The wind whips around my face and I scream into the sky. I make light comments about how safe Ill be because of the harness, how this definitely wont be as scary as a roller coaster. Marin, Prairie and I are going together because Marin likes hearing me sing when Im nervous, and Prairie because shes my sister and wants to do it with me for the first time. Theres an edge, dropping down thirty feet to the ground, and THERE IS NO RAILING. Nestled in the beautiful Selkirk Mountains, directly on the shores of the Pend Oreille River. I only survive roller coasters by singing, which turns to shrieking after the first drop, and I do the same here. Students will also be placed into teams of 12 and rotate through a series of fun activities on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I scramble up onto the platform. Being a councelor makes it even wilder, in my opinion. A $20 non-refundable deposit is due when you submit your registration to secure your spot! We will be starting off the weekend with the BIGGEST CCF of the year! My ideal afternoon includes multiple Italian sodas from the Snack Shack, relaxing in a hammock, and reading a book. Click here to find out more! How much scarier could a zip line be? FMC is pleased to host Great Northern University on campus. by jordanbingham | Sep 15, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.You will need to enable JavaScript before you can use this webpage. Im still young but Im not in middle school anymore. I love roller coasters. If you do not have a smart phone, you can go to and register. Family events, kids activities and parenting resources in the Tampa area! Riverview Bible Camp does not allow any pets. The Spring Event Committee will assign each APPLE family to one of these options on a first-come basis. Its terrible. Contact us to find out more. That was the most terrifying thing I have ever done, I say. You looked like you were going to cry, Prairie says, like the sensitive little sister she is. But Idid it. Its fun, and to be totally honest, not even very thrilling. 5 meals are included in the costFriday Dinner, 3 meals Saturday, and Sunday breakfast. Member of the Fun4USKids network. Would you like your listing featured on Together, Fourth and GNU create a strategic ministry partnership equipping, educating, and training young men and women in biblical instruction. The cost is $65 if you register before September 16th, $70 after that. Here is a list of what will be served. FMC is pleased to host Spokane Classical Christian School (SCCS) on campus. You can also click on the link to view the Camp's website: The entire APPLE program will come together for lunch and nighttime activities. I hand my phone to Ava, so she can film us going down for the vlog. My breath comes in short gasps, and I grab onto the rope as the guy hooks me up. Im standing here, on a forty-five-degree angled platform, at least thirty feet off the ground or is it eighty? Something has changed within me I sing, Oh my gosh oh my GOSH.. We are grateful to the Lord to be able to share our facilities with such a wonderful institution. Riverview Bible Camp has ~40 cabins and 25 tent sites (with a fire pit and room for a family-sized tent). Your email address will not be published. The ground is so far away. This camp has a beautiful riverfront with a giant slide, zipline, high and low rope courses, and memories that will last forever. We get harnessed, and watch the group before us go. I have determined, however, to do one new and exciting thing at summer camp each year. Maybe next year, Ill try something even scarier. You can register by downloading the LFF App at the Google Play store or iTunes. Because, of course, Marin and Prairie both want to be next to me. How high do I have to go? My hands are shaking, so much that the vlog I film of my face is certainly going to look disastrous.

Sorry, but you need to leave pets at home. REGISTER for Apple Spring Event 2016 HERE. Seriously. The platform. Like, I thought you were going to give up.. to head to Riverview Bible Camp. There are, to be honest, a lot of stairs.

He unhooks us from the harness, we run our ropes back to the tower, and he sits and waits for the next group. In the fall of 2018, grades 1-12 moved into the West Wing of the church and in 2020 began using the North Wing also due to their increase in attendance. The 2016 Franklin APPLE Spring Event is going to be epic! Activities include Swimming (Beach & Pool), Giant Gunny Sack Slide (three-story, nine run), Frisbee Golf (professional nine-hole), Vertical Playground (Rappelling Tower, Climbing Wall, Ropes Course, Zipline, Etc. Plug this address into your phone or GPS to arrive with time to spare. Tilted at 45 degrees, with wooden slats to keep your shoes from slipping, that you are supposed to run down and launch yourself off the edge. If you would like more information about GNU, please visit their website here. I pull out my phone to film. I have to tell my video. I kick my legs and continue shrieking, but to my surprise . I feel bad for the poor guy sitting at the end of the course. Are you okay? Prairie asks from six feet to my right. If you are interested in booking a camp, a retreat, a conference, or learning more about Riverview, please visit their website here. This setting is great for recreation, relaxing, education and FUN! Nah, thats not scary, I say. Then on Saturday, we will be meeting at the church at 8am (and yes coffee will be available!) Lots of fun activities and games about one and a half hours north of Spokane in the hills of the Colville National Forest and right next to the Pend Oreille River! Im through the first verse ofDefying Gravity. SCCS was founded in 2015 to meet the growing need of families seeking an exceptional, affordable, gospel-centered, classical Christian Education for their children. On the platform? I squeak. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, I say. Below is the Spring Event schedule using an example activity rotation. (509) 487-27862000 N Standard St, Spokane, WA 99207. We stand beneath the zip line as Ava, Annika, and Madie go up the steps for their own ride. 28329 Paseo Drive, Suite 130, Wesley Chapel, FL, 33543, 27839 Saint Joe Road, Dade City, FL, 33525, 6250 Commerce Palms Drive, Tampa, FL, 33647, Preschools and Child Care Centers Faith Based, Preschools and Child Care Centers Non-Faith Based, Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. Its time to try defying gravityI shriek, flinging myself off the edge. Your email address will not be published. It is wonderful to see how God has faithfully used this facility for the furtherance of His plan. We will be staying until Sunday afternoon, which will give us time to have fun, participate in Big Weekend Olympics, and meet with an Amazing God! If you would like more information about SCCS, please visit their website here. Anyone who is part of the church family is invited to comesingles, empty nesters or parents with children. ), Scenic Hiking Trails, Two Sport Fields, Full Indoor/Outdoor Skate Park, Two Sand Volleyball Pits, Massive Gym with three full basketball/volleyball courts, Horseshoes, Fully Stocked Paint Ball Course and so much more! We will try to have some options available, but the best plan is to bring some of your own food that you know you can eat. Send up the next group! says the guy on top of the platform. You may want to bring some snacks. Click here to gain access to our directory, calendar, groups, giving, and more! Summer camp is a wild ride. Its so much fun!. Check out my camp vlog! The zip line part described above begins at 3:17 . As a ministry of FMC, Riverview houses 400 campers in the Lower Campus camp and an additional 72 campers (during the off season) and 155 campers (during the summer) on the Upper Campus in the Ponderosa Lodge. Come and join us for our Fall Retreat: BIG Weekend! It looks like fun!. If you have special food allergies or needs, please plan to bring some of your own food. Required fields are marked *, Campus Christian Fellowship // Living Faith Fellowship. Riverview will provide the meals for Family Camp. Then my feet hit the ground and I skid into the sand pile at the end of the course. Our BeliefsOur StoryOur PartnershipsOur Leadership, ChildrensYouthAdultsOutreachWorshipPrayer. Your hands are still shaking, Prairie points out. I turn backwards and barely catch a glimpse of Marin and Prairie coming behind me. When registering for Spring Event, please indicate your familys lodging preference: either (a) cabin or (b) tent site. I remember nothing about the guy at the top, except that his ability to hook my harness to various ropes and wires is everything that is keeping me from CERTAIN DEATH. Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is a Family Fun Center with plenty of activities and attractions for We are a family owned & operated family entertainment center in Brandon. It wont! says my little sister. If you have any questions about APPLE'S Spring Event 2016, please email Todd Norton at, 2016 Apple Spring Event at Riverview Bible Camp. Just high enough for me to latch your harness, he says. I take the middle platform. There are some scholarships available. Astonishing views from every vantage, complete with creeks running through camp, surrounded by wildlife, mountains, trees and water. FMC owns and operates Riverview Bible Camp, a 74-acre Christian camp and conference center. Thats what it feels like. Interested in starting a site in your area? Riverview offers worship & sermons along with great food, Starbucks Coffee, wireless internet and comfortable lodging!