In this case, the leading position is definitely shared by two manifestations of witchcraft spells. - turns a small object into a bunny. Revive - Helps you recover from Stunning Charms. However, there are counter-curses placed on the castle, after which Alohomora becomes useless. QuietusQuietus- a spell opposite to the spell Sonorus. Perhaps it is these spells that are most associated in the minds of fans of the "Potter" with "the boy who survived. flagroburning flagrateburn (imperative). Used by Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Serpensortia Any application to a human being is sufficient for a life sentence in Azkaban. - A mirror shield spell that reflects the enemy's spells into him, the strength of the reflected spells depends on the strength of the magician. Reparo - restores the original integrity of damaged items. Ridiculus However, the spell proves to be useless in front of Fiendfyre, a spell that produces cursed flames. In the book, Vincent Crabbe summoned Hellfire in an attempt to deal with Harry and his friends, which eventually helped destroy the Horcrux Candida's Circlet Ravenclaw. Latin verb crucio comes from the word crux'cross'. However, the enemy can always be pushed back with the more versatile Depulso. Used in the fifth film by one of the members of Dumbledore's Army. Flaceite(Flaseyte) - Used by master spellcasters to validate new spells. Word Avada, meaning I kill, destroy is not found at all, ke-davara can be interpreted as Hebrew Aramaic like a word. - Paralyzing-Stunning spell. True, there is one thing: only the owners of the mark can use "Pesto" as a shield from any spells. On the treatment of a half-three-day fever): More formidable is the disease that is known everywhere under the Greek name The name "gemitriteon", our ancestors in Latin They couldnt name it in a word, or, I think, they didnt want to. Diminuendo(Diminuendo) - reduces the size of an object. Deletrius- the spell erases images and other effects caused by other spells. [1], While impersonating Alastor Moody throughout the 1994-1995 school year, Bartemius Crouch Jnr provided extra lessons for his fourth-years on this charm, among other spells in his Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. (eng. (Legilimens) - allows you to penetrate into someone else's mind and read thoughts or even force them to act. Finite Incantatem - removes conspiracies and spells. (Inflatus) - causes the object to inflate like a balloon. Fidelius Charm) - a spell of trust, one of the most effective spells for hiding a house. Secondly, for the revival ritual three years ago, Voldemort took the blood of Harry Potter, thus taking into himself a piece of Lily's victim.

All spells from Harry's world can be divided into nine types. Menti means to the mind or for the mind. I breathe. Used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

At the first mention of this spell, Hermione restores Harry's glasses. The disarming spell (Expelliarmus) has already been discussed before, so we won't repeat it. Protego totalum) - A massive protective charm that protects an entire area. Hellfire is a dark magic spell, as it is deadly and cannot be extinguished with water. The Aqua Erecto charm produces large and powerful jets of water when cast. - Causes a water explosion.

Evanesco- makes the object disappear. Used to reveal footprints and track marks, Used to create, and control, a jet of clear water from the tip of the wand, Used to decrease the velocity of a moving target, Used to lift the caster high into the air, Used to produce a bolt of white lightning, Used to cause large explosions capable of removing walls, Used to tie victim up with invisible ropes, Used to cause the victim to burst into a song, Used to create a rope and pull the target closer, Used to stick the victim's shoes/feet to the ground, Used to cause object to explode in flames, Used to change the color and style of ones hair, Used to erase the last spell cast by a wand, Used to change the size of the victim's teeth, Used to make the target fly toward a specific location, Used to place downward pressure on target, Used to explode the victim into hundreds of tiny bubbles-only to be used if Aqua Eructo is used simultaneously, Used to turn target into an insectoid for a short time, Used to make an aperture in a wall or window, Used to terminate spell effects in the vicinity of the caster, Used to terminate all spell effects in the vicinity of the caster, Used to allow the user to write or draw in the air with fire, Used to produce a defensive cloud of dark grey smoke, Used to make a useless duplicate of an object, Used to make plants grow to full size instantly, Used to reveal human presence in the target area, Used to trip, freeze, bind, and knock back the target, Used to ties someone or something up with ropes, Used to glue victim's tongue to the roof of their mouth, Used to allow the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, Used to suspend victim upside down in the air, Used to make a object move at the caster's will, Used to shoot a ball of light at the place pointed, Used to create a beam of light as bright as the sun, Used to make all spells more powerful for a limited amount of time, Used to put a pumpkin around the targets head, Used to cause weather effect spells to stop, Used to create a invisible cushion on target surfaces, Used to fill the ears of anyone nearby with a buzzing sound, Used to change the color of one's clothing, Used to cause a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes, Used to make temporary gap through magical barriers, Used to temporarily bind the victim's body, Used to animate statues to do the caster's bidding, Used to make a shield that cause's spell to rebound, Used to cast a protective ring of fire around the caster, Used to conjure a powerful shield charm against dark magic, A more powerful version of Protego Horribilis, Used to make magically magnified voice to return to normal, Used to revert minor magically-induced ailments, Used to shrink back items to original size, Used to reverse unsuccessful transformations, Used to produce cuts and severe bleeding for opponent, Used to clean up slime left by certain ghosts, Used to make victim vomit slugs for 10 minutes, Used to cause an object to show its hidden secrets or magical properties, Used to stun or knock the victim unconscious, Used to transfigure the victim's head into a tentacle, Used to siphon liquid or dust off the target, Used to push objects out of the way with wind, Used to shoot green sparks from the end of the caster's wand, Used to vanish a snake conjured by "Serpensortia", Used to heal wounds and gashes and causes blood to return to the owner, Used to launch small objects through the air, A fictional community that used magic and is hidden from Muggles. Aqua Leno Diritti sui contenuti riservati. Reflecting an enemy's spell. Volote Askembre In this case, all organs remain intact, and the cause of death cannot be determined. Underlined Reducto) - a spell that destroys the selected object. Used in the game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Also used in the seventh Harry Potter movie to practice a new wand over a fire in a jar, causing a tall pillar of fire. But the common quality of all spells is their need for a conductor - a wand.

The Homunculus Charm is a spell with an unexplained formula that is designed to spy on someone in a certain area of the area.

occulto - to hide) - in fact, this is not a spell, but a protective mental practice that closes the mind from outside influences, in particular, from legilimency. According to the speaker, how should humans approach death (lines 73-80)? Ducklyforce abravadabra And avada kedavra.

The Oppunyo spell is also known to us thanks to the young sorceress. Harmonia Nectere Passus) - This spell was used by Draco Malfoy in the Room Help Out in his sixth year to repair and open a passage in the Vanishing Closet. Latin verb expulsoI beat off, drive away, drive away - amplifying to expello(see previous spell). Since 1997, the story, written by J.K. Rowling, does not leave adults or children indifferent, inspiring exploits, forcing them to dream of beauty and believe in magic. glue, fasten, glue, fuse. The Avis spell summons a flock of birds, which the magician can use as he pleases.

Descendo- causes the object to descend. Pisci - fish) - turning an object into a fish. The color of this jet is icy blue. You would not believe, says George Harry, how many people, even among ministerial workers, do not know how to perform decent Shield Charms We are now expanding the range. Thiero Demento Silium Circulus- an eyelash curling spell. As we can see, this concept is difficult to associate with the opening of constipation, so it remains Alohomora one of the most etymologically dark spells. Avada Kedavra

found only in dictionaries, the contracted form is actually used A huge world inhabited by magicians, dragons, ghosts and an unimaginable number of magical creatures, over which the ancient stronghold of Hogwarts proudly rises, has been haunting the minds of people for more than a decade. Used in the 6th movie by Snape to heal Malfoy's wounds. English engorgedfilled, stretched, swollen from French. From lat. Repello Inimikum, or Repello Magletum - ordinary people do not see the enchanted object. Cruciatus) - A torture curse. (Reparo from English - to repair - repair, repair) - a spell with which it is possible to restore broken objects such as vases, glasses, glasses, etc. Protein spell- allow the magician to transmit digital, alphabetic, symbolic, temperature or other changes, including images, from the main object to other magical objects, thus being a system for transmitting secret coded messages from the commander to the subordinates. From lat. It is one of the most commonly used Harry Potter spells. Lat. Used in the game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Lat. Aguamenti is the call of water. The Dissendium spell, for example, only unlocks secret doors, while the Portoberto charm seems to be made for those who like more spectacular action. Oblivion Water from the spell is not effective against Dark Magic. "Death of Thieves"- enchanted water, an enchanted waterfall in the dungeons of the Gringotts Bank, washing away any spell (including Imperius and Confundo) and any magical disguise. Wingardium Leviosa - used to lift objects into the air. Unforgivables are not reflected. After application, a living being instantly, without torment, dies. Also, rather non-verbally, this spell was used by Voldemort against Dumbledore in the fifth movie, when he made glass shards fly right at him. Hermione disfigured Harry's face with this spell when it became clear that they were surrounded by gamekeepers. The Augamenti spell can instantly produce water out of thin air. Lumos Solem - grows plants and stuns greenhouse enemies. (Serpensortia) - the appearance of a snake. Studied by students as part of the subject "Spells". Genera acqua nel punto di impatto del fascio di energia sprigionato dalla, Per disorientare lavversario e per travolgerlo con una violenta fiumana, Lacqua non esce dalla bacchetta ma zampilla dal terreno, quindi, sconsigliato usare Aqua Eructo in spazi ristretti e in luoghi chiusi. confringoI break, I crush. "Incendio" - a fire spell - Harry Potter did not use, but Hermione did it successfully during a Quidditch match, when the young wizard's broom was bewitched by Quirrell. It is the main (and extremely effective) remedy against Dementors. Another possible source is Lat. Used in the game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Spells highlighted in italics used in games underlined used in films. Aqua Eructo Everte Statum - the victim of this spell is repelled from the caster. And now the same blood flows in the veins of these irreconcilable enemies. Exploding spell - the exact sound is unknown, but objects explode like balls if you poke them with a needle.

Orlando(Orlando) - a spell that changes the appearance of a person at will. When a wizard casts a spell on his dwelling, he chooses a person worthy of complete trust, and gives only her the opportunity to inform third parties about the presence and location of the dwelling. (eng. From Harry Potter to Hermione Granger to Fleur Delacour, many wizards and witches have used this spell. A secret system for calling (communication) Death Eaters with the Dark Lord through touching the Black Mark on the left forearm (feedback from the Eater to the Dark Lord is possible, unlike the option with Hermione's galleons in the fifth book). Homenum Revelio - the enemy turns into a flock of bats. Anapneo - helps to clear the airways, remove all unnecessary from them. Invisible Whip Spell - Summons an invisible whip. Numerology, Divination, Astrology, Potions- all this is commonplace for those living among magic. Used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The result of the spell is unknown. AvisAvis(from Latin Avis "bird") - a spell that can be used to create birds, that is, living creatures, which is impossible without long practice. Harry was questioning Mundungus Fletcher on the whereabouts of the locket of Salazar Slytherin. arma, - "weapon". Deletrius - items are split or completely removed, much like after pressing the DELETE key. Lucritus Statio Evanesco(Evanesco) - the disappearance of the subject. Light In the late occult tradition, Abraxas is a demon in the form of a rooster. Jet of water[1] (eng. Invented by Severus Snape.

Sometimes they are called artifacts, as in the world of Harry Potter. in latin cavebeware imimicum- accusative from inimicus'enemy'. Spells can be conditionally divided into two groups: spells that use Latin words and spells that use the native language of the wizard (for the heroes of "Harry Potter" this is, of course, English, all the "stupefied", "money", "deaf" - nothing more than a translation). - Weak variant of Crucio. The spell works on one spider. Another common explanation avada kedavra- from Aramaic avhadda kedhavhradisappear like this word. At the same time, the Slytherin himself did not know how to stop the element he had caused and burned to death. Draurm Kopa All Rights Reserved. (Lumos) - Turns on the light at the end of the wand. Legilimens - with its help you can read the thoughts of another person. All wands are made from wood and dragon heart veins, or phoenix feathers and other particles of natural magic belonging to dragons, veels, centaurs. Pulls the wand out of the victim's hands and throws it up or to the side. SupervisionSupervision- some, apparently, a signal spell that is cast on underage (under 17 years old) wizards. In addition to the already named Avada Kedavra, there are a huge number of no less serious charms in the Harry Potter universe. Invented by Severus Snape. Conditionally Dark. Only the necessary words are indicated in the "List", the movements of the wand are not described there. Bombardo- blows up the target ("Bombardo Maxima" - strengthening (in the 3rd film, Hermione destroys the cell of the chamber of one of the towers of Hogwarts, in which Sirius Black was located, in the 5th film, Dolores Umbridge used the "Bombardo Maxima" to blow up the hidden doors in " Help-room") Waddivazi(Waddiwasi) - a spell that can make objects fly at the enemy. Sectumsempra(Sectumsempra) - The appearance of bleeding wounds on the enemy's body, fatal without the intervention of an outsider, was invented by Severus Snape. There are some disputes and confusion regarding the Aguamenti Spell. This combat enchantment, protection magic, levitation enchantment, healing enchantment, occlumency, that is, direct interaction with it, counter spells- those that stop other spells, with color spells like "Lumos" and economic magic- used in everyday life. Practically, there is only one person who was subjected to the Killing Spell and survived: Harry Potter. - one of the few spells used in Alchemy - the spell of boiling. It differs from Wingardium Leviosa in ease of use, although it requires more strength. Not suitable for mending, for example, clothes (for example, Lupine has a darned mantle, Professor Stebl has a mended-re-mended hat, Charlie Weasley mends his burnt helmet ). ExpelliarmusExpelliarmus Used in the sixth book (Malfoy - Rosmerta) and the seventh book (Neville - Dumbledore's Army 2). What peaks and valleys are covered in the books of 1 and 2 Kings. Herbivicus F. Schultz) In the Middle Ages the word abravadabra often used as an inscription on amulets and in the texts of conspiracies.