It was thrown out two years later by U.S. District Judge David O. Carter but he was overruled on appeal. Why, he demanded, had Santillan wanted to keep the agent off the stand? He went on to explain, "That's one of the first questions we ask. You didnt see a problem meeting with the enemy? Yanny asked. An undated photo shows the Mongols biker gang insignia. You can't just be a deadbeat and enjoy this brotherhood.

As reported by NBC News, prosecutors had been attempting to take down the Mongols for over a decade, with Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Welk saying members were "empowered by these symbols that they wear like armor."

Thank you for your support.Explore more Subscriber Exclusive content. Trademark and Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. Ciccone will resume testifying July 22, and Yanny has indicated that he intends to call witnesses who will dispute some of Santillans account. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Members of the Mongols motorcycle club Saturday on the new 6th Street Viaduct. Last month, former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura testified at the trial, denying that the Mongols were a criminal gang. One example given is after a Mongol member committed a murder, the club called a Code 55,instructing members to hide all affiliation, including stopping wearing their vests and patches, carrying weapons, or interacting with law enforcement. (Credit: Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times). The agent recalled telling Santillan and his subordinates, Well let you have your fun; just keep your people in check, so to speak.. A federal jury in Santa Ana on Thursday found the Mongols motorcycle club guilty of racketeering and conspiracy, opening the way for the government to seize the clubs trademarked logo and ban members from wearing their cherished patches. What ensued was an ugly airing of the Mongols dirty laundry. Authorities are gambling that they can destroy the clubs identity and thus its allure. It was very brief. During the five-week trial, prosecutors testified that the Mongols were a violent criminal enterprise. John told me already I have one year, Santillan said. The Mongols described their presence in Southern California as a "stronghold" and note that "[a]t the time and even now there were really no other 1%er clubs co-existing in these areas." In the 1980's the Mongols seized control of Southern California from the Hells Angels, and today, the Mongols are allied with the Bandidos, the Outlaws, the Sons of Silence and the Pagans against the Hells Angels. Per their archived official website, which appears to have been last updated in 2010, there were 15 members in the original club, and within five years, there were additional chapters inLos Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Long Beach, San Gabriel Valley, and San Fernando Valley. He said he has not mended relationships with his onetime biker brothers, about a dozen of whom sat stonily in the courtroom as Santillan testified. The Mongols are also known to frequently commit violent crime including assault, intimidation and murder in defense of their territory, and to uphold the reputation of the club. Her husband, she wrote, has been working with the government [this] entire time., He is simply a CI, she wrote a confidential informant. 2022 Getty Images. Milhes de imagens, vdeos e opes de msica de alta qualidade esto sua espera. According to a report by CNN (available on YouTube), newly accepted members receive patches upon their acceptance into the club. He denied, however, that prosecutors ever told him his interactions with Santillan up to that point were improper. (Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times). Was he afraid of Ciccone? The agent, Santillan said, reminded him that he hadnt been arrested for any serious crimes during his time as the Mongols president. Matthew Ormseth is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Santillan said he met Ciccone around 2013, while in court for an earlier racketeering case brought against the Mongols. John was John Ciccone, an agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who had investigated the Mongols for decades. Do you have a job? One year, hes retiring and he cant protect me. Experimente a nossa nova forma interativa de encontrar perspetivas visuais que importam. One prospective member told Ling, "This is everything to me. Before joining The Times in 2018, he covered city news and state politics at the Hartford Courant. Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) have called the Mongols the most violent and dangerous OMG in the nation. The site compares the code to that used by the military and notes that club members use them to communicate when other methods are unavailable or when they want the content of their conversations to remain private. After spending a year in Lompoc penitentiary for mail fraud, Santillan returned in 2000. Person eludes police after standoff: LAPD, 4 shot in downtown L.A. random attack: LAPD, Upland man arrested for molesting girl: Police, Jan. 6: Trumps tweet about Pence criticized, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin attacked at campaign stop, Ferrer takes heat on possible conflict of interest, Law enforcement practices for school shooting, Construction worker burned fighting house fire, Jan. 6 hearing focuses on Trump during the insurrection, Puppy found with mouth taped shut at casino, Youtube to remove abortion misinformation, 4 detained in Fashion Island purse theft: Police, New chaperone policy coming to Knotts after fights, U.S. reports first polio case in more than a decade. The Mongols Motorcycle Club (Mongols) The Mongols Motorcycle Club (Mongols) is an extremely violent OMG that poses a serious criminal threat to the Pacific and Southwestern regions of the U.S. Minutes, if that., Ciccone, he said, was a fair lawman who never put no bullshit case on the club., When Ciccone took the stand, he told Carter there was nothing secret about his relationship with Santillan, which had been limited to public safety issues. He said he had developed an open line of communication with Santillan; to prevent violence at public events, the men would meet in front of other Mongols as a deterrent., That shows the Mongols the ATF are here, he testified. A short, well-built man with tattoos that climbed above the neck of the collared shirt and blue suit he wore to court, Santillan, known as Little Dave, testified that he joined the Mongols in 1997.

These are ordinary people, he said. The comments, Santillan said, stemmed from a day he went to an ATF building to pick up boxes of Mongols property that were being returned after the trial. 1998 - 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The Mongols were founded in 1969 in the eastern Los Angeles suburb of Montebello. Escolher colees de contedo editorial>. Were offering L.A. Times subscribers first access to our best journalism. The mainly Hispanic membership is estimated to include more than 1,000 riders in chapters worldwide. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. He reminded Carter that during the trial, the lawyer had accused Ciccone of stoking conflict between the Mongols and the Hells Angels, then sitting back when they erupted into violence. ", As the CNN interview with Lisa Ling (available on YouTube)continued, the tattoo artist, who was also a Mongols member, shared that another rule for prospective members is that they must "be a breadwinner to be in this club." So you say, Santillan shot back. In February 2019, also reported by NBC, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter declined to approve the jury's decision, citing constitutional protections againstexcessive fines and for free speech. Three years after a federal jury convicted the Mongols of racketeering, a recording surfaced suggesting that their leader had a secret relationship with the agent who led the investigation. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. The artist laughed and said no; there was a whole chain of command necessary in order to obtain the right to get such as tattoo. Livid at her husband and the fact that his mistress had been harassing her and her children Annie Santillan texted the June 2021 recording to two members of the Mongols. Ling called her experience "an interesting time" and "exhilarating" and even suggested that the club could serve a positive influence on "a lot of guys who ordinarily might do things they're not supposed to do.". As a result, a rivalry arose between the two clubs, which resulted in the Mongols exerting force in order to establish a dominant presence in southern California. Asked what they discussed, Santillan again said they were just shooting the breeze.. All rights reserved. Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles in 2008 announce the arrest of dozens of Mongols motorcycle club members. Almost like you had a guardian angel? Yanny asked. Multiple suspects sought after 4 people are shot in downtown L.A. Californians can soon use cryptocurrencies to donate to state and local candidates, Northern California brush fire grows to nearly 90 acres, destroys at least one structure, Authorities seize 228 alleged cockfighting roosters, 500 pounds of marijuana in Antelope Valley. Federal prosecutors will ask the judge to fine the Mongol Nation the entity that owns the club trademark and order it to forfeit rights to the image of a bald, ponytailed Genghis Khan-style warrior in sunglasses astride a chopper motorcycle. Carter, who oversaw the trial, ordered the two sides back into his Santa Ana courtroom recently for a hearing to determine what, if any, relationship existed between the ATF and the president of one of its perennial targets. Aceda ao melhor da Getty Images e da iStock com o nosso plano de subscrio simples.

In 2008, dozens of members were charged with racketeering based on an investigation in which agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives infiltrated the club. Santillan claimed that he had stayed out of trouble because he cleaned house, putting an end to the drug dealing and shootouts that invited indictments. A year later, he was admitted to Mother Chapter, a governing body within the club. Id do the same thing if I was meeting with some Hells Angels, he added. Subscribers get early access to this story. ", Rules That Members Of The Mongols Bike Gang Have To Follow. Seventy-nine defendants pleaded guilty and a judge ruled that they should forfeit the Mongols trademark but later reversed the decision. Yanny grilled Santillan about Ciccone, a self-described street agent who retired in December after a 32-year career with the ATF, much of it spent investigating the Mongols and other motorcycle clubs. He replied to Santillan that it put him in a near impossible position, and without Ciccones testimony, we have no chance of winning this case. The agent, he noted, supervised all of the informants and undercover agents who had infiltrated the Mongols. The possible origin for this comes from the fact that the Mongols were founded by Hispanic bikers as an alternative to the Hells Angels motorcycle club, which was founded in 1948. The new case was filed in 2013. As with other motorcycle clubs, members of the Mongols value the patches they wear on their jackets and vests that announce their membership as well as indicate the rider's rank and achievements within the organization, as reported by Hot Cars. I figured I didnt get indicted in 13 years, I was ahead of the game, he said. Like other motorcycle clubs, the Mongols have a variety of rules they have to follow. There was nothing inappropriate, Santillan said. It was an explosive claim.