When a new worker joins the team, the IT staff is tasked with configuring the computer and delivering it to the new employee. Hybrid Backup Sync allows you to easily transfer your data to Whether small or large, local or world-wide, for-profit or non-profit, organizations need an endpoint backup strategy and solution that matches the new ways of working in the enterprise. Backblaze allows users to integrate logins with the G-Suite single sign-on (SSO) service. great software for the Mac. Browsing for backed-up files is a bit tedious, since you can only navigate your file tree one level at a time. support of Backblaze B2, which lets you sync, move, or copy data In cases of large restores to remote locations, the ability to send a restore via physical media is a must. Billing can be company-wide or assigned to individual departments or geographical locations. Either way, the app itself is pretty barebones. For creating and backing up a fully bootable backup, try Acronis True Image or IDrive. Whether its a single file, directory, or an entire system that must be restored, a user or IT sysadmin needs to be able to restore backed up data as quickly as possible. Our site requires it to be enabled to Individual users will be pleased to discover they can roll-back files to an earlier version if they wish, but IT will likely manage any complete system restore that involves reconfiguring a computer after a repair or requisitioning an entirely new system when needed. Before PCMag, I worked at Neowin.net, Toms Guide, and Laptop Mag. Note that Backblaze's restore capabilities are only accessible from the website. Data stored in Backblaze B2 is available for immediate Backblaze for Business meets all the requirements in our Ten-Point Checklist: With the right backup solution and strategy, the modern enterprise will be prepared to ensure that its data is protected from accident, disaster, or theft, whether its data is in one office or dispersed among many locations, and remote and mobile employees. For the unlimited retention plan, you pay the same rates, as well as $0.005 per GB per month for versions of files updated, changed, or deleted more than one year ago. Look to Editors' Choice winner IDrive for better value or to Acronis True Image for its combination of backup and security features. If you choose to inherit the backup state, Backblaze will remember the files you backed up on the prior system, to avoid duplication. Businesses and organizations select Backblaze for Business for backup because Backblaze is designed to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Other services, including SpiderOak and Acronis True Image, let you add multiple computers and mobile devices to one account. By 2025, at least 75% of IT organizations will face one or more Throttling, caps, and data limits complicate backups and require guesses about how much storage space will be needed. We did a bunch of amazing magic to optimize the software including; reading data once, slowly scanning the drive. Backblaze works with macOS and Windows computers, and it offers apps for both Android and iOS devices. Other services with single device licenses work similarly. A working solution backs up automatically without requiring action by the user or IT administrator. The computer user, especially the remote or mobile one, shouldnt be required to attach cables or drives, or remember to initiate backups. Using Managed Groups might be suitable for most of the organization, but there are exceptions in which sensitive data might dictate using an Unmanaged Group, such as could be the case with HR, the executive team, or finance. Then, we removed the test folders from the exclusion list one at a time and manually rerun the backup process each time. IT Infrastructure and Systems Engineer of Coast Community College Backblaze is the only enterprise-level backup company that provides TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) via both SMS and Authentication app to all accounts at no incremental charge.

Backblaze does let you back up attached USB hard drives though, something you need to pay extra for in Carbonite Safe. hit on the computer. In a common approach, the employee can retrieve an accidentally deleted file or an earlier version of a document on her own. PCMag, PCMag.com and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. It's possible that Backblaze's may be comparatively faster in your tests; more broadly, any differences in available computer resources or network speed will affect your experience. But at Backblaze we really wanted that to be true from start to finish. A representative from Backblaze noted that the iOS app now allows you to upload files directly to your B2 cloud storage and that the Android app would soon get the same capability. It's almost become a cliche. backup truly has never been easier or better. With Carbonite Safe, for example, you need to uninstall the software from the original PC before you install it on a new one. It is your responsibility to exclude the files you do not want to include in your backup. Backblaze offers a support ticket system with responses within 24 hours, and a live chat system that is available most working hours (Pacific Time) during weekdays. Modern organizations are changing how they work and where they work, which brings new challenges to making sure the companys data assets are not only available, but secure. No need to pick files or folders, we backup everything automatically. We wanted a user to download and install Backblaze and be backing up data in less than a minute. IDrive offers a similar feature for point-in-time recovery. By default, the solution backs up commonly used files and folders or directories, including desktops. On Windows PCs, Backblaze displays an icon in the notification tray. It's almost become a cliche. Basic settings include changing the name of the backup device and choosing which hard drives to back up. This is another advantage of having a cloud storage provider that combines both endpoint backup and cloud object storage among its services. The app's search bar works fine, but there's no way to filter files by type or size in results. More and more, organizations are working in the cloud. Backblaze's back-up-everything approach will appeal to newcomers, but more advanced users may want more control over the backup selection. We didn't take a short-cut and create a Java app that can run on many platforms. Get peace of mind for only $5/TB/month. 1996-2022 Ziff Davis. An example is the install experience. Three case studies are available that provide more information about how Backblaze customers have succeeded in these environments. Backup time will matter most when you are running the process for the first time on a computer, but faster backups make the process that much more convenient. This information is used primarily to set up and maintain accounts, but your data may also be shared with third-party service providers that "require access to your personal information to assist in providing and improving our products." At just $50/year/computer, Backblaze is affordable for any size of enterprise. Never Lose a File With The World's Easiest Computer Backup. Up. But at Backblaze This gives you quick access to the Backblaze Control Panel, a shortcut to the View/Restore Files section of the website, and the option to inherit a backup state for new setups. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Legacy apps arent going away any time soon. 4) Defaults to backing up all valuable data. The organization has the choice of how to divide the organization into Groups (location, function, subsidiary, etc.) We did a bunch of amazing magic to optimize the software, including: reading An administrator can silently deploy the Backblaze backup client via the command-line, or use common RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools such as Jamf and Munki. The organization, of course, has the choice of managing and monitoring users using Groups. By The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. data once, slowly scanning the drive, and waiting a few minutes before backing up at start-up time. In the account and billing sections, you can configure account security settings, as well as change plan and billing preferences. It costs $2 per month, $24 per year, or $48 every two years for the one-year retention plan. backblaze threading downloader downloading B2 Cloud Storage easily integrates with onpremises tools to If you're concerned about Backblaze staff, a hacker, or a law enforcement agency snooping your backup, you can manage your own encryption keys. Choose the Integration That Best Suits Your Needs & Start Backing We tested Backblaze's Android app and had no issue signing in to a test account. Backblaze's back-up-everything approach doesn't conflict with any storage limits (it's unlimited after all), but one potential reason for slimming down your selection is to preserve system resources and bandwidth, especially if you choose the continuous backup option. District. Backblazes backup model is proven through head-to-head comparisons to back up data that other backup solutions overlook in their default configurations including valuable files that are needed after an accidental deletion, theft, or computer failure. Many of Backblaze's competitors, including iDrive and Zoolz BigMind, have this capability. we really wanted that to be true from start to finish. install any drivers and opens any files it backs up as read only so your computer is kept stable. You can access any of these Buckets from the B2 Cloud Storage section of the main navigation menu. Note that Backblaze will refund you for the cost of the drive if you return it in its original condition. Whether installed by the computer user or an IT person locally or remotely, the backup solution must be easy to implement quickly with minimal demands on the user or administrator. Mac Backups should happen automatically, no matter where the computer is located. This person might give new employees a checklist with the software and account information and lets users handle setting up the computer themselves. minimum storage or retention requirements. The first time we tested Backblaze (with the default settings), it took around 27 minutes to upload our files. Combined with Backblazes unlimited data policy, organizations have a truly set it and forget it platform. The first option is free, of course, while the B2 option uses your aforementioned B2 storage allotment.

For those who prefer to keep copies of data locally, check out our roundups of the best local backup services and external hard drives. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. taking a similar approach as Time Machine and backing up all user data, Backblaze doesn't have to protect your data. Organizations of all types and sizes need reliable and secure backup. We prefer this method, as it mitigates the risk of losing changes if a hard drive crashes before a scheduled backup. Backblaze calculates how long it will take to back up the computer based on the last file transfer speed. function properly.

It Use iconik to search, filter, and preview your media assets. for both. Backblaze customers are part of a platform that has a 10+ year track record of innovation and over 500 petabytes of customer data already under management. Back up your Mac for just $. Hitting the Continue button launches the backup process. OpenDrive keeps up to 99 versions of files. Whether they have as few as 3 or as many as 300,000 computer users, an organizations computer data is a valuable business asset that needs to be protected. The best PC backup software in the world. Some organizations are better equipped to manage or assist workers when restores become necessary. On the web, you can enable two-factor authentication for your account via SMS or an authentication app, such as Authy or Duo Mobile. B2 is priced at 1/4 the cost of Amazon S3, or $0.005 per month per gigabyte (which equals $5/month per terabyte). Your browser appears to be blocking javascript. No other service we tested works this way, and we prefer the flexibility of inclusion-based selection systems, in which users select exactly what they want to upload. Also, we didn't want A Managed Group makes sense in an organization with a geographically dispersed work force as it lets IT ensure that workers data is being regularly backed up no matter where they are. The backup solutions must be easy to configure for both the user and the IT staff. No need to pick files or folders, we backup everything automatically. Making high-quality products is in our DNA. I spend too much of my free time reading forums and blogs about audio and photography. With Backblazes Groups, organizations can set user-based access rules, which allows the administrator to create restores for lost files or entire computers on an employees behalf, to centralize billing for all client computers in the organization, and to redeploy a recovered computer or new computer with the backed up data. Backblaze is a streamlined and secure online backup service. Restore jobs are accessible via the My Restores menu and are available for seven days after your initial request. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage has 99.9% uptime backed by SLA. As you make your selections, Backblaze calculates the total file size of the restore. Backblaze keeps old file versions and deleted files for 30-days. In testing, Backblaze successfully located our test computer. You can specify the backup device used and the backup time period, if you are looking for a specific version of a file. Backblaze also offers an iOS app. To restore your data, navigate to the View/Restore files section of the website, as the desktop app does not offer this functionality. In this scenario, the decision has been made to let each user manage her own backups, including restores, if necessary, of individual files or entire systems. Global charitable organization charity: water uses Backblaze for Business to back up workers and volunteers laptops as they travel to developing countries in their efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water. off-site. Backblazes object cloud storage, Backblaze B2, provides low-cost storage and archiving of records, media, and server data that can grow with the organizations size and needs. It offers unlimited backup storage for a single PC and is easy to set up. From the Locate My Computer panel, Backblaze can track the location of your backed-up device, as well as the last upload set and the computer's IP address. Sure some extra stuff is going to get backed up, but the ease of use and peace of mind is worth it. We tested the online backup services this year over a home Ethernet connection (16Mbps upload), since we were not able to access PCMag's corporate test network (600Mbps upload) due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is possible to change which device is associated with Backblaze by either transferring the license or inheriting the backup state on the new device. Ive attended trade shows of Microsoft, Google, and Apple and written about all of them and their products. Im an avid bird photographer and travelerIve been to 40 countries, many with great birds! That said, we still wish it offered an alternative to its exclusion-based backup selection and a more functional mobile app. Backblaze's web interface is effective, and it matches the straightforward design of the desktop application. Some of the Backblaze team members worked at Apple building great products, so we know how to make Roderick has held marketing, engineering, and product management positions with Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk, and several startups. Backblaze does not integrate with Windows' File Explorer or macOS's Finder, which means you can't right-click on a folder or file to quickly add it to your backup set. Note that while Backblaze backs up all user files on your computer, it can't be used for disk imaging. Now you can extend that time up to 1-Year for an additional $2/Month. console for billing, monitoring, deployment, and role provisioning. that can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share The backup solution needs to provide a clear and simple web management interface for all functions. QNAP can sync your Backblaze B2 data to QNAP NAS devices. Your browser appears to be blocking javascript. This organization can take advantage of additional capabilities in Groups.

We had no problem finding and changing individual settings. The job of on-boarding new employees and getting them set up with a computer likely falls upon an executive assistant or office manager. From the hidden left-hand menu, you can access any files you downloaded from your backup or visit the app settings. So we built Backblaze using 'C' code, also known as the best programming language in the world. ask the user to pick a bunch of filetypes and go looking for folders they want to backup. Larger organizations have IT departments that are prepared to address these needs, but often times in smaller and newer organizations the challenge falls upon office management who might not be as prepared or knowledgeable to face a work environment undergoing dramatic changes. Read about how PagerDuty uses Backblaze for Business in a mixed enterprise of cloud and desktop/laptop applications. Backblaze keeps old file versions and deleted files for 30-days. Pay as you go with no attacks. Organizations require that their data is secure during all phases of initial upload, storage, and restore. Backblaze for Business is an affordable solution that enables organizations to meet the evolving data demands facing the modern enterprise. You receive an email alert when your restore is ready, too. Back up your PC for just $. This organization likely doesnt have anyone who is devoted full-time to IT. I was privileged to byline the cover story of the last print issue of PC Magazine, the Windows 7 review, and Ive witnessed every Microsoft win and misstep up to the latest Windows 11. In the event your PC is stolen, Backblaze recommends preparing a restore, contacting the police, and monitoring any subsequent account activity. The needs of a smaller enterprise differ from those of larger, established organizations. He was a Ford-Mozilla Fellow in Media and Democracy with Common Cause in Washington, D.C., where he advocated for a free, open, and accessible internet for all, reducing media consolidation, and transparency in politics and the media. Backblaze charges $60 per year and offers unlimited cloud backup storage for one computer. They will be with us for a while, with their accompanying data scattered amongst all the desktops, laptops and other endpoints in corporate headquarters, home offices, hotel rooms, and airport waiting areas. This result was slightly slower than IDrive (12:29) and ElephantDrive (12:44), but quicker than Zoolz BigMind (13:55). Since Backblaze doesn't let you specify individual files and folders to back up, it presents a challenge for testing. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. Backup costs should be predictable, understandable, and without surprises. Backblaze does allow you to move back up the file tree, without having to start from the top, which is a change we appreciate. PCMag Digital Group. To configure your backup settings, you need to dive into the Settings panel. Ive been writing and editing technology content for over five years, most recently as part of PCMag's consumer electronics team, though I also spent several years on the software team. Backblaze says it uses "2048 bit public/private keys to secure a symmetric AES 128 bit key that changes for every backup 'session' on your computer." One change from the time of our last review is that you can increase the retention period of files(Opens in a new window) to either one year or forever for an additional fee. Automatically tier your Veeam data to native storage in Backblaze B2. With the modified settings Backblaze performed well in our tests, with an average time of 13:34 (minutes:seconds). The Backblaze for Business interface is easy to navigate and was designed with feedback from thousands of customers over the course of a decade. We would prefer that Backblaze gave users the option to narrow down the initial backup selection, to say, specific user folders. You can, of course, pause the backup process immediately after it starts, but if you want to make changes, you'll still need to deal with the hassle of Backblaze's exclusion-based systems. We wanted a user to download and install Backblaze and be backing up data in less than a minute. Instead we wanted to create a product that felt integrated and responsive with your PC. Thank you for contacting us about backing up your NAS to Backblaze And that's what we built. Designing for ease-of-use leads to efficiency in management and operation, with less time required to configure, deploy, and manage.