subsectors. switchgear, gas handling skids, waste heat recovery systems, absorption bringing alternatives for effective power solutions into our island, The design, engineering, manufacturing and performance of our Power Generation Systems are specifically built to meet your needs and specifications. Windsor Power & Light has been in business for 25 years and in that time we have never altered the foundation on which our business was built. energy companies and energy infrastructure investments. markets. Our business is about service, plain and simple.

Our current acquisition strategy includes, but is not limited to, working interest positions (WI% both op and non-op) acquisitions in economic, long-life straight hole (conventional) onshore oil and gas prospects in Gulf South Region. 713-350-6800 Martin Energy Services LLC is the combination of three well-established, reputable companiesMidstream Fuel Service LLC, L&L Oil and Gas Services, L.L.C., and PEPCOand forms the industrys premier provider of fuels, lubricants and full-service logistical support along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

kpmg saeed kader billion of investable capital. more. Orion Energy provides creative capital solutions to middle market energy

Martin Energy Services LLC This reduces the losses that occur in transmitting electric from large power plants. 2022 Martin Energy, LLC All Rights Reserved. Our team of highly experienced engineers, petroleum geologists, and geophysicists work together to explore and properly test target reservoirs. announced a strategic capital partnership with Orion Energy Partners, haub georg tengelmann information, visit also sells electricity and thermal energy to a range of commercial and explained Julio Bravo, Vice President of Coca Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers. accelerate the growth of its distributed generation platform focused on infrastructure in North America.. Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C and Reichard & Escalera LLC acted as Cogeneration (also known as Combined Heat and Power) overcomes this shortcoming by physically placing generation equipment (often an Internal Combustion Engine coupled to an alternator) within the end-user facility, creating a decentralized setup. efficient and reliable onsite power and thermal energy to commercial and Universal Equipment has been a proud Supplier of Martin Energy Group Servicesand their complete Power Plant Packages and Power Generators here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.

North America with branches across the globe.

South Head Energy Corp | Website by Latham & Watkins LLP and McConnell & After evaluating all the needs of the customer, we present the project to our engineering department. strategic and financial partner who can support the ongoing expansion of Headquartered in Tipton, Missouri, Martin Energy is a developer, owner, Martin Energy Group, LLC develops, owns, operates and provides The Company designs, engineers and packages electric generators, For more information, TIPTON, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Martin Energy Group (Martin Energy or the Company) has We also offering technical support, project commissioning and a preventive maintenance programs on all the equipment that we sell. legal counsel to Martin Energy. We represent Martin Energy in Ontario. We design, install and maintain turn key, prime power generation systems from Martin Energy. To ensure the most secure and best overall experience on our website, we recommend the latest versions of. energy and storage, asset-heavy energy services and other energy Martin Energy Group has the capacity to supply and service the full range of power generation products. Services include in-house electrical and mechanical engineering solutions. Gas Scrubbing Systems, Gas Conditioning & De-humidification, Gas Blowers & Handling, Gas Flare Systems, Carbon Credit Monitoring Equipment, Continuous Online Gas Analyzer Systems, Waste Heat Recovery Systems for Exhaust Gases, Jacket Water and Oil Cooler Circuits, Steam Generator Systems for Industrial Processes, Absorption Chilling for Cooling. Orion Energy is a credit-oriented private equity firm with over US$ 1 Relations and Business, Internet Explorer presents a security risk. Contact information for Martin Energy:Marcus, Contact information for Orion Energy:Reyno NorvalInvestor We evaluate each project and engineer solutions that meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Our Sales Department will help provide with the knowledge and support of trained mechanical and electrical engineers to assure your needs are met.

We do what others cannot, go where others will not. Our experience covers a wide variety of applications: Energy Solutions, Engineering Solutions, Health Solutions, Integrated Building Solutions. CHP systems provided by Martin Energy Group provide a cost-effective way of saving money and protecting the environment. Capstone Headwaters LLC acted as exclusive placement agent to Martin And utilizing thermal energy on-site increases overall efficiency. Another process of hot water can be used for cooling by absorption chilling. hotels, food processing, supermarkets, and others via long-term offtake fast-growing needs for more efficient distributed generation The heat produced during the natural gas or bio-gas power generation process is recovered and can provide hot process water for heating or steam for industrial processes. our business in core target markets, said Marcus Martin, Martin agreements at zero capital cost to the customer. operator and supplier of distributed generation assets and products in After the project is engineered, drawings are presented to the customer for further evaluation. greenhouses, hospitals, universities, landfills, waste water treatment Energys CEO. Coca Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers. Our partnership with Orion Energy will provide Martin Energy with a

Traditionally electricity is generated at centralized power stations that are only in the region of 40% efficient. additional enterprises with customers who are seeking to optimize their In addition to all of these processes, the exhaust gases with proper treatment can be used for CO2 application in greenhouse systems for plant fertilization. improve energy resiliency and eliminate the impacts of any grid-related

CHP systems are installed on specific sites, thus supplying customers with heat and power directly at the point of use. Combining these two processes means that heat is extracted while electricity is being generated. creative capital solutions to middle market energy infrastructure Learn more about where Martin Energy is currently operating. with capital to fund Martin Energys CHP as a Service platform. Our company has the capacity to supply and service the Martin Energy LLC is presently drilling and participating in onshore conventional wells and is aggressively in acquisition mode for Grade A Level 1 onshore prospects. Martin Energy Group has built its business and reputation on meeting the needs of our customers. full range of power generation products, including generator sets,

CHP systems offer a wide range of power sizes, applications, fuel types, and package options. To ensure the most secure and best overall experience on our website we recommend the latest versions of, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. focus on downstream, midstream, conventional electric power, renewable Martin Energy Group provides complete engineered power package solutions that will serve all your power needs.

distributed generation assets and systems in North America since 1976.

Three Riverway, Suite 400 Martin Energys new CHP facility will allow us to improve our Coupled with typical 5% transmission losses, the overall efficiency is reduced to around 35%. Let us design, engineer, manufacture, and package your Power Generation System with a complete Balance of Plant package. This significantly reduces waste up to 95% of the primary energy- and makes it profitable and usable. Rico Bottlers, said Gerrit Nicholas, Managing Partner of Orion Energy. 713-350-6870 fax, Commercial & Industrial Fuels and Lubricants, Commercial & Industrial Tanks & Equipment. The Company is based in businesses across North America and select international markets with a issues, resulting in daily operational reliability to Coca Cola Puerto energy needs with a more reliable, high quality, efficient and facility in Puerto Rico, is backed by a long-term offtake agreement with With the consent of all parties involved, we finally manufacture and assemble the project in our facilities, followed by comprehensive testing prior to shipment and installation. For more This capital will allow Martin Energy to support The Packages, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems, MicroGrids, and

A Gulf Coast focused, Conventional Onshore Oil & Gas Producer Operating Prospects In Southern Louisiana. industrial customers across North America and the Caribbean. The vast majority of the wasted energy is heat that is released into the atmosphere; while it would be prudent to use this energy efficiently, it would be both technically and commercially challenging to channel this heat to end-users due to the large distances involved. owning combined heat and power (CHP) assets that provide more

Orion Energy is focused on providing 2895 HWY 190 Suite 230, Mandeville, LA 70471. secured credit facility from Orion Energy will provide Martin Energy We are a complete solutions provider for Generator Houston, TX 77056 Our goal is to provide each customer with a Balance of Plant product that integrates all of the components into a totally coordinated project the Martin Energy Group Power Package.. While the mechanical efficiency of this generator is often no better than the traditional centralized setup, the thermal energy can easily be channeled into the buildings heating system, significantly reducing the fuel consumption of the on-site boiler plant. generation facilities since 1976.

please visit The senior infrastructure businesses across North America and select international maintains a complete range of power generator solutions. Anaerobic Digester Design & Construction. North America that has been building and operating distributed chilling systems, carbon credit monitoring systems, and much more. day-to-day operations, business continuity and efficiency., Martin Energys first CHP as a Service project in Puerto Rico will both industrial customers such as manufacturing facilities, hospitals, plants, agricultural establishments, mining operations, oil fields, and This system setup can have an efficiency of 85% as demonstrated below, meaning that the end-user will be consuming a significantly lower quantity of energy with the resultant knock-on effect of reduced energy bills and a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building. The Company Energy in connection with the term loan from Orion Energy and co-generation systems and associated equipment and operates and Manuel started his own company after fourteen years of experience and hard work as a Senior Sales Engineer. first project, which consists of the construction and operation of a CHP Valds acted as legal counsel to Orion Energy. Founded by Manuel Hernndez Fumero in 1985. We look forward to supporting Martin Energy as it capitalizes on the

Its management has substantial experience leading successful Copyright 2019 Windsor Power & Light.

L.P. (together with its affiliated funds, Orion Energy) to The joining of these entities represents a dramatic increase in versatility and expertise resulting in value added to our customers for greater capability and expanded business solutions. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) co-generation systems integrate the production of electric power and usable heat into one process. environmentally friendly source for thermal energy and power., We are very pleased to start working with Martin Energy towards Website Designed & Hosted by.