In January I used the app Import That App Messages from Windows Phone , in order to recover my WhatsApp messages from my old Windows phone to my new Android phone. I then copied all the WhatsApp files from the folder in my desktop and replaced all the files in the WhatsApp folder in my phone. sorry for long me please..thank u. I loose all my clients chats after I made update for Whatsap,and these chats are all my job,is there any way to return it back please?? Plus, we also have a guide on how to recover data from a broken phone, in case you need it. The first restore from Google Drive show error.

After the reset I Restored from Samsung cloud my apps and everything and when entering Whatsapp for the first time I agreed on restoring data from Google Cloud backup (118MB). Any idea on how I can do this? Save it anywhere on the new phone or, if Whatsapp is installed, save it in WhatsApp/Databases or whevever Whatsapp is saving Chats in your current Whatsapp version. As far as I know, no, you cant merge these backup files. I have saved the backup from internal memory with the msgstore.db.crypt12 extension.

It seems you say pCloud is the safest option? I was not able to get back back ALL of the messages. If youre moving it manually, how about just using some free cloud storage? Choose settings from the dropdown list. After I uninstalled the app again and reinstalled it whilst restoring from Google Cloud again, I encountered the same situation: all messages are there except for the group chats messages. Nice, huh? Note that with this service, you give up some privacy and security in return for high speeds and a great third-party integration and you can find out more in our full Google Drive review.

(I changed providers as well but he old contract expires in 6 days time) and I will have only one provider.

Is it only 7 days or a month or the whole chat history. Broken phone and new phone both Android.

Any advice?

Connect WhatsApp Web. You can continue chatting and start new chats in the restored file.

Hi Max, Youll find chat backup near the bottom of the page, next to an icon in the shape of a cloud. Hi Fergus please RESTORE chats by copying the msgstore.db file to your new phone. I Uninstalled the app and re-downloaded but I experienced the same situation. Hello, I would like to recover old deleted chats in whatsapp. Got to the press restrore and it says it had been completed.

Good day.

Can you help me fixing this issue? Is it possible to restore my data which is in local device.

my last backup was February and my old phone is damaged.

When I open File Explorer and click on the iDrive folder, the WhatsApp backup file is NOT in there. No, I have a feeling you might be badly out of luck there. I really need help. Worked for me. Please help. hello please i need urgently help from you i m loose WhatsApp groups and some previous chats when i failed to restore chat and i was click skip instead of restore. Tap next and finish setting up WhatsApp. There are other services that can store the backup you create. Hi my phone will not charge. whatsapp fake chat generator website create WhatsApp must know that many phones have its app preinstalled. Ill try that one. However today when I opened the WhatsApp app I suddenly got a message which said something like Your chat history stopped working. whatsapp funny profile cool Can I still put my sim card in the old phone, make a backup in Google Drive and then reinstall Whatsapp on the new phone? I found and used this app, Import That App messages from Windows Phone: I had been locked out of every Whatasapp chat group; and, Last March 18 after patch security feb/2020 update, the whatsapp stop working.

Inside Databases there is 1 file: msgstore.db.crypt12 (which I believe is the main backup file to recover my messages). And also, how can I delete already backed up images in Google drive? Identify the backup you want by the date, then change the filename to msgstore.db.crypt12 by deleting the date information from the middle.

How do I recover them? To restore your WhatsApp messages from a backup, youll have to uninstall and reinstall the app. So if youre willing to go for a younger service, read our full Icedrive review for more information. my whats app chat and media is already restored and backed up on my new phone.

WhatsApp seems to be having trouble reading your chat history and will try to recover it. You cant, unless you backed up your chats before deleting your account. Best regards, I am not able to restore my db.crypt which i have in my local device.

Is there any possible way to get them back? But, if they reset it, you will lose everything from Whatsapp. Want to do it for father as he has many messages related to work which he wants. What options do I have that avoid questionable third party apps?

The first time trying to restore a backup my most recent backup did not show. Is there a. Yeah, under settings, go to backup and there is an option there. I was backing up my messages when my chat suddenly cleared and it was still backing up when I want to restore it will my last messages still show because it cleared while it was still backing up. I already activated Whatsapp on the new phone. how can i restore all my data from old phone. Dear sir ,

The problem is that I have many backup files with the same name and Im not able to rename more than one to crypt12 as the filename already exists. I tried a lote of times with different backups .. 17 , 16 , 15/mar regonize local backup , start restore and show error in the middle of process. My copy of the crypt12 database file didnt have any date in the middle so I didnt have to change the name of the file before copying it to the WhatsApp folder in my phone. Recently i have backed up my WhatsApp chats to the Google Drive and uninstalled Whatsapp. All messages from September 2019 till yesterday 9 May 2019) had disappeared. Pls I need more enlightenment on how to back up my whatsapp without losing any messages. BACKUP chats by saving the latest msgstore.db file from WhatsApp/Databases or wherever Whatsapp is saving Chats in your current Whatsapp version. For them, is their chat also restored to last night. Am I doing something wrong.

Or say goodbye to Whatsapp . Im having serious trouble restoring chats from the various folders permitted. I am migrating from an iPhone 4. Hello! How to Access the Deep Web and the Dark Net, How to Securely Store Passwords in 2022: Best Secure Password Storage, How to Create a Strong Password in 2022: Secure Password Generator & 6 Tips for Strong Passwords, MP4 Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Video Files in 2019,,, IDrive vs Carbonite: Two Popular Cloud Backup Services Face Off in 2022, IDrive vs Backblaze in 2022: Advanced Features or Unlimited Storage, What Is the OneDrive File Size Limit? However, after an hour or so, when i reinstalled it, only messages earlier to the last backup are showing up.

Windows phone to Android in november 2019., Hi sir i want my previous back up of whatsapp how can i get it, The backup gets overwritten by the latest version, Im afraid. He uses an iPhone. Hi Ivan, same problem as you. Is there an app where one can read the contents of msgstore.db.crypt12 outside of WhatsApp? If you dont plan on using WhatsApp anymore, our guide will help you understand how to delete your WhatsApp account and this piece will help you find a WhatsApp alternative. Always say RESTORE and never, ever say SKIP, even on a temporary phone. To me that means Oh, Id have to reinstall the app to be offered this question again What do I do in this situation? I tried the process several times but it failed every time. Im having kind of similar but not exactly same as you all. I set my backup to never and now am not able to change it from never to Google Drive

Logged in with the same account. After right-clicking on the file, it gives me 3 options: preview, turn off backup, delete backup. Providers often keep this separate, so people dont damage their backups by accident, but you can usually still access it through the official web page on your computer. Have they really not thought to provide an alternative for people in that position? Can you offer any tips for recovering the messages, images and so? in other way: merge the actual message with the back-up. Thank you, you are the first one to put it clearly that the file name needs to be changed to Msg store.db.crypt12. Online Storage or Online Backup: What's The Difference?

Pls help. Then I uninstalled and then reinstalled the whatsapp again, but its taking backup from the date when it was already deleted. That lets WhatsApp know you want to restore from that file. Although you can create a local backup on your phone, you cant easily use it to move conversations to a new device and it wont protect anything from most cybercrime or physical damage. Someone please guide me.

I cannot copy my backup whatsapp to do it, Hi, My phone broke so had to get a new one.

Then, in the WhatsApp settings I checked my backup settings and saw there was a Google Drive backup dated of January (which corresponds to the moment I originally transferred my data from my old Windows Phone) and a local backup from February (which contains important new messages arrived in the meantime). Start by tapping continue.. Allow the permissions that WhatsApp asks for. I uninstalled WhatsApp again, did the same process and tried the 2nd button, which led to a search for a Google Drive backup, which I dont want to use. Sorin. I have a lot of space on Google drive left. Other people just say copy the file and dont give details. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. I was robbed my phone sometimes last evening today upon replacing the smartphone and sim card , whatsapp had a backup 405mb i was driving to work and restoeing the same along the highway,after an hour the network was an issue and whatsapp restored very few (only group chats) how comes when i try retrieving in backup it prompts me back up instead of restore.

how do i get recent chats back to my new phone?

Is there any way to do it manually after installation

I can change the privacy settings of all folders and files, except the backup files . Is it possible to merge the old and most recent backup files into one? Restarted my phone and opened WhatsApp and realized that my old chats where not there, the app started from scratch. However, as WhatsApp limits how often you can receive verification text messages to a specific phone number, you should make sure you know what youre doing before you begin. Another special option for backup is Zapptales to upload an online version of your Chat which you can keep and share online or create a PDF or book version (with QR codes to online media if you wish). Ive been trying for many hours, and still unsuccessful.

Have you got any solution? Although the process is similar, WhatsApp puts its buttons in slightly different places on Android devices. Re-installed WhatsApp several times but with no success. I deleted a conversation which had 2 years of history.then I accidentally clicked can o restore messages before the recent back up? Need help. Tried to exit this process but error message said if do not restore backup now , will not be able to restore backup later ! Instead, you should keep a copy in the cloud. The main problem is it automatically got backed up to Google drive with all the deleted chats and the backup got overwritten.

Pls I dont still get how to back up my messages and it is affecting me much

How can I restore my chats from Android to iPhone? Did you use one of these methods to keep your conversations safe? Google Drive is the same in both the phones. For some reason i had to uninstall my whatsapp before the following back up. Ive recently backed up to Google Cloud and Samsung cloud my whole phone (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Android 8.0, samsung 9.0 with latest software updates) so I can do a Factory Reset. What do I do? Not sure, but I doubt it. When I try to restore with the current 2020 February WhatsApp version , it never prompts me to read from local back-up on local storage so as to enable me to read the messages. Hi Yasmine, as far as I can tell, WhatsApp overwrites each backup, so if the one file is lost, all are, Im afraid. I did the same process to turn of wifi and data after verification code .

Hi, I have a WhatsApp msgstoredb.crypt12 backup file of 2018 May to July. You can backup WhatsApp messages from within the app. I noticed that my Chat successfully restored to last night.

I did a backup of WhatsApp in December 2020 on the OLD-phone in Google Drive. Make sure that your backup is on your device or your connected cloud storage either Google Drive or iCloud before downloading it, and then choose that option when it appears. And new messages started to flow into the NEW-phone from December 11, 2020. Despite pClouds odd choice to make zero-knowledge encryption a paid add-on, pCloud and are closely matched. Luckily, you can use a more secure service by saving your backup files to your preferred remote storage app. I have an issue with my Whatsapp group chats after Google Cloud restore. Could you find any solution for that? how i can recover my whatsapp chats?.

Have you tried to backup WhatsApp on your phone? Can anything be done?? I NEED those! Simply follow the method to backup your WhatsApp data either locally or to the cloud, and then you can download that data file to your new device. Do I actually need to do anything? Hi. I deleted the google drive back up, now I can not restore any back up. only 30% of my whatsapp data was backup. Luckily, it only takes a few taps to save all your WhatsApp data to either Google Drive or iCloud. Thanks dudeIt works

Does it mean that by skipping restore, I have lost all the chat history now? Or can they see what was posted today? Simply go into settings, chats then chat backup. Here, there will be a backup button and an auto-backup feature that you can set up. After it has found a backup file, check that its from the source you expected and tap restore to recover all of your conversations. Did you find any solution? I mailed the WhatsApp support but they didnt help either.