, the Read and React IDP Podcast, the Commission Impossible Podcast, the Dynasty Game Night Podcast, the Dynasty Crossroads Podcast, the Superflex Supershow Podcast, and the Trade Addicts Podcast. Typically, stat changes are received by Elias and SportsRadar on the Thursday following that particular week. Basically, a keeper league allows for a few players to be retained. On rare occasions, a dynasty owner may be sick, unavailable or unaware that a draft has begun. Example: if the skipped team had pick 1.04 and 3 other picks had been made before the skipped team contacted the commissioner, the skipped team would then have the 1.07 pick. I prefer auction drafts in any fantasy format. Primary option: RENEW and keep any or all dynasty teams. Teams may go over 3 QBs rostered via free agency or trades. Youre better off getting in on the ground floor of a dynasty league. The Rookie/Free Agent draft is a straight draft, going from picks 1-12, and then back to 1 again. Your league could use IDPs, team defenses, or no defense at all. Elias Sports Bureau will often have minor scoring changes during the season. Each league can be run a little bit differently, and can posses unique rules and guidelines. Example 126 receiving yards= 12.6 fantasy points). Others will schedule it during normal draft season in late August/early September. Before we get into dynasty-specific setups, there are general rules and settings that should be universal fantasy football leagues. In the rare case that there is a tie between teams in any of the League Playoff total points competition for the Dynasty Standard format, the following tiebreakers will be used in order from 1 to 5 to determine winners: 1. For example, if youre only starting 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 Flex, that means, in theory, only the top 60 running backs and wide receivers are in starting lineups. Find details and individual feeds for all of these podcasts, and a ton of dynasty fantasy football content at These 6 teams will be the 3 Division winning teams and the 3 teams with the next highest amount of Victory Points. This section of the rules will cover the process, procedures and timeline of either renewal, sale or orphaning FFPC dynasty teams. 2. Due to the addition of weekly Thursday games to the NFL schedule, there are now two (2) weekly blind bidding processes. FFPC Dynasty Leagues will be available at these entry levels: $77, $250, $500, $750, $1250, $2500 and $5,000. Any regular season NFL games that take place prior to the FFPC Dynasty League drafts WILL count towards Week 1 point scoring in the FFPC regular season. Any players drafted in the supplemental NFL draft after the start of the Rookie/FA draft will be entered into the FFPC Dynasty League free agent pool and be eligible for pickup at the start of the blind bid process. reserves the right to amend its FFPC league structure accordingly. the express permission. The weekly league standings will be based on the number of total Victory Points each team has accumulated to date. Three (3) Division winners and Three (3) remaining teams with the most Victory Points, Six (6) teams are seeded 1-6 in order of total Victory Points, During Week 15, seeds 3, 4, 5 and 6 will compete in a total points competition, with the top 2 scoring teams moving on to the next round, During Weeks 16 and 17, seeds 1 and 2, as well as the two Seeds which advanced from Week 14, will compete in a total points competition, with the highest scoring team being crowned League Champion, Each team gets $1000 blind bidding dollars for entire season, Two (2) weekly free agencies on Wednesday & Sunday, Cutoffs on Wednesday 10 PM ET and Sunday 10 AM ET, NFL players whose teams played on Thursday may be dropped from FFPC rosters on Friday as long as they were not in that teams Thursdays starting lineup, First free agency is scheduled on the Wednesday after Labor Day (September 7), Yes. The Dynasty roster cut down date is Sunday, September 4th, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT. will pay 100% of all FFPC awards directly to each winning principal participant unless a prize split is requested by the principal participant, as described directly below. During the free agent portion of the week, teams will bid on available free agents using the bidding dollars. Starting QB points in League Playoff game. Lineup changes which are made by phone to our 24-hour message center at 1-888-898-FFPC must be called in no later than 15 minutes prior to kickoff. I think its especially important in a dynasty start-up. I would rather draft later to avoid managers being forced to punt the first season due to injuries. Finally, during each seasons drafts, there will often be many trades made involving just draft picks. The FFPC Commissioner may contact both owners involved in the trade and ask for their reasoning behind the trade. Annual Draft Youll want to clarify early on how future league drafts will be handled. All 12 teams will be randomly placed into 3 divisions of 4 teams each. NFL players which are dropped during Wednesdays bidding process will NOT be available for pickups on Sunday (Of the same week) and will ONLY become available for next weeks Wednesday bidding process. The following free agent blind bidding process is the only means by which free agents may be acquired in the FFPC Dynasty League Season. The league commissioners decisions are considered final. This may be a combination of any CASH prizes won in any FFPC tournament, league or contest. The first Primary blind bidding process will take place on Wednesday with the second Supplementary process taking place on Sunday. The following team had autodraft functionality on, so this pick is made. Very small starting rosters make winning more luck-based. Lets discuss the optimal rules and settings for dynasty fantasy football league setups. The following must be provided for a valid email or phone transaction: League number & team name, login name and password, the name of the player(s) to be placed in the starting lineup, the name of the player(s) to be removed from the starting lineup. No players involved in any one trade may be part of another trade until 24 hours after the first trade.

While the numbers will vary depending upon league size, position starting requirements, and personal preference, a good starting point for your first dynasty fantasy football league would be something like this; 12 team league three divisions, 30 player rosters, fairly standard starting positions (1QB, 1HB, 2WR, 2OffFlex, 1TE, 1K, 3IDP), team may keep all players, annual rookie/free agent draft. may, at its own discretion, refuse to accept any prize splitting request and process the entire award to the principal participant. During the offseason, each FFPC RotoViz Triflex Dynasty format team will protect 16 players. At that point, we may request your social security number (this will be kept strictly private unless required to be disclosed as a matter of law) to file your prize winnings with the IRS. Redraft ADP & Keeping Dynasty Weird. Call (1-800-GAMBLER). Over the course of the regular season, each of the 12 teams in the Dynasty League will play 14 Head-to-Head matchups vs. the rest of the league. As noted above, owners that choose to ORPHAN dynasty teams will forfeit all prior deposits and FFPC will then assume ownership and responsibility for finding new ownership for the following season. The team that wins get the #1 pick, takes 2nd gets #2, etc. If you are familiar with fantasy football, you can do this, and we are here to help! Teams MUST be renewed in order to be posted for sale on either the FFPC or on website. Example: conditional bid #3 cannot be a higher dollar amount than the primary bid or #2 bid. The team may then replace the IR player and pick up a player via the blind bid waiver wire process. RotoViz Triflex format Dynasty Leagues: League structure will be as follows: Each team will play in 14 weekly regular season Head to Head match-ups in Weeks 1-14. So Join the DLF Forum right now, and youll be well on your way to becoming a champion! All team managers are strongly encouraged to place their bids as early in the week as possible. The question is, by how much? The dynasty trade deadline during the FFPC Dynasty League Season is 12:50 pm ET on Sunday, November 28th, 2021, before Sunday Kickoff of Week 12 of the NFL season. Bids will remain hidden from the rest of the league until after all the winning bids have been awarded.

Coaching Commitment It cant be overstated how important it is to ensure the league is comprised of coaches who are dedicated to the league for the long haul. The Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) is a fantasy football game of skill that offers guaranteed cash awards to its top entrants. The FFPC RotoViz Triflex Dynasty format is a fully managed format, with weekly lineups, waivers, trades, head-to-head and playoffs.

Trades can be made January 1, provided the following years Entry fee has been paid by all teams involved in the trade. There are various different strategies managers can implement heading into Year 1. In cases of extreme emergency, line up changes may be submitted to with the words LINEUP CHANGE in the subject line, or called into our 24-hour message center at 1-888-898-FFPC, as long as these changes are received prior to the weekly deadline for making such changes. All players cut during Weeks 1 through Week 17 free agent bidding processes WILL REMAIN in the free agent pool and will be available to be re-acquired by teams as long as the free agency bidding processes remain open. The deadline for lineup submission for each player via website or email is the scheduled start time of the game in which the player is participating. All leagues should have at least 12 teams, exactly six playoff teams, use FAAB waivers, and end in Week 17. Prior to the start of the season, each FFPC RotoViz Triflex Dynasty format team must cut its roster down to 20 active players.