We've invested heavily in mobile CC responder, command center responder has now both in iOS and Android instance supporting our on-prem and our cloud installs, hybrid being a key priority there. Moving next to our segment results. Revenue acquisition from acquisitions in the quarter was $7 million and currency headwinds were $8 million. So there are some commonalities, but also some uniqueness in our key suppliers and public safety LMR are doing a good job of getting us what we need. It is primarily around land mobile radio, but quite frankly video security is not immune completely either, but we are managing those accordingly. Yeah. Good afternoon, guys. Non-GAAP EPS of $1.70 per share compared to a $1.87 last year, a decrease primarily due to the operating earnings impact I described related to higher semiconductor and freight costs and increased operating expenses from acquisitions, partially offset by higher sales and a lower tax rate. Home, Quarterly Earnings | earnings-quarterly.png, Supplemental Financials | earnings-supplemental.png, Annual Reports/Proxy | earnings-annual.png, Governance Documents | corporate-governance.png, Committee Composition | corporate-committee.png, Executive Committee | corporate-executive.png, Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance.

Information about factors that could cause such differences can be found in today's earnings news release and the comments made during the during the conference call, in the Risk Factors section of our 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K and in our other reports and filings with the SEC.

We expect Q2 sales to be up between 4% and 5% with non-GAAP EPS between $1.83 and $1.88 per share.

Great, thanks. Thanks. Follow-up for you, Greg.

You are clearly thinking that things will improve, but can you just give us a color on what portfolio is getting most impacted by component shortages? Got it.

I would now like to pass the conference over to Mr. Tim Yocum, Vice President of Investor Relations. Second, we continue to see strong demand across all three technologies, driven in part by a robust funding environment for our customers. Hey, Jim, it's Jack. All rights reserved.

(Email Excellence Webinar Series), What B2B Companies Will Need to Do to Ensure Theyre Still Invited to the 1st Partys Data (& Other Data Puns), Customer-Centric Data and Analytics-Readiness, B2B Thought Leader Webinar Series - Presented by Bloomberg, Effective Writing for Corporate Communications - Virtual, Best Practices for Content Marketing Strategies (101) - Virtual, Best Practices to Strengthen Your Content Marketing (201) - Virtual, Strategies to Elevate Your Content Marketing Above Competitors (301) - Virtual, Strategies to Maximize Your Content Marketing to Build Loyalty (401) - Virtual, Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know - Virtual, Developing a Brand-inspired Digital Strategy - Virtual, Effectively and Authentically Engaging Generation Z - Virtual, Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing - Virtual, Essentials of Highly Effective Agency Management - Virtual, Best Practices for Effective Multicultural Marketing Campaigns - Virtual, Developing an Effective Multicultural Marketing Strategy - Virtual, Time Management + Productivity Skills for Remote Professionals - Virtual Burst, Measuring and Improving the Customer Experience - Virtual, Understanding Implicit Bias - Virtual Burst, Modern MarTech: Harnessing Technology to Enhance the Customer Journey - Virtual, Strategies for Creative Problem Solving - Virtual, Journey Mapping your Customer Experience Design - Virtual, Brand Activation Legal Committee: July 21, 2022, How To Leverage The Power of Content - B2B Committee Meeting (In-Person and Virtual), Account-Based Marketing Committee Meeting. As it relates to Q1 2022, our orders were up double-digit. Throughout Summit 2022, Motorola Solutions customers will learn more about the companys vision and strategy, engage directly with subject matter experts on the solutions that support their operations and see firsthand the power of integration with complementary products. Obviously, there have been a lot of upheaval, things going on at Shanghai recently, but any updated thoughts on where supply chain stands today? We had record Q1 orders and sales that drove results above our expectations. So we wouldn't have any inflation in orders on there, there is an end customer within, for instance, Cook County.

Your line is now open. Revenue from acquisitions was $17 million and currency headwinds were $18 million. In some cases these cookies improve the speed with which we can process your request, allow us to remember site preferences youve selected. So it's a different funding stream. And the last part that I'll mention here is that, mobile has become a significant part of what we have talked about as well.

But that's balanced out by favorable mix, particularly as we index toward higher tier shipments.

The website address is www.motorolasolutions.com/investor.

[Operator Instructions]. and Privacy Policy. Despite the fluid and dynamic environment demand, it just remains exceptionally strong. And subsequent to the quarter end, we launched the Public Safety Threat Alliance, a cybersecurity information sharing and intelligence hub for the public safety community. Great, thank you. So we know that there is clarity of funding there. Within LMR the driver is largely price and mix favorability. We talked about the public safety threat alliance that we launched quite recently and as a consequence of us talking about the public safety threat alliance, within the first two weeks of the creation of it we've had over 50 members sign up to be part of that and we expect that to rapidly increase. And with that, I'll turn it over to Greg.

Thank you, Paul. Doing great.

Critically for the M500 we have added some significant new AI capabilities. I know you guys put a couple of senses or sense in your press release, can you just walk us through contribution from explicitly ARPA that you guys are estimating. We also talked extensively about our innovations in user experience given the theses, given the user that were represented there and some of the -- as an example, some of the AI capabilities that we talked about there really resonated with our customers.

So we think we've got a pretty good strategy as it relates to both in terms of a buyer wants to cloud solution or Openpath.

Got you. Motorola Solutions will not be reviewing or updating the material that is contained in these items after the date thereof.

So that's really accelerated the growth into the cloud for Openpath. And if so, does that mean that there is still kind of a second round of improved funding that's coming in. All of this, by the way very much consistent with our hybrid strategy and we're seeing a fair amount of traction there.

So we'll see what those budgets look like, but all indications are with the backstop of funding that will continue.

So you have $110 million of additional FX headwinds, you've got a bunch of new M&A deals in here, pricing has gone up.

Additionally, our full year operating cash flow guidance for approximately $1.9 billion and full year OpEx expectations of approximately $100 million increase over last year are also unchanged, inclusive of the new acquisitions we announced, offset by targeted reductions we're making. Greg, Jason, Jack and Mahesh, good afternoon from sunny Chicago.

An example of this is the company's recent introduction of its CommandCentral Smart Transcription and CommandCentral Citizen Input, which are cloud services connected to on-premises 9-1-1 call handling systems. All right.

So, we've said before, we think that the market wants an alternative. Additionally, during the quarter we closed the acquisitions of Ava Security for $387 million and TETRA Ireland for $120 million. And then just continuing on that. If it's a highway department or the sheriff's department, they've got line item 32, its $1 million, they can spend that twice. Your line is now open.

With me today are, Greg Brown, Chairman and CEO; Jason Winkler, Executive Vice President and CFO; Jack Molloy, Executive Vice President and COO; and Mahesh Saptharishi, Executive Vice President and CTO. So they will look at available funds and as well as stimulus and set their priorities. Additionally, we saw higher freight costs driven by elevated air freight rates and higher operating expenses related to acquisitions, partially offset by higher sales. APX NEXT is the complexity of those products and the joint engineering we do, and the supply lines we have for semiconductors are unique to those products and we're doing a good job in getting the security of that supply lines.

Copyright 2022 Association of National Advertisers-established in 1910. It also includes $50 million of year-over-year increased cost that we described on our last earnings call related to elevated material cost for semiconductor supply from secondary markets.

And then I had a follow-up to Greg. So it started with Avigilon, which is an on-prem end-to-end solution. The organisers of CCW managed to gather almost all Critical Comm players and covered most of sectors including public safety and transportation. So as we set out the year and described in the last call $100 million is elevated cost that we're incurring to buy these parts at a premium in the first half, but the second half is only $20 million, that's in part driven by the elevated costs that we faced last year with comp.

A number of forward-looking statements will be made during this presentation and during the Q&A portion of the call. And at some point supply starts to catch up, but I'm interested in how you think about monitoring the inbound orders and ensuring that customers are running out there and placing a lot of orders, may be with multiple vendors, perhaps ordering more than they need and just kind of taking what comes first. So can you maybe tell us what benefit you're seeing on the OpEx from the FX. Designed and managed by Motorola Solutions Germany and Motorola Solutions Austria GmbH, Critical communications innovative usage during Dubai World Expo, Modernisation of the Ciudad Jurez Immediate Response Centre, Public Safety Network, Critical Communications Enhancement Program, RESCAN, reliability and maximum coordination in the fight against the volcano, Motorola Solutions ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA Two-Way Pager for Bavarian Emergency and Rescue Services, Motorola Solutions Airwave TETRA system supplied and managed by Airwave Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom for the G7 Summit, Cornwall, UK, LTE Mission Critical coverage for international interforce Shooting Polygon, Sri Lanka Railway Radio Telecommunications Project, Kazakhstan Railway Runs Safely and Efficiently with TETRA Communications System, Airports Integrations and Control - Zurich Airport Brazil, Motorola Solutions ST7000 Small TETRA Radio used by Nippon Airport Radio Services Co. (NAR) the Public operator providing Mission Critical communications at the airports of Narita, Kansai, Naha and Chubu in Japan, Wien Energie Mission Critical Service Transition to Broadband, Edesur, Towards new Telemetry Paradigm for Electricity Market thanks to TETRA, Brokering of multiform mission critical communications via the 3020 LifeX platform.