SPACE IS LIMITED! International professional designations held include: Real Property Administrator (RPA) and Facilities Management Administrator (FMA) through BOMI. Mike served as an Assistant Director of Facilities Management with the Healthcare Corporation of St. Johns and has worked in both acute and long term care. Through lectures, case study reviews, problem-solving exercises, and group discussions, you will become a more valuable member of the health care construction team. We have redesigned all our courses to maximize learning in a virtual environment. Students will still have the opportunity to participate and interact with the instructor. While this offering is not associated with a Certification, continuing education credits or learning units can be accrued through attendance by architects, engineers, executive level healthcare owners / contractors. She currently sits as a member of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Health Care Facilities Technical Committee providing expert content for several standards related to health care design and construction and is the acting chair of the Z317.13 Standard, Infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities. For more information about Cookies and how you can disable Cookies, visit our privacy policy page. Mike is also a Faculty member for the Canadian Healthcare Construction Certificate program, a joint effort of CHES (Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society) and ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering). Through a better understanding of the variables and nuances that must be considered during ICRA design and implementation, attendees will be better equipped to detail, manage and sanity check installations at your specific job sites. The heart of the Institute is our mock up rooms. JJ presents a wealth of knowledge that pertains to infection control and keeps the class actively engaged with classroom demonstrations and exercises. Virtual AM sessions will be delivered from 8:30 12:30 ET., Virtual Midday sessions will be delivered from 11:30 - 15:30 ET.. The acronym ICRA stands for Infection Control Risk Assessment. CSA Z317.13:22 as it applies to infection prevention and control and remedial measures, materials, special equipment, dust control and barriers. Course attendees will utilize these rooms to proceed through a series of mock scenarios. The training provided multiple ideas and suggestions to take back to my current jobsite. He spent twenty years in the Canadian Forces as a Military Engineer in various roles. She has also provided guidance for numerous internal disasters including floods, mould, pest infestation and power outages. Maybe you already have ICRA training and want to make sure you are compliant. He is a current member of the Canadian Certified Healthcare Facility Manager Certification Advisory Panel and the Canadian Healthcare Construction Course Sub Committee. The course taught me to think from the hospitals perspective so that I can do a better job for them. Alex Byard, Warfel Construction Company. This course not only applies to Healthcare Facilities but any job we may do. You can search our members database to verify someones certification or to see who is certified in your state or company. She then attained her Masters of Science degree in Microbiology studying the bacterium that causes Whooping cough, also at the University of Guelph. Human infectious diseases had always been an interest and after completing the Infection Control and Epidemiology course offered by the Michener Institute, Jessica joined the Infection Prevention and Control team at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto. I look forward to watching CICTI grow and maintaining my certification. The intent is to place course attendees into the shoes of those that install and maintain these measures. Many topics discussed today are applicable to the current hospital addition/renovation project that I am on. CSA Group can develop and deliver a customized training session at your place of business to meet specific requirements. Gary has worked in the following positions: director, manager, authority having jurisdiction, educator, engineering technician, tradesperson and a volunteer. Pleaseclick hereto view our Course Cancellation and Refund Policy. Love the program! You will gain an understanding of the latest compliance issues in health care construction, and learn what owners, staff, and patients expect of constructors working in the health care environment. A must for hospital facilities management. Additional designations include: Certified Canadian Healthcare Facility Manager (CCHFM) through CHES, and Certified Engineering Technician (CTech) through NBSCETT. Operating Systems/Browser Recommendations: Headset, headphones with microphone, or computer/device with speakers/microphone (required for audio), Java 6 and Java 7 (for web browsers that support Java) are enabled, Cisco WebEx plug-ins is enabled for Chrome 32 and later, Active X is enabled and unblocked for Microsoft Internet Explorer. We are pleased to announce that we have converted this course to a virtual, instructor-led format. This in-person or virtual, instructor-led program offers training for subcontractors, specialty contractors and those who are working in the health care environment. He is also a faculty member, as well as a technical subcommittee member of the Canadian Standards Association for CSA Standard Z317.13-17, Infection Control during Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Healthcare Facilities. During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities Virtual Training. Open all learning materials using Adobe Reader.Click hereto install (it is free). Provide an overview of the CSA Z317.13:22 Standard and its intent. He spent 13 years as a design engineer, followed by 7 years as the Director of the Engineering for a New Brunswick Health Authority in Canada before branching out to Teegor Consulting Inc. in August of 2004. CICTI Certification Programs are uniquely focused on delivering hands-on, comprehensive training and Certifications in Infection Control during Healthcare construction, renovation, and maintenance. Participants will gain knowledge of the unique intricacies of working in a hospital or other health care facility, and can showcase their participation in this program to market their subcontractor or specialty contractor services. George is an instructor for the CSA Z317.13 standard on Infection Control in Construction, Renovation. All Certifications require mastery of a targeted level of Infection Control theory, practice and proficiency testing.

Mike Hickey last worked as the Director; Facilities Management and Support Services for Northern Health Authority based in Prince George, BC. These potential impacts can be real or simply perceived. Would recommend this class to new and experienced healthcare constructors. I am honored to have been a part of the class. Participation in this program does not guarantee a passing score on the exam. George graduated from Royal Military College of Canada. Proven methods to keep the environment safe. He is a past Chair of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES), as well as past National President of CHES. Gordon is currently the chair of CSA Groups Technical Committee for Health Care Facilities and vice-chair of their Technical Subcommittee for Design and Construction of Canadian Healthcare Facilities.

Virtual PM sessions will be delivered from 13:30 17:30 ET. While working in a health care environment, you need to understand your unique role and be prepared to implement processes to protect patients, staff, and visitors from hospital-acquired infections. For these and many other scenarios Jenkins Risk Management can help you take the worry and chance out of the situation to ensure you are meeting all requirements. Learn More, 2022 Canadian Standards Association. I was not that thrilled about the course as I did not know how it could apply to me. He currently sits on their National Energy and Environmental Stewardship Awards team. Very useful to people who are new to healthcare construction. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and information! Preventing and controlling infection while these activities take place requires the implementation and support of preventive measures intended to protect patients, staff, and visitors from potential harm. (Even though I have been doing this awhile!). Much better than googling web sites! Recognize the importance of construction workforce training. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, after you successfully complete the training and an evaluation component. He is also a member of the Technical Sub Committee for CSA Z8002 Operation & Maintenance of Healthcare Facilities and the Technical Sub Committee for CSA Z317.13 Infection Control in Construction, Renovation and Maintenance. 3578 Centre Circle Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 | 803.415.2039, The Ability to Tailor Exercises and Examples Around Client-Specific Projects / Purposes, Small Class Sizes to Facilitate Engaged Learning and Retention, Targeted Hands-On Training with ICRA related Tools and Equipment, Post Course Proficiency Testing to Demonstrate Absorbed Knowledge (ROI), Competitive Pricing and Significant Volume Discounts, Onsite Programs at Your Facility, Jobsite, Office, etc., with 6+ Students. You are very knowledgeable and passionate about subject and that makes it easier for class to stay engaged. Analyze an infection control risk assessment to determine the work type, patient risk and work classification for a construction project. SPACE IS LIMITED! The information I received will be invaluable in performing these projects going forward. Kevin Ream, Wohlsen Construction Company. Please note: The workshop fee does not include the CHC exam fee, nor does it register you for the exam. Click Here To Learn How Jenkins Risk Management Can Help You. Prepare to achieve the next level three individual course offerings held annually: Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) Exam Review Program, ASHE Working in Health Care: Certified Health Care, Physical Environment Worker Education & Exam Review, ASHE Managing Infection Prevention in Health Care Facilities, The Latest News Releases from ABC Keystone, Apprenticeship & Workforce Development Blog, Construction Industry Career Center Job Board, Earn 4 CECs this program is a combination of learning content and an exam preparation course, ASHE/AHA does not provide CECs for this exam preparation portion of this program. Having seen infection control through the perspective of the various vested parties, CICTI has a holistic view of the objectives, needs, and perspective of the array of entities involved in complex healthcare projects. JJ is very well versed and knowledgeable in a multitude of real life experiences. Please manage your cookie choices by switching the consent toggles on or off under the Purposes below. Our trainers have experience supporting Owners, Designers, and Contractors. He has represented BC on the National Energy Efficiency Advisory committee with the Canadian College of Health Service Executives, and held membership on the CHA National Advisory Committee for Management programs across Canada. Designed for individuals directly involved in the construction, renovation, and operation of health care facilities, this program identifies the infection prevention issues that every contractor, facility manager, architect, and engineer must address on the job. Think this is very beneficial to contractors who will be working in a healthcare environment. Determine the subscription format that is right for you. Completely updated to include the latest ruling from CMS, the Health Care Construction Workshop combines an e-learning course and a two-day seminar. He has also completed the management programs of Modern Management, Quality Management for Healthcare Professionals, Health Services Management, and Long Term Care Senior management (academic excellence award winner) through the Canadian Healthcare Association. Mikes background is in Power Engineering. Recommended Readings(Purchased Separately), CSA Z317.22, Infection Control during Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities, CSA Z317.1, Special Requirements for Plumbing Installations in Health Care Facilities, CSA Z317.2, Special Requirements for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems in Health Care Facilities, During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities. The construction ICRA 8 hour awareness is a complimentary training offered to healthcare professionals and contractors who work in an occupied facility. If you would like to take both courses, please add both Part 1 and Part 2 to your cart., Your instructor possesses many years of experience in the health care engineering field as well as in-depth knowledge of directly applicable CSA Group health care engineering standards. These rooms were specifically designed to facilitate hands-on training in Infection Control practices. Each Attendee participates in the live, instructor-led sessions via a dedicated desktop or laptop. Enjoyed it. We also offer ICRA training for the design team where proactive planning has an opportunity to support life cycle infection prevention. Definitely gave me some new ideas; things to consider to improve the process.

Pricing, registration, and coordination of these events are determined by ABC Keystone. This program upholds Canadian construction management professionals to expectations and standards of excellence. 135 Shellyland Road, Manheim, PA 17545 | (717) 653-81062021 ABC Keystone | Login. The Construction Infection Control Training Institute (CICTI), has been providing IC Training since 1997. Proactively prevent infection in health care facilities during maintenance, renovation, and construction. All Gold Seal certified management professionals have been assessed and meet a Canadian requirement standard of industry knowledge, experience, education and training. Jessica has provided Infection Prevention and Control expertise on a wide range of acute care, rehabilitation, ambulatory care and community health projects. Registrations for these programs are not transferable to other ASHE courses. Gary is an alumnus of the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Education degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

At CICTI, our Institute contains a classroom that has been equipped to handle a maximum class size of 15. Gordon, President of Teegor Consulting Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in healthcare engineering and construction. Virtual courses may take place over several days in half day sessions. Outstanding program. Identify the means and methods to ensure compliance with the infection control risk assessment precautions. Gary also holds several Interprovincial Certificates of Qualification as a Journeyperson in several trade areas. Originally intended to address infectious material concerns pertaining to molds, bacteria and to a lesser extent viruses, ICRA now encompasses potential risks to operational systems, services, patient satisfaction and staff/HR concerns. Attendee Access to the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker online exam is also included with this program. Well taught with high emphasis on practical means and methods and the rationale behind them. He retired in April 2013 after working for 35 years in the facilities management side of healthcare. Earn 17.5 CECs (equivalent to 17.5 contact hours)! Part 1: Fundamentals of Infection Control during Construction is Part 1 of a 2-part course:, Part 2: Effective Implementation and Practical Applications of Infection Control, Courses run back-to-back where possible but are listed separately. CICTI has been established to provide comprehensive risk assessment and management training for complex healthcare renovation and expansion projects. This course was very impactful for me. Each Attendee participates in the live, instructor-led sessions via a dedicated desktop or laptop. ICRA is intended to be a process to identify and correspondingly mitigate potential impacts to patients and healthcare services from construction and maintenance scopes of work. In designing the classroom, CICTI considered class size as it relates to individual interaction, comfort and corresponding retention of information. Chromebooks, Tablets and Mobiles are not compatible to the CSA Groups Webex Training sessions. Maintenance and the CHES Canadian Healthcare Construction Course. He has also served as an Education Consultant with CHA for the Modern Management program. January 26, 2023REGISTER EARLY FOR A DISCOUNT! Very good, informational session. His most recent achievement is being named the recipient of the Hans Burgers Award (CHES 2016), a national award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Engineering in Canada, making him a lifetime member of CHES. Please contact us for more information. You'll be guided through an intensive program of study developed by a team of industry professionals while participating in interactive exercises designed to provide practical knowledge and understanding of infection prevention and control practices that help protect patients, staff and visitors during construction and renovation activities.. Enjoy the pride of recognition by being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare construction. Keep up the good work! Validate your knowledge of working in a health care environment! We are devoted to maximizing your personnels absorbed knowledge and your Corporate ROI on your precious training dollars. Empowering individuals to recognize and implement appropriate Infection Prevention strategies is at the core of CICTIs mission. The practice questions have given me a good sense of what to expect.-Kevin Kegarise, Benchmark Construction Co., Inc. This course exceeded all my expectations. All CICTI Certifications are issued to an individual that attends a course program and completes requisite proficiency testing. Designed to give you the tools for passing the Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) Exam, this course provides test taking tips, key topics, and sample questions identified in the CHC content outline (as listed in the CHC Candidate Handbook). Enjoy the pride of recognition by being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare construction. All rights reserved, English / CAD, English / CAD, to view our Course Cancellation and Refund Policy, Browse by International Classification of Standards (ICS Codes), Infection Control: Part 1 Fundamentals, Infection Control: Part 2 Effective Implementation and Practical Applications, Describe the Body of Knowledge that encompasses the new Standard CSA Z317.13:22, Recognize basic definitions related to the CSA Z317.13:22 Standard, Describe examples of known contaminations and their sources, Determine procedures that are appropriate for infection prevention and control, List key prevention procedures related to construction at HCFs, Develop an appropriate Risk Assessment as it relates to construction at health care facilities, Identify the proper placement of dust control barriers and tools used to achieve infection prevention and controlled environment during construction, Describe infection prevention and control measures, Apply infection prevention and control measures after construction, Employ mold remediation at your health care facility, Infection Prevention and Control Professionals. He has been actively involved in both CHES and ASHE for the past 15 years. Her unique experience and expertise allows her to balance the needs of patients with the realities of health care construction. These courses are official ASHE programs being hosted by ABC Keystone. JJ is very knowledgeable and answered many questions I had. Companies, organizations AND healthcare customers (patients) will benefit from these empowered individuals. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with 30 years of experience in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of healthcare facilities and is both a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (in Canada and the USA) and a Certified Healthcare Constructor. You may change your preference at any time as described in our Cookie Policy, We use Cookies to create a secure and effective website experience for our customers. Our goal is to provide a workforce of ICRA-trained hospital professionals and contractors to ensure that patient safety continues to be everyones number one priority. GST REG No R119441681 QST REG No R1006017360. Jessica completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph. CICTI was created to fill an identified gap in cost-effective, comprehensive, hands-on Infection Control Training targeted for specific audiences right down to the worker in the field. A Saturday well spent! The Institute was created to fill an identified gap in cost-effective, comprehensive infection control training and certification. Jessicas passion lies in bridging the gap between health care design/construction/renovation/maintenance work and how this can positively or negatively influence the care and safety of patients. A comprehensive ICRA can proactively address and mitigate the identified hazards to facilitate successful scope execution in the high-risk environments of healthcare facilities. Prepare to achieve the next level three individual course offerings held annually: January 24 & 25, 2023REGISTER EARLY FOR A DISCOUNT! He is a former Council Member of the International Federation for Hospital Engineers and Past President of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society. CICTI trainers have extensive experience supporting hundreds of healthcare projects nationwide. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, and holds both the Canadian Certified Healthcare Facility Manager from CHES and the Certified Healthcare Facility Manager Designation from the AHA, the first in Canada to do so. It put a lot of meaning behind the ICRA measures we take and explained fully the why behind them. Stephanie Kline, Benchmark Construction Co., Inc. Im now more prepared to meet with hospitals and contractors to develop and enforce a risk mitigation plan. Eric Hellman, Quandel Construction, This class was very informative and has greatly increased my awareness of the risks involved with health care construction. Existing commercially available training programs are mostly restricted to the 20,000 feet level with generic protocols and broad concept based approaches. This course will also use interactive polling technology, allowing each participant to answer questions and compare their answer with averages among those in class. Thanks. This course has now been approved for Continuing Education Credits from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) as part of the Gold Seal Certification program. Please contact Barbara at the Keystone Chapter Headquarters for more 653-8106. For the past several years, her speciality has been health care facility design and construction, focusing on design elements to help prevent the spread of infection.. CICTI currently offers four Certification courses: Worker, Manager, Facilities Technician, and Trainer. George then began working in Healthcare and has worked at several Hospitals in Ontario. CICTI Certifications are valid from issuance to expiration, independent of employer or employment status. It helped pinpoint specific areas of focus on the exam, prepare for those sections and reviewed how questions would be written for better interpretation. Cory Mummert, Wagman Construction, Inc. As a subcontractor or specialty contractor, its important to understand the complexities of working in a health care construction environment. Focusing on the application of the CSA Z317.13:22, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities standard, participants will learn how to address necessary measures and help control infection risk in health care facilities.

Construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities bring specific risks associated with potentially fatal infection and illness. This course provided valuable tips and information in preparing for and taking the CHC exam. They are not professors, but are professionals. The CCHM class was very good and enlightened me to many new areas of knowledge. At CICTI, we emphasize hands-on use and proper implementation of scaled control strategies during healthcare renovations in our onsite mock-up rooms. Tablet and Mobile are not compatible to the CSA Groups Webex Training sessions. Gary Stairs is a Facilities Management professional with 23 years experience in education and healthcare facilities (with extensive experience in the areas of construction, project management, operations and maintenance, administration and education); 16 years experience in technical and inspection services in the construction industry; as well as 8 years experience as a tradesperson and educator. How to apply the clauses to different scenarios that are encountered during construction at a Health Care Facility. Structure, content and intent of CSA Z317.13:22. All Training Developed by, Carpenters International Training Advisory Group with Subject Matter Experts: Judene Bartley Consultant for CDC, Masters in Biochemistry & Public Health, Andrew Streifil Hospital Environment Specialist University of Minnesota, Judy Weber Infection Control Practitioner, All Healthcare Facility Management Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Administration, Environmental Services, Security, Maintenance & Engineering, All Construction Management Staff, Estimators, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, Safety Supervisors, All Construction Trade Management Staff working inside Healthcare facilities, Air Pressure, Quality & Monitoring Practices, Building & Maintaining Barriers and Ante Rooms, Storage & Handling of Construction Materials, Decommissioning & Protecting Finishes & Equipment.