jewelry, loose clothing, and long hair well away from the machine. If the lathe machine is second-hand, accessories and attachments may be missing, or these may be optional parts. This data is collected by us and our partners. The lathe cuts, sands, knurls, drills, Swing- over bed: 600mm, NAKAMURA TOME STW 40 - turning-milling machining center with 11 axes Tool changer for lathe from Sauter - 0.5.480.020 18735, Flatbed Digital Cutting Tables & Plotters, Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machines (VFFS), Coordinate Measuring & Video Measuring Machines, Medical Masks & Respiratory Protection Manufacturing. APT That is why we advise you with individual support from our team of experts. All machine tools in our catalogue come with a one-year warranty. It is also possible for these key components to undergo a general overhaul. Delivery was excellent which took less than 24 hours from APT International Belgium to our site in North West England, the whole process from initial enquiry to final delivery was very easy with many of the arrangements sorted by APT International. machine is similar in function but uses one or more moving cutting tools.) Turning diameter: 65 / 175 mm Our extensive selection of used lathes and old lathes for sale means you can get access to the sectors best brands at an unbeatable price. We know the Egyptians were using a two-man lathe in 1300 Due to the rotation the workpiece performs a cutting movement, this chip is cut off with the help of a cutting tool. We also use these cookies to track how users use our services (for example, by measuring website traffic) so that we can make improvements. If the purchase in question is a used lathe or turning machine, these components need to be checked carefully. Haven't found the machinery you where looking for? The differences concern, amongst others, the turning diameter, the spindle bore, the distance between centres and the machine weight.

To ensure that our used model engineering lathes for sale are of the highest possible quality, all our second-hand machinery inventory is put through an exhaustive efficiency analysis before being made available. There are 5 types of lathes: parallel, turret, automatic and duplicator, and CNC lathes. Use a The frame bears the weight of the mechanical components. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Y-Axis: 250 mm Printing Machine is a device for reproducing text and images using a master form or template. We want to ensure a long life for your product with our after-sales service. Contact Asset-Trade today to find your Used Lathe Machinery to enhance your daily metal working production to stay ahead of your competition faster. We are a well-established and reliable dealer in the 12-fo CNC lathe WEISSER Univertor AS 90L Lathes also require accessories and various equipments. Regardless of the type of lathe used, for correct operation and precision of the machine, it must be correctly levelled and anchored to the floor. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. tailstock 8mm makers lever lathe drilling Everything requiring a rotationally symmetrical or near symmetrical cross-section can be produced on a turning machine. The housing protects the area surrounding a lathe from chips and shavings cast off during the turning of metal and cooling lubricant is supplied to ensure uniform removal of chips from the workpiece.

Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to buying used lathes whether online or offline. Welding constructions and monolithic cast metal frames are used, which increase device lifespan and ensure that a used metal lathe can be purchased without any structural concerns. If this price is not met within the auction, bids are accepted under reservation. Used CNC lathes are a popular choice as it uses computer technology to perform the same task many times over, giving far more accurate results and at a higher volume than could be achieved manually. ideal for rough turning and overturning of long shafts (+420) 723 488 062 Machining traditionally takes place on lathes, drill presses, and milling machines with the use of various cutting tools. Only qualified specialists are allowed to work with a lathe unless it is an automatically equipped automated turning machine. The workpiece is machined by continuous movements in freely programmable directions These used CNC machines for the machining of turned parts often represent an inexpensive alternative to the purchase of a new CNC lathe. Complete plants-factories / Vehicles (transport), Overhead Travelling Crane, Jigs / Compressors & generators / Hot air blowers, O. A CNC lathe is a machine tool with which mostly rotationally symmetrical workpieces are produced.

This log features information on concentricity and spindle play recorded at regular intervals. If you are confused on buying second-hand machine, you need to consider stated below tips on how to choose used lathes. Turning length max, Used EMCO compact 5 Mini-Lathe CNC control CNC SIEMENS 840C You can also sell your old and used lathes and turning machines via Surplex, irrespective of whether it is a small table lathe or a large turning machine. Technical data: Buying a second-hand industrial lathe is the most economic way to get a top-quality product at an excellent price. Various automated components may also be included depending on the design of the lathe, which guide the machining tools towards the rotating workpiece in accordance with a preconfigured programme. Z axis: 500mm turning diameter over support: 390 mm Operating hours 68717 h It is the first question that should be answered adequately. AG Maschinenservice, Inh. It is a fact that no one could be able to buy a product, which is out of his or her purchasing power. For example, you could cheaply acquire a second hand lathe for training purposes or vastly increase production using a second hand CNC lathe. A reserve price was stored for this article. We want to offer you the machine tools that are best suited to your needs. Metal Working the act or process of shaping things out of metal. turning length 1000 mm Statistical cookies help us provide you with an optimal user experience by collecting anonymized statistical data from visitors. Maximum workpiece diameter: 400 mm Horizontal & Double Disc Grinding Machines, Measuring Equipment & Testing Devices (mobile), CNC lathes & automatic turning machines - renowned manufacturers, United Kingdom (Great Britain), RG19 6HN NEWBURY, United Kingdom (Great Britain), ML6 8LS North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain), SG1 2ET Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain), GL75 0ZZ Glasgow, East Kilbride, GILDEMEISTER SPEED 12-7 LINEAR AUTOMATIC LATHE WITH BAR FEEDER, Italy, 25011 Zona Industriale di Calcinato (BS), BOLEY & LEINEN MULTITYPE LC/M Mechanic's Lathe, GILDEMEISTER SPRINT 32 LINEAR AUTOMATIC LATHE WITH BAR FEEDER, GILDEMEISTER SPEED 20-8 LINEAR AUTOMATIC LATHE, DMG GILDEMEISTER CTX310 ECOLINE AUTOMATIC LATHE WITH BAR FEEDER, HITACHI SEIKI HITEC TURN 20 RIII CNC Lathe, OKUMA & HOWA ACT-2SP-3 TWIN SPINDLE CNC LATHE TURNING CENTER, OKUMA & HOWA ACT 2SP-3 TWIN SPINDLE CNC LATHE TURNING CENTER, Metal lathes Construction and how to use, Buy and sell affordable used lathes and turning machines, Overview of manufacturers of metal lathes and turning machines equipment, FCA Glasgow, East Kilbride, loaded on truck, EXW Caronno Pertusella, ex foundation, unpackaged, FCA Mekirch Ringgenbach, loaded on truck, FCA Zona Industriale di Calcinato (BS), loaded on truck, A range spanning small table machines to large turning machines. This Nakamura Super NTM Lathe was made in 2011 in Japan and has 54101 production hours of which 39820 are spindle hours. Due to the fast rotational speeds and high temperatures, Work spindle Even if the manufacturers are not obliged to keep a supply of accessories for old and second-hand lathes, the majority strive to offer a range of basic services for used machinery. Used CNC Lathes - You find here 65 suppliers from Germany Great Britain Poland Spain Greece Switzerland and Russia. For this, you need to assess your business requirements. swing diameter over bed, Used TOS SUS63 x 8000 center lathe They therefore form part of the basic equipment required by every metalworking operation. FANUC 16i-TA control with NAK-LUCKBEI-Dialog system Super-Cap 1 att Good condition DMG Mori NLX 2500-700 Lathes manufactured in 2004. It must be used with the right chuck and tool for each job. They can be used for creating cylinders, cones, or spirals out of materials like metal, wood, and plastic. Prestigious turning machine manufacturers include BERNARDO, BOEHRINGER, BOLEY, COLCHESTER, EMCO, GILDEMEISTER, MATRA, OKUMA, OPTIMUM, QUANTUM, TORNOS, WEILER and WABECO.

Turning diameter The 8-axis machine has been on for 68389 hours, of which 12726 are spindle hours. This Nakamura Super NTM Lathe was manufactured in the year 2009 in Japan and has 64539 production hours of which 42860 are spindle hours. Used CNC lathes for industry and trade CNC lathes are mainly used in industry and in the manufacturing sector. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Maximum diameter 250mm Avoid the major expense of purchasing a new tool while secure in the knowledge that youll receive an efficient and well-maintained product.

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Material recording Immediate recording of all assets (data, facts, figures and photo documentation) Recording of all relevant data and comparison of these with documents, lists of assets, inventories, etc. The tool rest, below the workpiece, holds the cutting Av. 400 mm deforms, faces, and turns objects of many materials, including wood, plastics, and metal. frequently has used lathes for sale from a wide range of available lathe machinery, which means you can find just what youre looking for. Simply putting on appropriate protective clothing is generally not enough, which is why it is mandatory to have safety training for all work using a lathe. When we purchased our latest machine from them their on-site engineers where very helpful and had a wealth of knowledge on the machines which gave us the confidence to buy. operated, and others are power-driven. They are built in a very solid fashion to enable the machines to withstand strong forces and work precisely. You need to confirm whether you are can afford certain machine or not. The tools required for the components are attached to a revolver. Articles with high demand (at least 10 bids). Tool changer for lathe, tool disc turret, top support, top slide, dovetail guide. The majority of lathes for sale come from the German, Austria or Swiss second-hand market. Click request price for more information. Maximum workpiece length: 400 mm High-performance illumination enables the workpiece processing steps to be continually monitored. At APT International, you will find all manner of second-hand lathes to fit your needs and your budget. However, the increasing internationalisation of our platform means that there is also a large number of machines from other European countries as well. In the case of CNC lathes, the operator needs enough computer literacy to program the machines operation. The second component group consists of an electrical motor and a gear unit. Do you have any questions? Swing diameter over bed: 655 mm travel: Used metalworking lathes frequently come with a test log since they have already been in use. traverse paths: Maximum workpiece diameter: 400 mm Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. There are plenty of sites available that can be visited to grab information about these machines. If you dont have adequate information regarding the type, model and functionality of a lathe machines, you can take help from the internet. travel: Plant Utility resources are the basic machines & equipment of a production factory. The selection is large and there are CNC lathes for every need, some with their own driven tools. Subscribe to your search with the current filter selection and receive new items by email. (+525) 553 005 748 Take advantage of the free customer account: You have to allow cookie usage in your browser to use the whole functionality of the website. Spanish speaking We have 30.000 m of machinery in stock. For all other types of cookies, we need your permission. ISO certificated according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, Don't miss any auction - with the Surplex newsletter. Spindle: 11 kW travel: CNC lathe WEISSER Univertor AS 90L When buying a used Lathe it is important to use well-known manufacturers. The mach Freight basis: to be agreed upon | Type of control: CNC | Control: Siemens Manual Turn Typ SLZ 2000 | Machine-no. We have a team of experts in industrial machinery ready to help you whenever and wherever you need it.

We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. This TSUGAMI HS26 lathe machine was manufactured in 2011 in Japan. Nowadays, there are often options available for automatically switching tools and workpieces. These machines come with different sizes, types and models from traditional laths to computerized turning machines. A powerful electrical motor moves the workpiece into a continually rotating movement, which can consist of several thousand revolutions per minute. Z axis: 1150mm However, the machinery itself must have been high-quality to begin with, which is why those looking to buy a second hand turning machine should focus on manufacturers known for top quality.

2017 Euro-Machinery. wood, metal and plastic lathe machines. The workpiece to be machined is clamped in a rotating spindle, and the tool or cutter is placed in a turret to machine the workpiece. X axis: 280mm condition. Examination of reasonable possibilities for redemption of leasing and financing agreements Recording and marking of rights of separation and segregation nbsp; Identification of intangible assets such as patents, industrial property rights, trademarks and licenses Examination and planning of seizures with offers / cost calculations for the clientShort appraisal and industrial reports. By means of sales and purchase our stock changes continuously. If you dont have adequate knowledge to assess a machine, you can take help from an experienced professional. Z axis: 280mm Although most lathes are horizontal, vertical lathes are useful for some applications. workpiece diameter: 660 mm Maximum clamping diameter: 315 mm In addition, it is necessary to study the machine before using it. lathe that is suitable for the material youre working with. APT International has more than 30 years of experience. Do take time to center distance:, Used SPINNER TTC300-52-SMMCY Fanuc with 2 Revolver In case of not evaluating the features, functionality and existing condition of used lathes machine, you will have to highly regret on your decision. FAX (+34) 985 31 59 07, Polgono Industrial A Granxa Each one of our second-hand lathes is put through a rigorous quality control exam before being made available for sale. TEL (+34) 985 32 36 00

Y axis: 500mm When using it, the saws and the spindle speed must be adjusted. machine turkey Main spindle Technical Data: Turning length: 450 mm bar capacity diameter: 65 mm If you increase your maximum bid, you will have the chance to win this lot. All Rights Reserved. PINACHO, SCULFORT, GEMINIS, SCHIESS, INDEX, and more. Our commercial and technical network extends across Spain, allowing us to make our used lathes available to businesses in Spain and Portugal. axis, shaping the spinning workpiece symmetrically using a single blade, which remains stationary. Please obtain more information on spare parts, servicing, maintenance, Repair, repair or accessories directly from the registered companies. Control Siemens Sinumerik CNC lathe WEISSER Univertor AS-400L The gear unit chosen can range from a single-stage spur gear through to a high-performance torque converter for exceptionally quiet rotational movements. A lathe has several advantages. from the handicraft business to the internationally operating company. Items that you have recently viewed Show all last seen articles, Check out these awesome items on Surplex: With the help this turning equipment, different types of jobs can be done with great precision. This enables us to fulfil nearly every request of our customers. assorted 1956 lathe chucks volts monarch 10ee tooling tool