Caitlyn heals Vis wound with it in Arcane and Shimmers effects line up with the in-game effects. He takes care of the girls and other orphan kids in the slums. In his lore, Warwick is stated to be alive through the whole experiments Singed done to him. All Rights Reserved.No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Though many think of Warwick as no more than a beast, buried beneath the fury lies the mind of a mana gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life. Why would a seemingly random character get such a big spotlight? Many voicelines of Warwick make a lot of sense and connect him to Vi and Jinx in League of Legends. Something created to kill. But the scene also draws parallels to the champion Warwick.

Among them, one deserves the spotlight: Is Vander going to become Warwick? Join the discussion on social media or our Discord!You can also help improve our website by submitting direct feedback. Vander opposed the elite in Piltover and took up arms against the city of progress. This may be the specific memory Warwick remembers. The last time we see Vanders body, Powder is crying in front of him, before Silco comes to take the girl to his care. Mine is Ivern. Or could he? The last scene in which Vander appeared, he was already mutating due to Shimmer. So, while we do that, we've decided to take multiple theories under the microscope. Vander matches the description of the bearded man Warwick saw in his victims eyes. But the bloodshed that ensued as a result of the uprising made Vander rethink his choices.

The series showed us how their friendship began in their academy years, and how much they cared and respected each other, while we know that in the future, they are destined to be enemies. But the last couple of episodes will be filled to the brim to tie up the remaining loose ends. Vander is also revealed to have a complex relationship with Silco, who has been one of the main antagonists of the series. Also remember that after taking the drugs, Vander started to growl in an extremely similar fashion to Warwick.

He is the protector of the young group. (Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasnt watched the show. This is what were discussing today! Lets say that, even if Vanders dead, his body was taken to be experimented on. But how could he enter the story? As the oldest, she holds the most responsibility, and we see a lot of father-daughter moments between the pair. So maybe, in the last voice line, he was referring to himself?. When will Act 3 of League of Legends Arcane release? So, that could mean that Warwick will make an appearance in season 2, but what does this have to do with Vander? Now, hes the product of many experiments the mad scientist Singed did to him.

Vander from Arcane might be a League of Legends champion we all know as Warwick. After Vi, Powder, and their ragtag group of friends return from their heist-gone-wrong, he shows how much he cares for the girls by first lecturing them about staying safe, while also giving an important lesson to Vi. Vander is a big figure in the underworld.

And thats when everything goes to the ground, literally. His life only fades away after they are complete, and his death was the final piece needed in order to awaken the beast within. After covering toplane and jungle, we have arrived at the most central role in the game, literally, in the form of the midlane. Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 former developer hired by Riot, League of Legends: New Champion Akshan details, Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels DLC release date,, How to break or bypass Anemo wind barriers, Genshin Impact Leaks: Will we get an Anemo, How to solve Melodic Harp puzzles in Genshin, 2022 League Of Legends LCS Summer Split week. Riot has not officially confirmed Vander is Warwick yet but we may get teasers or a reveal in Act 3. Who Is Heimerdinger in the Arcane TV Series on Netflix. Those first three episodes answered some questions about Vi and Jinxs past but also brought many others to the table. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past.. As he walks away from his fallen enemy, however, he finds a distraught Vi and Powder. But their ideals were, ultimately, opposites. He is especially close to Vi. Arcanes plot continues to turn from one twist to the other. Riot Games officially revealed everything about his latest addition, League of Legends new champion Akshan. Let's not forget that Vanders' nickname is the 'Hound of the Underground'. Or they may simply retcon it to the point that Vander was experimented on while dead, and was reanimated at some other point after it was all done. While he is not cruising through Summoners Rift on it, he can be seen developing one in one of Riots videos. One character that many people have been discussing, however, is the barkeep of the Last Drop and Vi and Powders father figure, Vander. Riot Games newest animated Netflix show, Arcane, has already taken the world by storm since it made its premiere two weeks ago. For Vi, he says: The fear in your eyes. After his big rework back in 2017, Warwick received updated lore, erasing his old background of being a man obsessed with taking Sorakas heart to complete his feral transformation. Fuelled with an unending rage, he easily overpowered the mutated boy and started to march towards his final target: Silco. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past., Warwick struggled to recall a single memory from his past All he could see was blood. Vander is eventually kidnapped by Silco, Arcanes main antagonist, and is forced to swallow experimental Shimmer serum which turns humans into monsters. It looks an awful lot like Warwick and of course, we've also got Singed who created Warwick in the shot as well. It'll be interesting to see which side Warwick will fight on if he does make an appearance in the second season of the Netflix series. But itll probably happen, and were excited about that. But the biggest hint is the Hoverboard.

From there, Vander would start to receive all of his modifications, slowly turning into something else. The first season of Arcane has ended, and now all we can do is wait for season 2. Oh, and one more thing, if you listen very, very closely to the scene where Vander is being strapped down, it almost sounds like Warwick's theme, no? The description fits Vander perfectly and while it is still a theory that has been brought up by the League of Legends community, its very convincing. But then he heard a little girl screaming. Singed is his assistant, but Vander doesnt even know him. The characters have been a huge talking point for fans since theyve been able to capture our hearts in such a short period of time.

The image probably gave it away. Vi, for example, originally didnt even remember her parents or her own name, but that was not considered in Arcane. Spoiler Warning: There will be some heavy spoilers ahead and if you have not already watched the latest episodes of Arcane, we recommend completing the show and returning here. Both are also similarily garbed with the red scarf catching the attention. He currently covers esports titles like VALORANT, CS: GO, Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG and more. During the whole process, his brain was severely damaged.

The character has a violent past but he chooses to give up on violence to safeguard the peace in Zaun. It certainly hasnt been the split TSM had been hoping for in the LCS, as theyve now been confirmed to miss out on the playoffs. But sometimes he still recalls some moments from his past. Obviously, theres a lot of spoilers if you havent watched Arcane until Episode 3 yet, so beware. The two girls are slightly disoriented and had just lost their mother and father, who were killed by enforcers during the riots. Unfortunately we only have three more episodes of Arcane. Ive seen it before., Zaun needed you! and Who taught you how to punch?., During the episodes, we see that Vi always had a liking for punching stuff. When he taunts Jinx, his voice lines are You were there and Let me forget . This will also be updated as the show continues.). READ MORE: Destiny 2: Ascendant Realms and Ley Lines. These not only heal you, but can also buff your damage.

Abhimannu is a part of the content team at AFK Gaming and a lifelong obsessive gamer. This event isnt really specified, but it is implied later that it was a failed Zaunite uprising against the higher class regime of the overworld, snuffed out by the ruthless authorities of Piltover. After a final argument, Vander tries to finish off his old partner for good by drowning him. Sources: TSM, The Guard, Cloud9, other orgs shortlisted for VALORANT partnership, Zeri has been buffed or nerfed 12 times in just 9 patches since her January release, Royal Knight Mercy skin available to purchase in Overwatch to commemorate 2022 OWL Midseason Madness, Org that banned teabagging player responds, seemingly tries to get Jake Lucky banned from Apex Legends, Apex Legends team banned from tournament after player teabags their own teammate. Former TSM coach Peter Zhang has posted a statement after being fired from TSM following multiple allegations of unethical practices. Hes the owner of The Last Drop bar, and hes the last parental figure to Vi and Powder after they lose their parents in a conflict with the forces of Piltover.

AFK Gaming is your go-to destination for quality esports content. There are multiple signs that Vander is going to be turned into Warwick by Singed at some point. Who is Owen Wilsons Mobius in the Loki Series? Click here!

But it turns out that Vander might have a secret identity and may potentially be an existing champion in League of Legends. For some reason, had a chemtech strengthened left arm, almost as though he wanted to heal his old injury. In the first act, we learn that he is the unofficial leader of the underground and even works together with Grayson, an enforcer, to keep the peace between the undercity and the top of Piltover. But his bio also offers hints that connect Vander to him. Reanimation doesnt seem to be impossible, from what weve seen until here. But if the community does turn out to be correct, it will end up being one of the best origin stories in the series. That allowed him to save Vi.

The creature in Silco's lab? A purchase after clicking through them supports us at as we will receive a small commission without additional cost to you. Get to know the burly barkeep from the Lanes. Which one will we be checking out today? But his death was never confirmed and his appearance after consuming the serum, resembles Warwick, a League of Legends champion. Feeling compassion and empathy for the siblings, Vander picks them both up and takes them in as his own family, becoming their father figure. But there are a lot of ways to solve those inconsistencies, and Warwick and Vander have so much in common in their stories that its impossible not to make a connection. Vander was already on borrowed time from the drugs, and while he can safely take Vi out of the debris, and seemingly, he meets his fate in the slums.It is not clear if hes dead or not, but it seems that hes gone. We first meet Vander in the opening moments of the first episode, where he is seen beating down a hapless opponent. From his hands, to everything he touched. Given the tenebrous atmosphere of the series, Warwick would be a great fit. Powder finally makes one of her bombs work, but that couldnt happen in a worse time.. Vander is the adoptive father of Vi and Powder. Anemo wind barriers in Genshin Impact are. He saw a bearded man reflected in the eyes of a beggar as he tore out his throat. Feared around the slumbers, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun is a perfect figure to illustrate all of the despair and dread people live in the lower side of Piltover.

One of the things Arcane does best is sneaking some neat references from all of Riots games and League of Legends lore.

Silco desired to end the conflict through more conflict, while Vander pursued peace. But he gives up in the end and goes to protect Vi. He likely won't remember Vi or Powder, since Warwick doesn't remember much from his past life, but we're hoping for some emotional flashbacks! One thing we must know is that League of Legends lore is very inconsistent. After the failed attempt at revolution, Vander retreated and became the leader of the undercity, as well as the owner of a pub. If you have played LoL, you will be familiar with the Corrupting Potions from the item shop.

Have you seen Warwick, he looks like a dog, so it all makes sense! Some examples go from the Rabadons Deathcap, an item from League of Legends, sitting on Benzos store or Teemo appearing in the arcade game Powder plays during the first episode. Read on and find out! These Arcane Characters Could Become Champions in Season 12 Later on, its revealed that he has a working relationship with a head enforcer named Greyson in order to keep Piltover out of Zauns business and to maintain peace in the underworld. RELATED: Who Is Heimerdinger in the Arcane TV Series on Netflix? Whether Vander really is Warwick will likely be revealed in season 2 of Arcane. Our writers strive to provide accurate, trustworthy and timely esports news, gaming guides, player interviews, tournament coverage and original stories from around the world. View gallery. Arcane Season 2 confirmed to be in production. There are already plenty of hints around that seem to tease Ekko as the leader of Firelight. This is further explored when Silco uses a Shimmered-out goon to kill Greyson, bait out Vander, and kidnap him in order to become the new, unopposed leader of the underworld. Back in 2017, when Arcane wasnt even revealed, theories about Warwick being related to Vi and Jinx already existed, as he now had special interactions with both of the girls. More importantly, we see that Vander used to have his own punching gauntlets. But its function seems to be similar as well.

Vander from Netflixs Arcane TV series is introduced as Vi and Jinxs father figure in Episode 1 of the series. READ MORE: Call of Duty Vanguard: How to level up fast, Arcane is currently airing on Netflix and receives a new Act every week, each one containing 3 new episodes. The girl Warwick remembers is, obviously, either Powder or Vi, both of Vanders protectees. But hes not successful, and Silco starts to plot his revenge. The lore entries for Warwick fall in line with Vander's storyline in Arcane Act 1. *The listed articles are provided through affiliate links. Stay up to date with news, opinion, tips, tricks and reviews.More insights about us? What hints were given to us and what breadcrumbs must we follow today to try and prove our theory? He crushes the Shimmer goon with expert hand-to-hand combat but is unfortunately stabbed by Silco. #kt-adv-heading_8de516-4a, #kt-adv-heading_8de516-4a .wp-block-kadence-advancedheading, .wp-block-kadence-advancedheading.kt-adv-heading_8de516-4a[data-kb-block="kb-adv-heading_8de516-4a"], .kadence-advanced-heading-wrapper .kt-adv-heading_8de516-4a[data-kb-block="kb-adv-heading_8de516-4a"]{text-align:center;} A few years later, Vander is the owner of a popular bar called the Last Drop. It sounded like a name.. He manages to save his life and it seems like he dies. The first act for the League of Legends animated series Arcane is up, and it was a huge blast! But this is all speculation. With his dying breath, he drinks some of the Shimmer serum and becomes a monster to protect his family one last time, and finally tells Vi to protect her sister. The scars were made by Silco himself while he fought for his life before being drowned, and Vander went for his throat when trying to kill him.