White Sr. Blvd. Kingdom Builders Baptist Church, 881 S. Church St. Bible study: 10:30 a.m., 6:15 p.m. Sponsored by Apostle Carolyn Knuckles. 864-585-1482. Strap in, jump your heart out, and even try a flip! All rights reserved. Invite a friend to watch the Genesis Service online, or live in the Hangar this Sunday! Dr. M. Keith McDaniel, speaker. It will be a time of great joy and very meaningful worship together. For more information, call 864-574-5904. However, our ads are for local businesses and are unobstrusive. on your phone to watch Bible story videos and follow along at home each week. Proceeds will send children to Camp Voyager. 7 p.m. Aug. 26, Dr. Herbert Bailey, speaker. Abner Creek Baptist Church Family Life Center, 2461 Abner Creek Road, Greer. Follow us and join the conversation all week long! We will have food available along with door prizes. Church school ministry class: 6 p.m. For adults. have given their life to Jesus through the broadcasts ofThe Encouraging Word! A womens walking group will meet at 7 p.m. and is free. For The Bridge, that it will grow and maintain strong relationships with local and state partners in ministry to those who are poor and hurting. Bible study: Noon-1 p.m. Mens Bible Study. Kyong is a graduate of The University of Georgia with a degree in Business Management. For the friends you want to invite to Worship, share last week's video and invite them to church this Sunday! Spartanburgs Oktoberfest will be held Sept. 16-17 at Jesus Our Risen Savior Catholic Church. The Latest Look at all that's Happening at First Spartanburg! Those looking for Christian spiritual help, contact 864-585-3304 to connect with a support group. Refreshments will be served. They have fun, and grow in their walk with Christ! Tuesday, Pastor Claude A. Wallace, speaker. Its full of quality biblical content you can use for your personal spiritual growth, as well as other great tools for life. Mount Moriah Baptist Church, 445 South Church St., Spartanburg. For more information, call 864-415-2107. We provide all the laser gear, you provide the skills! Majority Baptist Church, 400 Hudson L. Barksdale Blvd., Spartanburg. Eat up, campers. Camp Voyager is held at a YMCA Camp Hanes which is 30 minutes north of Winston-Salem, NC. You can still make that paper chain countdown, but this is so much easier. In person is best but we have ONLINE opportunities to Worship, (watching and interaction via chat and comments).

Bethlehem Baptist Church, 797 Old Georgia Road, Moore. From amazing counselors and hilarious skits to thrilling activities and awesome Bible studies, upcoming 1st-6th grade FBC Spartanburg campers are sure to have ablast! Did you know you can stop by the church during office hours throughout the week and securely leave your gift in the drop box at the welcome center? The launch of Vision 2020 is well underway and we remain excited to watch the Lord guide and provide over the coming months and years. Certified lifeguards are used at all the water events. New Hidden Hill Baptist Church, 922 Ansel St., Spartanburg. Proceeds will benefit the Cornerstone Youth Ministrys trip to Student Leadership University 301. Pray for a Project Manager who will oversee the construction phase of the project. You may also connect with live prayer lines at 1-877-443-2273 or visit our website at, have called, texted or emailed for prayer and. Everyone I have heard from has commented about last Sunday and the incredible times of worship God gave us. Jenkins, speaker. You can give them this free gift of access to the largest library of video bible studies in the world! Fosters Grove Baptist Church, 899 Fosters Grove Road, Chesnee. ", Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church, Augusta, GA, , and Melissa Trevathan, M.R.E. Thank you for your faithfulness to worship. Christian Center Church, 965 Old Spartanburg Highway, Lyman. The Bible School of Dr. M.C. 864-219-8550. 864-879-7080. Wednesday, Prophet Parris Palmer, speaker. Hot dogs and soft drinks available for purchase. High energy, excitement, and maybe even some skitcharacters! Teen Talk Thursday: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Ages 13-18. Pray for our nation. Thank you Lord. David Thomas and Sissy Goff to present throughout the day. Chuck Duckett, speaker. Woodward Memorial Baptist Church, 604 Ethel Road, Spartanburg. The hallways are bustling, smiles and laughter are heard throughout, and our Life Group teachers are back to faithfully teaching the Word of God. Or if you would like a copy of the quarterly magazine, call 1-866-899-WORD (9673). For general TKD reminders text @tkdupdates to 81010, For MPACT Kids reminders text @mpactkids to 81010. Don't miss the blessing, Janice Horton (Rita Chapmans sister-in-law), Spartanburg Regional Hospital - Mary Black Campus, Frank Walters (Stan Walters brother) (surg week 4/18), (All Residents are on the "At Home Neighborhoods" list), Mildred Graves (Darlene Williams mother), Norva Greenway Hospice of the Upstate in Anderson, Family of Carol Lindsey who passed away 4/14, Family of Jim Ballew who passed away 4/15, Family of Rocky N. Gist (Kenny Glenns uncle) who passed away 4/18, Family of Elmer Dryden (Connie Grundmanns father) who passed away 4/23, Family of Earle Kirkland who passed away 4/23, Family of Chris Wright (Frankie Wrights grandson) who passed away 4/23, Family of Phyllis Cothran (Susan Maxwells sister) who passed away 4/29, Family of Earl Kirkland who passed away 4/29, Family of Katie Dill who passed away 4/29, Family of Sam Clubb(Scott Clubbs father, Allison Jones grandfather)passed 5/1, Family of Larry Gable (Anna Nicholls cousin) who passed away 5/1, Family of Johnny Fowler who passed away 5/2, Family of Helen Robbins (Sharon Athertons mother) who passed away 5/7, Family of Mary Gabrels (Teresa Gardners mother) who passed away 5/7, Family of Hawkins Abercrombie (Marilyn Oglesbys great-grandson) 5/10, Family of Teacora Smith (Kenny Glenns aunt) who passed away 5/14, Family of Mark Vangsnes who passed away 5/15, Family of Charles Estepp (Linda Smiths brother) who passed away 5/16, Family of Melonie Henderson (Shae Wall & Sonja Melton's family) who passed 5/12, Lucas Williams (Barry Pettys 11 month old grandson), Andrea McMinn (Annette Millers sister), Ellie Kirby (Frances Baileys great-niece), Karmen Kingsmore, Sherry Thornton, Johnnie Fordyce, Lita Tilley (Mary Hyatts sister-in-law),Joan Kidwell, Bill McKeown, Coleman Widenhouse (Marty & Beths son), Christine Gentry (Linda Hazels sister), Irene Long (Anna Nicholls mother), Lauren Reeves, Joanne Smitherman and family (TEW), James Robinson (Jon and Andrea Robinsons baby), Karen Weathers, Jeff Humphries, Teresa Edwards (Ken & Jeanette Kirbys daughter), Taylor Bennett (Marge Bennetts granddaughter), Jean Lowery, Pennie Wood (Dianne Smiths sister), Jim and Elaine Mann, Debbie & Roy Smith, Jr., Charlie Lowery & Lynn Lowery (Jean Lowerys children),Joanne Smith (Jason Smiths stepmom), Tommy McManus, Pete Bell, June Davis, Rosemary Web, Maddie Sauter, Jenny Johnsons niece and unborn child, Jenny Johnson, Ann Repik, Dottie Rickler, Russell Sewell, Paul Taylor (Annette Millers nephew), Whittaker Myers (Charlie Millers friends grandson), Stanley & Shirley Lyda, Juanita Lewis, Jeff Hartman, Mitzi Ellis (Patricia Moores daughter), Anna Nicholls, Margaret Westbrook, David Brown, Tammy Loberger, Joanna Hall (Erik & Tammy Halls daughter), Stanley Burns, SGT. Living, Boiling Springs, Our FBS "At Home" Residents enjoy your care through cards, calls & visits. Food pantry: 9 a.m.-noon. Sissy Goff, LPC-MHSP, David Thomas, L.M.S.W., and Melissa Trevathan, M.R.E. San Mateo (Spanish Mass): 5:30 p.m. St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 101 St. Matthews Lane, Spartanburg. New Zion Baptist Church, 550 Plainview Dr., Spartanburg. Cruise down a slippery lane into some cool, refreshing water at the end! Charlie Thomas, speaker. Next Saturday, over 230 leave for CAMP VOYAGER. Given by Minister Sandra McDowell. Parents need guides who understand the world of their children.

Tuesday, Rev. 864-929-2029. Pray for wisdom and discernment. With summer fast approaching I wanted to be sure and remind you of a great tool that you have access to: As many of you might be aware, attending FBS gets you. We are super excited to be Back to Life and hope to see you very soon! 7 p.m. Monday, Rev. If you have made your commitment you can go ahead and begin making your pledge gifts now. Pray for Lucy as she directs The Bridge and oversees the ministry that occurs each week! We are excited to share inspiration and informationevery dayfrom FBS both online and on our Social Media. Burns Dr., Pacolet. A $100 Hole Sponsorship is available, as well as Captains Choice Tournament. Encouraging Complete and Courageous Living in Christ, https://www.rightnow.org/Account/Invite/FBCSpartanburg, Click here to order your copy of Saturdays with Billy, CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THIS MONTH'S OFFER, DISCOVER MORE ONLINE AND JOIN IN THE POWER OF PRAYER. Call 864-585-6545 to donate canned food to the We can with one can food ministry. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Living /Nursing Facilities as Residents, The Terrace at Lakewood - Independent Living, Wesley Court Asst. Also celebrating Bishop Getties and Pastor Anita Jacksons 27th Pastoral Anniversary. For anyone who speaks Japanese looking for cultural or spiritual connections in the community. Dr Wilton's Encouraging Word daily devotional is available free of charge in a number of ways! 864-877-4253. The team list and registration is due by Aug. 26. Annie J. Smith, facilitator. Because we love you, our ministry team is committed to walk with you through this challenging time. Womens Zumba class: 7:30 p.m. $2. Revival: 7 p.m. Monday, Pastor Wilbert Simpson, speaker. Kingdom Builders Baptist Church, 881 S. Church St. Free womens exercise class: 8:15-9 a.m. We hope you give us a chance and whitelist our website. Lifeline Intensive Care: 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This Sunday we will celebrate with our graduates!! New Hope Baptist Church, 561 Gilliam Road, Greer. This is our second annual show and all proceeds go to sponsoring kids to go to Camp Voyager. Well be in touch. Garvin will begin Sept. 12 at their new location, 540 Austin St. in Spartanburg. Singing: 7 p.m. It is also recorded Monday through Friday and can be listened to at 864.764.1462 . It looks like you're using ad blocking technology. 864-583-7245 or by email to. Musical guest will be Shawn Bigby. You are welcome to. Gospel singing: 7 p.m. Fridays. We are here to: Feel free to call us anytime at 864-583-7245. Apostle Barbara Thomas, speaker. Call 864-582-0890 for registration information. 864-542-0819. To sign up for free personal access through our church, click here. The Remnant Worship Center, 280 Giles Dr., Boiling Spriongs. For more information, call 864-585-1482. The season will start Sept. 6. Our kids look forward to Pine Cove City every summer! First Baptist Spartanburg, 250 E. Main St., Spartanburg. Annual Family Prayer Conference: 10 a.m.-noon. Consider this special opportunity to participate in a unique prayer experience. Featuring Soul Harvest and The Hamptons. He worked two summers at the Pine Cove Timbers and two summers at Pine Cove City before joining the full-time Pine Cove City team. PRAYER NEEDS PRACTICE!. Our camp staff includes a camp nurse and adult/college counselors with a ratio of 1 to 6. Pray for permits to be in place so that construction can start later this summer. Box 1657, Spartanburg, S.C. 29304. Covenant Baptist Church, Spartanburg. Make a point of acting on what may be missing in your life and set it right before the Lord. 864-929-2029. Parents need guides who understand the world of their children. Revival: 3 p.m. Sunday, Rev. Movie night: 6:30-7:30 p.m. For all ages. Revival: 7 p.m. Monday, Rev. Weve got more jumping todo! C.A. www.abnercreekbaptist.com. Please call 864-963-4441 if you would like to donate. Kingdom Assembly Outreach Center, 1514 S. Highway 14, Greer. 8:40am-9am: Drop-off.All day: Fun.4pm-: Pick-up. Gerry Spells, speaker. Sponsored by the Sunday School Ministry. Caring Hearts Christian Center Church, 965 Old Spartanburg Highway, Lyman. At Pine Cove, we believe every child should have the opportunity to come to camp. Our divisions are 1989 and below, 1990 and above and 4x4s. Holy yoga classes: 5:30-6:30 p.m. Free, but donations welcome. Sponsored by Mount Zion World Outreach. Last Monday, over 98 decisions for Christ were made as our baseball leagues celebrated an incredible season!! Mount Moriah Baptist Church, 445 S. Church St. 864-582-1478. Wednesday, Pastor Thomas J. Lee, speaker. Japanese Ministry: 3-5 p.m. Pastor Aki Shigemi, speaker. Light refreshments served. Righteous Rides Car Show will be on August 20 from 5 to 8 pm at First Baptist Spartanburg. Food Bank: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Believers Fellowship, 150 Marion Ave., Spartanburg. To submit an event, contact Ashley Dill at ashley.dill@shj.com, 864-562-7272, (FAX) 864-594-6350 or c/o Herald-Journal, P.O. Wallace, speaker.

Make your way through, up, around, and over our inflatable obstacle course! We also have some very wonderful opportunities coming up. Join us in praying for more to accept Jesus as Lord. If you have not made your pledge commitment yet it is not too late to turn that in at any time. ". Were loading up an incredible, jam-packed week of camp and bringing it to First Baptist Spartanburg July 4-8! 2022 www.goupstate.com. Kingdom Mantle Conference: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Pastor Ronald Godbee, speaker. Sign up your neighbors and friends and be very prayerful and proactive with this. Revival: 7 p.m. Monday, Rev. Thank you for your partnership as we unite our church family in prayer!