12August 2015: FTDNA has added some downstream SNP values to their Y-tree, with the result that some of testers who have tested positive for downstream SNPs now are shown as having a new revised haplogroup description. aged 49years old, Individual: Ancestry.com - - Ancestry Family Trees - Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com. discoveries. Spellings like Graeme did persist. He perished on the scaffold in 1650; but for the memory of his services to the Crown, James, fourth Marquis of Montrose, was raised to a Dukedom by Queen Anne in 1707. Records on the medievalsoldiers siteshow two men named Grame in service in Border forces in earlier times. By William Dobson - http://www.nationalgalleries.org/index.php/collection/online_subject/4:323/results/10/3313/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8209370, Oct 25 1612 - Kincardine, Blackford, Perth, Scotland, May 21 1650 - Edinburg, Midlothian, Scotland, John Graham, Margaret Graham, Countess of Montrose (born Ruthven), Elizabeth Graham, Margaret Napier (born Graham), John Graham, Katherine Graham, Lilias Graham, Harry Graham, St. Marquess Graham, Montrose, Barthelemi Montarras, Magdalene Graham, Jean Graham, Ann Margaret Graham, Grizel Graham, John Graham, Robert Graham, David Graham, May 21 1650 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, John Thomas 4th Earl Of Montrose Graham, Lady Margaret Ruthven. Dates for J-L1253 from combined STR and BigY tests. There were Grahams as well in Lisburn and Belfast by the 18th century. Courtesy Dr. Iain McDonald. Legend has it that the Grahams of Netherby (in the Scottish Borders) descended from Long Will Graham, eldest son of John Graham of Kilbride, "John of the Bright Sword", who was the second son of Malise Graham, Earl of Menteith. He it was who tried to encourage Highland emigration to South Africa. New Zealand. Eighteen landed gentlemen, all the surname of Graham, officiated at the state funeral of the Great Marquis at Edinburgh in 1661. America. He saddled his horse and set off. ), FHL book Q 941 D22d; FHL microfilm 1,440,956 items., vol. This is not the lowest known point on the tree for those testers as most of themare also positive for L1253 which is not yet shown, but we are making progress. In the evening about nine of the clock as near as can be guessed, the reckoning having been paid, the said Captain Baxter desired Mr. Graham to walk aside, which he did, a little from the company, but in their sight.

Another prominent member of the family was John Graham of Claverhouse (1648-89), created Viscount Dundee (Bonnie Dundee). For a 95% uncertainty interval we're probably looking at something close to 400 +/- 150 years. Unfortunately, the sources that were cited for James Graham-1989 do not meet the Scotland Project's WT standards for approved sources and have been removed. "James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose (25 October 1612 21 May 1650) was a Scottish nobleman and soldier, who initially joined the Covenanters in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, but subsequently supported King Charles I as the English Civil War developed. William Graham was born in the Langdales in Cumberland and spent his early working life as a farm laborer. Grahams migrated south from the Scottish borders into Cumberland. James Graham, 5th Earl and 1st Marquis of Montrose, was born in October 1612, a long-awaited son and heir for the wealthy Graham family. Only Kingsland was gone before, and Baxter, seeming to kiss Graham, drew his sword and stabbed him in the body and made another pass at him which was put aside by a cane which Graham had in his hand. FTDNA has added some downstream SNP values to their Y-tree, with the result that some of testers who have tested positive for downstream SNPs now are shown as having a new revised haplogroup description. The Graham family is now in its fifth generation of tea planters in Darjeeling. Though we may have intermarried with the incoming Scots and occasionally took a wife from Denmark, one name and main blood line came down from the original natives of old Caledonia, and not from Normandy.. - Ancestry Family Tree -. The immediate ancestor of the Claverhouse Grahams was Sir William of Kincardine, who lived in the time of Robert III. This is where the remains of the 1st Marquis of Montrose were interred. Details are given in the Results section. http://histfam.familysearch.org/getperson.php?personID=I77719&tree= [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1427. volume 2, page 2753. Another Archibald Graham, born in North Carolina in 1879, was descended from a Graham family from Scotland that had disembarked in Charleston in 1780. Just click below if you want to read more about this history: William de Graham. In his youth John married Maria Isabel MacGregor Nuez de Castro of a prominent Mexican-US family. [citation needed], He died on 21 May 1650 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, hung, drawn and quartered. Later, John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, gained the titles of Bloody Clavers and Bonny Dundee depending on whether you were a Covenanter or not because he sought to crush them. Interestingly he was a Catholic (not sure when or how). Associated Tartans: Early Graham Genealogy and History:(Excerpt from "The Scottish Clans and Their Tartans", James Grant, 1906). But the song did endure in popular folklore in Cumberland. (Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links to the Plaidwerx shops at Zazzle and Redbubble, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Sir William Graham married Princess Mary Stewart, a younger daughter of Robert III, and, in 1451, their grandson Patrick was created Lord Graham. Montrose was one of the most romantic figures in seventeenth century Scotland, a poet and as well as a dashing general of Charles I. Their first daughter is my great grandmother. Surname distribution in Scotland: The highest concentrations of the Graham name occur in The Outer Hebrides (the main islands include Lewis and Harris, North Uist, South Uist, Benbecula and Barra), Dumfries and Galloway (Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire) and the Scottish Borders (comprising Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire and part of Midlothian). and David Graham who arrived with other Scots Irish immigrants to Charleston, South Carolina in 1772. This group is localised in the right area. He was Second-in- Command to the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War and was created Lord Lynedoch in 1814. The main thinking is that Graham itself is a contraction of Grantham and that William de Graham came north to Scotland from Grantham in Lincolnshire. Added to this he was a big and a lovable but a deeply respected figure, Mr. In that year his son Patrick, with many men of rank appeared on the Forth, near Stirling, to adjust a bloody feud between the Drummonds and Menteiths. The clan established their stronghold at Magdock, north of Glasgow, in 1370.

Sir John de Graham or Schir Jhone the Grayme as the poet Blind Harry called him rescued William Wallace at Queensbury and became one of his few close friends and perhaps his most trusted advisor. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition. A servant girl there suspected Watty might have been betrayed and tried to warn him. Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran. Its the last song I shall pen in my old country, For I have received my sentence as you shall understand, I am transported for life, my boys, into some foreign land., Come all you thinking Christians, wherever you may be. The third Lord was created Earl of Montrose by James IV in 1504, and fell by the side of the latter at Flodden2, 1513. Her father was John Louis MacGregor (1785-1841), who was born in south Carolina and died in Campeche. However, the English and Scottish crowns stamped down on them in the early 1600s. ", Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Graham,_1st_Marquess_of_Montrose, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=35386505. . Through his exemplary technique Graham was recognized for founding a doctrine of safe technique and sound judgment that would permeate professional guiding in the years to come. After the Restoration, his remains were honoured with a State Funeral. There had been Grahams there for generations before the Netherby lot arrived and one reason for John of the Bright Sword taking refuge there was that he could join men of his own surname. So probably the true answer is closer to 400-700 years ago or (taking into account the age of the average tester) around 1250-1550 AD. Title:James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, 1612 - 1650. His support for the Maori cause in the ensuing conflicts earned him the honorary title of Hori Kereama. Lic. [citation needed] He gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in February 1643/44 in the service of the Royalist forces. He was born in South Carolina and died in Campeche, Mexico. So much obscurity and fable involve the origin thereof, that even Sir Robert Douglas repeats the old story, that the Grahams are descended from a famous warrior who breached the Roman wall in 420, and won it the name of Graham's Dyke in the time of Fergus II. (Sir Robert Graham Scotstoun) Graham, 4th Earl Of Montrose, Margaret Lady Countess Of Montrose Beatrice Ruffin Master Gowrie - Margaretha n Ruthven, Abigail Graham, Margaret Lady Lilias Of Montrose Bogill (born Graham), Lady Lilias Colquhoun, Lillias Colquhoun, 1st Bt (born John GRAHAM DE MONTROSE TH EARL OF MONTROSE, Margaret RUTHVEN, vid GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Jean GRAHAM, John Kincardine GRAHAM,EARL OF KINCARDINE, James Le Bon DE MONTROSE - GRAHAM 2ND MARQUIS OF MONTROSE, Lilias GRAHAM, Dorothea GRAHAM, Margaret Bogle GRAHAM, Catherine GRAHAM LADY OF MONTROSE, Beatrix GRAHAM, John GRAHAM, Oct 25 1612 - Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland, May 21 1650 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, Magdelena CARNEGIE, Magdelena CARNEGIE, Magdalene CARNEGIE. James Graham from Airth in Stirlingshire arrived there in 1783, working for the Stirlings of Keir. Baxters sword flew out of his hand, which West carried into the house.. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. In 1644 he raised the Highland clans for the King and won a series of victories but was defeated at Philiphaugh, near Selkirk. This is not the lowest known point on the tree for those testers as most of themare also positive for L1253 which is not yet shown, but we are making progress. His son, Sir David of Dundaff, married a daughter of the Earl of Strathearn, by whom he had three sons - Sir Patrick, Sir John, and Sir David. The Graham Arms Hotel, a former coaching inn, is nearby in Kirklinton. These are represented by I-M253 Group Type 2. James Graham was the first to be given the Gaelic patronymical An Greumach Mor or the Great Graham, or, as he is better known in history, the Great Montrose. They still have them living in Barbados. Caribbean. He became a large landowner in the area and his descendants are still to be found there. The Ballad of William Graham. Owned by the National Trust for Scotland. His grandson and representive, Sir David, in a royal charter witnessed by him in 1360, is styled of Old Montrose. Commanding this motley band, Graham won a series of brilliant victories against Cromwells armies of superior size.

{{ mediasCtrl.getTitle(media, true) }} Three good books to read on this subject are The Red Legs of Barbados, To Hell or to Barbados, and The Border Reivers. Church recognized Graham and told the soldiers to take the man in the linen shirt. Geni requires JavaScript! Concerning Hugh Graham of Ireland, his daughter Rachel came to Australia in the 1800s on the Lady Kennaway. David, brother of the first Viscount of Dundee, followed King James to France, and died in 1700. For those of you who are into SNP-testing this will come as a welcome change, and there will be further revisions to come. With a price on their heads, one brother James managed to escape to America; but the other, Watty Graham, was betrayed and hanged at Coleraine. Motto: Ne oublie (Forget Not)

Grandson William rose to become Senator and then Governor of North Carolina in the 1840s. John Graham and Margaret Ferguson less The Grahams were early settlers in Dutchess county and the Graham-Brush log house, built there in 1776, still stands. He and his family settled in the 1740s in the Calfpasture valley in Augusta county, Virginia. His grave in Old Falkirk parish churchyard is still to be seen, with tablet stones of three successive periods above it. These Grahams soon took the Scottish side against the English and Sir John de Graham fought with William Wallace in his campaigns in the 1290s. This would, however, lead to them becoming heavily involved in conflicts and this would reach its zenith in the 1640s, when James Graham, the 5th Earl, would become captain-general of King Charles army in Scotland as he fought against the covenanters. Church of the rectory stopped and looked at the men in the field. 1 The Battle of Dunbar (1296): The battle of Dunbar was fought on 27 April 1296 near Dunbar, Scotland, and was a decisive English victory over Scotland in the the First War of Scottish Independence. George Graham had come from England as a colonial administrator in 1840. Interestingly, this Graym was said to have been born in Denmark of a Scottish father and a Danish mother. District: Stirlingshire [citation needed]. James is 17 degrees from Marlon Brando, 24 degrees from James Caan, 18 degrees from Robert De Niro, 17 degrees from Robert Duvall, 24 degrees from Diane Keaton, 28 degrees from Al Pacino, 33 degrees from Mario Puzo, 35 degrees from Nino Rota, 18 degrees from Talia Shire, 16 degrees from Harry Stanton, 26 degrees from Eli Wallach and 19 degrees from Kate Schmidt on our single family tree. Early spellings of the name were Graym and Grame. One great two-handed sword of his is preserved at Buchanan castle by the Duke of Montrose, another was long in the possession of the Grahams of Orchil and is now treasured by the Free Mason Lodge at Auchterarder. Have you taken a DNA test? Jacob Graham from Cumberland moved out to Jamaica in 1746 and owned plantations in St. James.

Buchanan Castle, west of Drymen, Stirlingshire. You have very valuable information about the Graham family in many countries of the world. A descendant is Lindsey Graham, the US Senator for South Carolina. But when putting down the jug of milk she again said a herring was never taken on a bait, he said: Girl, you mean something by that. In her distress the girl ran to the window and shouted: Colonel, the soldiers are coming. They could be seen through the woods at the back of the rectory. A case has also been made that he was the son of Arnulf de Hesdin, a Flemish noble who had also accompanied William the Conqueror to England.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Church got a call to attend a lady parishioner on her death bed. Peter was chief guide at the Hermitage, Mount Cook from 1906 to 1922. 2010: We have had three unexpected matches all who have ancestry in North Carolina. [citation needed], He was Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Royalist forces in May 1645. James Graham Survived a Murderous Attack in New York. Less than a year after the betrayal of Watty Graham, the Rev. In 1643 Graham had offered his services to Charles I and became Captain-General of the Kings army in Scotland. This Graym had attacked and demolished the Roman wall of Antonious across Scotland sometime around 1057. duke montrose graham james 8th earl marshal norfolk dukes scottish His nickname was Moonlight and he appeared briefly as a professional baseball player. In 1660, when Charles II was restored to the Crown, David Graham of Gorthie took his kinsmans head off its spike and had the other remains gathered together for an honorable burial in the Montrose aisle of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Husband of Magdelena Carnegie Thomas Graham of Balgowan (1748-1843) raised the 90th Regiment of Foot in 1793. Sign up to our mailing list for news, discounts, offers and promotions. (Redbubble), Clan Graham Postcard: Digitally cleaned and enhanced vintage illustration with tartan frame. 22 August 2015: We welcome a new Co-Admin to the Graham project. 20 March 2021: There were 644 Y-DNA results in the Graham DNA Project. The block age estimate of 665 years (1285AD) ties in well with the time when the first named Graham arrived in Scotland from England with King David I. On his way he stopped off at the rectory there in order to collect on a debt. He was a baron of Normandy who was said to have come over with William the Conqueror in 1066. Widely referred to as one of the greatest names in New Zealand mountaineering and mountain guiding, Peter Graham and his almost equally famous brother Alexs climbing careers began in 1896 and coincided with the first flowering of New Zealand alpine climbing.. The first of these Grahams was said to be Lang Will Graham. Reader Feedback Grahams in Mexico. However John of the Bright Sword was born in 1427 and Long Will Graham was born in 1468. This family history is covered in Philip Grahams 2008 book. Today, the Graham name remains well known throughout Scotland and the family seat of the clan is located at Buchanan Castle in Stirlingshire. One, Thomas Grame, archer, in 1383-85, served under the command of Henry Percy, Duke of Northumberland in "Scottish Marches". In all the early records of England, Graham means Grantham in Lincoln and William de Graham settled in Scotland at the time of King David I.. Browse the Clan Graham Tartan Collection with home decor, personal accessories, crafting, paper products, and more. In 1842 Robert Graham arrived in Auckland from Glasgow with his brother David. They need to be updated to reflect reliable sources, some of which can be found at: I added some references from Scots Peerage and have replaced some of the, John (Graham) Graham Fourth Earl of Montrose, Margaret (Ruthven) Ruthven Countess of Montrose, Lillias (Graham) Graham Lady Colqhoun of Colquhoun, James (Graham) Graham Second Marquess of Montrose, James, first Marquess of Montrose Graham Image 1, The Peerage: James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, Geni: James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Scotland_-_Reliable_Sources, Scotland Project Managed Nobility Profiles, David, c. 8 Jan 1638 at Montrose, d. young. He also built and maintained huts and tracks; advised hotel guests on outside activities, and informed them about mountain plants. Australia. His grandson and representative, David Graham, obtained from William the Lion, before 1214, certain lands near Montrose. Their overall story is covered in John Stewarts 1993 book The Grahams. Michael Graham who came to Lancaster county, Pennsylvania sometime in the 1720s. The spot where the castle stood is marked with a dovecot. There were 230 testers who had at least one matchwithin theproject and they were listed in 33 differentfamily groups, ranging in size from 115 down to 2. Browse the Clan Graham Dress Tartan Collection with clothing, home decor, accessories, electronics cases, and more. All rights reserved.Copying, displaying, and/or redistribution of images is prohibited without permission.Site hand-coded in Notepad by Susan Wallace. Specifically, descent is claimed from the renowned Pictish leader Graym who had attacked and demolished the Roman wall of Antonious across Scotland sometime around 1057. William Graham, tried for murder in Penrith in 1857, subsequently became famous in song in Cumberland. Sir Nicholas de Graham is recorded as attending the Scottish Parliament in 1290, an occasion upon which the marriage between Princess Margaret. The other, John Grame, archer, served in the force commanded by John of Lancaster, in the "Berwick Garrison". Peter Graham was awarded an MBE for his services to mountaineering in 1956. During that time he climbed or traversed almost every peak of the central Southern Alps, claiming a great many first ascents. Graham Clan Crest: A falcon armed, killing a stork. A brilliant military leader, he was betrayed, captured and executed in Edinburgh in 1650. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. Associated Surnames: Airth, Bonar, Bontein, Bontine, Buntain, Bunten, Haddon, Howe, Howie, MacGilvernock, MacGrime These ages are rather younger than the BigY SNP ages - more likely 300-600 years than 500-1000 years. At that date there had been 13 Big-Y tests within the project and 160 mtDNA tests, of which 80 were for the Full Sequence and 130 for HVR1 & HVR2, and these tests were groupedinto 16 different major haplogroups. 2 p. 240, 243, 515. William Graham migrated from Virginia to Georgia in the early 1800s. Grahams name is commemorated there by the district of Grahamston. He was more of a wandering type (he tried gold mining for a while in Australia and California), but eventually returned to Auckland and, using his influence with the Maoris, helped to pioneer the tourist development of New Zealands mineral waters and thermal spas. Patrick, his grandson, was one of the Lords of the Regency after the murder of James I, and was created Lord Graham by James II about 1445. As at 22 Aug 2015 there were 380 Y-DNA results in the Graham DNA project,and138 of those testers (or 36% of the total) did not have any matches within, There were 230 testers who had at least one matchwithin theproject and they were listed in 33. differentfamily groups, ranging in size from 115 down to 2. His great-grandson, John, third Earl (whose father, Lord Graham, had fallen at Pinkie) was Lord High Chancellor, and in 1598 Lord High Treasurer of the Kingdom. A Border Clan. In 1955 the roof was removed to avoid payment of death duties. Leave a message for others who see this profile. He had no relatives left in Ireland. Another George Graham was a gunsmith in Cockermouth in the late 19th century. It was first written as Graham in the Cambuskenneth charters in 1361. Since the twelfth century the succession in this family has been from father to son, the chiefship never going further astray than a brother succeeding a brother, or a grandson his grandfather; and since the sixteenth century all the heads of the family (except the present) have married the daughters of peers. His son Richard was an expert horse-trader whose friendship with Charles I enabled him to acquire the Netherby estates near Longtown on the Esk river.