windows firewall carbonite support allow window through communicate apps app The lack of knowledgebase articles also led to customer and partner escalations that pulled our managers, SMEs and account managers onto lengthy weekly ticket review calls that are now no longer necessary. Copyright 2022 Stevie Awards, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Who are the typical users of Carbonite? What type of pricing plans does Carbonite offer? Our CSAT has gone up, deflection rates have increased, employees are happier, and our sales team is having healthier conversations with customers around renewals, expansion, and general ease of doing business with us. Our customers were calling into support for help because our knowledgebase lacked the content for them to resolve issues on their own, artificially increasing our volume. partner support carbonite program From backup and disaster recovery to data migration, high availability and endpoint protection, our flexible solutions can be tailored to meet the data protection needs of any business.Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Individual CategoriesNomination Sub Category: Contact Center Professional of the Year. Carbonite provided outstanding customer service when we needed to transfer files to a new computer. Craig Becerrils efforts propelled the programs success and positively impacted our ability to provide world-class support. With Craigs leadership, consistency and dedication, this program had an extremely positive impact on our customer and partner experience. Indicating which files and folders to back up can be a pain. Q. No, Carbonite does not have an API available. Again, this matrix should NOT be considered the final word on OS support, as there are other caveats for some of these supported operating systems, too. Check available memory. Over the course of several months he identified significant opportunities, lead the effort to audit our content and made changes to existing KBs. What languages does Carbonite support? This information has been culled from the Supported Operating Systems section of the Carbonite documentation, which should always be considered the official list. If possible compare the achievements to the performance of other players in your industry and/or to the nominee's past performance (up to 250 words): Implementing a KCS is a world class approach towards achieving high industry performance in issue resolution, self-help, and employee and customer satisfaction. Craig stepped up when we needed it most and the rewards are being felt throughout the organization. Carbonite supports the following devices:Android. Reference any attachments of supporting materials throughout this nomination and how they provide evidence of the claims you have made in this nomination (up to 250 words): Through the creation and launch of the Knowledge-Centered-Support program and the heavy effort from Craig to update the content we saw several indicators that positively impacted our business and improved the customer experience. Our engineers at all levels are now reaping the rewards of the hard work Craig put into updating and creating new KB articles. By using the website you are accepting the use of these cookies. You may want to schedule the backups to occur during your offices off-hours to avoid these conflicts in the future. Q. Low system resources - this problem is more likely on older machines. The focus on KCS and knowledge for our customers and agents to consume has impacted our culture and customer focus. If you are supporting an older operating system, though, then you may wish to look for the most common version among the ones supported. Carbonite offers the following support options:Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, FAQs/Forum. Over the last year we have worked to create a world class Knowledge-Centered-Service (KCS) program to empower the support engineers to create knowledge as part of their daily workflow. There are various causes of this error. Go to Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and check how many applications are running. Nubera eBusiness uses its own and third-party cookies. Does Carbonite support mobile devices? If you can't resolve the issue, contact Drake Support for assistance at 828-524-8020. Q. They walked us through the entire process and saved us hours of heartache. Company: Carbonite (an Opentext Company) Boston MACompany Division/Group: Carbonite CustomerCareCompany Description: Carbonite provides a complete Data Protection Platform for businesses and the IT professionals who serve them. Q. The average agent created 39. Go to Task Manager (press, Drake has encountered an error on Schedule D, Authentication Failed or Invalid EFIN e-File Password, Differences Between a Firewall and Antivirus Software. Use this as a quick chart, and then pull the documentation for the version in question to double-check that your specific environment will be supported. Carbonite has the following pricing plans:Starting from: $4.92/monthPricing model: SubscriptionFree Trial: Available.

Try waiting until the backup is completed to avoid conflicts. Read Our Refunds & Delivery Policy. The Mid-Market support organization faced a challenge of integrating multiple legacy knowledge bases which mostly contained outdated and irrelevant articles which needed to be removed or updated. To get more information about our cookies click here. They include anti-virus or backup service conflicts with Drake, and low system resources. For the Linux environment, things are far more complicated, as there are not only specific OS distributions and versions, but there are also multiple kernel types, bit levels, and file systems. Carbonite supports the following languages:Chinese (Simplified), English. For help with an anti-virus conflict, see, Low system resources - this problem is more likely on older machines. Outline the nominee's achievements since July 1 2019 that you wish to bring to the judges' attention (up to 250 words): Craig dedicated much his time to review the legacy knowledge-base and drove improvements through his content creation efforts. It is so easy to use and gives great peace of mind that my documents are stored. What level of support does Carbonite offer? Try closing some applications to free up more system resources. Craigs effort was significant by auditing 1597 KB articles which is 95% of the total existing KBs. Explain why the achievements you have highlighted are unique or significant. Add up to 4 apps below to see how they compare. Craig dedicated a significant amount of time to improve our KB, but he also maintained his regular responsibilities as a Level 3 engineer and working escalations for our partners and customers. They take over the computer and find the problems. Still confused? Carbonite has the following typical customers:Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Small Business. By implementing KCS at Carbonite it allowed the support engineer to easily access knowledge base articles, suggest edits and create new knowledge base articles easily as part of their workflow. Q. Your Source for Actian Zen and PSQL Database Products, Services and Training Since 1997. Overall, I like the security of this and I feel like it has done a great job of managing to keep our files clean. How do I clear this? Craigs effort ensured we got there. This Mid-Market support team has been built by integrating two support centers which were acquired over the past several years. Give us a call and we'll help you work through this! 2010-2022 GetApp. Check available memory. Since launching a world class KCS program, weve seen material reductions in inbound volume, active case backlog, contacts to resolve, and escalation rates. Again, this chart is ONLY a guideline, and you will want to refer to the official Carbonite documentation for additional specifics. Craigs outstanding efforts have allowed for an amazing turn-around for our support organization by launching a world-class KCS program. All Rights Reserved.GetApp is a registered trademark of Nubera eBusiness S.L. I like that while its running you are able to see the progress. As a result, our First Call Resolution has increased. What looked like a minor opportunity to some on the outside has led to a significant shift in the operational hygiene of our business. You can also use the "Compare" buttons while browsing. What makes this particularly special is that this happened while he was achieving high CSAT as an L3 agent, mentoring new hires, backing up our managers and owning the relationship with our largest partners. The service was impossible because I could not speak to a person and I had an emergency. Problems? An error message appears when I open or calculate a return, stating that Drake.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. A backup service, such as Carbonite, may conflict with the software. American Business Awards and International Business Awards are registered trademarks of Stevie Awards, Inc. Carbonite (an Opentext Company) - Contact Center Professional of the Year, Customer Service/Contact Center Achievement Judges, Customer Service/Contact Center Individual & Team Judges, Customer Service Success & Business Development Judges, Sales Achievement & Sales Distinction Judges, COVID-19 Response & Solution Provider Judges. To get the existing knowledge base ready for the new KCS program, all existing KB articles had to be reviewed, updated, with governance and confidence assigned to the articles which was a major milestone in the project. My employees are not IT people, so when we have a backup problem we get on the phone with Carbonite. Reading the Matrix: For each operating system version, you should verify that the version of Availability or Migrate that you have will work. Carbonites Mid-Market support team consists of highly skilled agents who provide 24/7 support for our small/med business product suite world-wide. Craig created the majority of content, creating 393 submissions since the start of December 2019, 108 more than the next highest person. Inbound volume- Decreased over the last several months by providing more Self-help KB articles to consume for customersContacts to Resolve Decreased the number of interactions we have with customers to resolve issuesActive Case backlog- Decreased by enabling our engineers to resolve issues quickerEscalation Rates- Decreased by providing more KB content available to engineers to resolve issuesEmployee SAT- Increased satisfaction by enabling engineers to search relevant KB articlesCSAT- Increased Customer satisfaction by resolving issues quicker and providing more self-help resourcesDeflection Rates- Increased deflection through our online self-help and more KB contentFirst Call Resolution- Increased with more KB content for engineersEscalation Rates- Decreased escalation rates by providing engineers with more relevant KB content to resolve issues. They can resolve issues quicker, without escalating/asking for help, and can now create content of their own with Craigs oversight. As operating system support drops off of newer versions, we will change these to the latest version that supported that operating system. With the wide variety of options available, we have created this matrix that provides the version of the Carbonite product that you would need to support each of these operating system platforms. Whenever possible, you should use the NEWEST POSSIBLE version, for the best results. The Carbonite Availability and Migrate (Formerly Double-Take Move) solutions are available in various versions, with each version supporting specific operating systems. Attached you will find supporting documentation on the above KPIs and how Craigs efforts have made a positive impact on our ability to support our partners and customers. This level of leadership and dedication propels an organization forward with any endeavor. Few organizations have the capabilities to implement a true KCS program, fewer can make it work well and achieve success. For help with an anti-virus conflict, seeRelated Links below and contact Drake Support for assistance. For all operating systems supported by the newest version of Carbonite (currently v8.5.0), the notation of "Current" is used here. Both teams worked independently, had many gaps in alignment, were underperforming in many areas including an underperforming Knowledge-Centered-Service (KCS) program. If you are in doubt in any way for any given combination, I recommend that you contact Carbonite directly for clarification. My computer nerd insisted that I use Carbonite. Contact Us. Craig exceeds the average by 354 submissions, roughly 10x the average. Carbonite will backup all the data on your computer as long as its connected to the internet. I like how you don't have to do anything but simply let the software run in the background. Craig shows up every day with the goal of winning. Questions?