hb```f``Ab@a7@d\Xv"CGGCF[GT p20NB@,`Tbg0a prayer printable shema bedtime Another piece is birkat ha-mapil, which asks God to protect the sleeper to lie down in peace and rise up in peace in the morning. The Talmud teaches that sleep is 1/60th of death. Model 1 A plethora of Jewish childrens literature is available to us today. Uncle Louie?

Explain that their love surrounds him even as he sleeps. Say a blessing as a family. Lila tov, trees. The vidui prayer of Yom Kippurand of every night, Land of Promise: Teachings from Shlach for Right Now. It is an expression of belief and affection. Another that my children and I never tired of reading isJoseph Had a Little Overcoatby Simms Taback, based on a Yiddish folk song. Step 5 Turn on the CD or tape again at a low volume for your child to listen to as he or she falls off to sleep; exchange goodnight hugs and kisses. You can begin by just reciting the Shma, or looking at colorful picture books, or humming a relaxing melody.

Hold your child in a chair or sit on the bed with them, and share a special moment of closeness before the morning rush begins. Reflect with your child about the events of the day, taking note of any kind acts she performed or any that were done for her. Academia.edu no longer supports Internet Explorer. Behind is Raphael, "God's Healing" -- simply, Comfort. The Shma is between you and God and between you and your child. It is our personal and communal expression of belief in God and in the unity of the Jewish people, as well as our recognition that there is a relationship between God and the Jewish people. (The idea of naming each angel with a one-word quality comes from the children's book The Bedtime Sh'ma.).

Please check your inbox for our emails, and to manage your subscription. Here are the words to that invocation, as I learned it at Elat Chayyim many years ago: ' , B'shem Hashem, elohei Yisrael B'ymini Michael u-smoli Gavriel Milfanai Uriel, u-me'acharai Raphael V'al roshi, u-m'al tachtai, Shechinat-El. | Empowerment, Not Police: What Are We To Do With Problematic Liturgical Passages? Step 2Sit close to your child or with him or her on your lap; read the stories in a soft, dramatic, engaging voice. As they get older, encourage them to join you for the English and then later for the Hebrew. 2 (Winter 1995): 5-43, Life Cut Short: Death as Divine Punishment in Talmudic Stories, Best of the Web for the Zohar: lectures, interviews, conferences & courses (rev.5/11/20), A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations Part 12, Greatest Insights of the Talmudic Sages: A Roadmap for a Gratifying and Meaningful Life, Joseph Yahalom and Michael Swartz, *Avodah: An Anthology of Ancient Poetry for Yom Kippur* (University Park, PA: Penn State University Press 2005), Early Hebrew Printing from Lublin to Safed: The Journeys of Eliezer ben Isaac Ashkenazi, THE TEMPLE SERVICE REFLECTED IN SHABBAT SHACHARIT AND ITS IMPLICATIONS ON MESSIANIC JUDAISM, Daniel Sperber, Friendly Halakhah and The Friendly Poseq, The Edah Journal, vol. One lovely picture book isWere All in the Same Boat, by Rabbi Zachary Shapiro, an alphabetic retelling of the Noah story emphasizing lessons of cooperation and community. But as I was finishing that second prayer I realized that there was something else I wanted to sing, something I sing to our son nightly: the invocation of the four angels who watch over us as we sleep.

Step 3Breathe deeply and blow out all the stress and tension so your bodies can rest and rejuvenate. Call that person on the telephone; write a message and draw a picture to send in the mail; or e-mail a special love message (with content dictated by the child to the parent). It invokes the presence of four angels. %PDF-1.5 % (See The vidui prayer of Yom Kippurand of every night.) It is the same prayer we may know from synagogue,shema Yisrael,Adonai Eloheinu,Adonai echad, accompanied by additional liturgy. Transforming bedtime into Jewish time lets your child understand that being Jewish is a way of life, and a constant source of comfort. Model 3 Model 2 One piece of that liturgy is a beautiful prayer of forgiveness (both seeking it, and granting it) which I have written about before. Then quietly and slowly sing theshema. For me, invoking the presence of these four angels is a bolster against anxiety and a comfort. I love this little prayer. When we sleep we have to trust that our hearts will go on beating and that the world will keep on turning.

It is our personal and communal expression of belief in God and in the unity of the Jewish people, as well as our recognition that there is a relationship between God and the Jewish people.

Feel free to express love for your child as you express love for God through actions as well as words. For read-aloud books I suggestDoes God Have a Big Toe? Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. I had planned to sing two prayers, with some silent meditation in between, and that's exactly what I did -- first the ma'ariv aravim prayer which blesses God Who brings on the evening, and then the hashkivenu prayer which asks God to spread over us a shelter of peace as we head toward bed. Recite Modeh Ani together. Grandma? Download and print the prayer and these rituals. Lila tov, stars. The Shma is between the parent and God, the parent and his or her child, and the child and God. Step 4Sit next to each other on the bed, cover your eyes and sing the Shma together. %%EOF I give thanks to You, O God, eternal and living ruler, who in mercy has returned my soul to me; great is your faithfulness. 103 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<75F8181BFBCF384ABF2238A6A82CF82F><781A655D0DB40943BA2CF2545ED3739E>]/Index[83 33]/Info 82 0 R/Length 100/Prev 122005/Root 84 0 R/Size 116/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream And above us, and surrounding us, every present with us, is the Shechinah, the immanent divine Presence.

The melody I used at Beyond Walls was one by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z"l, and it's the one I most often sing to our son at bedtime. Step 2Ask your child to select a special person to whom he or she would like to say hello and goodnight. A Rabbinic Life of Temptation, Shame, Suicide - Bruria and Rabbi Meir, The Odd Couple.docx, '"We Do Not Even Know What To Do!

Step 4 Sit next to each other on the bed, cover your eyes and sing the Shma together.

As a Jewish Mom I Love to Feed Others But Mistakes Were Made, 18 Jewish Baby Names That Were Popular in the 1940s, Kids Are Curious About Death As Jewish Parents, Its Our Job to Teach Them, The Adam Sandler Bat Mitzvah Movie Will Have a Very Jewish Cast, A Bar Mitzvah Musical Is Coming to Netflix and We're So Excited, Jewish Mom Pink Takes on Neo-Nazis in New Video, 21 Jewish Facts About 'Friends' You Should Know. Jews everywhere say the Shma, but especially in the morning and at night, to remind ourselves that life is a gift from God.

Find guides for bringing the stories of the Torah to life for younger children and grade-school kids. Sometimes this is called "the angel song." On the right is Michael, which in Hebrew means "Who is Like You, God?"

Brookfield, WI 53045, A Bedtime Prayer at 3:00 in the Afternoon. Step 5 Tuck your child under the covers; exchange goodnight hugs and kisses. It delightfully conveys the value of finding contentment with what we have. 115 0 obj <>stream It is an expression of belief and affection. Aunt Becky? endstream endobj startxref

Modeh ani lfanecha, melech chai vkayam, shehechezarta bi nishmati bchemlah; rabah emunatecha. If you can't see the embedded video, above, it's here on YouTube. Step 5Tuck your child under the covers; exchange goodnight hugs and kisses.

We praise you, Eternal God. hbbd```b``z"IkD2'ey`"1f0Y&=`.%Y("SQ@os&@@Ud~0 ~@ Step 2 Listen and sing along with one song.

On Tuesday evening I was blessed with the opportunity to lead our evening meditation at Beyond Walls. endstream endobj 84 0 obj <. But routines help to make this transitional moment manageable. ': A Foray into the Early History of Tahanun, For the Love of God - Comparative Religious Motivations for Giving - Christian Charity, Maimonidean Tzedakah and Lovingkindness, Torah Musings Digests November 14-February 15, Esotericism, Accessibility, and Mainstreamisation: Pre-Prayer Gesturing and the Evolution of Jewish Practice, Being a Forgiving Person and not Holding Grudges: An Overlooked Leadership Trait, Nehemia Polen, Ecstasy and Sanctification, Kabbalah: A Newsletter of Current Research in Jewish Mysticism 3:1 (1988): 1-9, The Rabbinic Family Disrupted by Love of Torah - Absentee Husbands and Fathers.docx, Israeli "Secular" Poets Encounter God, Marx, Bernard Septimus, The Late-Antique Form Shav Al and its Aramaic and Arabic Cognates, in Shmuel Glick, et al., eds., Mehevah le-Menahem: Studies in Honor of Menahem Hayyim Schmelzer (Jerusalem: Schocken, 2019), 81-105 (Hebrew), Reuven Kimelman, U-ntaneh Tokef as a Midrashic Poem, in Debra Blank, ed., The Experience of Jewish Liturgy: Studies Dedicated to Menachem Schmelzer (Leiden: Brill, 2011), 115-146, Theologies of Self and Other in American Jewish Liturgies, Romantic Rabbis How to Study Talmudic Tales of Love and Lust - Methodology.docx, Chapter 10 - Appendix - Additional Resources (Unity Program Teacher's Guide, sixth ed. Step 2Reflect on the daywhat went well, what was challenging, what you learned. Crafting Jewish Tradition for Young Children: Bedtime Rituals, Family Activity for Bedtime: Prayer Tents, Crafting Jewish Tradition for Young Children: Morning Rituals, Download and print the prayer and these rituals, RJ on the Go: Interactive Jewish Experiences, Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA).

Fifteen Jewish summer camps to choose from across North America. Step 4Sit next to each other on the bed, cover your eyes and sing the Shma together. -- in simple words, Wonder. Grandpa? I grew up reciting the simple one-line shema at bedtime, but didn't learn about the other parts of the traditional liturgy until adulthood. My friend shared his snack with me. Step 3 Pause the music occasionally to talk about the words, the songs meaning, what it might have to do with each of our lives. I'm grateful that I was able to share this practice with this community. Step 1Have a brief discussion about the daywhat you liked, what you didnt like; share something you did that was helpful to someone or contributed to making the world a better place. Comments (3). Think about tomorrowwhat activities are scheduled, to what you are looking forward, To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds toupgrade your browser. 2 (2006): 1-36. Temple Israel 14 Coleytown Westport, CT 06880 P: (203) 227-1293F: (203) 454-2292. The invocation of the angels is part of the liturgy of the bedtime shema. what will be challenging, what strategy you will use to cope with challenges. Holding your child, look out the window and take turns wishinglila tov(good night) to what you see.

83 0 obj <> endobj Jews everywhere in the world say the Shma, especially in the morning and at night, to remind us that life is a gift from God. 29, no.

On the left is Gavriel, which means "God's Strength" -- in simple words, Strength. Did I Kill My Grandpa By Not Following This Jewish Naming Rule. Incorporating rituals also infuses these times with meaning, transforming ordinary activities into something you can cherish. I love the fact that in our tradition there is an angel of Wonder, an angel of Strength, an angel of Light, an angel of Healing. Every parent with small children knows that bedtime can be the most chaotic time of day. Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. From the Cleft of the Rock: The Eclipse of God in the Bible, Midrash, and Post-Holocaust Theology 1. And an all-time favorite series is the classicAll of a Kind Familyby Sydney Taylor about a Jewish family living in New York City in the early 1920s. What works best for each parent and child is a guide to creating a personalized Jewish ritual. Part of that liturgy includes a blessing that names angels who are said to surround us while we sleep. by Rabbi Marc Gellman which contains short, creative, and humorous interpretations of Bible stories which subtly inspire questions about ancient texts. Try making these mini-prayer tents with your children to help them develop a spiritual bedtime ritual.

The traditional prayer that Jews recite before going to sleep is theKriat Shema al Ha-mitah, the bedtimeshema. 5, no. Integrate this comforting concept into your own practice by naming with your child some of the important people in his life. And a third piece is an invocation of a quartet of angels. Step 3Review and validate the effort of reaching out to someone else with love and kindness. In front is Uriel, which means "God's Light" -- simply, Light. Step 5Tuck your child under the covers; exchange goodnight hugs and kisses. Find one today! Sleep means letting go of whatever we've been carrying all day, and letting go of control.

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For young children, sing or recite the blessing in English and in Hebrew.

Step 1Let your child select a limited number of his or her favorite books. Join this growing community and exploreinteractive, meaningful and fun experiences that are easily accessible on the go or at home. In the name of God, the God of Israel On my right is Michael, on my left is Gavriel In front of me is Uriel, behind me Raphael And all above, surrounding me, Shechinat-El. Transforming bedtime into Jewish time may provide children with an understanding that being Jewish is a way of life and a constant source of comfort. Together a few weekends ago, I learned a beautiful new melody for these words, written by Shir Yaakov.) You can download the paper by clicking the button above.

Modeh ani lfanecha, melech chai vkayam, shehechezarta bi nishmati bchemlah; Take time in the morning to remember those who worked so that we would have food. Model 4 I called Grandpa to see how he was feeling.. Modeh Ani is the traditional prayer to be said by children. Step 1 Let your child choose two or three CDs or tapes of Jewish music. And I love the use of this lullaby to gentle the transition out of waking and toward dreams. %L8HMt`0P1\}@NX'8 i^qFU ~# Studying Torah is for everyone!

Show your affection visibly. Step 3Have a brief discussion about the bookswhy your child choses a particular book, what he or she liked best about it, which character peaked his or her interest. (For a great recording, check out Rabbi Julia Andelmans CDThe Bedtime Shma). ), Feminist Influences on Jewish Liturgy: The Case of Israeli Reform Prayer, "Don't Forget the Potatoes": Imagining God Through Food, Kabbalah: A Newsletter of Current Research in Jewish Mysticism 3:1, Kabbalah and Contemporary Spiritual Revival, Daniel Sperber, *Legitimacy and Necessity: Scientific Disciplines and the Learning of Talmud* (Jerusalem: Beit Morasha of Jerusalem, 2006), Rabbinic Marital Counseling and Greco-Roman Friendship.docx, "Blessed be He, Who Remembered the earlier Deeds and Overlooks the Later" - Prayer, Benedictions and Liturgy in the New Rhetoric Garb of Late Midrashic Traditions, Gerald J. Blidstein, Tikkun Olam, Tradition, vol.

I love the idea of invoking these four angelic presences to watch over us while we sleep. When we go to sleep, our tradition teaches, we place our souls in God's keeping -- and when we rise and sing the modah ani, we thank God for restoring them to us and for the gift of another day. Thank you for subscribing to emails from ReformJudaism.org!


Step 1After reading a few books together, start the nightly ritual. Lila tov, buildings.. Thank you for the food you provide for us to eat. Teens will enjoy commentaries, Jewish learning, questions, and practical suggestions to help them relate Torah to their daily lives. Feel free to express love for your child as you express love for God. Just as you feed your childs body with breakfast, you must feed your childs soul with wonder, awe, and blessing.

Step 4 Sit next to each other on the bed, cover your eyes and sing the Shma together.

The Shma has been the Jewish declaration of faith for thousands of years. What works best for you and your child should be your guide to crafting your own Jewish bedtime ritual. The Shma has been the Jewish declaration of faith for thousands of years.