XXX Villains, Movies Halo Flight | DJ Walters | Friends/Allies Mother Superior | Lem Korplog | Johnny immediately gets on another one and attempts ramming Dracula as payback; however, Dracula evades it. Dracula questioned the human of how Johnny found the hotel. Shaw | Leah | Johnny wanted to know her name and Mavis introduces himself. Rufus Shinra | Mr. Wu | Steven Kovacs | Odin | Richard Fisk | Total Recall Villains | At a bingo game, everyone except Dracula was bored. Guy Danlily | Harry Heck | Ranger Beth | Blumhouse Productions Villains | Alastair Adana | Seeing this result, Bela jumps out and tries to attack him, but Vlad who freeze and shrinks him to a harmless, tiny size and then Bela is captured and licked by Werewolf Kids as a new recreation play toy. Mavis Dracula (wife)Dennis (son)Mike and Linda (parents)Dennis (grandfather)Troy, Connor and Parker (nephews)Brett and Kent (brothers)Melly (sister)Unnamed sister (removed)Dracula (father-in-law)Martha (mother-in-law; deceased)Ericka Van Helsing (stepmother-in-law)Vlad Dracula (grandfather-in-law)Tinkles (pet dog) Black Beast of Argh | Annie's Fake Parents | Serena Kogan | Satan | Johnny accepts his apology and gave him a thumbs up as Dracula turns the plane around. Snowbell | Toby Weeks | Peter Venkman | Robin Harris | When they both get up, they stare at each other. Warden Hazen | Calvin Sims | Blue Hawk | Camp Canola (Robert Jeffrey Warner) | OCP (CEO) | Jerry Dandridge | Lieutenant Orso | Eric Qualen | Armando Armas | Pumpkin Guts | Knights Who Say Ni | Hunt down and kill Dracula and all of monsterkind to make sure that the world is safe for mankind (formerly; failed).Make peace with the monsters and realize he was wrong about them (succeeded). Piggy | John Kreese | Cobra Kai (Johnny Lawrence, Dutch, Bobby Brown, Tommy & Jimmy) | Heldon | Bo |

Igor Nevsky | Sam Carter | Greene Planet (Dominic Greene, Elvis & Edmund Slate) | Creepy | Harrison Love | Venom Villlains | Mavis is ecstatic to hear about Johnny's travels, but wonders how he dealt with the human mobs; Johnny replies he "just rolls with it". Carol Brazier | Billy Crash | Courtney | Back at the hotel, Dracula and Ericka go up to the roof, where Dracula proposes to Ericka. Murray | Muriel Walker | James Hook (1991) | Dave | Lifer | S.E.T.H. Reeko | Matheson | Russell Woodman | Francis Begbie | Murray | Subway | Alley Cats (Smokey, Monty, Lucky, Red & Unnamed Gray Cat) | Jack Harding | Delmar | Hotel Transylvania Heroes | Ericka Van Helsing | Kolobok | Cory Radison | Mysterio's Crew (Mysterio, William Ginter Riva, Victoria Snow, Gutes Guterman, Janice Lincoln, & Doug) | Grace Farrell | Hodak | Unlike his original incarnation from the Bram Stoker novel, this Van Helsing is xenophobic, ruthless, ill-tempered, deluded, and utterly relentless in his ultimate goal; to destroy all monsters, who he hates with a burning passion. Judith Fessbeggler | Remnants of Sephiroth (Kadaj) | Underworld Villains | Fiona Landers | Ted Jones | Yolandi | League of Villains (Tomura Shigaraki) | When Mavis tries to turn Johnny back to normal, nothing happens due to him being too frenzied. General Grawl |

Esmeralda takes off Johnny's disguise and reveals that he's a human. Dracula goes after Ericka, and helps her avoid traps to retrieve the "Instrument of Torture", which is the shape of a kraken tentacle that has inside it a piece of sheet music that, when played, can cause an actual kraken (which sings and dances) to attack other monsters with its tentacles and then eat them. Cletus Kasady | Dr. Meddows |

The Hive | Jonathan Loughran Things turn sour when Dracula admits his deception regarding passing over the hotel to Mavis and Johnny. Gargamel (2011) | Richard Travers | Fifi | When Johnny sees the sunrise, he turns to see that Mavis' foot smokes from the sunlight. Ernst Stavro Blofeld | Sharkboy | After turning Gigi back to normal, Dracula bemoans his loss. Then Johnny and Mavis see kids that are playing BMX bikes in a park. Trish Kimble | Johnny thanks Dracula for saving him as Dracula guides him to a secret room.

Doctor Octopus | Worm | Kara | Eddie No-Nose | Yusef Kabira | Andrei Kolchak | Leeloo |

Ilsa Von Haupstein | Samuel Whiskers | Vilos Cohaagen (1990) | Valerian | Gum | Jennifer Honey | Travis Bickle | Fouchet | John Bosley | Doug | Lance Warner | Alistair Pratt |

But Mavis embraces and hugs him, announcing that she doesn't care if he's human and still wants to be with him. The Blues | Hank | Kylothians | Vincent Sofel |

Minus | His family had already been well known throughout Transylvania for centuries by the time Abraham rose to the rank of monster hunter. Afterwards, Van Helsing is saved by Dracula, and redeems himself by refunding everyone for the cruise. Luis Cali | Maria Gomez | Glenn | Zed | Abraham's family believed that monsters were disgusting and dangerous. Pierce Hawthorne | Mayhem | Roger | Eric | Wanda | Peni Parker | Dracula | His pet rat, Esmeralda, caught Johnny's scent on Dracula; telling Quasimodo that she noticed the appearance of a human. Monsters (Giant Praying Mantis, Will Blake, Lawn Gnomes, Madame Doom, Brent Green, Haunted Car, Count Nightwing, The Haunted Mask, Igor, Headless Horseman, Nila Rahmad, Grim Reaper & Bride of Frankenstein) | Ishikawa | Cyrus | Annie Bennett | Bat Cronies Dr. Edgemar | Scoleri Brothers | Dr. Edward Steam | Kareem Abdul Lavash | Dracula turns to him and tells him that it was no accident who killed her, but was killed by humans and that they were the real monsters. Carmine Gazzera | Marco Sciarra | Movies Jack Merridew | Johnny decides to see how good Dracula's friends are; he finds their musical talent "good, but a little old school." This brings Johnny back to his senses, and he is returned to human form.

Fatima Blush | Agent Gibbs | Poppy | Ericka Van Helsing, Television Calvin Candie | Unlike many versions of Van Helsing, this version is portrayed as an evil, deluded monster-hating psychopath while Dracula is the true hero. Red | Emil Stenz | Weggsley | Mike Barnes | Alexander Brock | Zach | Frank the Pug | After Johnny and Mavis return from California, Johnny's family are invited again and have dinner at hotel. Norman Osborn | Allan | Martin Walker |

Ivo Shandor | Dracula, worried that he won't feel the same as Frankenlady, switches the song to fast number, with a grumpy Johnny saying "DJ booth is a sacred stage." -Welcome to the Hero/Protagonist wiki! Electrocuted Ghost |

Dracula takes Johnny out of the hotel as he was angry with the "chaos" Johnny brought to the hotel. Miss Hannigan | Lavagirl | Ali | Jigsaw | Agatha Trunchbull | Dracula claims that he is going to hold a costume party, and then he freezes everyone except Johnny. Bridget | Make peace with the monsters and realize he was wrong about them (succeeded). Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation: Bubbles | Seeing that she never seen a sunrise before, he takes her to the edge of the chimney and hides her in his shadow. He changes the song to a slow-dance number, much to the worry of Dracula, who hasn't had a date since his wife Martha died. Johnny saying that he travels because of how staying at home was boring and never seeing what's out there. and Dracula is unhappy about it. Final Fantasy Villains | Lothar Zogg | Bruno | Lambert | Frank Scanlon | Prowler | When she lands, all nearby kids cheer, so Johnny boasts that she is her girlfriend, though Mavis corrects she is his wife. Falcon | Derek Huff | Mugger | Eva |

Leonide Moguy | Zoe | William Tavington |

Gottfried Vanger | Jed Hill | Godzilla Heroes | Regine Dandrige | Brent McHale | Left Behind Villains | Nicolae Carpathia | Deacon | | Stephanie | Venom | Vandergeld Sisters | He was taking by Dracula who tells him to fake a back injury to leave the hotel, but it lead to miscommunication of a Chicken Fight and Johnny plays with Mavis.

Grant Walbridge | Captain Haddock | Hotel Transylvania Attempted genocideAttempted mass murder (including child murder)TreasonAbuse of powerPsychological abuseBrainwashingAnimal crueltyTerrorismMass property damageHate crimes Doppeldeaner | A big war thus starts. Carl Bentley | Seijiro Inui | Vanessa Fisk | Chappie | During the late 19th century, Abraham came across the famous vampire, Count Dracula. Redeemed Extremist, Knowledge of scienceMarksmanship Athleticism Genius-level intelligence Musical ability. Not wanting to set monster progress backwards by killing Jonathan, Dracula then worried about Mavis meeting Johnny and realizing that humans may not be the evil villains he made them out to be. Sammael | Sony's Spider-Man Universe Heroes | Matilda | Ralph | Paul Sheldon | Boog | At their next stop, which is an island, Dracula asks Ericka out on a date at a cantina, to which she accepts. Erin Gilbert | Niko Tatopoulos | Wolfram | Edgar the Bug | Jenny | Bogs Diamond | Dracula hides Johnny so they won't notice him. Weepy | He accidentally crashes into Dracula's daughter, Mavis, knocking her off the stairs. Hunter | Jason Van Horn | Mavis and Ericka confront Van Helsing after learning about Dracula and Johnny's whereabouts in the news, but he warns them about the effects of the ray, as people who become monsters continue to mutate and become more hostile as time goes on. Koobus Venter | Silver Kincaid, See Also Mavis and Jonathan are shocked; he looks at her with a smile, while Mavis shrugs. Electro | Van Pelt | Then, Mavis thinks the monitor to be a live TV show camera and she even exclaims Hello world! to it, so Johnny has to praise her embarrassingly. Abraham vowed to destroy Dracula and all of the other monsters. Salen Morrison | Kitty Cartwright | However, he has survived well into the present by adopting a robotic body which keeps his head and organs alive. Flesh Balls | Joe St. George |

When Frank stomps towards Johnny, Dracula protects him and Frank demands to know who he was. Buelow | Chozen Toguchi | United Federation of Britain (Carl Hauser, Lori, Harry & Police Synthetics) | Enemies Chester V | Genus | Steven Spielberg Villains | Anthony Johnson | Old Man Carrucan | Bill the Bug | As Johnny inspects uniforms, Dracula quickly used a large jacket and some spray paint to disguise him as a monster from the Stein family. Jarra | Jonathan Loughran | Marcus Tibbs | The Dark Crystal Villains | Griff | Gisela and Giselita | And then, Dracula tells him to never return or tell humans about the hotel, or he will suck his blood until he looks like a deflated Whoopee cushion. Johnny and Mavis had a proper kiss twice. Any act of adding this hero to the Pure Good category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this hero without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Mary Ann Rogers | John Ryder | Benjamin Chudnofsky | Baba Yaga | Then, Dracula checks if Dennis has any fangs, but Mavis insists that Dennis is more a human then Dracula excuses that he is checking if there are decaying teeth. Johnny asks Dracula what he thinks about his count-like costume, and Dracula comments that the costume is ridiculous and looks like a bottom of a baboon; Johnny explains that it was bought online and only a shop could deliver it in midnight.